Picture Perfect (Renegade Saints)

Picture Perfect (Renegade Saints)5 PANTY MELTING OVARIES COMBUSTING STARS Holy hell ya ll I did not think it was possible for Ella to go any hotter than she did with the Hart series WRONG The Chemistry between Tess and Flynn was just crazy. I m surprised Tessa did nt get knocked up just from standing next to Flynn and the monster he s got in his pants Flynn is packing ladies. and I don t mean a pack of gum This man s monster might need it s own zip code He and Tessa put it to good use too. they even broke a bed Granted it was a cheap motel bed, buy hey. it was pretty awesome Now. this book was not some epic love story full of meaning and soul searching and lessons learned bla bla bla. this was a fun story. this was a sexy, sheet burning, hunk of love burn you up story I don t feel like a book has to have a deep emotional feelings for be a tear jerker to get 5 stars from me It has to be something that I did nt want to put down Something that keeps me flipping my Kindle pages and makes me happy to be reading it Tessa and Flynn were soul mates and meant to be together and I really enjoyed watching them come together and loved the Hart family being a part of it You dont have to read the Hart Family Series to enjoy this book but I definiltly recommend it if you ve not tried it out The family is mentioned alot in this book and the following books in this series will build around the family I think I LOVE how Ella has two series that are tied together like this She s awesome She s definitly one of my Buy now ask questions later authors She s fun to read, gives my mind a nice escape to some serious hot lovin Check it out You won t be sorryBravo Ella 4.6 Steamy Stars Loved it This book was on fire hot Talk about some steam I haven t read a book this steamy in a long time And guess what along with the steam there was an awesome story The author did a brilliant job of blending the two I hate when you want a good smut read an that is all there is is sex and no story I am pleased to say this book has a beautiful love story I loved it and will be looking for other books from this author to read Highly recommended. FREE onUS today 9 18 2016 Stand alone book 1.BLURB Flynn Rand spent the last decade as the lead singer of one of the world s most famous bands Although he s got a reputation as a player, he s decided that it s time to find something real.One look at a photo of Tessa Hamilton had him hooked.Tessa s teenage celebrity crush was Flynn Rand Now he was offering her the professional opportunity of a lifetime, a job as the official photographer for the Renegade Saints farewell tour Assuring herself that her teenage attraction to Flynn wouldn t hold up when she met him in person, Tessa took the job The chemistry between them is immediate and powerful, but Tessa is hesitant to explore their connection.Flynn has no intention of giving up, and he intends to prove to her that they are meant to be together.Can Flynn convince Tessa that their attraction to each other is the real thing FREE are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 500 books This story didn t work for me at all So why did I keep reading it I guess I was hoping things would get better Honestly, they never did This is a love story and it does have an hea along with many sex scenes Truthfully, the dialogue was a bit cheesy no scratch that very cheesy The story was completely predictable but I read on, so shame on meYour unmanning me I can t hold on Tess FlynnI was having a completely new relationship with my pussy, and it was fantastic Tessa I will say that there was one scene out of the story that I did like breaking the bed with the manager visit I found that funny and definitely original Flynn our hot bad boy rocker was just too lame, whipped, in love or just flat out boring I can t say that I recommend this one Sorry. 4 Perfectly Hot.FLYNN stars Babe, just wait until I m DEEP inside of you I m going TO fuck you hard, long, and deep The THINGS we re going to DO together are going to BLOW your mindWe meet sexy, gorgeous, rockstar Flynn He has been the lead singer of the band, Renegade Saints for the past 10 years He is your basic no strings attached, never had a relationship type of guy He needs a photographer for his upcoming tour, and he then meets, sweet and beautiful Tessa They are drawn to one another and Flynn can t stay away from Tessa She hasn t dated much, and thinks Flynn is just going to use her, and then move on to the next girl Tess has been Renegade Saints biggest fan for years.well Flynn s biggest fan that is They finally start dating.and HOLY HOTNESS.BEST SEX SCENES EVER My panties went up in flames, it was that SMOKING HOT I really liked this book and if you love the ROCKSTAR, then you should definitely read this one My FLYNNHe s six feet tall WITH dark hair, WILD amber eyes, LIPS like a dream, and a BODY the doesn t fucking quit You re MY everything Flynn, and I LOVE you I ll LIVE my whole life loving YOU too, so damn much baby You re the MOST beautiful and AMAZING man on earth My TESSA I was DRAWN to Tessa as though SHE was an industrial STRENGTH magnet I m going to MAKE you come hard and often babe, and it s NEVER going to be a burden, I can tell YOU that right now You re SO fucking HOT that I COULD spend days pleasuring you and IT wouldn t be enough for ME image error I m a fan of Ella Fox and her hart series , so I was really looking forward to the release of picture perfect.There were parts in the book that I really enjoyed, and sadly some parts that didn t quite work for me.So, the good bits Love of my life, Soul mates Type love, it was Hot, hot, hot crammed full of Fabulous characters and not a PG style scene in sight Ella Fox hands down writes the best families The way they interact is gorgeous and for me it ties her books together.So where did it go wrong There was something missing for me, I felt some of the sexual content was over the top and slightly uncomfortable This book has the dreaded insta love connection Boy meets girl and BOOM, I love you baby That just does NOT work for moi.So to wrap up, this is not aweful it just didn t wow me I do however think that this will work for others So give it a ride maybe you will fall for this latest Ella Fox novel Read the blurb, check out Good reads reviews blah blah blah etc.3 stars. 3.5 Stars I enjoyed this for the most part I could have done without the repeated references to his manwhore days even though they were not painted in a positive light I get ityou had hundreds of women Drop it already Thankfully, it lets up by 25% or though And, I know I sound like a broken record here, but I hate miscommunication and misunderstandings Especially from something that could easily have been resolved with a little heart to heart I m not against angst in my books, but I d rather it come from outside sources than within the relationship I read romances for the romance Not communication issuesokay off my soapbox now I loved that Flynn was so sweet and was totally into Tessa by just looking at her picture He was determined to have her And though he made a dick move, he couldn t let her go no matter what I will definitely keep on with the series The other characters intrigue me. It kills me to say this, but very little about this book worked for me I am a big fan of her Hart family series, so I was so excited to get this rockstar spinoff The Hart books were hot smokin hot, and there was heart to them as well, that made them really fun books All of that was missing for me I didn t feel the chemistry between Flynn and Tessa There were some hot scenes although to be honest those felt off too but emotionally I didn t feel any connection Then there were quite of few exchanges that were so awkward, I just found myself mentally shaking my head and saying no, no, no I m just so sad and disappointed Hopefully it s just me view spoiler the whole introduction of Cole as bisexual was just beyond weird Not that he is bi, but all the the conversations surrounding it were just bizarre I totally could not wrap my brain around the whole we know we are soul mates because you couldn t come with other guys, and I wouldn t let myself come with groupies thing Then there was the fact that I thought Dominique was gay, but now she was getting with Dillon hide spoiler Flynn Rand Spent The Last Decade As The Lead Singer Of One Of The World S Most Famous Bands Although He S Got A Reputation As A Player, He S Decided That It S Time To Find Something RealOne Look At A Photo Of Tessa Hamilton Had Him HookedTessa S Teenage Celebrity Crush Was Flynn Rand Now He Was Offering Her The Professional Opportunity Of A Lifetime, A Job As The Official Photographer For The Renegade Saints Farewell Tour Assuring Herself That Her Teenage Attraction To Flynn Wouldn T Hold Up When She Met Him In Person, Tessa Took The Job The Chemistry Between Them Is Immediate And Powerful, But Tessa Is Hesitant To Explore Their ConnectionFlynn Has No Intention Of Giving Up, And He Intends To Prove To Her That They Are Meant To Be TogetherCan Flynn Convince Tessa That Their Attraction To Each Other Is The Real Thing 4 1 2 Stars My corneas are on fire right now from what I just experienced And a few other things too Ok 5 things 1 They2 broke3 the4 freaking5 BED Chemistry Affirmative.Flynn Rand is the lead singer of the Renegade Saints, one of the hottest rock bands for the past decade He meets Tessa at one of his concerts at a time in his life where he is on a downward spiral from the rockstar lifestyle feeling disillusioned and jaded about life Tessa has a front row seat and is enthusiastically watching the concert and singing along when they lock eyes and they feel a sudden connection Suddenly Flynn is snapped out of his numbness and wants to put on a worthwhile show for the brown eyed beauty watching He serenades her for 3 hours and afterwards is embarrassed over his unexplainable emotions over a teenager and his bandmates don t hesitate to tease him that she is his Priscilla to his Elvis Elvis met Priscilla when she was a young teenager and fell instantly for her He blows off the experience but it inspires him to turn his life around and stop all the meaningless sex drugs and rock and roll garbage Fast forward 6 years later and Tessa is now 22 and a photographer just out of college When Flynn is shown some photos she took of another band The Chaps He is impressed and shocked at the hot pictures of her with the band She seems familiar but he can t place where he might have seen her He decides to hire her for their photographer for their last tour before they move on to running their own recording label When they meet for the first time, to say that they are attracted to each other would be a slight understatement TessaFor a moment time stood still and there wasn t anything or anyone else in the room Hell, there wasn t even a room It was just Flynn and I Not Flynn Rand, hotter than hell singer, but Flynn Rand, the man And what a man he was I had a hard time remembering that I d seen his face, looked into his eyes and heard his voice before, and I was alarmed that in seconds I was wet Jesus Christ, I was a groupie cliche What The Fuck Flynn I very seriously wondered if there was any scenario available that would make throwing her over my shoulder caveman style and running off with her to the closest bed for the next seven to ten days acceptable Decorum prevailed and I reached my hand out to clasp hers With that first touch I Was DONE Ring the bell, sound the alarm, turn off the lights and lock the doors DoneFrom this point on the story alternates between Flynn getting to know Tessa, spending time with his sweet family, and having lots of white hot sex We get to know the other band members as well and there is some set up for future books which has definite potential As a side note, Flynn s grandma is flippin hilarious and had me smiling over her Twitter activities I loved this book It kind of had an insta love but it worked for me because of their previous meeting and connection when they were younger And something about these two together fits just right It s the perfect time in their lives for them to connect and they are finally ready for each other It s not all smooth sailing, there are a few roadblocks but they overcome and these two are a captivating, ridiculously hot read If you read Ella Fox s Hart Family series, you will be happy to hear that they play a part in this book as well.

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