Silver May Tarnish (Witch World Chronicles)

Silver May Tarnish (Witch World Chronicles)Was quite well written and fairly compelling right up to the last three to four chapters Then the believability of the character responses broke down Was disappointing, but most of the story had already happened so was an OK read overall. Any book of Andre is wonderful Another book about one of the lands of Witch World, another wonderful story This was a story I had not read before, and as usual I enjoyed it She wrote for people of all ages. The Dales Of Andre Norton S Witch World Have Endured Wars, Natural Disasters, The Predations Of Strange Creatures, And Treachery None Loves The Land As Well As Lorcan, Orphaned At Birth, Who Has Sought His Birthright For As Long As He Can Remember Exiled From His Native Land When It Was Invaded By Alizon, He Spent His Youth In Paltendale Where He Was Treated As An Outsider, Especially By Hogeth, An Heir Of That Dale, Who Resented Lorcan S Presence When Both Were Still Young MenWhen He Came Of Age, Lorcan Left To Seek His Own Destiny Since Then, He Has Fought Valiantly To Rid The Dales Of The Alizon Invaders, But Not Even His Efforts Can Prevent The Deaths Of Many People, And The Destruction Of Many Keeps And Garths The War Now Over, He Has Survived, But So Have Those Who Would Plunder The Lands Of The Survivors And Among The Plundering Bandits Is His Nemesis From Paltendale, Now Bitter And Determined To Vanquish LorcanDuring His Travels Lorcan Has Joined With Five Blank Shields, Who, Fighting Together For Common Cause, Become His Boon Companions Then He Meets A Young Noble Lass, From A Dale Known As Honeycoombe For Its Beekeeping Her Dale Has Been Decimated By The War, But With Lorcan And His Band, She Will Try To Rebuild A Home Where They All Can Live In Peace Lorcan Feels That He Might At Last Find Happiness With The Valiant Fair Maiden But Hogeth Now Leads Marauders Across The Dales, Destroying What They Cannot Rightfully Have, And There Will Be No Peace In The Dales Until Lorcan And Hogeth Settle Their Old, Bitter Score Somehow I had missed this when it came out I LOVE Andre Norton I wish someone would turn the Witch World into an RPG A good oneAnyway, this is a good though not great addition to the cannon The plot is a bit episodic and predictable, with an overarching theme, but not much of a full length plot I also thought the villain s motivation was a little thin it could have been foreshadowed a bitin the early chapters when Lorcan was a boy Anyway, the romance was sweet, deftly handled, and in the Norton tradition The setting was spot on, and I enjoyed it overall. A stand alone Witch World book set in the Dales Though Andre Norton s name is on this from the intro it s obvious that it s all Lyn McConchie s work as she plays in Norton s world and this suffers from that because although McConchie can take the world out for a spin and create characters and situations, she can t add to canon Nothing she writes can alter Norton s timelines and history of the Witch World It s aof the same book, but at the end of it, nothing has changed in the world Lorcan, the son of a minor noble house, is orphaned when raiders come to the Dales and forced to grow up living on the charity of relatives until his position becomes untenable and he s cut loose He meets up with Meive of Landale, the only survivor of her village and a wise woman in training who talks to bees Lorcan and Meive gradually gather survivors together and try to build a new community, but as the original raiders from Alizon retreat, the war torn country is beset by the dispossessed who are almost as dangerous as their previous enemy.This is a slight book and though the author uses a voice very similar to Andre Norton s it feels a little stiff Norton s characters and plots often outshine her dialogue and sometimes a new author manages to retain the best part of Norton whilst avoiding the cod historical vocal inflexions Sadly not this time McConchie is if anything too true to Norton s formidable style I enjoyed this, but at the end of it can compare it with eating a bowl of ice cream It was nice while it lasted, but I didn t really need it. This review was originally published on Kurt s Frontier.Synopsis The Dales have endured much in wars, natural disasters, magic, strange creatures, andThis is the home of two souls lost in the ravages of war When the Hounds of Alizon invaded the Dales of High Hallack, most were caught off guard Lorcan was orphaned in a single savage strike and fought hard to rid the Dales of the savage invaders He has endured heartbreak and treachery that cost him almost everything Yet his father, a lord of a small dale, left him an inheritance with which he could rebuild After the war, he still has one enemy Hogeth, of Paltendale He would steal Lorcan s inheritance, and anything else he can use Lorcan knows he will stop at nothing Hogeth has already murdered his own kin.Meive has also suffered much She lived in the dale of Honeycomb which escaped most of the fighting Honeycomb is known for its beekeeping, and she is an apprenticed wise woman who has chosen Meive for her ability to talk with bees However, a traitor and a group of bandits have killed all she knew and loved However, her bees rose in her defense Now she is heir to a dale with no people Together they vow to rebuild Honeycomb, but Hogeth has other ideas The peaceful life they seek for themselves and those who now follow them can not happen until they confront Hogeth.Review Those who follow my reviews know I am a long time fan of Andre Norton While the grandam of science fiction has the first, honored name among the authors, it appears the story is the brain child of Lyn McConchie, who turned it from a short story to a novel under Andre Norton s guidance The result is a story worthy to stand in Andre Norton s Witch World Series For the two protagonists, it is a classic coming of age tale While there are episodic elements at the beginning as both become adults and survive their respective conflicts, once they unite, the plot quickens Even so, the early parts did not drag and were quite compelling.I do feel the last two chapters were extraneous and could have been dropped, being littlethan postscripts that really don t lead anywhere Aside from that, it was of a quality worthy of Andre Norton. I collect Andre Norton books She s one of the first fantasy authors I loved as a child and I read all her books with anticipation of a good story, strong likable characters, and good triumphing over evil altho evil is never fully defeated Her characters are people you meet every day or wish you did and I was always hopeful that maybe one day I would discover my special powers the way some of her characters did This novel takes place on Witch World, one of Norton s most popular settings These people are on the outskirts of the war against Alizon, but the war does come here and many people are killed The two protagonists, Lorcan and Meive both lose almost everything When they find each other, the world starts to seem less dark and horrible.A good satisfying story I would recommend to fantasy lovers of all ages but suitable for children and young tweens especially. 2nd read 5 2 20151st read 9 8 2009Originally I said that this book was finished from Ms Norton s notes after her death However, when I just reread it, I read the notes from McConchie, who said that the idea was hers, and Norton helped with it.Either way, it is an excellent read, with a good story flow and a good ending If I was to edit it perhaps I would have removed a few of the Postscripts at the end, but overall a plus five read Good triumphs in the end, but warns that to remain safe good must be ever vigilant against evil We hear and we forget Today we see evil return because we didn t remember, we chose to forget That is why we have storytellers to remind us in amusing ways that the good we have may not last if we don t take care. A Witch World novel Beautifully written and executed Low key for a fantasy novel but well woven Not too bad but it did not completely set my blood on fire Where is that next Gotrek novel It has been many years since I read a Witch World novel Yet re visiting that milieu felt as familiar and comfortable as slipping into a favorite robe, a pair of fuzzy slippers, and curling up in front of a warm fire.Lorcan and Meive are both Dales folk, who lost their homes to invaders and war Now they seek to make a home for themselves, with others who will join them, in Meive s dale known as Honeycoombe for its bees and honey But Lorcan has made an enemy in his distant kin relative, Hogeth, who may not allow them to settle peacefully, even though the war is over

Alice Mary Norton always had an affinity to the humanities She started writing in her teens, inspired by a charismatic high school teacher First contacts with the publishing world led her, as many other contemporary female writers targeting a male dominated market, to choose a literary pseudonym In 1934 she legally changed her name to Andre Alice She also used the names Andrew North and Allen

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