Tur (The Elsker Saga, #0.5)

Tur (The Elsker Saga, #0.5) Inga Andersson Is The Envy Of Every Girl In Asgard On The Surface She Has It All Great Friends, A Job As Odin S Personal Fight Choreographer, And A Happy Ever After With Her Realm S Hottest Assassin But When Evil Invades Asgard, Her Perfect World Comes Crashing Down Someone Is Planning To Kill Off The Gods, And Inga S Best Friend Ull Is First On Their List With The Norse Apocalypse A Nanosecond Away, Inga Has To Decide How She Ll Spend Her Final Moments Of Freedom Because From The Moment This Battle Begins, Inga S Happily Ever After Will Be Nothing Than A MemorySome Things Are Worth Fighting ForTUR Is An Elsker Saga Novella It Is Approximately , Words Long Tasty Teaser A good prequel to get me interested in the series Norse Gods, Dark Elves, fighting, humor, and mixed with a little romance I loved Gunnar and Inga as a couple and I look forward to reading about Ull and his search for the one, Kristia. I love that cover Mmm Gunnar and Inga are a great couple they re both strong, confident and their relationship is solid I love how they seem to have a 50 50 share in sex appeal, which lately I find that many of the male main characters in books just take over It s highly annoying and I feel it s a wrong message to send to our girls that the man HAS to be the sexy one, giving the winks and smirks Inga knows how to get Gunnar going and isn t afraid to use her sexual power I dig that Very hot.We get some insight to Ull as well swoon I love Ull, I really do He s sexy, yet kind Yes, he s attractive and knows this, but he s not a complete d bag about it.I also love Inga because she s so strong She s a really great role model for girls to look up to know your worth and don t back down from what you KNOW you deserve And, knowing how to bake a great batch of cookies is always nice 3This was a short, sweet, totally kick arse novella Miss Bende warned me that there was no explicit nookie, but there were some steamy moments she sold herself short Gunnar is totally swoon worthy and Inga is lucky to have him 3 Wow S.T Bende has blown me away Her concept of Norse Mythology was genius I blew through the entire series in two days This was the prequel and sets you up for the plot of the first book It introduces you to the main Norse characters that are present in the series Five glittery stars Fun and fast read review follows when Goodreads not glitching Great This is a great introduction to ST Bende s new series I loved butt kicking, baking, wise cracking Inga and cannot wait to read Ulls story next. I really enjoyed this little tale from Inga s perspective There s enough action and foreshadowing in here to keep the momentum of the novella going, and it seeds the romance between Ull and Kristia in the sweetest way That last page or two Aww Ull is a very serious and intense fellow as you would be if you were the God of Winter being drafted into a different portfolio, one you really didn t want and it was fun to see Inga trying to get him to lighten up.Inga and Gunnar are definitely the focus of the novella, though Inga s drive to be taken seriously as a warrior by Odin, and Gunnar s desire to, well, spend some quality time with Inga This is a sweet romance though, like the rest of the series, so it fades to black at appropriate moments Part of me regreted that, to be honest, because it was so promising One touch that I really love in this series is that the gods are given a modern makeover Even in Asgard they live in modern houses and wear modern clothes It made the sprinkling of references to theancient parts of their world stand out evenFun I felt Inga s frustration at the blokes desire to protect her, given what a kick butt warrior she is At first I thought it was old fashioned chivalry or even sexism she s weak we can t let her go to battle It was a relief to discover it wasabout politics, in Odin s case at least Gunnar on the other hand just didn t want his wife in danger I can respect that, because who wants to see their loved ones get hurt Also, if this has intrigued you, here s onething to consider Tur is a great opportunity to try a new author, because it s free It can be a risky proposition buying a book by an unknown author, but you can, ah, suck it and see Speaking of Gunnar It is safe to say I am hooked on the Elsker series This preview into what you can expect in Elsker is perfect for a new, inquiring reader or one that has already read the first book For only being 53 pages, S.T Bende manages to enthrall the reader, and make them want to read or in my case re read Elsker You instantly fall in love with Inga, Gunnar, and Ull It was great to see what these characters were like before the events of the first book, and Ms Bende weaves Norse mythology effortlessly into the story, which makes you onlyintrigued Inga is such a strong, confident goddess that knows what she is capable of, without being over confident and arrogant She is sweet and hilarious, and I absolutely love her The writing is fantastic, and it shows in every way throughout the novella from the characters to the setting to the mythology The one thing I appreciate in Inga s character is that she can hold her own, and she is seen as an equal to her husband, Gunnar She has a very strong personality, which is something you can tell automatically, and I was happy to see that she didn t become submissive under authority or any male In fact, she sinclined to beat them up than give into them What s better than that I highly recommend checking this novella out, especially if you are interested in reading the Elsker series You won t be disappointed Happy reading This is a taster for the main course that is Elsker which I am excited to say I will be reviewing on Thursday as part of S.T Bende s blog tour for the series Promise me you ll come back to see it I love Norse mythology, yes watching Thor and Loki annoy the hell out of each other does help, but awesome programmes like New Zealand s The Almighty Johnson s have really made me sit up and pay attention to my Scandinavian neighbours well across the sea and a bit, I m in Scotland along with reading books by some of their fantastic authors and watching their amazing crime drama look up Saga Noren Tur is a novella and I read it in one big gulp, I loved it, first we have Inga Andersson a totally kick ass chick who is a fight choreographer, married to the insanely hot assassin Gunnar and best pals with another hot bad ass Ull She has it all But things are about to go downhill.There is a lot going on in this novella but it never feels like you are bombarded with information, this story mainly deals with a plot to assassinate top God Odin and his blood line, this includes Ull, The dark elves are involved and Inga and the boys sorry men they could never be boys, they were probably born with stubble go forth to make sure that doesn t happen.At the end of the book once peace has been restored, a prophecy is mentioned, one that involves Ull meeting with his soul mate but as to what happens well you will need to read Elsker An awesome book and if is Elsker is as good as this one, well prepare for my gushing review on Thursday Tur er tildelt 5 av 5 or for the non Norwegian speaking Tur gets 5 out of 5 If it s wrong blame Google Amazing I really enjoyed reading from Inga s pov Its a really great Prequel to Elsker Fighting, Norses Gods, and a little romance, what else can a reader ask for I really enjoyed this book I found Gunner and Inga s characters really interesting and totally kick ass these two have really strong chemistry and just WOWOWOWOW The story itself was written veryyyyy nicely and the myths were totally different from anything i have ever read before in the best way ever The Dialogs were totally funny, sassy, and just really hott.I think that ST Bende did a really good job with the plot, character and just everything Gunner and Inga are both married and both of them are Gods I really liked that both of them agree with each other and did not tell each other what to do Inga s warrior side of her is just totally amazing, she kicked Dark Elves butt Inga, I think is the ultimate package she can be loving, romantic, caring and at the same time she can also be demanding, aggressive and totally fabulous Gunner Oh my, where do I begin Hes just soooo funny, strong and handsome, I just have no words To bad hes taken Damn you Inga, im sooo jealous His love towards Inga is just unconditional and perfect He is sooo manly and masculine it is scary Now, Ull, I really wanna know whats gunna happen with Kristia and him At the end of this book , we find out that Ull has been very lonely for a very long time, which makes me want him to find this girl and live happily ever after Im really looking forward to the rest of these series and I hope there just as good

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