Mea culpa

Mea culpa Mea Culpa

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❮PDF❯ ✮ Mea culpa ❤ Author Anne Holt –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Mea culpa
  • Anne Holt
  • Bulgarian
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9789545294112

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    I have been wanting to read Anne Holt for ages, and was not disappointed Very beautiful and tender.

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    What an intense ride It s the story of Synne and the love of her life A love she is willing to sacrifice everything for I learned that the line between love and obsession is fine, as is the line between healthy and unhealthy.I wouldn t say that I felt something akin to sympathy or like for the main character, it was like watching someone head for disaster and you just cannot look away.The structure of the novel is very interesting, part of it is written in 3rd person and in the past, it chronicles the story of Synne and Rebecca The other part, in alternating chapters, is written in present tense and chronicles Synne s life on a pacific island You are aware the entire time that their love won t last, but you don t know why I really wanted to find out why, or specifically, wanted to see Synne come to a point to say enough I didn t see the actual ending coming.It s not a satisfying read if you expect the character to grow and learn, but it sure is interesting and moving.

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    I m finished Indeed Umphf Internalised misogyny galore Let s get some erasure of meaningful female female relationships up in this thing Plot woman who never explicitely identifies as a lesbian Synne wants to do the sexy with a woman who explicitely does not identify as a lesbian, who happens to have a marriage with four kids somewhere down the line Rebecca The hubby finds out during one of his totally justified COUGH privacy disrespecting rampage through his wife s stuff Women with hairy legs are extensively ridiculed Synne s feelings for Rebecca are thoroughly eroticised, but it takes the narrator until about 3 4 into the book to see a female orgasm And while we mention the narrator there s this uncomfortable, shady shift from all knowing narrator to first person narrator Just kinda randomnly.This was a disappointment I need to mend my heart with some J.D Salinger 3

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    Jeg tror jeg likte den Jeg tror jeg likte den veldig godt Desverre var den s uhorvelig tragisk at jeg f lte meg nedfor resten av dagen Jeg heiet s nn p disse to, disse to kvinnene som var s uendelig forelsket i hverandre Hver med sin personlighet, hver med sin historie Jeg likte boka, den fikk meg til f le.

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    Annorlunda Holt Ok, men inte mer Klich er i m ngder.

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    yeah,tragic love story between two women good.their relationship decribe good.their caracters describe didn t like it.

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