Truth and Humility

Truth and Humility Note Alternate New Cover Edition For ASIN BAPUQSCDanny Bennett Knows That Most Of What Keeps Her Family Feuding With The Cahill Clan Is Baseless Accusations From Both Parties, But That Doesn T Keep Her From Taking Sides After All, When Her Fun Loving Brother, Derek The Person She Idolizes The Most Has Been Accused Of Murder, Her Loyalties Lay Solidly With Him But Her Loyalty To Her Chosen Future Is What She Puts First When She Applies For A Dangerous Job In Order To Pay For Her College Education Accustomed To Living On The Edge, Danny Welcomes A Good Challengeuntil She Realizes She Has Unwittingly Landed Herself In The Bowels Of The Enemy Camp And Fallen Prey To Her Brother S Irresistibly Sexy AccuserDriven By Hatred, Austin Cahill Knows Exactly What To Do With The Bennett Girl Who Saunters Onto His Jobsite Under False Pretenses Use Her As A Weapon Against Her Brother, The Man He Holds Responsible For His Fianc S Fatal Drowning Derek Bennett Must Pay For His Crimes, But Austin Must Coax A Confession Out Of Him First His Plan To Own Derek S Beloved Baby Sister Should Break The Man, But He Soon Discovers A Much Bigger Obstaclehis Burgeoning Desire For Danny When Derek Comes For Her, Will Austin Be Prepared To Let Her Go In Exchange For The Truth Will His Quest For Vengeance Destroy The Woman He S Grown To Care For Or Will It Be The Truth That Brings Them All Down

J.A DENNAM, an award winning author and RWA member, resides in a small Kansas town with her husband and children Creativity is her strong suit having nurtured a career as a western artist and graphic artist.Storytelling, however, has been a part of her life since childhood At six years of age, insomnia forced her to endure many long, sleepless nights staring at the ceiling After confessing her

[Reading] ➶ Truth and Humility By J.A. Dennam –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 360 pages
  • Truth and Humility
  • J.A. Dennam
  • English
  • 13 July 2018

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    4.5 StarsRomantic suspense was calling my name and it came to me in spades with the luck of the draw And with an added ace, too, NO CLIFFHANGER in sight J.A Dennam is a new to me author who has done a fabulous job weaving sensual and emotional into a well developed plot of forbidden love For fans of romantic suspense, this is a must read The author created the kind of suspense that grabs hold and doesn t turn loose until the end.Set in the tone of a modern day Romeo and Juliet without the poison but you re still going to need the Kleenex nearby this one pits the Bennetts against the Cahills The two families have been feuding for generations over money and property Although several family members on both sides have tried to end the fighting, none have been successful The lead characters Austin Cahill and Danny Bennett meet as children although at the time he doesn t realize she s a girl Her brother, Derek, and Austin have secretly formed a close friendship hoping one day to end the feud As they grow older, the friendship is broken by events that take place fueling the continuing war between their families When Danny applies and gets a job with Austin s company, sparks fly and tempers rage While danger lurks a forbidden love begins to burn out of control between this couple There is great support by a well developed secondary cast Derek, in particular, will win your heart and break your heart into a million pieces with the turn on a dime He s such a well crafted and multi layered character one you ll not soon forget An very nice epilogue brings the story full circle and is very much appreciated by this reader Thanks to good friend and reading buddy, Jackie P for the recommendation.

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    So your taking a look at this book and wondering about it and probably saying what s wrong with it because of the ridiculously cheap price So let me tell you now, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS BOOK WHATSOEVER It s bloody marvelous Have to say at this time it s not the best of covers for the book but I totally get it after reading it, so don t let that put you off either.There is a multitude of indie books out there now and with much LARGER price tags than this book and yes some of those books are fab but a lot are ok and some just plain awful even with their annoyingly large cost This book is incredibly well written and has to fall in the FAB catagory but because it has such a miniscule price tag it may very well scare readers away because it is so cheap DON T BE SCARED OFF TAKE THE PLUNGE because what a truly pleasant find this was and to be honest if I had paid ten times the price I wouldn t haved minded at all, as simply THIS story is THAT good.The author engages you immediately with Danny, Austin, Derek, Melanie, Mac, Sue. literally your are engaged with ALL the characters in this book, you are living and breathing the feud and scaling trees, buildings and installations with them Danny and Derek are a bit like free runners except they run upwards You ll find yourself standing in Austin s office when Danny turns up for her job, heck your standing at the gates with her as she s giving herself the talk to walk through the enemy gates Your in the blender, your in the treehouse and your swimming in the moonlight with them But the bones of the story is the feud and by heck do you live the feud with them, you can taste their distrust, wariness and hate of each Cahill and Bennett.Be prepared for a whole lot of anger, mistrust, ill feeling, hatred, passion, vengeance, tense, edgy, gritty, and a great plot that is bang up to date and just bloody well written You ll find yourself laughing at some points, wiping tears at others and the need to turn the pages to get to the conclusion and I have to say even the ending was wrapped up extremely well.

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    Shey s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 StarsSometimes it s by chance or luck that we come across a new author that we are lucky to review their books, this was one such case for me J.A Dennam is a new author to me and when I read the blurb to Truth Humility it totally caught me I am a lover of anything romantic and suspenseful This was not a short read by any means and I read it in one sitting because it held me to the very end.Not a normal boy meets girl fall in love but one that was totally forbidden this is a story of a family feud the Bennett s and the Cahill s that has been going on for generations since the 1800 s There has been mayhem between these two families since they have been in existence and what started it Money of course and what continues to fuel it pretty much everything, hatred, distrust yep there is no love lost between these two families It doesn t help that they are even competitors in the same business of demolition as well.Derek Bennett and Austin Cahill best friends as young teens hid their friendship from their parents but determined to put this feud behind them now and when they got older they would sneak around to hang out Unfortunately outside forces saw to it that wouldn t happen and came between Austin and Derek s friendship and per the norm they let the feud come between.Danielle Danny Bennett is the youngest of 9 and also the only girl She is very dedicated to her family and the family demotion business as well also she wants in life than tearing down buildings she wants to building them and at 21 she wants to go to college When her father refuses this request Danny sets out to earn her own money so she takes the best paying job out there and that is at Cahill Salvage No Bennett has ever stepped foot on Cahill soil that is like signing her own death certificate Danny isn t worried because Cahill s aren t known to work Wrong Austin Cahill runs Cahill Salvage when he gets an application for a Dan Cooper it reads like a book for a Bennett so he hires the man never knowing all these years that Derek had a younger sister This works perfectly for him though Nine months ago his life changed and he knows that Derek is responsible for it so he is going to use Danny to get back at her brother So Austin thought Danny is nothing like he anticipated she is strong a natural leader among the men in his yard although they give her crap she handles it and him without blinking an eye His plan to get back at her brother takes a different direction when he starts to feel things for her when he knows that their families would never accept them.You first think this is all about the feud the revenge but it becomes much as the story unravels and it becomes gripping tragic as truths come out in the open and sometimes differences need to be put aside so history doesn t keep repeating itself.Review copy provided for an honest review.

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    I was so blown away by this story although truth be told when i went to bed last night after i had finished reading it i was pissed so pissed that i was thinking of giving this book 3 stars but i slept on it and i realised that it deserved the full 5 stars will explain all soon full review to follow

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    I picked this book because of the ratings, and the enemy to lover theme is one of my favorites It had some basic annoying grammar errors, but soon I was hooked on the love story By the third part something bad happened to one character which made me sad and not even the epilogue made up for it Also, the suspense plot was unrealistic as dna tests wouldn t have allowed the villain to run free I can understand the good ratings though, since the love story was really 5 stars and author s style was very good, kind of old Linda Howard I ll read from this author in the future.HERO is a Leader, head of his family business, hard and bitter since the death of his fianc e, apparently caused by a guy from the family which has been in a feud with his for over a century When the sister of that guy tries to get a job with him, he hires her in revenge to force his brother to confess his murder.SCENES CONTENT several hotGENRE TONE contemporary suspenseLENGTH 200 pages

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    A modern Romeo and Juliet story with a twist.Really enjoyed it.

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    3.5 4.0 stars.A case of the Hatfield s and the McCoy s featuring the Cahill s and the Bennett s Or if you re on the romantic side Romeo and Juliet Austin Cahill The Hero What an ass the way he treated Danny and her brother WAS all his fault, ALL OF IT Sorry, just wanted to get that out of my system.Danny Bennett The heroine A feisty, little firecracker Loved her She s adorable and kick ass I have a massive girl crush.Derek Danny s brother loveable and a sweet, sweet brother, but oh so sad Loved the Cahill salvage crew, especially big Mac I also had a soft spot for Shaw Hope he gets a girl somewhere down the line Herb Bennett Father of Danny Poor dad, it s a wonder Danny doesn t give the the guy heart trouble The whole suspense part of the story was ridiculously unbelievable But the story was entertaining none the less and damn it I stayed up way to late because I just HAD to finish it.But before I cut loose with a rant rave.What s this..OH HO There s a bk 2 already out and what the foo If you ve read this bk better hurry and read bk 2 because things are definitely not what they seem in bk 1 Huh..didn t see that coming Interesting.

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    4.5 I loved this book The dynamics between the families and relationships was off the charts intriguing to read Honestly I couldn t put it down Right when you thought you might have figured it out, BAM a twist happens If you are looking for a feud dwelling, fast paced, romantic book with suspense then this is for you Some people might compare it to Crows Row which I enjoyed but, I liked this book better I also really liked the fact that it was in the third person There are so many interesting characters and stories that you were able to really experience each one Definitely a good read

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    Ooh the suspense this book put me through I kind of had the feeling, but I wasn t sure until the end of the book I feel like accomplished sleuth lolThe story was great, the characters were realistic, although the written perspective was a little bit all over the place, I was still able to understand everything I greatly enjoyed and would recommend for anyone who s looking for a little love and mystery.

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