The Rose Red Reaper (Chicago Serial Crimes)

The Rose Red Reaper (Chicago Serial Crimes)I think is what you would call a classic pot boiler.Damaged law enforcement officer check Vulnerable love interest check Serial killer running amok check This all links back to everybody s past check Vulnerable love interest targeted by homicidal maniac check Main protagonist rushes in to rescue vulnerable love interest check Have I missed anything Having said that it was pretty high in the old suspense and drama, was well paced and was a quick and easy read Ideal for a lazy day at the beach or some such.The characters were likeable enough but the good guys were so very good and the baddie, well he seemed a little overdone Cliche much If you like romantic suspense you will probably love this There was too much romance for my liking though And really, leave the earth moving to the excavators or bobcats.All in all a quick, fun, light read but nothing to make you really think about things. I was excited about this book that I actually had my Kindle read it to me while I cleaned house because I didn t want to wait to find out what happened and the kindle voice is pretty bad and mispronounces words all over the place I was hooked and hanging on every word before the first chapter ended Now I can t wait for the next one In fact the blurb has me on tender hooks Not sure I can wait very long So if the author is reading this I m up to review the next one, or beta read, or whatever as long as I get to read it soon I m very worried about Molly.Okay, this is a definite buy for everyone especially if you like mysteries The heroine was a kick as she was totally not what you would expect and yet totally just what was needed And no I m not telling you why but I loved that she was differently abled.I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds and plan to re read it soon while I waste away waiting for book 2 hint, hint This product or book may have been distributed for review this in no way affects my opinions or reviews. We fear violence less than our own feelings Personal, private, solitary pain is terrifying than what anyone else can inflict Jim Morrison Probably the toughest time in anyone s life is when you have to murder a loved one because they re the devil Emo PhilipsI love a really good mystery A story that keeps me enthralled, wondering, guessing and staying awake into the wee small hours Just one page, just one page The Rose Red Reaper meets all of these contingencies and The mystery itself is extremely well done Too often I find myself figuring out the Who dunnit shortly into the book In this case, there was one small hint, well into a double digit chapter that gives a clue but it doesn t give it away, and I actually didn t start to get suspicious until well into the book Score A mystery that makes me think And think I did, not only about the story itself, but also about the characters Loucks characters are some of the interesting that I have come across in mystery novels recently The lead characters are Lieutenant Commander Mason Cole, previously a Navy SEAL, and his brother Detective Devon Cole Lt Commander Cole joins his brother with the Chicago Serial Crimes Unit after the savage murder of Mason s girlfriend For a year, Mason obsesses over Jill s death, desperately attempting to find any clue to her murderer Sleepless and lost, he walks the streets at night, fleeing the nightmares that torment him His only solace is his seat at a table in a little diner close to his home, where the coffee is always fresh, and the wait staff are a small group of women who are always kind, and always leave him in peace Now, the killer has struck again, and what slowly becomes obvious is that this isn t just any serial killer At first, there seems to be no connection between the deaths, no ties between the victims However, as the number of grisly deaths climb, a picture slowly begins to form, an image of abuse, of torture and depravity of the worst sort, and of massive failures of a system that is purportedly designed to help the most helpless among us A system that allows unspeakable horrors to be committed with impunity As Mason, Devon and their small group of specialists begin to unravel the convoluted path into the mind of a killer, Mason grows closer to Dakota, the owner of the tiny diner where he feels so at home A closeness that now places Dakota in the sights of a killer who has no mercy, and whose final goal is to destroy Mason s life.One of the things I like the most about the book is that none of the characters are cookie cutter cardboard cutouts Their personalities are well developed and realistic, allowing you to actually come to know them as people No one is written as an over the top super hero, nor are the women in the story either weaklings or superwomen they are simply very real and likable characters Dakota herself is blind, and yet she owns the diner and bakes the wonderful pastries, including cinnamon rolls that had my tummy rumbling whenever the characters moaned in ecstasy as they enjoyed them Though she might be blind, she comes across as a person who truly enjoys her life and doesn t see herself as being any different from anyone else, or as lacking or crippled in any way I deeply admired her Even the killer, for all his depravity, is in a way a sympathetic character What he does is horrific, but at the end of the story one can t help but feel a spark of sadness at what happened to drive him to the degree of hatred that he suffers a hatred that has destroyed his soul beyond any hope of salvation All in all, I can highly recommend this book to any mystery lover Well written, well thought out, and absolutely captivating The Rose Red Reaper is a worthy addition to any aficionado s bookshelf. Book review originally published here Rose Red Reaper is a chilling suspense novel that combines a horrific serial killer story, one man s personal tragecy and a blossoming romance into one story Mason is a detective in the homicide unit, who decided to join the force after his girlfriend, Jill, got murdered by a serial killer calling himself The Rose Red Reaper Now, a year later, the same killer resurfaces and starts his killing spree again He leaves a white rose, dipped in blood near or on his victim s bodies, and as of late he s started to leave envelopes with clues as well Mason and his brother Devon and their police force will have to find out the killer s identity before he causes any murders But the killer is always one step ahead of them, and when he starts targeting Dakota, Mason s new girlfriend, things become personal.I liked how the author managed to make everything so personal here There are thousands of books about serial killers out there and about police officers trying to stop them, but what makes The Rose Red Reaper so unique is how involved the officers are They re targets of the killer themselves, or in the case of Mason, his ex girlfriend was murdered by the Reaper, and his current one is the target It s like their lives are so interwoven with the killer s, and because of that you instantly get the feeling there s a lot on stake than just another Jane or John Doe getting killed.Mason was a good main lead, the tragic, tormented hero personalized He had a sharp, analytical mind, and the co operation between him, his brother Devon, and the rest of their team went smoothly The one thing I didn t like was how fast his relationship with Dakota developed Dakota seemed a bit like a Mary Sue she s so nice and friendly and everyone instantly likes her She s like a saint with no evil thought about her And she s oh so in love with Mason although she barely knows him I would ve liked to see a bit personality here a bad side, or even just a bad habit, something that would make her be less of a saint Also, I would ve been mostly okay with it if it weren t for how everyone liked her Not just Mason, but also Devon, and well, the entire team like they re instant best friends This was my major pet peeve about the story.The serial killer storyline was great though I kept trying to wrap my head around who the Rose Red Reaper could be, and although I had a faint suspicion, I only knew for certain toward the end I loved how connected everything was, and it was obvious a lot of thought went into putting this storyline together.The writing was good, and the pacing was fast enough to keep me entertained I liked the search for the killer and the brief view into the killer s past and what made him become a murderer The background story was well developed and the characters were, for the most part, likeable Like I mentioned above, my only pet peeve was with Dakota and how everyone seemed to instantly love her, and how Mason, even though they were only dating for a short while, was somehow deeply in love with her That seemed mostly odd because Mason, having lost his girlfriend just about a year ago, easily opened up to someone else something I d personally think would take a lot longer in real life.If you re looking for a suspenseful thriller with a truly disturbing serial killer and a heavy dose of romance, The Rose Red Reaper is a good choice I certainly enjoyed it, and I m looking forward to the release of the next book in the series, The Blue Line Bone Collector. This was a freebie, and I have to admit I loved it Just enough love story to go with a detailed and disturbing serial murder case Not the next great novel, but worth the read for sure My thoughts This is a fantastic story The characters are great, wonderfully created and realistic easy to invest in I fell in love with Mason and Dakota The plot is creative, intriguing, chilling and original I was drawn in from the first page and couldn t put it down. ExcellentCouldn t put it down the book down Can t wait for the next on Does anyone know when it s coming out. Suspenseful bookLoved the book from the first page A real whodunit book I really enjoyed it to the very end it was great The Rose Red Reaper Is Taking The Romance Out Of Roses, One Victim At A TimeLt Commander Mason Cole Never Intended To Follow His Brother Into Law Enforcement, But The Murder Of A Loved One Gave Him The Motivation Needed To Take A Position As The Head Of Chicago S Serial Crimes Unit Along With His Brother, Detective Devon Cole, Former FBI Profiler And Technical Analyst Melinda Kade And Detective Piper Torello, Mason Is Tasked With Finding Some Of The Cities Most Prolific Serial KillersAs A Former Navy SEAL, Mason Has Seen Some Of The Worst The World Has To Offer, But Nothing Could Have Prepared Him For His Initiation Into The World Of A Serial Killer Their First Case Came With A Gruesome Introduction From A Man Who Has Given Himself His Own Press Ready Moniker Known For His Macabre Signature And The White Rose He Leaves At The Scene With A Calling Card Signed In Blood,THE ROSE RED REAPERMason And His Team Will Pursue The Killer Through The Vast Streets Of Chicago, Across The Affluent Suburbs Of The North Shore Following Cryptic Clues Left At Each Crime Scene And Pointing Them To A Web Of Violence Dating Back To The Reaper S Own ChildhoodComplications Begin To Arise When The Reaper Makes A Connection To The Woman That Mason Loves Dakota Rose Shelton The Stunning, Raven Haired Beauty That Has Carefully Salvaged Mason S Broken Heart May Also Be The Key To Ending The Reaper S Bloody Reign Left Blind By A Childhood Illness, She Must Help Them To Assemble The Pieces Of The Reaper S Past With No Visual Memories To Aid HerCan Dakota Help The Team Put The Pieces Together Before The Reaper Targets One Of There Own And Will She Be Able To Fight Off A Killer That She Cannot See good book I loved the characters and I loved the story Parts of the book were from a town I reside in so I connected to it I would highly recommend this book.

I am a Cake Designer and Pastry Chef who also writes books Raised in a North Shore Suburb, Chicago has always been home in spite of landing in many different destinations and countries along the way Writing has always been something that consumed my free time, and from time to time a story evolves into something A Life Interrupted was released on July 12, 2012 My next book, Delivery of

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