Pieces of Lies (Pieces of Lies, #1)

Pieces of Lies (Pieces of Lies, #1) Passionately Driven Artist, Norah Ross, Has Been Banished From New York To Morewell For Her Final Semester Of Graphic Design At McLaren University Her Move Allows Her To Reconnect With Josh, Her Best Friend, Who Is Then Thrilled At Norah S Appearance Back Into His Life At The Same Time That Norah Steps Back Into Josh S Heart, She Learns That He Is In The Process Of Being Accepted Into McLaren S Uber Exclusive Secret Society, The Lappell Josh Takes Norah To The Lappell S Glamorous Parties In The Hope Of Taking Their Friendship To The Next Level, But When Norah Meets The Handsome And Elusive Clint Weston, A Leader In The Lappell, He Sweeps Her Off Her Feet In Ways Then One Norah Quickly Becomes Caught Up In An Emotional Tug Of War Between The Two Guys While Also Trying To Deal With Her Own Secrets That Follow Her Every Day When Norah S Past Begins To Intertwine With Her Present, What Unfolds Is A Series Of Dramatic Events Filled With Romance, Mystery And Dark Motivations She Quickly Realizes The Path To Real Love Can Be Paved In All Kinds Of Lies

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 230 pages
  • Pieces of Lies (Pieces of Lies, #1)
  • Angela Richardson
  • English
  • 10 August 2017

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    FREE TODAY 8 1 13 LINK Full Review posted 2 11 13SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre Contemporary Romance I am broken and damaged in all kind of ways I m not perfect, and I feel like you see me as a perfect when I m not, far from it Norah Needing to escape New York and the pain from her past Norah Ross decides to move and finish her last semester at McLaren University in Morewell Now reunited with her best friend Josh who attends the same school Josh wants in to the Lappell a secret society with prestige And he is now in the process of making that happen.Things start to slowly move from the friend to. then friends zone This was it, our first kiss, the moment had arrived I watched as his lips moved towards my lips, and I began to close my eyes as we were about to take the next step, crossing the line over from friendship to something So much I was ready and I wanted it My heart was bracing for an explosion of fireworks that I believed were imminent when NorahHowever one night at a party changes that In fact Norah has no idea what or who awaits her At this exclusive Lappell party Norah meets Clint Weston You don t have to do anything you don t want to do, OK Norah, Josh whispered into my ear and suddenly alarm bells went off in my head I opened my mouth, ready to fire a million questions at him about what he meant by that comment, when a very tall, handsome blond guy in an impeccably fitted tuxedo stepped in front of us, stopping us in our tracks My heart fluttered for a brief moment at the sight of his gorgeous appearance Holy fuck Mr Gorgeous then introduces himself. Clint Weston This is my house I m also Josh s group leader Clint is tall, blonde, rich and gorgeous The attraction is so palpable they can feel it in the air So when Clint tries to get her to not only leave the party early but to leave solo minus Josh It sends Norah on high alert.She goes looking for Josh and what she discovers leaves her UTTERLY SPEECHLESS It does not take long before Clint asks Norah out Once they begin to date she quickly realizes that Clint is so living the life set before him Opposed to living the life he would have chosen for himself When the Lappell take an interest in Norah she becomes very vocal about the fact that she does not return that interest This causes a small rift between her and Clint.Lies, deceit and old skeletons from the past begin to put Norah in a dangerous position.Norah has secrets and she begins to wonder if she can trust Clint with them Would he still love her after she tells him the truth Nothing you can say will change how I feel about you. ClintAnd that may be true The problem is Clint has secrets too and when they come to light Norah faces the betrayal head on Josh, her ever present back bone takes the opportunity to let her know that he will always be there for her Making it crystal clear that he loves and still wants her.Suddenly everything becomes eclipsed by a face from her past Samuel A face she thought she would never see again.My ThoughtsI really enjoyed this book I loved Norah I loved her style she was fashionable, artistic, intelligent and knew how to use a gun She adapted to her surroundings easily and was never afraid to say what was on her mind Needless to say she was my kind of girl I thought the writing was good as well The book kept a good pace and held a mystery within the story lines up to the last page Also lot s of twist and turns Some I saw coming and some I did not.Dear ReadersI gave this book 4 stars because it constantly kept me guessing You start the book thinking it s going in one direction up until the rode splits Then you find yourself going in multiple directions It also included a very HOT sex scene involving a naked Norah, a naked Clint, paint and a canvas.My RatingsCharacters lovableWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline Sexy, with a love square featuring 1 girl and 3 guysSteam Factor Medium Moderately SteamyOverall I enjoyed it Check it out Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads For reviews got to Review copy provided by author for an honest review

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    Pieces of lies what a debut Book 1 of 3I loved it, loved it, loved it One captivating women, at least two superhot, compelling men, dazzling life of the ultra rich, secret societies, mystery, lies, deceit, suspense, intrigue, and of course sizzling sex Need I say Beautiful Norah Ross student artist 22 years black hair brown eyes has moved to Massachusetts to finish her final semester of graphic design Attending the same university McLaren is her childhood friend, Josh Hollows student 22 years brown hair green eyes On the eve that she has decided her and Josh will take their friendship to another level they attend Josh s secret society s Lappell s final test party But instead they end up having a fall out due to Josh s deceit At that same party Norah meets super hot, jaded playboy Clint Weston student 22 years blond hair blue eyes Clint is from one of the oldest, richest families in the US and a group leader at Lappell s Clint is immediately intrigued by Norah.It s clear from the beginning that there is a mystery behind Norah s sudden move switch of school and I got a feeling that there might be going on in Josh s life as well Both grew up in money, but Josh had lost everything at the tragic death of his parents a few years back Clint is, well Clint is a young alpha male in the making he is super handsome, though I personally would have preferred him with Josh s looks or even better view spoiler Samuel s hide spoiler

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    2 STARS This wasn t necessarily a bad book I did finish it, so there s that Nobody sang Most of the author s song selections were pretty decent I didn t feel like I was being manipulated to cry at every twist And maybe with a bit of editing and a major overhaul of the main characters, it wouldn t be half as bad.That being said, there s a scene near the end of this book where Tess, Norah s tequila enabler, gave a very succinct summary of what has happened thus far in the story That was 71% in Which took me two days to get to I kinda wish I started this one at 71% and miss out on Norah trying to seduce her best friend Josh in a party Norah falling in lust with Clint in the very same party Norah detailing the intricacies of her hair and make up as she goes from this party to the next Norah name dropping the designers of her clothes and shoes as well as those around her Norah getting fought over by Josh, Samuel and Clint by coming to blows against each other in different permutations ie Josh vs Clint, Clint vs Samuel Norah, the most beautiful girl in the universe An angel A diamond A badass because she goes to shooting ranges for fun A sexy artist because she likes to paint her art with her naked body imagine her covered in paint squirming this way and that over the canvass covered floor She s rich She never gets fat even if she eats half the pizza in the world She s perfect I stared at my reflection in the huge Victorian bath mirror With the softness of the dress and my long black hair slightly wet and flowing, I looked like I belonged in an English rose garden. She may poop rainbows and shed pixie dust but I really had a hard time liking Norah from the first scene I can see the effort to make her brazen and edgy but since everything was written from her POV she just came across self centered, shallow and pretty cruel He was vulnerable and could be fractured a display of weakness I didn t realize he had It was quite alluring seeing him so frail, wanting assurance, so much so it turned me on She preys and delights on other people s frailty Does she eat babies too Since the story pretty much revolved around Norah, she definitely weighed Josh s, Clint s and Samuel s characters down, limiting their own depth as only relative to hers As a narrator, she has a habit of spoon feeding the reader what the other person is feeling at a specific scene which was really annoying.It s strange because I think this book suffered from too many things happening and yet, since everything else was tied to Norah it still fell flat and one note Which makes for a very difficult read when you can t root for the heroine because while her burdens were supposed to be enviable, the leading men were cardboard than swoon material so you end up with meh Oh and this Dinner was four courses, the first being a green salad with duck confit, caramelized apples and macadamia nuts with some kind of ginger vinaigrette The second course was sand crab in a tiny puff pastry shell and the main was roasted rabbit with fig sauce By dessert, I was completely stuffed and could only admire the chocolate mousse in the French vanilla cup Endless ramblings about the minutest details Instead of devoting pages of the specifics of what Tess is wearing in Norah s party one of five in this book I think, because these people are rich and that s ALL that rich people do, really or the boring sex between Norah and Clint, I wish the details went to the actual foundations of Norah and Josh s friendship or Clint s personal and family issues he seem to only have existed here to have sex with Norah or Norah and Samuel s past beyond Singaporean Orchids These are the things, I as a reader would be interested in Not the dessert in party number 4, FFS.It felt all fluff and circumstance, to be honest The thin subplot of The Lappell even came off laughable because of the ambiguity of their evil misdeeds What exactly do they do Did they manufacture a virus that can wipeout mankind Are they the ones who post the snarkiest comments in imgur Are they friendly with Kim Jong un What There were a lot of editing issues as well, with flashbacks coming and going without preamble, typos and strange turns of phrases My face pushed up against the glass window of the limo to peer out. This ended on a mysterious note, with someone apparently having some nefarious, hidden agenda leaving the conflict between Josh, Samuel and Clint open for the next book

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    I didn t know what to expect when i started this novel, half of my friends loved it, half of them hated it But as it is i was intrigued So i got it.My reaction Dear Ms Richardson,The quill is, indeed, mightier then the sword I say put it the hell down before you kill us all It s safe to say that Angela Richardson got one thing right The name of the novel Everything else was a massive mess of such unbelievable gibberish, that I honestly couldn t believe she had the balls calling it a novel Let s start at the beginning shall we We meet Norah, the heroine of this disaster, who just switched to a new college, and has a dark secret The dark secret has to do with the life of crime her family leads How do i know this if i gave up reading it so early The answer is simple Trough the authors thinly veiled clues, that are so creatively inserted they might as well have a massive neon sign over them pointing down and flashing Lookie here Nora the Heroine is also an artist. see, she paints, see with her naked body, see.Now i have an idea that the author wanted us to envision something like this.But courtesy to her talented writing the image i got in my head was something like thisIf you read the book you would understand that the guy holding the fish is actually Clint what can i say They shared an important moment together.Moving on Norah likes her BFF Josh, and is pretty certain he wants her back He is going to an important party, the very last trial before he gets accepted into a super secret society called the Lappell or something I don t know if i even spelled it correctly nor do i care But Josh has a very specific task for the evening Bring a virgin, and make sure that she isn t a virgin at the end of the night There is something extremely stupid in regards to all this, just hold on, we are getting there Josh being the gentleman he is doesn t want Norah to go But Norah has a better idea, let s hear it from the author s mouth Josh always did have a hard time resisting my excessive pleading when I wanted something The excessive pleading It s called whining and bitching.So he caves in, due to her using her feminine charms, and they get to the party Josh, being a best friend and love interest that he is, tries to warn her what is expected of her just before they walk into the mansion They are greeted by the young owner of the place named Clint Instantly good ole Josh the heart throb is forgotten as her loins tighten in the presence of blond, rich Adonis here Clint manages to get her away for about 5 minutes, and Norah being the clever, clever girl that she is picks up on the strange vibe and shoots off to find Josh banging another woman who happens to be blond and slutty don t you just hate when that happens , and storms off into the night Norah then proceeds to give Josh the cold shoulder for a while, giving her the opportunity to connect with Clint, who happens to walk in her life after one of her passionate painting sessions Naturally he is hooked on her uniqueness, and amazing awesomeness Norah and Clint connect, flirt, and kiss eventually, but then he gives her a cold shoulder for a while A perfect opening for Josh to come back Now i don t know about you, but i would be very upset if a man i liked and knew he liked me back, took me to a party where i was supposed to trade in my virginity for his betterment in life Not just that, he was supposed to be a long time friend and confidante But hell no, she shrugs it off as being a small mistake, everyone makes them, right, and agrees to go to ANOTHER PARTY WITH THE SAME PEOPLE TO HELP HIM OUT YET AGAIN, BECAUSE ORIGINALLY HE FILED HIS ASSIGNMENT BECAUSE SHE STILL HAD HER CHERRY A very special thank you goes out tho the author for allowing us to come close, and truly appreciate the sheer magnitude of stupidity needed in the creation of the character of Norah On behalf of those with a brain and an ounce of self respect, I say Good job She, our Norah, being the super intelligent, amazing, talented, irreplaceable, beacon of virtuous femininity nails the challenge without batting a perfectly made up eyelash, and off goes Josh riding into the night to complete his assignment And lo and behold she is left with Clint gasp So what else is there to do when you are spending your evening being glamorous, and rubbing shoulders with the world s most rich and powerful who happen to be a part of a secret society Go swimming in your underwear, of course And now we come to the stupid part of it all, the one i ve mentioned before..They get caught BY CLINT S MOTHER I mean hold the f ck up, just back it up Are you trying to tell me that his mommy is in on the super secret society parties, that are so secret in fact that everything that goes around on them becomes instant college gossip in a blink of an eye And is discussed by one and all No way But wait The deflowering party was in Clint s house too Was his mommy there as well And if she was, what on earth was she doing I can t imagine Can you Long story even longer, somewhere half way trough this garbage we get introduced to Samuel, yet another guy that seems to pop out of nowhere and is in fact Norah s ex fiancee, who is so important to her, she never gave him a thought Sure she mentioned some exes in her incoherent babble but not by name.So now there are three, THREE guys after her And how could they resist Norah is so talented, she sells out almost all her paintings, so smart she gets to the bottom of every mystery, so awesome and unique she is one of the rare women just invited to the Lappell, in fact they are so desperate to have her, she doesn t even need to go trough initiation, and so beautiful she stops men s hearts from beating and apparently their brains from working too I just gave up at that point.

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    Read reviews on my blog Like me on FacebookPieces of Lies is hands down my favorite romance mystery novel I have ever read It has everything in a book I love Romance, a steamy love triangle actually like 3 hot men being in love with just one girl, and a whole lot of mystery involving the rich, an underground society, and the mob How can you go wrong with that Angela Richardson s debut novel has left a lasting impression on me that leave me wanting I am beyond excited to read the second book following Pieces of Lies because the ending is a giant cliff hanger left me rethinking everything and everyone in the book and what their part plays In Pieces of Lies you will meet 22 year old Norah She left New York to escape her over protective father from controlling everything and everyone in her life She starts over her last year in college even changing her name to keep who her father is a secret The only person who knows the truth about Norah is her best friend from high school, Josh who lives in the same city as Norah Josh knows EVERYTHING about Norah and has been in love with her since he first laid eyes on her but of course he is just the friend Norah begins to have feelings for Josh but then Clint enters Norah s life Clint comes from one of the richest families in the country and sweeps Norah off her feet leaving Josh and his chance with her behind Clint is part of an underground society for the rich known as the Lappell Josh is trying to become a member which is how Clint meets Norah Truths, lies, deception, romance, and mystery all come to play when Norah s past comes back into her life, like her ex fianc The ending will leave you questioning everything you thought and everyone in Norah s life, especially what man truly loves her.I really liked the female lead Norah and how she was trying to be her own person and escape her father s reputation I respected her for wanting to live her own life but also felt bad for her Josh, I was on the fence about Josh He does something a little shady in the beginning of the book It was selfish of him but he just wanted it all to be in the Lappell and to finally have Norah Then the end of the book he totally changed my opinion of him, making me even confused on what man is right for Norah As for Clint, once he finally won me over I was on team Clint s side the entire time I just hope he doesn t disappoint me in book two or I might have to trade my Team Clint shirt in for a Team Josh shirt I still do not know who I want Norah to be with how it ended left me so confused As I mentioned, this is Angela Richardson s debut novel It was intelligently written and played out, with a great storyline that held my attention every page of the way Yes, there are a few spelling errors but with Indie authors sometimes that happens and I believe the best books come from Indie authors such as Ms Richardson I highly recommend this book to all my book friends looking for a great romance novel with a mystery and secrets that you don t see coming I am now a big Angela Richardson fan and will be the first in line to read her next novel Pieces of Lies is on my favorites list I give Pieces of Lies 4.5 Stars This book was given to me by the author is return for an honest review

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    I loved it This book was crazy good with all the secrets and lies I couldn t put it down I seriously can t wait to see what happens next

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    2.5 nada del otro mundo, en muchas ocasiones se me hac a repetitivo a no poder m s.

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    You have no idea how completely floored I felt that a girl could so instantly take all my control and direction and all that I knew to be normal, and turn it completely and utterly upside down My Rating VERY GOOD The characteristics of a 4 star book include a great story I loved the characters and there was an interesting plot and unique story elements there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend.Book Description Passionately driven artist, Norah Ross, has been banished from New York to Morewell for her final semester of graphic design at McLaren University Her move allows her to reconnect with Josh, her best friend, who is then thrilled at Norah s appearance back into his life.At the same time that Norah steps back into Josh s heart, she learns that he is in the process of being accepted into McLaren s uber exclusive secret society, the Lappell Josh takes Norah to the Lappell s glamorous parties in the hope of taking their friendship to the next level, but when Norah meets the handsome and elusive Clint Weston, a leader in the Lappell, he sweeps her off her feet in ways then one.Norah quickly becomes caught up in an emotional tug of war between the two guys while also trying to deal with her own secrets that follow her every day When Norah s past begins to intertwine with her present, what unfolds is a series of dramatic events filled with romance, mystery and dark motivations She quickly realizes the path to real love can be paved in all kinds of lies.Page Count 230 pagesImmediate Post Read Reaction What No The End Clint Sam Josh Secrets Lies Truths My head is all messed up now.My Thoughts This book was provided from the author for an honest review.I will begin this review by stating that I don t really read young adult or new adult books I have been lucky enough to read some good ones such as Easy and Beautiful Disaster For me, Pieces of Lies was right up with an immersive story, interesting characters, and a unique plot This was definitely not a cookie cutter story but an intriguing one with its many twists and turns Every character in Pieces lied about something lies to protect something or lies to gain something But, the intersection of those lies is what created such a dynamic and interesting tale.I did have a few issues with the story that kept it from being a five star read First, the book is definitely in need of a good edit I noticed missed words and misspelled words Second, as with many books in the YA NA genre, it was a bit too angsty for me But, notwithstanding these issues, Pieces of Lies was a well done story that left the reader waiting for what s next at the end.Reading Time 4.5 HoursFor reviews, visit The BookChick with Kick blog

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    Spoilers So there is Norah I am perfect and rich I hate rich people well I actually only hated rich people for about a paragraph I love to go on and on and on about designer names although it has nothing to do with anything except to remind you I am rich I am a bad ass and never show emotion Well except for once a chapter She is naive, dumb and honestly I go to a shooting range for fun too however that does not mean I am unique and have rainbows shooting out of Well you know where I could go on for days about the things I dislike about Norah, but I will wrap it up for everyone s sake.Then there is JoshI didn t hate Josh which is saying a lot because I was not a huge fan of really anyone else I kinda hope he ends up with Tess, she was pretty cool.Clint Oh Clint You had so much potential Bad boy player worked for you But apparently it was an act because you didn t even slightly resemble a bad boy You were kind of pathetic The love triangle or as I like to call it the kiddies recess fight Norah really just needed to make a decision already ughh So as these three HIGH SCHOOL College seniors make their way through dark memories and a love triangle I found my self asking Do I really care who she picks or what happens to these people So this books ends with an epilogue That was actually the best part because well Norah and Clint weren t really in it lol I like Samuel for now and honestly as much as I dislike Norah and whiny baby Clint I will prob read the next book well because I want to get a feel for Samuel, and also because I found myself oddly enthralled by this book I just really can t explain it. freebie 3 31 13

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    Let me start this review with a short story Once upon a time there s this girl with a very complicated past She wanted freedom and so she hopped in to the earliest flight she can get She s now attending college everything was going on smoothly until a gorgeous, tattooed guy showed up making her knees wiggles like jelly She fell in love with him rather instantly They tried to stay away but oh no, they really loved each other Until they found out they both have dark pasts that hindered their relationship even further Ah, so what s the ending So did they end up together If it s a standalone probably yes If has a sequel maybe yes, maybe no, then I have to wait for months and it I were very lucky read the sarcasm here maybe a year to know what happens next Torture But the point of my story is that it is always the same potato in New Adult And it gets boring if all we get is the exact same dish.Now, you re asking why the preach, we know that already But I have to make a comparison because Pieces of Lies is something that bravely drifted away from the norm How so For once it s not just about an ordinary girl who wants to try everything life has to offer including boys, boys and especially boys It s not just a story of guy who has playboy rep btw he does have that too that needed saving For once it actually has unique twists that totally on its own.Lenorah started the same predicament as the rest of NA girls have She wanted out, she s run away from her former life and starting a new one But then she met Clint fell for him and his playboy charm So here s how different it was is that Lenorah s family business is not something she s really fond of, so she moved to get away from it Also, her father is opposed her relationship with her fianc e They re like literally modern day Romeo and Juliet Everything is going smoothly, until her best friend brought her to some elusive society party for the elites and she found out the true nature of that group And why they suddenly piqued an interest on her Let the lies and the ugly begins As I mentioned in my brief albeit fangirlish review this is a good blend of books like Rivals by Lauren Kunze, All These This I ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin and a little bit of Gossip Girl And the theme of those books will clue you in to what this Pieces of Lies is all about and as to what sets this one apart I thoroughly enjoy this book Every unique tidbit it dropped is something I never expected Every time I tried to predict the outcome it s always the opposite So you probably can imagine how eager I was flipping the pages on pressing the buttons wanting to get And did I get This one s awesome you guys, I truly loved it.I don t want to elaborate the plot even further I think the short summary I ve provided already hinted you of some things And this book is best read without clues to spoil you so you ll enjoy it at its finest I sure did.And yes fist pump there s the sequel I can t wait for May Pssst I have secret crush on Samuel Initial Reaction after reading 02 20 2013Ah Ms Angela Richardson, you re working on sequel right Because I refused to believe that was it I wonder what Clint s other secret I want of Norah s dad He seems so cool to me This is a good blend of books like Rivals by Lauren Kunze, All These This I ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin and a little bit of Gossip Girl I really loved this A breath of fresh air amongst new adult novel polluted by bad boy rockers Can t wait for the second book Ugh, I even liked Samuel better than Clint There s something wrong with Clint.

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