Grave Sight (Harper Connelly, #1)

Grave Sight (Harper Connelly, #1) Grave Sight Harper Connelly,by Charlaine Harris In Grave Sight, Harper Is Called To A Town To Find The Body Of A Young Girl This Woman Is An Extremely Talented Writer And Has Come Up With Another Character Worth Reading About Harper Connelly Is A Woman Who Was Struck By Lightning As A Teen, And This Has Left Her With The Ability To Find Dead Bodies And Say What They Died Of Harper Connelly Grave Sight Wiki Fandom Harper Connelly Is The Main Character Of Grave Sight And The Other Books In The Series At The Age Of Fifteen She Was Struck By Lightning, And It Has Given Her The Ability To Sense The Location Of Dead People, As Well As Experience The Last Memories Of The Deceased She Uses This Ability To Solve Murders Her Companion In The Books Is Tolliver Lang, Her Stepbrother He Is Four Years Her SeniorGrave Sight Harper Connellyread Online Free ByGrave Sight Harper ConnellyHarper Connelly Has What You Might Call A Strange Job She Finds Dead People She Can Sense The Final Location Of A Person Who S Passed, And Share Their Very Last Moment The Way Harper Sees It, She S Providing A Service To The Dead While Bringing Some Closure To The Living But She S Used To Most People Treating Her Like A Blood Sucking Leech Traveling With Her Step Brother Grave Sight Wikipedia Grave Sight Is The First Of Four Novels In The Harper Connelly Mysteries By American Mystery Author Charlaine Harris Harper Connelly, The Central Character Of The Novel, Has The Ability To Sense The Location And Last Memories Of Dead People, A Result Of Being Struck By Lightning As A Young Teenager Grave Sight Harper Connelly Mysteries, BookGrave Sight Harper Connelly Mysteries, BookCharlaine Harris Harper Connelly Has What You Might Call A Strange Job She Finds Dead People She Can Sense The Final Location Of A Person Who S Passed, And Share Their Very Last Moment Grave Secret Grave Sight Wiki FANDOM Powered Grave Secret Is The Fourth Book In The Harper Connelly Mystery Series Lightning Struck Sleuth Harper Connelly And Her Stepbrother Tolliver Take A Break From Looking For The Dead To Visit The Two Little Girls They Both Think Of As Sisters But, As Always Happens When They Travel To Texas, Memories Of Their Horrible Childhood Resurface

Charlaine Harris has been a published novelist for over thirty-five years. A native of the Mississippi Delta, she grew up in the middle of a cotton field. Charlaine lives in Texas now, and all of her children and grandchildren are within easy driving distance.

Though her early output consisted largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college (Rhodes, in Memphis) Charlaine was writing poetry an

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10 thoughts on “Grave Sight (Harper Connelly, #1)

  1. says:

    Harper, the ghost whisperer, and her brother, Tolliver, are close. Too close. Creepy close. Co-dependent, strange sexual tension, WTF close.

    Some things just shouldn't be

    Thankfully, we find out that they are not actually siblings, but that their parents married each other when they were teens. Totally different story. In that case, I say, "Just go ahead and do it already. Then, instead of being the creepy siblings you can be the creepy couple that call each other "brother" and "sister". Yeah, that's sexy.

    Sexy Level: Grandma sweater.

    On the other hand, these two may not actually understand that they aren't siblings. Neither of them are the sharpest tools in the shed. I was practically yelling at them half the book when they couldn't figure out obvious clues or when they went running into obvious traps. Seriously? The fact that these two morons are still alive is some sort of Darwinian Slip. They should have been weeded out of the gene pool as children in some sort of fork-in-an-outlet accident.

    This would have done the job

    I can't say that there were any big surprises in this book, and the characters were pretty flat and predictable. But, I have a strange compulsion to see where the Creepy Twins go from here. This series is setting up for one big giant dysfunctional family reunion ho-down. I kinda want to see it.

    I'm thinking this guy will be there.

  2. says:

    3.5 stars!

    Ok, I'm going to be nice and round this up to 4 stars. My reasoning? I LOATHED, HATED Dead Until Dark by this author. I used to be Tru Blood obsessed (the television series) and the book series was a huge let down.

    So when my manager/boss who doesn't read PNR or urban fantasy very often told me that this was a guilty pleasure series, I HAD to read it. Plus this sounded like an adult version of the Meg Cabot (Jenny Carroll) series 1-800-WHERE-R-U, a series I grew up on and loved.

     photo pagebreak.png

    When Harper Connelly was a teenager she was hit by lightning in a freak accident that should have left her dead. Instead, she is left with the ability to locate dead bodies and can see what happened to them when they die. Harper along with her stepbrother Tolliver, travel the country making a living locating bodies and determining how they died. Most people think she's a quack or spawn of the devil but they keep coming to her for answers.

    In a small town in Arkansas, Harper is asked to find the body of a teen girl suspected to have been abducted or killed after her boyfriend supposedly committed suicide. Through a series of events Harper and Tolliver become entwined in the investigation of the two deaths despite desperately wanting to leave town. As time goes by and things become more twisted Harper cannot help but become curious, and soon she is working on the case herself.

    I really enjoyed reading this. It surprised me because I hadn't liked this author's previous work, but this series is strong on its own and honestly much better than the Sookie Stackhouse series. I would love to see this book made into a series or film. So for those of you who like murder mysteries with a little bit of a paranormal aspect, this book is for you. Just ignore that godawful cover.

  3. says:

    At first, I thought that this books was great. But then... it didn't quite lose its momentum, I just stopped liking the characters. If I've actually ever liked them that is.

    In this book, everything feels a bit off. You don't feel with or for the characters. Their past, their troubles, everything is just "described". They are really two-dimensional and you just... don't like them. Especially Harper.

    Even though this whole book was written from her POV, I didn't feel like knowing her at all. I couldn't step into her shoes. She described her painful past but I still felt as if she was talking about someone else. I thought that she had only two emotional states - panic and coldness. Either she was panicking or she was so emotionally distant and cold that there is no other word to desribe it but frigid. Not in the sexual sense, no. But to me, she felt too distant to care about.

    The case started in a quite interesting way but as it continued, it was rather easy to figure out what was going on.

    I will probably buy the next book in this series but definitely in a paperback form only. The series is not good enough to pay for in hardcover.

  4. says:

    Ugh. Just... Ugh. I am beginning to think that the more I read of Charlaine Harris, the less I like her. This was just... bad. And creepy. Poorly written, weak plot, cardboard cut-out characters, creepy relationships and creepy romance, and trademark Charlaine Harris character name and detail errors all in one book.

    I don't even know where to begin... I guess I could just write a list, like our heroine, who Charlaine describes as a list-maker with little opportunity, first does 26 pages from the end of the book. You'd think, in a mystery, that a list writer would probably, maybe, keep a list while she's running around tracking down all those clues. Guess not. More likely, Charlaine (hereafter known as "CH") just wanted to rehash everything and wrote in a "personality trait" to do so.

    Speaking of personality, oh lordy me. Were there any personalities in this book? From ANYONE? Harper was just about as boring and cold and unlikeable a character as I've ever read. Why anyone would want to read an entire series about her is beyond me. Tolliver, her brother, is essentially an assistant/care-giver/babysitter/bodyguard to Harper, and besides being a womanizer, he's boring and uninteresting. Hollis is the Haunted Small-Town Cop™. Sybil is the Cold Rich Widow™. Mary Nell is the Teen Cheerleader (With Jealous Teen Admirer) Who Is Lovestruck for Mysterious Older Man™. There is nobody, at all, in this book that was even remotely interesting or unique.

    Harper's relationship with her 'brother' is super creepy. SUPER. CREEPY. Even if Harper and Tolliver aren't blood related, their relationship is just... disturbing. Harper is almost totally and completely dependent on Tolliver. She's jealous of his conquests, and he of hers, although neither come right out and say so, but their ONLY disagreements with each other were over the other half making the beast with two backs with some "outsider". They talk about buying a house together, and Harper talks about the possibility of Tolliver marrying, and fleetingly thinks of that for herself, but she seems very reluctant to think about that, and the thought of Tolliver committing himself to someone besides her seems to give her anxiety.

    Harper's parents were well-to-do who didn't do too well, and became alcohol and drug dependent and neglected the kids, but that's OK because the kids had each other... mostly. Apparently, this, along with Harper's injury, the one which caused her ability to sense the dead, are where her co-dependence on her brother stems from, but I don't get it. OK, right, you're struck by lightning. Sure, you'd be afraid of storms afterward. Logical. What is not logical is sheer panic when your "lifeline" brother is out of your line of sight for any length of time without a suitable male stand-in. OMG noes! HOW will you copez?!1? Harper and Tolliver seem more like exes who realized that they love each other but are better as friends but who don't really want to let go either. He called her "baby" and "honey", and, sorry, but if my brother ever called me that I'd be really, really grossed out. Harper is even described as having her stomach clench when Tolliver "sweet talks" someone else. CREEPY.

    Then, there's the "back story" that CH probably should start hinting at if she wants to drag this out into another too-long series... This includes Harper Family Mystery and Drama. There's the Parental Situation I mentioned above, for starters. Then there's one missing and presumed dead sister that Harper is very clinically detached and cold (aka "avoiding false hope") about, but determined to find, at least her body, and two other sisters raised by Tolliver's religious and manipulative aunt to despise Tolliver and Harper both for reasons unknown. I'm sure that will come out somewhere in book 8 or 9. Stick with it. All in all, there was just no... substance there. It was like the details were thrown in because they had to be, not because they were the characters' actual histories. Sorry Charlaine, you need to know your characters before any reader can. Giving her a gimp leg and some superficial insecurities along with saying that her hobbies include reading and nail-painting isn't characterization. Nor is giving someone acne scars and then saying that he likes really smooth skinned women probably because of that.

    Harper's thing with Hollis is another kind of creepy in itself. I really have to wonder what kind of publisher would read this and say, "Yes! This is what we've been waiting to publish!!". We have either a way, way too close brother and sister relationship or a way dysfunctional couple-night stand relationship with extremely-recently-widowed young cop. Hmm... Neither one is exactly steaming up THESE windows.

    The story takes place in very late October/early November. Hollis's wife Sally died sometime after February. That's eight months. He gets all almost choked up when he talks about her, and he says he loved her, and even hired Harper to tell him some info about how she died. OK... not creepy so far. Then Hollis and Harper do the nasty. Strange, but not unheard of. Then, during the course of the "investigation", this appears: (There are Sally death spoilers!)

    "I'm sorry," I said, making a great effort. "I know this is dredging up stuff for you that you're trying to put behind you."

    "No, I'm not trying to put Sally behind me," he said. "But I am trying to think about the rest of my life. And the ideas of the last few days, the idea that Sally was murdered, that the son of a bitch who did it has been walking around this town, talking to me, free, has been curdling my gut. And the fact that every time I see you, I want to screw you so bad it hurts. You practically break into my house, my damn house, and I want to fuck you right here on the floor."
    Then they did.

    WHAT?!? You go from talking about your DEAD LESS THAN 8 MONTHS WIFE to screwing some new girl in TWO SENTENCES?? It was described as "short and violent and the most exciting encounter Harper had ever experienced." CREEPY.

    I almost closed the book right there. That was just... too much. But I was curious about the mystery. I wanted to know. I finished it. I want my two days back. There's absolutely, positively no way that I will be reading any more of this series. It's also unlikely that I'll be reading anything else CH's written. It's sad, because I quite liked the first few books of the Sookie Stackhouse series, but now I'm even doubting myself on that.

    Don't read this. It's BAD. Did I mention it was creepy too?

  5. says:

    I really liked Harris' Sookie Stackhouse, so I thought I'd give this series a try. It's pretty good. The world is ours - no vampires or other fantasy creatures in this book. Harper, like Sookie, has a limited paranormal ability - she can find dead people & see them, along with the few seconds of their death. The limitations of her 'gift' make the story more interesting.

    As a heroine, I didn't like Harper as well as Sookie. She's not a happy girl, more depressed & dwelling on her past too often (which she admits). She's a lot more vulnerable, but shows the same stubborn streak along with a moral sense that demands she 'makes things right'. She has a tougher time of it, too. She travels a lot & isn't well received.

    The writing is the same as the Sookie series. Well done, quick & easy to read. The plot was well done & exactly what I'd expect from Harris. The character of Harper permeates the book (as it should, since she's telling the story) & she's just not as upbeat as Sookie, so I didn't end the book with the same optimism, but I'm looking forward to reading the next!

  6. says:

    Great series. I tried the Sookie series as well as Aurora Teagarden and they just didn’t do anything for me. Charlaine Harris’ Harper Connelly series is an edgier read. Harper was hit by lightning as a teen and can now identify the dead. Harper and her stepbrother Tolliver now travel the United States as she tries to find bodies for families that are grieving. She can also identify how the person died. On top of the baggage of being the survivor of lightning strike and associated with the dead she also has to deal with suspicion and outright hostility from people that think she and her brother are scam artists and charlatans.

    I’m not going to review each book, but with just four books in the series the overall arc is the changing relationship of Harper and Tolliver and their search for their dead body. Harper’s sister went missing years ago, and part of their journey is to one day find out what happened.

    Each individual book deals with specific murder mystery which can run the gamut of creepy to sad to downright gruesome. No gross violence, but some of the murders are pretty intense. If you like a well done mystery with a smart heroine, then take a chance.

  7. says:

    Great new series by this author. I love the concepts and am warming up to the characters. I love the unusual things Harper is blessed with. This one seems a lot different than Sookie, Aurora, or Lily. Which is good. I think of all her characters as distinct.
    Edit: it’s not new anymore. That is just what I thought when I started reading it. I liked Harper’s ability. I had read the ones mentioned above and now I have read all of these with the addition of the Midnight Texas series.

  8. says:

    First in the Harper Connelly paranormal mystery series, featuring this young lady who has the ability to speak to the dead after being struck by lightning at the age of fifteen. She and her step-brother, Tolliver, travel around taking assignments to locate bodies. They work mostly on word of mouth, and for the most part are treated as something akin to the freaks in a circus side-show. While Harper can’t tell who killed the person if they were murdered, she can tell how they died, and actually relives the last moments of the person’s life.

    In our introduction to this interesting duo, Harper and Tolliver are summoned to Sarn, Arkansas by a wealthy widow who wants to locate the body of her dead son’s girlfriend, Tini Hopkins. Sybil Teague is upset because Del’s (her son) good name has been under a cloud for these many months since his death, as it’s rumored that he killed Tini and then himself, but Tini’s body was never found. Since she was a bit of a ‘wild girl,’ some folks think she just went away. Sybil wants to put the rumors to rest. Harper DOES find Tini’s body, discovers that she was shot twice in the back and also visits Del’s grave and discovers that he most certainly didn’t commit suicide. Harper and Tolliver are not made to feel welcome in Sarn at all, and while they want nothing more than to head on out to their next assignment, they are cautioned by the sheriff to stick around when Helen Hopkins, Tini’s mother, is found bludgeoned to death shortly after they visited her at her request.

    I liked this book a lot. The reader was excellent and I felt that she brought out the voice of Harper very well and helped me to understand her a little. I did think that the relationship between Tolliver and Harper was a bit weird, almost to the point of making me uncomfortable, and there were times when Harper’s vulnerability was a little tiresome—but then, she has had a very difficult life, even with the whole “I’ve been struck by lightning” thing aside, and her character was written in such a way that she wasn’t really trying to get sympathy or make excuses for her weakness, she just had very much of an “I am what I am” aura about her, and I liked that. I also thought Harper was pretty mature, given that she’s only twenty-four years old—it seemed that life has made her wise beyond her years. I have already got the downloadable version of the next book in this series on my list at the library and I don’t think it will be too long before I actually go and get it! A

  9. says:

    Quick review:

    Cover: Interesting
    Rating: NC-17
    Steaminess: Steam
    Thumbs Up: 4
    Overall: I found it very interesting
    Characters: Well Done
    Plot: Small town secret come to bite you every time
    Page Turner: Yes
    Series Cont.? Yes
    Recommend: Yes
    Book Boyfriend: Tolliver

    SUMMARY (50 words or less)
    Okay, so mysteries are my first love so I enjoyed this one. I had it figured out but still enjoyed watching it unfold. I liked Tolliver and Harper’s relationship. I like the tension and the dynamics created between them and I overall enjoyed the story.

    For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at:

    Audio Review
    Alyssa Bresnahan did a really good job with this series. She really brought this series to life for me.

  10. says:

    Read this one a couple of years ago. Picked up an Audible copy on sale. A good read/listen while on a long car trip. Harper and Tolliver are stepbrother/sister - very hard childhood - parents were alcoholics and one of their sisters missing. Harper was struck by lightening and ever since she can sense how someone died when near their remains. Usually looked upon with suspicion, they travel when hired to answer questions for the bereaved or law enforcement. The series is good. (view spoiler)

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