The Sandwalk Adventures: An Adventure in Evolution Told in Five Chapters

The Sandwalk Adventures: An Adventure in Evolution Told in Five ChaptersHow can you not like a story in which a family of mites living in its host s eyebrows has a conversation with its host The drawings were charming and I learnedabout Darwin the man as well as his theory If you are looking for an in depth analysis forget it this is not the book to read. I thought this book was hilarious and also really informative, which is a good combo The notes in the back are extensive, although they might have been better placed in the front I didn t know they were there until I got to the end of the book I think this would be a great supplemental read for a kid interested in learningabout evolution I m not sure it s basic enough for an introduction, but it s definitely one of theinteresting things I ve read about the evolution theory Hosler is a biology PhD, which definitely lends some credibility to the text The drawings are great and this was a really quick read. In The Sandwalk Adventures Now, Stay With Us Here Darwin Engages In Discussion With Follicle Mites That Live In His Left Eyebrow The Mites Believe Darwin Is A God, One Of The Myths They Have Handed Down From Generation To Generation Darwin Sets Them Straight About That And Other Mite Fables As Well, The Result Being Lessons In Natural Selection The Chicago Tribune I thought Sandwalk Adventures really provided the reader with a unique perspective on Charles Darwin This story is written in comic book form with the dialogue between Darwin and a follicle mite in his left eyebrow telling the story I find this story difficult to classify as non fiction because of the fantasy aspect the whole having conversations with mites thing On the other hand, what a great way to hook a young reader who doesn t want to pick up another non fiction, encyclopedia looking, book with section after predictable section about Darwin s life I also could see how true believers in creation would have a problem with this one being taught. A fictional account of Charles Darwin explaining evolution to a follicle mite living in his eyebrow Sounds a bit out there Well, it is, but that just makes it evenentertaining It s a good tale, with good art, that appeals to all ages And, for those with a deeper interest, lots of references to the events in Darwin s life and the context in which they occurred Great entertainment for a cold and rainy afternoon. Bizarre premise Charles Darwin, in the twilight of his years, talks about the nature of things with an eyebrow mite who thinks he s a god but a really wonderful book Lots of discussion about the natures of science and relgion, where they meet, where they part company, and how perception can mean the difference between reality and myth And impressively, it manages to do all that without being insulting to either side of the argument though its pretty clear that Hosler, a science teacher, falls clearly on Darwin s side It s cute, it s laugh out loud funny, and you may just learn something, too. This was a fun look at Darwin s theory of evolution I did find the mites to be cute I chose to overlook the fact that their brains are too small to evolve such senses of humor I still find that when I read a graphic novel, I don t spend enough time looking at the pictures I tried a bitin this one. This is an educational graphic novel It s also an amusing fantasy One Charles Darwin engages in discussion with several young follicle mites, and explains evolution to them At first, they think he is a mythical being, a god of their legends But although he isn t one of their myths, Darwin helps them save their lives Lots of endnotes Confession I actually learned something from this. This obviously fictionalized tale based on biographical and historical details relating to Darwin explains the theory of evolution in an inventive and fun manner for both children and adults to enjoy Jay Hosler is a professor of biology where I attended undergrad, though I only knew him in passing as I finished up my senior year research and he was just settling in I had picked up his Clan Apis comic and soon after going off to grad school I was giving comics a try and ordered this Finally got around to reading it in another attempt to approach comics They still aren t really my thing, but I appreciated Hosler s illustrationsthan typical comics illustrations Here the pictures complemented the text and were less busy than a typical comic The story is clever and allows both presentation of historic and scientific facts along with some zany comic fun that children will enjoy, moments that spice up what could become bogged down in dryness, without taking away from the serious moments As a view on the rifts between ideas of creationism and the science of evolution the text is rather fair and mostly respectful, but just doesn t delve into it enough to make this aspectthan secondary to the actual presentation of evolutionary theory as described by Darwin Hosler s newest comic, Last of the Sandwalkers, just had a featured excerpt on, coinciding nicely with my writing up something on this, so you can check out his recent work there. Sandwalk is a comic that dramatizes an ongoing conversation about evolution between Charles Darwin and a mite living in his left eyebrow It s funny and interesting and fairly light Jay Hosler is an entymologist by day, so he really knows his science, but he also has a clear writing style that allows his subject matter to remain conversational and humorous The artwork is clean, in black and white, with thin but well balanced lines and inks It s a short and fun read Clan Apis Hosler s other graphic novel about the lives of bees is much better, in my opinion, but it sof an emotional story, whereas this islike an interesting thought experiment illustrated on paper What if Darwin himself could explain evolutionary biology to you Well, now he can and you only have to identify with a cute, smarmy skin mite.Oh, and these books would be fabulous additions to a classroom They are totally kid friendly and easy enough to read without pandering in the least Hosler is supposedly developing other comics about science specifically for teaching under a grant from the Natinoal Science Foundation.

Dr Jay Hosler is an Associate Professor of Biology at Juniata College and an award winning cartoonist who writes and draws comic books about biology and natural history His work has been called ingenious The London Times , goofily inventive The New York Times , and entertaining and slyly educational The Comics Journal His works include Active Synapse classics such as Clan Apis, The Sa

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