The Night of the Swarm

The Night of the SwarmRobert VS Redick Brings His Acclaimed Fantasy Series The Chathrand Voyage To A Triumphant Close That Merits Comparison To The Work Of Such Masters As George RR Martin, Philip Pullman, And JRR Tolkien Himself The Evil Sorcerer Arunis Is Dead, Yet The Danger Has Not Ended For As He Fell, Beheaded By The Young Warrior Woman Thasha Isiq, Arunis Summoned The Swarm Of Night, A Demonic Entity That Feasts On Death And Grows Like A Plague If The Swarm Is Not Destroyed, The World Of Alifros Will Become A Vast Graveyard Now Thasha And Her Comrades The Tarboy Pazel Pathkendle And The Mysterious Wizard Ramachni Begin A Quest That Seems All But Impossible Yet There Is Hope One Person Has The Power To Stand Against The Swarm The Great Mage Erithusme Long Thought Dead, Erithusme Lives, Buried Deep In Thasha S Soul But For The Mage To Live Again, Thasha Isiq May Have To Die

Robert V.S Redick is in his thirties and works as the editor for the Spanish and French websites of Oxfam America and as an instructor in the International Development and Social Change program at Clark University Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, he lives in rural western Massachusetts While his unpublished novel Conquistadors was a finalist for the 2002 AWP Thomas Dunne Novel Awar

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    The Imperial Great Ship Chathrand, also known as the Wind Palace, carrying than 800 souls under the command of Captain Nilus Rose, has finally reached the end of its travels across the turbulent seas of Alifros After four books, I found it incredible when I came acoss a comment by Felthrup, the woken rat, that only one astronomical year has passed since its departure from the Etherhorde docks So much has happened, so many friends I have made aboard and beyond this great ship, that I am left with an overwhelming sadness there isn t an island shore left to explore, some new magical creature to encounter, some previously hidden passage or door in the bowels of the ship to pass through.Such a bittersweet reaction of saying good bye to I can t really name names, I don t want to spoil the ending, but the price paid to save the world has been high What has started as a fun adventure with teenage protagonists has become deadly serious as the voyage progressed and the sheer magnitude of the threat is revealed I am usually turned off by these evil overlords bent on destroying whole civilizations, even entire planets to fed their insatiable ego, but I found it easy to make an exception for the Chathrand crew In part because the resolution is anything but predictable and clicheed, but mostly because I ve become invested in the fate of the characters These final chapters had about the same impact to me as saying goodbye to Fitzchivalry Farseer or to Frodo setting sail from the Grey Havens Never hide your darkness from us, sister We will meet it with whatever light we can There is no shame in sadness But also, there is no sadness that may claimus as its rightful prey This lesson I myself struggle to remember We dwell in pain, and journey from loss to loss, but there is also love and wonder about us, and bright sunlight on peaks For today I am merely glad that you choose to on at our side Which brings me to the point I was trying to reach I see this fourth book as an hommage paid to the granddaddy of all fantasy Epics, J R R Tolkien, a proof across several generations that his themes of courage and honour and friendship endure To give several examples Ularamyth the selk sanctuary can be seen as the Alifros equivalent of Rivendell with the selk of course standing in for elves the trek through the Nine Peaks Road echoes the attempt to pass the Misty Mountains over the Caradhas pass there s even a Balrog type of demonic fiend a maukhslar, and the Nillstone appears to me every bit as powerful as the One Ring To push the analogy further, the youths Pazel and Neeps could be the gentle hobbits caught up in world shattering events, Tasha a stand in for Aragorn, Ramachni could be the wise Gandalf, Arunis becomes Saruman I am forcing the similitudes here for a purpose the Chathrand books are truly original and the plot is not a pastiche of Tolkien, unless you consider all fellowship on a quest epics derivative But I wonder what makes some books endure from one generation to another and others go out of print in a decade IMHO, this series has what it takes to become a classic, but after the first three books it received little attention outside specialized forums, it is still waiting to be discovered I think today the market is oversaturated with quality series, and the audience is shrinking A movie adaptation would help, for sure, but the budget for special effects and casting would be huge So I m doing my bit to bring it to your attention.On a side note, now that I ve brought Tolkien into the mix, the one valid complaint that I could make about his work is that it subscribes to some old fashioned views about the role of women in society I m trying to avoid the word sexist His company is almost exclusively masculine, with a few decorative presences and the spectacular exception of Eowyn Not so with the Chathrand fellowship both Neda and Tasha fight side by side with their partners, in fact they surpassed them easily The sorceress Macadra, Suthinia Pathkendle, Empress Maisa, Marila, Lady Oggostk, Lunja the dlomu fighter, lady Diadrelu and her Ixchel warriors Myett and Ensyl, even the feral cat Sniraga none of them ask for special treatment and will accomplish everything their men do, frequently besting them I find this modern approach of mr Reddick refreshing, to be added to his other strongpoints as a storyteller smooth passages from the humorous to the dramatic a fine dosage of explicit language and gory details that make the story dark yet keep it suitable for a younger audience euphemisms work well in this case a deft hand at describing action scenes, both one on one duels and sea battles involving hundreds of ships Best thing I could say about the quality of the prose is that it didn t stand in the way of the action, it blended into the story, and it rised to the occassion when emotions ran high and a rousing speech or a tender moment needed to be rendered.Biggest question I have right now, is where do we go from here What will come next from a debut author that has proved he can handle a huge plot with hundreds of characters, worldbuilding and politic twists covering both hemispheres world and three major empires with their dependent nations I can t wait to find out I wouldn t mind a return to the world of Alifros, also edit for spelling

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    5 StarsThe overall series warrants 5 stars as well.This was an amazing adventure and wonderful series Non stop action, epic adventure, and wonders and mystery to discover are all here waiting for you to discover as you embark on these voyages of the Chathrand I loved every one of these books including this final installment The epitomize the adventure story and I got lost in the world created by Robert V.S Redick The Night of the Swarm is the fourth and final book in the series that starts with The Red Wolf Conspiracy my review characters, the setting, the story, and the writing are all top notch This is a series penned for the adult and the young adult crowd Historians battle for the future, not the past Our tales of who we were shape what we believe we can become When I began to write, the story of theChathrand was a collection of fragments and folk tellings, yarns shared at bedtime or beer time, or Rin spare us, to prove some moral point It was a myth and now as copies circulate it may become scripture, for a benighted few The chancellor would gild it, peddle it with nine parts sugar to one part truth Or else burn it and bury me I must work faster, before I cease to have hands, before he calls a doctor or a dogcatcher and has me led away I must finish the tale, lest they finish it for me And that would be horrific, a mashed together monster, a lord or lady with the head of a beast Captain Rose will be a very memorable protagonist antagonist Rose studied the two men at his feet He felt a bottomless disgust The mastermind of Arqual and his tool Better for everyone if they had strangled each other, if that sleep were the sleep of death But what of Nilus Rose He had sworn to his father that he would bend these creatures to his will But that was only hubris the kind of talk his father wanted to hear, demanded to hear Over and over, decade after decade The long, daft proof of their power The family epic Rose had never stopped writing it, even though a fool could tell you that the premise was absurd This book is not for the faint of heart as our story comes together in ways that will leave some out in the cold There are no punches pulled and things can turn out pretty bleak However, all this makes the story that much richer and worth your time to read These are massive adventures that will take you away and leave you wanting My highest recommendations

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    read some 100 pages and on the one hand the book moves well and I enjoy reading about Pazel, Tasha and the rest, but on the other the whole doom time and we are the saviors subject makes taking it seriously a bit hardI finished The Night of the Swarm and the one thing I want to emphasize for now is that the ending may be the best ever to a fantasy series I ve read the book itself moves well and a lot happens would not do to spoil as there are a ton of wow moments, however its general theme of heroes having to prevent the doom time gives it a bit too much predictability as the big picture goes with the Alifros conflicts that seem so important,being of course all subsumed in the race to prevent The Night Swarm sterilizing the planet, so all those where many of the characters participate are secondary until close to the end and hence lose a lot of tension and power The main thread following the group that chased Arunis Pazel, Thasha and the rest is also predictable to a large extent though the local events have flavor this box in prevents the book to be as superb as the previous three until the last part where as mentioned the ending is indeed awesome and with that the book raises itself to a special placeI wish the series would have been structured differently to avoid the forced box in of the last volume personally i felt the ending of volume 3 was awesome and would have served well as an ending to the series though of course it couldn t the way things were structured , while on the other hand the clear in retrospect build up to the ending may compensate for that

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    The Nilstone has released the Night of the Swarm This cloud of darkness will destroy the world of Alifros The only hope for survival is removing the Nilstone from Alifros To do this, the friends must band together and take the perilous journey on the River of Shadows Not only must the friends face the River of Shadows but they are being hunted by the Sorceress Macadra, she will stop at nothing to possess the Nilstone.The Night of the Swarm is a nail biting, non stop action adventure that would thrill any fantasy novel reader I was sucked into this world created by Robert V S Redick The plot is complex, the characters well developed and this new world was brilliant I highly recommend reading The Night of the Swarm 5 Stars.This copy of The Night of the Swarm was given to me by Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Night of the Swarm, as a book alone, deserves 5 stars The Chathrand Quartet deserves 5 stars and warrants any fan of fantasy fiction to read, absorb and radiate in awe to the talent of author Robert VS Redick I cannot recommend these books any than to say this is a MUST read The books weave a roller coaster story The environment is detailed beautifully Fast action scenes Great characterisation and characters you really care for and probably one of the best endings to any series It is compelling Sure this series will be compared to other like stories it is inevitable But when it has been written with so much commitment, care and attention, is it really that important The answer is no.Purchase the four books and immerse yourself in the land of Alifros, and Bali Adro Follow the company and adventures of Pazel Pathkendle, Thasa Isiq, Neeps, Marila, Hercol and Sandor Ott Laugh and shed a tear Cheer and curse Enjoy The ISS Chathrand is welcome to sail anytime in my repeated reading list I cannot wait Thank you to Robert VS Redick A welcome new talent to the fantasy genre It was real.

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    Fantastic ending to a great fantasy story Scary as hell monsters, surprise deaths, strange ending I read the epilogue several times because my first take on it was dissatisfaction but it was somewhat palatable with extra readings I am still not happy about the fate of the primary character in the epilogue I kept saying You need to wait, just wait a while longer The Night of the Swarm is a gripping read Mr Redick is so wonderfully skilled at character development I found myself caring about the fate of even some of the despicable characters I couldn t put it down except to sleep because it was so nerve racking Very highly recommend the whole series I see where a future book could be written in this world awhile after after the apocalypse I hope Mr Redick will consider this.

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    WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED I mean, it ended, I can t deny that But what the hell, man.Things to say, I ll come back tomorrow I have a lot of emotions about this right now.On the one hand, there are so many great characters in this series of books Most of them felt 3 dimensional and varied and complicated However, there got to be a lot of characters introduced that DIDN T feel that way, especially any that were introduced from book 3 or book 4 I don t know why, but the Bali Adrins never felt alive to me I couldn t really cared about them especially not Lunja who it seems Redick really wanted us to care about I think the problem is that the cast became so varied, that even when we were traveling with a relatively small group of people, like 8 or 9, people still faded into the background because there were so many stories to tell The characters just couldn t keep up.There was a lot of time spent on describing weird landscapes This has practically become a pet peeve of mine, when authors go on and on describing whatever crazy and deadly landscape they ve devised for their poor characters to wallow through This was especially bad in the last book, as the descriptions of the Infernal Forest drove me to distraction I hated that whole part of the book, which included the climax, so I was very meh about The River of Shadows After a certain point, it seemed like there were just too many ideas to fit into only a 4 book series.While we re talking about climaxes, holy crap books 3 and 4 were TERRIBLE about that The bad guys are gotten rid of so unceremoniously that I could hardly bring myself to care.A lot of other characters are also gotten rid of unceremoniously, characters that I LOVED, but when they were dead I just kept on reading without hardly blinking All the big important deaths just seemed rather clinical.The problem here, is that the whole series just couldn t reach epic for me There were a lot of crazy things that happened, but it never got my blood moving or made me cry or make me say oh my god or anything like that I sat down and read from beginning to end and that was that, no emotions really came into.Except for one thing.That epilogue.I am still kind of speechless about it It was either severe writer s block, the publishing company saying No you MAY NOT have another book, or, my preferred option, BALLS OF GODDAMN STEEL I ve never read an epic fantasy series that decided to end on such a bittersweet note, and I kind of hope I never do again.Overall, this series is a solid 3 star series The Red Wolf Conspiracy was by far the best installment, and I recommend it to people all the time The rest of the series is quite a time commitment without much of a payoff.

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    The tetralogy is concluded and we lay to rest Pazel and Thasha, Neeps and Mirila, Hercol and Neda and dozens of other well developed characters Some we set aside, this story has concluded but their lives are unfinished and others we lay to rest in the proverbial Felthrup disapproves of this usage sense of the word In four books so well written in the parting from such distinct and unique personalities there is the feeling of having developed a rich relationship and then having to say goodbye and walk away, perhaps for good It is hard to find characters as well developed as these in any work of fiction Not merely the main players, but even those such as Dr Ignus Chadfallow, Lady Oggosk, Suthinia Pathkendle and many others Each one is a believable character, filled with life and detail Every avid reader experiences that last moment of reading a truly good book when they finish the last words and put the book down with a sigh and a wisp of a smile, and bittersweet regret at the parting.We have taken a great journey together, across great seas, over ice and fire, great cities and stark wilderness, even under the sea We traveled the length and breadth of a fantastic, yet organic land full of the wonders of imagination Pazel s gift for languages gives us unique insight in to the eguar, a beast like no other in fantasy literature An empire in cancerous decay A captain of one of that world s mightiest ships, who just like his ship, the Chatrand, is full of secrets The murth, a mage confined to the bodies of willing sacrifices, the Polylex and the River of Shadows and too many others to mention.Of course, Mr Redick does not create ex nihilo, the selk may be in some ways like elves in Rivendell Their mul seems like lembas The meeting at the aqueduct may be reminiscent of a certain meeting the Fellowship of the Ring had in the Mines of Moria But, there is no need for defense or apology The author has imbued each of his creations, the people, the races and the situations with than enough creativity to make it his own, something that feels original and fresh Here endeth many of the myriad story lines that have been woven in to the fabric of the series, like metallic fiber woven in to a cloth of cotton One may trace these lines from beginning to end as they sparkle and shine, diving out of sight for a time, yet resurfacing a little farther on I congratulate the author that he did not choose the easy way out in many of these stories He has chosen a realistic path for our journey in an unapologetic manner Of course what is realistic in fantasy Even in the end the fairy tale is eschewed, the moment that you leave with, that moment of finality and closure, Mr Redick has made a hard choice and done the right thing and let us down in a way we know is right Not only the end but the entire span of the Chatrand Voyage deserves a standing ovation and cries of, Encore

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    I love Mr Redick s writing, and I have loved the inventiveness and depth and vibrance of the world of Alifros over the course of the Cathrand Voyage Quartet But I would be lying if I said I enjoyed this final installment as much as The Red Wolf Conspiracy or The Ruling Sea Many of the facets of the story that drew me into Pazel and Thasha s world have been a bit lacking in the last two volumes, The River of Shadows and The Night of the Swarm The grand sea voyage aboard the great and venerable Cathrand was replaced by land adventures in strange, exotic places, and I did miss the plots and intrigue special to a crew brought together and kept together on the ancient vessel I also felt that, especially in this last volume, the plot marched toward the end rather predictably, with favorite characters falling, one by one, in two precise and ordered a fashion to properly mourn their passing The end is triumphant in the sense we knew it would be, given the narrator, whom we can guess at perhaps a little earlier than we should have been able to The ending is left somewhat ambivalent, without a proper sense of closure for those characters that have become dearest in our hearts And finally, and perhaps most disconcertingly, the central relationship, the love upon which the series is truly based, and upon which the fate of Alifros actually relied, is left so up in the air as to be maddening, and maddeningly perplexing I still cannot decide if Mr Redick is leaving open the possibility of another book dealing with our star crossed lovers, or whether the underlying them, at bottom, has become when you can t be with the one you love, love the one your e with I can t really accept that, even though I am, at present, forced to In all honesty, the final page of the series has left me somewhat bitter and disillusioned But perhaps there is indeed to come.This is not to say that anyone should hesitate in embarking on their own journey aboard the Cathrand The series is powerful and engaging and extremely well written, deserving of mention alongside the likes of Rothfuss Kingkiller Chronicles In these dark days when so much fantasy has devolved to a simpering recitation of the anxst filled love affairs between vampires and werewolves, or vampires and humans, or humans and werewolves, or all three together, series like The Cathrand Quartet are truly sparkly jewels in the genre, four leaf clovers we must seek out and find and cherish I will indeed treasure the rich bounty that has been this series, final misgivings aside Thank you Mr Redick, for sharing your imagine and story with us I will miss Alifros, though perhaps I won t have to for long

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    Update OUTSTANDING A review is forthcoming Not a review yet I will write one after I read it but I had to share some sad newsI m ticked I just found out that Victor Gollancz Publishing gollancz on twitter has cancelled the hardback edition of the last book of a series I have been reading and patiently awaiting to complete my collection of The Night of the Swarm by Robert V S Redick promises to be an awesome culmination to an epic fantasy series, but Gollancz The Orion Group has decided to snub its most dedicated customers the collectors of their authors fine works by cancelling the hardcover edition.Haven t heard of Robert V.S Redick Don t take my word on how awesome he is, go check out fantasybookcritic and read Liviu s reviews of The Red Wolf Conspiracy, The Rats and the Ruling Sea, and The River of Shadows Then get pissed at VG for doing this and let them know Perhaps it s not too late for them to change this decision

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