The Love Game

The Love GameAn Internationally Bestselling NovelHis Challenge Make Her Fall In Love With HimHer Challenge Play The PlayerUntil Life Changes The Rules Of The GameMaddie Stevens Hated Braden Carter On Sight Arrogant, Egotistical, And The Playboy Of The University Of California, Berkeley, He S Everything Her Brother Pearce Has Taught Her To Despise So Why, When The Girls Challenge Her To Play The Player, Doesn T She Say No She Doesn T Know EitherBraden Wanted Fiery Little Maddie The Second He Laid Eyes On Her And He D Do Anything To Have Her, Hence Why He S Agreed To Make Her Fall In Love With Him After All, It S The Only Way He Ll Get What He Wants SexBut, As Braden Discovers, There S To The Girl From Brooklyn Than He Ever Imagined And He Can T Help But Care About The Broken Girl Behind Those Pretty Green EyesMaddie Finds Braden Isn T Just A Walking Erection He Actually Has Feelings He Can Be Sweet, Funny And His Good Looks Don T Exactly Hurt That Means Trouble But When Her Brother Pearce Turns Up In Berkeley Begging For Her Help, She Realises Braden And Pearce Aren T So Alike AnyAnd Maybe, Just Maybe, They Re Exactly What Each Other Needs The Love Game 4 Stars His challenge Make her fall in love with him.Her challenge Play the player.Until life changes the rules of the game The story starts out at Berkeley College Braden, 19, gorgeous, arrogant, well known womanizer and Maddie, 18, sweet, innocent girl with a past Maddie makes a bet with her friends that she can make Braden fall in love with her within 30 days and in the mean time, Braden makes the same bet with his friends They call it Hump and Dump or otherwise known as THE LOVE GAME This was such a cute, light read I really enjoyed it, just wishthere was a littlehot and steamy I believe that each of us have someone out there that will love us no matter what I like to believe that Otherwise, what would be the point Love is beautiful It s free from judgement and it never condemns It enlightens, it embraces, and it makes even the hardest day worth living though Who wouldn t want to believe in that Braden The way to Braden s heart is through his dick Braden has a heart He does, it s just wrapped up in latex and usually between some girl s legs Maddie I m going to enjoy touching your ass, Maddie I m going to enjoy kicking your ass, Braden Braden Carter has gotcharm than the Irish leprechauns I promise, I m not perfect, Maddie I m nothing like perfect, and I m the first to admit it But, if you ll let me, I ll try and be perfect for you So you can have the closeness you want We might not be forever Our first love might not be our last I can t predict where we ll be five, ten, even fifteen years from now, but i can t let my past rule my future My past has shaped me into the person I am today, and knowing that means I can let go of all of all of my doubts and hold onto what I have BECAUSE SOMETIMES, LETTING GO IS THE KEY TO HOLDING ON BR with Deanna, Jxxx, Marilina 4.5 stars Loved this book was a quick fun read If you liked the movie How to loose a guy in 10 days and Two Can play that Game than this book is for you DBraden Carter is a ladies man , a wham bham thank you maam sorta guy The ultimate Playboy He is handsome, a charmer and he basically uses woman for sex.Maddie Stevens hates men like him Period When Maddies friends dare her to make him fall in love with her, easy peezy Maddie Stevens Your mission, should you choose to accept it Is to play the player at his own game She accepts the challenge because there is No Way she will allow herself to fall for a guy like him Braden embodies everything I hate He s arrogant, egotistical, and a pig I m not likely to fall in love with that Bradens friends, on a bet of there own, dare him to make HER fall in love with him because he is such a player and a smoooth talker the challenge is easy. Braden Carter doesn t fall in love If he has a rulebook, that s it, right above the rule that says rules are for losers They each have a month. As soon as they start spending time together they discover there sto each other than initially thought They start liking each other Because I hate everything he represents to females And he s a good kisser And that s totally contradictory I swallow, my heart thudding in my chest Apparently, with the realization I m falling in love with him comes the realization that he can turn me to a puddle of red hot, bubbling, needy, desperately wanting him mush Maddie And that s the problem When she smiles at me, really smiles, I can see her turning me into a falling in love kinda guy That makes her dangerous, too fuckin dangerous, and I gotta get her in bed and walk away before it s too late All I know is, now, I do care, and the game is becoming somethingIt s becomingreal than anything I ve ever known It s becoming something I can hold on to Something Maddie can hold on to BradenMaddie the broken girl. And Braden the sweet and caring guy..When Maddie s brother Pearce shows up, her past collides with her present and everything she ran away from comes back to haunt her..Braden is the only one that makes her feel better and in the end somewhere inbetween the Love Game they fall for each other And fall in love WITH each other One of my hands holds the small of her back as we move together, and I know, right now, is the exact moment I fall the rest of the way in love with Maddie Stevens What happens when the truth comes out Congratulations, you won He looks at me, his eyes raw with pain yet his face completely blank Consider it a success, Maddie You got what you wanted Braden finds out about operation Play the player and is angry with Maddie and soon Maddie finds out about Hump and Dump Maddie view spoiler Maddie runs away to Brooklyn to see her dad and her best friend Abbi..Abbi gives her some real good advice We have to tell people sometimes Because they don t always know It s a little word that means a lot Sometimes, love is all you need, even when you think you don t Sometimes, you just have to say it Not to worry. There is a HEA they are exactly what each other needs and wants It s not like it was before you, Maddie, not at all I might be just as lonely and just as pathetic, but it s not the same because there will never be another you It s not fucking possible You could go to the ends of the Earth and love would still follow you there It s not a place or a memory, oh no Love is something inside you, something that only you can feel, because your love is yours You ll never leave it behind You could go cross country, cross oceans or travel to the moon and that love It ll still be there, tucked away in a dark corner of your heart just waiting for you to acknowledge You It s just you No one else Without you, it s all fucking pointless Without you hide spoiler Four StarsMaddie Stevens Your mission, should you choose to accept it She grins and puts her hand out Is to play the player at his own game Do you accept I inhale deeply, every bit of my mind screaming at me to say no and run Play the player AcceptedSo this book was brought to my attention yesterday and as soon as I read the description, I wanted to read it I don t know This was exactly the type of book I was looking for A little angst, a strong heroine and a player that needed to be taken down a peg or two Yep I was all over this For some reason, this story kinda reminded me of that movie How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. Granted, I was not a big fan of that movie, but the basic plot is pretty similar Both the H h were playing each other Like the movie, we know how it all ends, but unlike the movie, the actual story itself is actually entertaining Seeing these two fight their feelings made this book hard to put downChallenge accepted, boys, I say, resting my arms behind my head One month from now, Maddie Stevens will be in love with me and in my bed You can count on that shit Braden Braden will do anything to get Maddie into his bed He wants her Badly Even desperate enough to make a wager with his friends To get Maddie to fall in love with him, get in her knickers and dump her It s a done deal, right I mean no woman can resist such a player Braden can be such an asshat However, Maddie has her own plans Braden personifies everything Maddie hates He s arrogant, smug and a big time womanizer She left all that behind when she moved from Brooklyn to Berkeley When her friends come up with a plan to teach the infamous Braden a lesson, to be humped and dumped, Maddie reluctantly agrees Her mission To get Braden to fall in love with her, sleep with him, then dump him all within a month.What these two didn t plan was actually falling for each other Oh trust me, they fought their feelings with all their might, but you knew what was going to happen But when both find out each other s motives, can their fake relationship surviveI m not possessive over you, Maddie, he says into my ear I m protective, and there s a difference I d never try to control you or tell you what you can and can t do, but I know every guy i this frat house wants to be me right now And you know why It s because you re so fucking beautiful My breath catches in my throat They all want you, but I have you, and there s not a chance I m gonna risk one of them taking you from me, all right So yes, Angel, yes, you are fucking mineAnd there it is The main reason why I enjoyed this book Possessive and jealous Braden You guys know how much I love these types of Heroes Now don t get your panties in a twist, Braden isn t really over the top, but it was just enough to quench my appetite However, there were a few drawbacks to this story One, the constant repetitiveness No, I can t feel this way This is starting to feel likethan a bet I m scared of my feelings I m developing so on and so forth Second, I kinda wantedof an ending The story just ended a little too abruptly An actual epilogue would ve been nice So there you have it Aside from those two negatives, the story is pretty good and it was hard to pass up Enjoy Items ticked off 20Why I still YES, STILL hate New Adult, part 4 She s not hot enough to bang though, so she won t be around for that long. Because in New Adult, we separate the main female characters from other female characters by categorizing them as bangableIf I m gonna play this guy at his own game and make him fall in love with me, he s gonna respect me while he does it And that, honey, is why you are the perfect girl for the jobBecause in New Adult, it is always the good girl that is the only one to cure the hero Because she is worth respecting, unlike the other sexually active women in the story Ugh Go look in a mirror and practice being a Barbie doll She s practically a life size one anyway. Because in New Adult, if a woman who is not the heroine shows any interest in the hero, she is devoid of human emotions and thus not worth treating with respectThe fact I nearly punched him in the face Why would I think any differently Isn t that what you re supposed to doBecause in New Adult, violence is encouraged And in this case, if a man tells the truth, he deserves a punching, apparentlyAngel, it s only because I know you re not like most girlsBecause in New Adult, you re expected to love a hero that looks down on the women he sleeps inDon t fuck with me, Braden Not today I m not gonna sit here and deal with a bunch of fake boobed whores coming up to me and telling me how I m not your usual typeBecause in New Adult, the heroine slutshames the women that used to sleep with the hero.And some other reasons for disliking this bookStereotyping of bisexuality Some truly disturbing conversations A predictable plot The book is in dire need of editing The hero The heroine All their friends.I think that s it.,

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