家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 1

家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 1 Ada Seorang Guru Privat Yang Datang Ke Rumah Tsuna, Murid SMP Yang Menjalani Kehidupan Sebagai Manusia Yang Payah Dilihat Sekilas, Sang Guru, Reborn, Terlihat Seperti Anak Balita Tapi Sebenarnya Dia Adalah Pembunuh Bayaran Yang Bertujuan Untuk Menjadikan Tsuna Sebagai Ketua Mafia Generasi KePelajaran Seperti Apa Yang Akan Diajarkan Reborn Kepada Tsuna

.Akira Amano is the author and mangaka of the shonen manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn She was born in 1973, but the month and day are unknown.Amano began in 1998 with a job at Weekly Young Magazine She also held a job at Shueisha Publishing Co, Ltd.In 2002, Amano participated in a contest for aspiring mangaka and was one of the lucky winners, with her comic Monkey Business published in Young Magazine.In 2004, she finally found success with the humourous and classy manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn or, for short, just Reborn , and that thanks to her readers support This new manga was advertised and in Shonen Jump and became a hit Two years later, her manga was made into an anime series by Artland studios.Her ideas for Reborn Amano had some crazy ideas to entertain readers with She came up with weird characters to add spice to the humour, a story written especially to be unique, and fast paced action.Other works Boy Spin 1998 Hot Blast Baseball Legendary 1999 Pu Chipu Chirabii 2000 Monkey Business 2002 Tapir Hearts HAWK 2003 Katekyo Hitman Reborn 2004 Psycho Pass 2012 Original Character Design

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  • 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 1
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  • 22 February 2019

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    This manga goes from hilarious to heartbreaking and back to absolutely fucking ridiculous, very quickly You will laugh You will cringe You will watch someone you love be beaten within an inch of their life And, chances are, you ll come out with a ship that will change how you look at numbers and weather forever Welcome to KHR Have a good time and tell Hayato and Takeshi that I love them.

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    Many people have dropped both this manga and anime And that is sad This came out well, was advertised coming soon in a shonen jump magazine when I was actually in second grade I was excited Soon after, when I was old enough to finally obtain my own manga I was never allowed to have my family buy me manga this was the first Sure, it seems boring at first But don t 99.9% of stories in general, comic, manga, novel or not, start that way In the beginning it s gonna have comedy, and idiotic comedy Not only that, but if you give it a chance, you will realize that Akira Amano has done things that have turned her into one of the legendary manga artists Her character development Yes, the first volume has you meet idiots But so what Does every character have to be smart Give KHR a chance and you will see all the UNIQUE characters, with similarities being very slight and possibly unnoticed That s what makes this mafia story so good other than the plot You have your typical loser boy But as the manga goes on, you actually SEE development in not only her art, but in the characters THEMSELVES They grow older, they face challenges maybe not the normal way us human beings may, just may, challenge every day This manga has touched my heart due to this and I will forever spread my love for both the series and for Akira s hard work and improvement It s actually so good that people who have actually given it a chance have stated what s changed of them positively And again, the characters are all unique, and weird If you don t like weird, fine, but there s a mix of action, comedy, and friendship in this manga And that is why you should read it.

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    DUDE This thing right here is one of my favorite manga series YOU MUST READ IT.

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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn , aka The Idiotic Mafia anime Who would have guessed that the Godfather would get such a ridiculous spin off in Japan And here I thought zombies called orcs in Gungrave was too much.But let s clarify a few things first This show is a silly action comedy that uses a backdrop story as an excuse for mostly random gags and some guys to come fight with some other guys Don t expect a captivating, multi layered, well thought of scenario It is just a typical kid wants to grow stronger and secured with himself and lead its own empire scenario, with the catch that he didn t choose it Others did that for him specifically his father who wants to prepare him just to succeed him in his mafia family when he retires It is not a bad premise actually it is good to see a story where the lead character is forced to do something important against his will and gaining the support of those around him in the process Remember Shinji in Neon Genesis Well too bad he is no Shinji and this is hardly a Neon Genesis It s nothing but a silly comedy with slapstick humour, random stories and over the top characters So we can start by saying the story is barely there, goes nowhere, and you shouldn t even care about it Sure, there is occasional progress in the form of having the characters overcoming a challenge and becoming stronger but that never actually heads to something important They go here, they go there, they travel in time, they play in a Pokemon like tournament, they assume forms from the future, they gather magic rings, blah blah, random mambo jumbo just for kicks.Pacing is another very negative thing Having good humour and dense episodic storylines would be good but to the most part it is dragging to the point of insanity The first 7 volumes are nothing but aimless childish episodic adventures where we just get to know the characters of the show Past the introduction, they are boring and barely rewatchable Down to it, it s the characters that only matter in this show and your enjoyment is equal to how much you can laugh with them or tolerate them thereafter The protagonist may appear to be Tsuma, but he is just a boring wimp who just has to do stuff for the heck of it The real good ones are Reborn, the baby mafia with a lizard gun, and Lambo, the afro cow uniform baby There are others almost as interesting and, yeah, again all of them are babies doing nonsense Do you believe this is a shonen about babies In fact, the entire show is quite juvenile in its humour and action do not go comparing it to Naruto or One Piece because its target audience is much younger and thus has far less violence and intelligence.Anyways, even if you get to love the characters for their weirdness it is still questionable for how long you will like them before they become annoying There is no actual character development besides getting to see sides to them usually involving their future selves and most of them are defined by an extreme personality quirk and nothing else How many times can you stand watching them doing the exact same things before getting fed up with it It might have worked with Urusei Yatsura in the 80 s but this is not nearly as extreme in humour or episodic in structure.The artwork is ok all things considered, and so are the battles if you are around 10 years old but surely lack excitement I mean, most of the times they shoot Tsuma with a bullet which makes his clothes rip apart but not his trunks and he gets all furious and powerful, doing all sorts of improbable things, only to revert back into a spineless idiot a few minutes later And that is all the action you get to the most part Later on it gets a bit complicating with Pokemons and mgic rings but it never becomes hardcore action Because it s for kids.So is it a good show Sporadically yes, if your bar is rather low It s definitely not good in the beginning, and the characters are frozen stiff in personality and mostly repeat the same joke And of course girls are useless who can only cook while boys love to fight And babies carry gun lizards and time machines And all that makes no sense and it s funny for a couple of times before you get bored with its juvenile approach.

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    Me encant.

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    Okay, this is of a warning and less of a review The first volume of this book, and the next seven, are BEYOND SLOW MOVING AND PLOTLESS However, once you get to the ninth volume, bang , you get a bucketful of plot thrown at you, and it s impossible not to love it The story gets so good, that it makes up for the horrible start and deserves little less than 5 stars Basically, your general plot is that the main character, Tsuna, is told he is to become the tenth generation mafia boss for the Vongola family However, Tsuna is an utter loser who sucks at sports and academics equally And so hilarity ensues It makes for a good gag manga in the start, but turns out to be much better So give it some time Amano certainly does this series justice throughout the various arcs.

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    This anime is fantastic, incredeable,amazing,powerful character.The 7 vongola are Stuna,Hibari,Ryohie,Lambo,Yamamoto,Gokudera,ChromeChrome is the Mist Guardian.HIbari is the Cloud Gurdian.Gokudera is the Storm Guardian.Ryohie is the Sun Guardian.Yamamoto is the Rain Guardian.Lambo is the Thunder Gurdian.The last is Stuna the Sky Guardian.This are Guardian are the new Generation of Vongola Reborn is the arcobaleno who trained to Stuna to become A Vongola Master, Stuna make a decision that the members of him should find and help him to all problems welcome to them.They fight and fight the time will Stuna is the strongest among the past vongola master.

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    This manga was all kinds of crazy From a mafioso gun toting baby, a deathpertation shot which makes the target go super saiyan and naked yes you read that right for five minutes only if they died with regrets, though , to recruiting some pretty insane people as your mafia family members, to encounters with child like mafia members, this manga was a real wtf Japan moment for me.And I loved every second of it Also, Reborn is just beyond cute.

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    Really slow in the beginning But the series really takes off some where around chapter 18 Totally loved all of it It s not something that you usually find in manga anime Super creative and a tear jerker, all them flashbacks The anime plays this really sad song so that doesn t help.

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