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Someone Else's Love StoryUpdate love this book 1.99 kindle special today From start to the wonderful ending it s just great Perfect for summer Update Several great deals this holiday season This book is 1.99 today on Kindle I thought it was sooo much funall the way to the ending I could not put this book down This book kept me company while not feeling too well PERFECT CHOICE GREAT SURPRISE DISCOVERY Of course I don t want to give anything away I ve not read other reviews on Goodreads or yet And since I don t want to share about the story itself I m going to AIR DROP tidbits A Catholic Woman is divorced from a Jewish Man They have One adult daughtersThe daughter has a genius 3 year old boyDaughter has a male best friend her wingman , who has two mothers.The Jewish Man is re married with kidsThe Catholic Woman is single A Drop dead hunky stud has Asperger s Syndrome is a brilliant scientist He has a Wingman wingfemale best friend He lost his wife and child in an accident Now Have I told you anything about this story yet Even character s names I HAVE NOT.but aren t you a little curious This book is not what you think it is Its wonderful Read it when sick in bed, when healthy, when you want several wonderful little stories within a 300 page book all of which you ll remember including all the character s names You ll feel the punch of a powerful life message Greatest book to end 2013 and being 2014 I didn t really understand what this book was trying to be Although it does have romantic elements, the story is too strange to really be considered a romance I think that the author tried to do too many things, mixing too many genres at once.It s hard to create a believable love story with a character like William, one of the protagonists He is supposed to have Asperger s syndrome, but it is not a well developed aspect of his character He was a very blah character Even when we were in his head, I was bored It would have been much interesting to have been in the other male protagonist s mind, Walcott s Instead we jump from Shandi, who is another dull headspace, to William s The plot starts off strong, with the big, robbery scene right at the beginning, but doesn t manage to keep that kind of pace There is too much pining and whining throughout the rest of the novel to truly be interesting.I am sure there are better romance novels out there. Ahem.Excuse me a moment, while I get out my feminist soap box.Okay This is going to be a tricky book to review from up here and this is why rape plays a significant role in the plot of this book and I m not sure I was comfortable with the way that it was portrayed This book doesn t come out for six months, but I kind of wonder about the fact that no one s thought about putting the brakes on it given the recent troubling events in Stuebenville and Halifax I m not giving anything away here you know from pretty early on that our narrator, Shandi, conceived her three year old son through unconsensual sex She never pressed charges because she was drunk and had been drugged so her memory was hazy She lived in denial about the fact until the two are involved in a hold up at a convenince store An attractive man named William is commemorating the anniversary of a devastating accident by trying to pick out laundry detergent at said convenient store and is also held hostage He s the one who lays out the gunman and puts an end to the nightmare scene Shandi, feeling like she owes her life and her son s to William but also feeling a little tingly in her lady bits, goes to visit her hero in the hospital and learns that he is a genetic researcher She then asks him to help her track down the identity of the man who drugged her and forced himself on her at a frat party when she was eighteen There s several additional plot threads including the fact that William may or may not be on the autistic spectrum, his over protective best friend who acts aggressively towards Shandi, Shandi s best friend who s long carried a torch for her, and Shandi s complicated family life Those extraneous threads add alllllmost nothing to the book, which is strange because there was a lot of that in a relatively brief 240 page book They re just too underdeveloped to work well I liked Shandi a lot in the beginning of the book Joshilyn Jackson is awesome at creating three dimensional, complicated and imperfect women with a rock strong Southern voice That s why I requested an advance e galley of this book A Grown Up Kind of Pretty was a pleasant surprise smart, well constructed chick lit When I thought this book was going to be about Shandi falling for the guy who saved her from the robbery and realizing it wouldn t be a good idea, I was fully prepared to like this book well enough But then it turned out that s not what the book s about Joshilyn Jackson s track record shows that she can write some pretty smart female characters and I think you could make the argument that Jackson s trying to say that these sorts of situations are complicated and can t be approached from a black and white standpoint That is absolutely an important conversation that we ought to be having, but I was ultimately very uncomfortable with the direction that this conversation ended up going Honestly, there were times when it felt a little bit like rape apologism I seriously doubt that was Jackson s intent, but I do think that s something that is easy to draw out of the text To lay out exactly how would be to give away too many spoilers, so you can send me a private message if you re interested in discussing specific plot points with me. Edit Available on Kindle for 1.99 Shandi is a young woman who believes in miracles, with faith in immaculate conceptions, struggling to finish college and raise her own three year old mini genius and major miracle, Nathan, aka Natty Bumppo with some help from her Mom, her friend Walcott, Walcott s Momses and some financial help from Shandi s Dad, despite his new wife and Shandi s half siblings Shandi isn t lacking in the love department, so long as we re not talking romantic loveI fell in love with William Ashe at gunpoint, in a Circle K It was on a Friday afternoon at the tail end of a Georgia summer so ungodly hot the air felt like it had been boiled red We were both staring down the barrel of an ancient, creaky.32 that could kill us just as dead as a really nice gun could From the moment I read that, I didn t want to put this book down There are many love stories that follow, but love stories in an unconventional sense There are stories of love and forgiveness, new miracles and love once thought lost is found While there are heavy, dark topics that are covered, Joshilyn Jackson s touch covers these with a sweetness that borders on a spiritual forgiveness for all.Charmingly sweet. This was one of those rare books that I knew would be good before I even got into it Even if I was surprised by some of the turns it took.I mean a book that has an epigraph with the lines of my favorite poem and one of the few I actually know well let s just say we were meant to be.I have no idea where to start though.I ve re read certain parts of this book multiple times, I ve had than a week to think about it yet I am completely lost when it comes to this book.There is so much to say about this beautiful book and I have no idea how to put it into words.This book starts off with Shandi telling us how she fell in love, at gun point Then it goes back and tells us the story of how she got to the point don t worry the whole book isn t set in the past The story goes back and forth between Shandi and William s past, showing us how this incident changed their life and is causing them to reevaluate some of the things they chose to avoid.For Shandi it was finally accepting what had happened to her, finally accepting that her child wasn t the wonderful miracle she had always tried to make herself believe but a result of something horrid But she realized that that wouldn t change the fact that she loved him Shandi is a very refreshing character She isn t a kick ass female lead, she isn t a mary sue She is the grey in between She is human Just like the rest of us Her best friend is her crutch but she isn t spineless She s been through a lot yet she still manages to remain cheerful She is confused as anyone would be at her age but she isn t stupid But being held by gunpoint made her realize she needs to stand up to the ghosts of her past, she needs to face the truth and so she enlists the help of her fellow survivor, William She also uses this as an excuse to hang around him and try to win his heart as he won hers oh don t blame her, you would have done the same, hell I would have done the same.William has Asperger s, so he made for a really interesting character and it was fun reading things from his POV For him the incident made him realize he may or may not need to finally face what happened to his wife and child The heartbreaking incident he tried to push out of his mind and pretend never happened He tried to forget the two things that really mattered to them, aside from his best friend He is using Shandi as an excuse to avoid doing that but he slowly realizes he cannot do that Honestly I think reading about him, as a male lead, was one of the best experiences I ve had He was such a fresh breath of air from all those broody and other tropes out there.I cannot even pick a favorite character even the secondary characters were great.Paula was one of the best best friends ever Everyone should have a best friend like her Someone who will always have your back Someone who is ready to be a bitch for you Someone who is willing to fight for you when you cannot do it yourself Someone who will help you win the love of your life She could be a complete bitch to Shandi but I understood why she did that.We didn t get to see much of Walcott in the role of a best friend in the present but in the past he was the best best friend anyone could ask for He helped Shandi through a hard time and took the burden off of her, he took care of things she couldn t He kept secrets until she was ready They have a wonderful relationship Let s just say that.The romance in this book is a mixture of different love stories I am probably the only one who didn t connect the title with the romance and shipped for William and Shandi until I realized it wouldn t happen and not because William didn t have any romantic feelings but because even I didn t feel like Shandi would have been a suitable replacement for Bridget What William and Bridget had had been beautiful, you cannot replace that What Shandi and Walcott could have, we don t know but maybe it ll be even beautiful I think the story that stuck out most to me and wasn t really a focus of the book was Shandi s parents story The realizations Shandi had about the two of them and how they would never really have a chance to fix things It kind of breaks my heart.The story the author tells is beautiful She presents it wonderfully It may seem slow but it s worth it in the end.Maybe I ll pick up another book by the author, maybe I won t, but that isn t the point The point is that this is a wonderful book about second chances, about giving life a second shot, about not giving up and maintaining that hope that lives in your soul and about facing your destiny head on It s a story everyone should read.This review has also been posted on The Social Potato After listening to Almost Sisters, I decided if I m browsing audio books and see Joshilyn Jackson as narrator for any of her work I will be listening as soon as possible Great, entertaining narrator I fell in love with William Ashe at gunpoint, in a Circle K When a book has a really great opening line, that really gets me This opening line grabbed me and didn t let go until I finished.Jackson has a way of writing colorful characters whose actions always seem to surprise me Or maybe it s the way the story unfolds that always seems to surprise me Probably a little bit of both In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this This is a tough one I enjoyed parts of this book immensely and other parts I simply thought were okay I am trying to come down off of my ivory tower of feminist idealism to write this review in the most non judgmental way that I can While I do see that Joshilyn Jackson is exploring the grey area between black and white thinking in this novel, there were some things that I just didn t get The questionable decisions of the main character at times made me dislike her enough that I rolled my eyes or shook my head Still, there were some things that I loved.Here is what I really liked I did not love the main character, but her son was wonderful I developed an attachment to Natty early on and wanted to ensure his safety, happiness and well being as if he were my own child The confused feelings his mother expressed over him that cleared up when she realised he was in danger was major for me This made the characters feel human and their relationship to me as the reader much solid I could imagine being in her situation thanks to the clearly expressed ideas the author put forth throughout the first half of the story The way that William was portrayed as a strong character from the beginning through memories of his previous life made him very solid as well and the type of hero that the reader knows they can count on I loved that things did not go exactly as I would have predicted within the first few chapters and that the author chose not to follow the traditional boy meets girl and sweeps her into the sunset formula That was a nice change Here s what I didn t love as much The portrayal of spectrum disorders in this book felt somehow lacking I did not see that the characters behaved quite as I would have expected for people that are dealing with this disorder I do understand that there is a reason it is called spectrum and there is a broad array of behaviours, personalities, etc associated with the disorders, but I just didn t feel it come through in the story as I would have expected The part that I just don t get I am going to attempt this without a spoiler There are some things a woman can forgive, and others that I just can t see any rational person being able to get over The main plot point in this story revolves around one of those things that try as I might, I just can t see happening in the real world Perhaps some people are forgiving than others and I am just not one of them, but again, may I reiterate I just didn t get it There were quite a few plot lines running here and there in this book that involved the main character s family and other situations that I thought could have been further developed in order to make the story interesting, but they were neglected somewhat It was like carrying around a pair of shoes when you are already wearing some I didn t really feel that mentioning them and then not going anywhere with it added much to the story as a whole If you are the type of person who is well in touch with your feelings and can forgive a main character for questionable decisions, this might be a book that you will thoroughly enjoy If you are expecting a light and easy read with no thinking involved, this is not going to be the best book to choose This author is very good at writing books that make you think about situations that lie beneath the surface, as well as offering up characters that are hard to forget once you have come to know them.Although this was not my favourite book by Joshilyn Jackson, it does once again reinforce that she thinks outside the box and can come up with new and interesting plots that have not been done before I enjoyed the ending of this novel, and applaud the way she decided to go with the future of her main character This review is based on a digital review copy from the publisher as part of the Shereads blogging network My opinions are my own. What happened to this book It started as a light and quirky story of a young woman with a breezily dysfunctional family and a precocious child, and quickly deteriorated into a mess of of unfinished story lines, awkward transitions, and an extended and very uncomfortable commentary on the gray nature of rape By the end of the book, Shandy, the main character, turned into an erratic and unlikable character who could not be wished on anyone s happy ending. At Twenty One, Shandi Pierce Is Juggling Finishing College, Raising Her Delightful Three Year Old Genius Son Natty, And Keeping The Peace Between Her Eternally Warring, Long Divorced Catholic Mother And Jewish Father She S Got Enough Complications Without Getting Caught In The Middle Of A Stick Up In A Gas Station Mini Mart And Falling In Love With A Great Wall Of A Man Named William Ashe, Who Willingly Steps Between The Armed Robber And Her SonShandi Doesn T Know That Her Blond God Thor Has His Own Complications When He Looked Down The Barrel Of That Gun He Believed It Was Destiny It S Been One Year To The Day Since A Tragic Act Of Physics Shattered His Universe But William Doesn T Define Destiny The Way Other People Do A Brilliant Geneticist Who Believes In Science And Numbers, Destiny To Him Is About ChoiceNow, He And Shandi Are About To Meet Their So Called Destinies Head On, In A Funny, Charming, And Poignant Novel About Science And Miracles, Secrets And Truths, Faith And Forgiveness, About A Virgin Birth, A Sacrifice, And A Resurrection About Falling In Love, And Learning That Things Aren T Always What They Seem Or What We Hope They Will Be It S A Novel About Discovering What We Want And Ultimately Finding What We Need I had big expectations for Someone Else s Love Story the kind that can be scary for a writer if they know how much we anticipate from their shiny strings of words and disappointing to a reader if those words don t flash like diamonds.Someone Else s Love Story did not disappoint.The opening scene is like a bad joke a meth head, an autistic genius, a too young mom, and a brilliant toddler born from a virgin walk into a convince store What happens next is far from convenient Oops I almost wrote covenant Nuns play a role in this story, too If you re held up at gunpoint, your life MUST change in some earth shattering ways, right Since almost all the characters involved were already living beside the river DENIAL, things start flowing.This book deals with a smorgasbord of heavy stuff crime, trauma, grief, child loss, rape, religion, autism, drugs, and But before your forehead gets all scrunched up this book is also damn funny In between, Jackson manages to wriggle in destiny vs choice, science vs religion, chemistry vs friendship, miracles vs.explanations and fireworks, birdhouses, and sweet poets named Walcott.I couldn t help being engaged by William and Shandi, flaws and all The characters are just so colorfully drawn Even little Natty is divine I pictured him as that precociously adorable blond kid from Jerry Maguire And although some of the secondary characters come off as a might bit brash, a little off, or lacking morals, I came to see the motivations for their ways.These characters, even the ones I held dear, fight against things they know to be true They banish their golems to the closet even though they know the door locks are broken, and eventually the bad is going to bust out They make choices the reader may not agree with, but hey, it s the character s choice.So much of this tale is backstory Technically, all the answers must be found there, and the reader is lured along as hunks of the characters pasts are unveiled, sometimes even to the characters themselves This can be clunky in novels, but here it s integrated so well, I hardly noticed the jaunts from past to present Jackson also knows her way around imagery and metaphor walking into air so thick with cat fight tension that to me it tasted just like estrogen saturating the prose with a style I can only think of as deliciously Southern.The novel is short a scant 300 or so pages and while I was dying to know how certain storylines would play in the future which I can t mention due to spoilers , I admire her restraint in just letting the ending be Good things must come to an end.This review first appeared on

Jackson s latest novel, NEVER HAVE I EVER pubs July 30, 2019New York Times and USA today bestselling novelist Joshilyn Jackson is the author of NEVER HAVE I EVER and eight other books, including gods in Alabama and The Almost Sisters Her work has been translated into than a dozen languages, won SIBA s novel of the year, three times been a 1 Book Sense Pick, been the Target Book Club Pick, a

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