Websters Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

Websters Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary What a wonderful book I ve read it like 63,000 times, I loved the characters, the plot was AWESOME, one of the best plots i ever read, though it was kinda hard to distinguish the plot cuz the whole thing s in alphabetical order and ya have to kinda re arrange the words to understand it, but hey, it s a small price to pay for a really great book I hope Mr Webster writes a sequel There is no clear plot to this book, no characters, no foundation The authors word choices are astounding and truly descriptive. Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary Book With Jacket Contains , Clear And Precise Definitions Along With , New Words As Well As Than , Example Sentences To Better Clarify Meaning Plus Illustrate Idiomatic Use Th Edition Hardcover Book Features A Geographical Section Including , Names, A Biographical Section With , Names And A Handbook Of Style This Essential Resource Merges Print, Electronic And Online Formats To Deliver Unprecedented Accessibility As Well As Flexibility Alas and alack, I m pining away over the demise of my thumb worn tenth edition Something in the way she lay her clothbound boards downy to the fingers her notches guiding my thumb to just the right recess her intoxicating fragrance, inside, along the spine attracts me like no other printing.Alas and alack She is put to rest A consumation devoutly to be wished for The eleventh edition, uncouth imitation of the tenth, feels hard to the touch and looks just as adamant, with its garish, glossy cardboard cover its smell reeks of some olfactory battle between acrid and sour The updated contents, unfortunately, are a must for the type of editing I do Alas and alack I recently learned that it is considered standard to gift recent High School graduates, on their way to college with a copy of Oh, the Places You ll Go While I love Dr Suess as much as the next person, it strikes me as a fairly useless, even insulting, present to give a young adult as they prepare to up their academic game and take on the challenges and competition of University life My parents gave me this, which I ve kept all these years, not out of sentiment, but because it is a vital tool for intellectual work While I was in college, one of my professors since departed made a fascinating suggestion every time you look up a word in your dictionary, highlight it and write the date you looked it up next to it I did this for maybe two or three years, with reasonable consistency, which means I can now see that I looked up abscess on 3 25 1992, antinomian sometime in 1991, and auctorial on New Years, 1992 People who use internet sources to define words will never have such a record or at least not until e books becomefunctional and permanent On the other hand, I didn t really stick to it, so the process of my vocabulary expansion isn t as well documented as it could be.The power of words is enormous, and the only way to truly tap into that power is to understand the ways in which they are used A good dictionary, like this one, takes usage into account and provides at least some etymological background to help see the ways in which meaning is contingent, historical, and shifting No dictionary is perfect, and of course this one is no match for the Oxford Dictionary of English, but it s a good solid college level dictionary, small enough to be portable for those of us intellectuals who move around a lot, but large enough to cover most of the words you ll come up against up until your GREs. Only one twist and turn in the whole thing so far, but I am only on the V s. The most detrimental book in existence and Satanic by, ironically, definition.Language is the most influential tool in mind control Language is the external expression of reality as a personal paradigm and supplanting one s language into another is to manipulate the person into experiencing only what you allow.Looking up the definition of a word is like unto sitting in a mass being given in a language foreign to you and being denied the opportunity to experience the Bible yourself It is dogmatic, outdated and laughableThe dictionary is the bible of the spineless communicator.The most empowering moment one can experience is to use a word incorrectly in a sentence, be corrected, and not care That is enlightenment That is transcendence That is the epitome of the phrase ignorance is bliss because ignorance is not the state of unknowing but of truly living the truth of your own reality these concepts, truth and reality, obviously not being one in the same. A book that is truly timeless.Beautifully written, thorough, descriptive They say reading is knowledge well this book proves that for sure No seriously I m a total weirdo I do in fact read the dictionary on occasion whatever Word. I have only started reading this book but find the plot to be all over the place I can t really get a feel for where the storyline is going It really is broken up into such small chapters that I m going crazy I have at least come to find out that what I am feeling is Angst.

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  • Websters Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary
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  • English
  • 07 November 2019
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