Ill See You In Your Dreams

Ill See You In Your Dreams Charlies says he is a ghost hunter who really doesn t believe in ghosts, but its a great way to impress the women His best friend Stanley, the smartest man he knows, and is working on his PHD in physics, and him are going to cross parallel universes when Charlie meets his solemate A ghost in a haunted mansion who died at the age of 85 in 1970 She begins a conversation with Charlie one night and begins telling her story Why is Charlie so in love with this woman ghost This story is so amazingly bizarre It gets you to really think It was a step out of my genre in reading and I loved it I had to take my time reading it, as it is very deep, and sometimes way over my head with the physics, parallel universes, and the so called big bang theory The going back and forth of today and past with the time travel was very well done and was needed for this story The characters were all so amazing in this book I want to readfrom this writer. Charlie Was A Ghost Hunter Who Didn T Really Believe In Ghosts, But He Believed In The Effect Being A Ghost Hunter Had On Girls He Thought He Had Perfected The Ultimate Pick Up Line, I M A Ghost Hunter All That Came Crashing Down When He Met His Soul Mate A Ghost One Night While Photographing An Old Victorian Mansion, He Was Startled To Meet The Ghost Of Anne Meux She Died InAt AgeShe Was Now OnlyAnd Beautiful Charlie Was Soon Engulfed In A Riveting Conversation Who Was She Where Was She What Was She Doing In Her Old Room At The End Of A Long Conversation, She Suddenly Had To Go He Had A Question For Himself Why Was He Madly In Love With An Apparition Or Worse A Hallucination If She Was In A Parallel Universe Could He Bring Her Back To This Universe He Had An Overwhelming Desire To Get Some Questions Answered He Needed His Best Friend, Stanley, The Smartest Guy He Knew Stanley Was Working On His PHD In Physics So Surely He Could Figure This OutStanley Was Intrigued And Agreed To Help His Best Friend As A Physicist, Stanley Was Well Aware Of Parallel Universes And The Duality Of The Universe There Is Always Two Of Anything That Can Exist Stanley Was Convinced That Science And Religion Were Two Sides Of The Same Coin The Dogma In Both Seemed To Prevent The Ultimate Discovery Of Truth He Enjoyed Asking The Curious Since Space Was Created By The Big Bang What Did It Go Bang In Or If God Created It All By Saying, Let There Be Light Who Was He Talking To And The Ultimate Question What Was There Just Before The Bang Or Gods Command The Same Answer I enjoyed various characters thoughts regarding the psychology, religion, physics, and reality dimensions The end, however, was rushed and left me dissatisfied. I thought this was a good read The author somehow was able to interweave religion, physics, time travel, evil at its core and a love story all in one Something not easily done I would readby this author. A little different and quirky, reading this Novel seemed to fly past, which obviously meant that managed to engage me In fact, I ve just popped back to check how many pages, so that I wasn t getting confused and befuddled by thinking it was a Novella No, 300 pages, so my comments about engagement stand.Not normally a fan of plot leaps from past, present, etc., I didn t seem to mind it too much with this one I fit nicely within the plot.Without a doubt I would readby Tony Miller, and would award this retro Quantum Leap esque interesting read 4 stars.Product details for this March 2013 DSOA you will need to read by Blog to find out what that is , as well as any Errors Bug Bears can be found in my full Blog Post Number 391 in October 2013. To be totally honest, I didn t like this book It s a little wonky, preachy, and mostly paranoid The story had potential, but it seems the author s bias and prejudice got in the way of telling it I m also not really sure how historically accurate some of it may be I think the author may have been a bit foot loose with some of the dialogue and behavior of the characters. This is a difficult read simply because it is so poorly written The story is a cross between the movie ONCE UPON A TIME and the novel KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR BY JUDE DEVEREAUX, which, by the way, was a terific book Unfortunately, the stilted, sophomoric dialogue and the lack of pacing or any kind of magic in the characters leaves the reader flat and disappointed Sorry. Quick read Weak in spots but I found the premise that drugs are used to gain power food for thought The author didn t think much of most psychiatristsQuantum physics discussions and religion were interesting but too lengthy. Ghost hunters Charlie and Stanley discover past lives, parallel universes, and new loves While the basic idea of the story line had potential, the terribly written dialogue irrevocably bogged it down. I was hoping I would live to finish this bookI did It took me what seemed like forever to read this one I was often confused or lost as the scenes kept going from past to present quickly.

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[Read] ➫ Ill See You In Your Dreams  By Tony Miller –
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  • 332 pages
  • Ill See You In Your Dreams
  • Tony Miller
  • English
  • 22 January 2019

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