Orcs (Orcs: First Blood, #1-3)

Orcs (Orcs: First Blood, #1-3)Have you ever wanted to read about someone getting beaten to death with their own arms Dirty unicorn sex toys Had you ever even thought about such possibilities If you have then this is the book for you Let me start out by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this book while I was reading it It reads like a graphic novel It is bloody, gory, sexy, and completely over the top If you are looking for something understated, or feel that reading about glistening entrails caught on someone s halberd is not only unnecessary but gross, you need to quickly put this book down and move on It reads a bit like a graphic novel It s really fun, if you re a bit grim like me, its witty at times, the description is excellent It s a good book for a rainy day The plot is sometimes weak The characters different enough that they are all enjoyable even the evil Jennesta but they aren t too deep Still, you ll become attached This is a great book if you are looking for action adventure fantasy Next to Brent Weeks these are some of the best described combat scenes I ve ever read I particularly like that each orc has a very distinctive combat style that meshes with their personality It s very intriguing that way, and well done It s a very character driven book That all said, I never felt compelled to finish the series Maybe someday when I need another brain vacation on a rainy day Nothing particularly stuck with me except some of thegraphic scenes that I still chuckle to myself about. I am almost embarrassed to put this on my list I did start reading it I got almost halfway through by sheer perseverance Then, I found myself flipping to the end of the tedious fight scenes to see what happened next Then I realized that about every second or third page, the characters did something so profoundly and inexplicably stupid as to completely distract me from enjoying the story Finally, I threw the book against the wall and moved on to something else If I can ever remember the name of the Barnes and Noble employee who recommended this book to me, I will be giving him a piece of my mind and no mistake. I sure would have liked this when I was 14 I should have put it back on the shelf when I saw the lead character s name was Stryke It would have saved me the descriptions of how exotically sexy the half orc sorceress is NOTE TO AUTHORS if you are describing any of your characters pubic hair, you are probably going down the wrong path. SPOILERS AND BAD LANGUAGE BELOW I picked up Orcs by Stan Nicholls again, having bought it a couple of years ago, gotten about a third of tthe way through it and then abandoned to leave it languishing on my shelves And for the life of me, I couldn t remember why.Then I started reading, and by the time I hit the third chapter, I remembered.The good guys in this book are reasonable interesting characters, for all they aren t particularly orc like even if I find the narrative a bit monotonous But I can cope with that.The setting is a cross between standard Dungeons and Dragons fantasy and the orcs as featured in the Dominic Deegan webcomic not terribly original, but it s hard to get any fantasy these days that doesn t draw on something, so again, I can cope with that.What I can t cope with Is the main bad guy.Of course, guy is a misnomer here the evil tyrant driving the plot along and sending people after our band of soliders is in fact a female.And acliched, ridiculous and frankly, insulting character, I ve not seen.It was so bad, I actually went back and reread the preceeding chapter, in case this entire thing was an exercise in satire that had managed to pass completely over my head, and therefore this was meantas a commentary on female villans in fantasy and how crap they invariably are rather than an example of one.No no, it would appear I had it right the first time.Allow me to introduce Jennestra.Just to lead in and set the tone here, the outfit she picks out to visit the dragonpens in a dirty, farmyard environment is thigh high leather boots with stiletto esque heels, leather corset, and a bullwhip one selected from her collection of many, might I add.Say it with me now WHATAs a sidenote please tell me why there aren t male equivalents to this I mean not that I could take them seriously, but it would certainly be amusing to see a male villan visit his dairy shed clad in nothingthan ass less chaps, baby oil, and brandishing an ambitiously sized dildo, which he could then shake it at his main cowherder in a suggestive manner to establish his dominance I d buy a book that featured that for the hell of it in fact If nothing else, imagine the conversation in the barn when he s gonePhew, that was close Nah, you were fine Are you kidding Did you see that thing He had it ready lubed Listen, kid, unless he turns up with the double ender, you ll be ok EDIT Someone thought the above was awesome enough to actually do fanart for me Check it out WARNING NSFW Oh, but it gets better Jennestra s magical abilities are powered by sex.But wait There sIt s not just the sex that gives her power, it s that she has to kill them during it, rip out their heart, and eat it while it s still beating.What she s apparently quite fond of is picking someone from one of the tribes who sees sex as bad hello thar Christianity parallels and then seducing them, and cleaving their chest open mid coitus.That s for the men, of course The women that she uses get no such seduction techniques, and are merely screwed to death, courtesy of the unicorn horn she uses as a strap on.Say with me again WHAT Oh, and she keeps having to replace her servants, because she goes through them at such a rate Which makes no sense on a practical level, really, because a good servant takes time to train but that is really the least of what annoys me about them.I m sure it gets worse, but I couldn t read any further sorry folks, I m just not that self sacrificing.Don t bother with this book Seriously, honestly I heard tell it was actually supposed to be part of a series if this is the case, run, far far away I find their alignment too questionable to be able to dub them heroes. Just don t No matter how good the back sounds, just don t. I read this book for the first time many years ago, so nostalgia probably colours my review Orcs is a great book, and the first of its kind that I read that told the story from the orcs pov I loved all the relentless action and gore, as well as the dark humour laced throughout Yes, the plot isn t all too complex, but the world building was very well done and the fight scenes were the highlight The beginning and the middle of the series were definitely superior to the last third, but the ending was by no means a deal breaker either. I actually enjoyed this bookthan i expected to, but i was a little let down by the story behind Jennesta and her sisters not what i expected, but i thought they d have a bigger role.Stryke was so obviously Thrall from Warcraft through I got a kick out of this novel It wasn t the best written nor was the topic all that deep, but when it came to amusing me, I enjoyed the heck out of it My biggest issue was the writing the battle scenes were repetitive lots of hacking and slashing starting from one main character and then following the circuit to show the others in their battles And he did this for every skirmish and major altercation it just grew a little dull to me I enjoyed the subject the orcs reminded me of the ones from Warcraft though the plot wasn t overly complicated In fact, it reminded me of a video game A good video game, but a video game none the less and I m not talking about fantastic games like Mass Effect, but a generic, well put together, linear plot game The simplistic plot and plot devices like A LOT of deus ex and slightly repetitive writing didn t detract too much from the story, I mean, let s face it, the novel is about orcs I liked the characters Stryke had some depth to him and of course I liked Coilla I particularly liked how Coilla was aware of being the only female but tried to ignore that fact What I didn t get was why she was the only female that really isn t explained Where are the other female orcs The other three main characters Jup, Haskeer and Alfray or whatever his name is were rather generic But they were fun, so I can t say I disliked them Janeesta was a pretty interesting villain though a little too over the top She s evil just for evil s sake, I guess She was pretty one dimensional but her brutality was the push for the action, so she played her part Some of the stuff she did was so ridiculous though the unicorn horn That made me laugh my ass off The best part was the dialogue The orcs spoke like real people, they used hilarious expressions, and they swore The one thing I hate about fantasy is when the characters talk as if it were a Tolkien novel So a bonus point for Nicholls for using the word fuck This was a fun, fairly quick read for the xmas rush It was so much fun I was able to overlook its flaws, which is why it gets a 4 5 It was a riot I was tricked into reading this my copy had a quote on the cover by Tad Williams I adore Tad Williams work and the premise sounded neat Orcs as you ve never seen them or something to that effect , so I bought the book.First problem The writing style drove me up the wall It felt juvenile, with lots of telling rather than showing, and generally the writing seemed clunky and lacked polish Oddly enough, the writing for the dream sequences were an exception they were well written, conveyed the mood properly, and generally worked well Unfortunately, they were a small fraction of the book.Second problem false advertising The cover promised a new take on orcs, but apparently the author had never heard of Thrall and the Warcraft universe Sorry, but the idea of orcs that have a conscience, have nobility, escape from serfdom this has been done , and frankly done much better.Third problem cardboard cut out evil villain for the sake of being evil, complete with unicorn horn dildo for impaling yeah, nevermind If it weren t for the completely unnecessary sex scenes with extreme though implied violence, I might have suggested that this book was targeted at teens, who might betolerant of this schlock.Fourth problem The last 2 3 pages introduce a completely gratuitous explanation that doesn t fit with the depiction of the characters at all, and ends in a big To Be Continued As if.I will admit that after forcing myself to read the first half of this book I ran out of the backs of cereal boxes , I did find myself moderately invested in the characters and their quest This made the cop out ending evendisappointing than it would have been if I hadn t cared at all. Un Mondo Primordiale E Violento, Popolato Da Creature Fantastiche, Razze Antiche E Mitologiche, Esseri Dai Poteri Magici, Gnomi, Elfi, E Naturalmente Orchi, Quello Creato Da Stan Nicholls Nella Sua Celebre Trilogia Storie Di Pura Azione, Piene Di Rabbia, Che Hanno Segnato L Avvento Del Fantasy Barbarico, Genere In Cui Il Consueto Cast Di Eleganti Cavalieri Vagamente Disneyano E Politicamente Corretto Non Esiste Pi E In Cui Vengono Completamente Ribaltati I Piani Del Rapporto Tra Le Creature Mostruose E Gli Uomini Questi Ultimi Feroci, Spietati, Decisi A Tutto Pur Di Annientare Le Altre Razze Un Universo Dominato Dalla Crudele Brama Di Potere, Lontano Dal Nostro, Eppure Sorprendentemente Credibile

Stan Nicholls born 1949 is a British author and journalist, working full time since 1981 He is the author of many novels and short stories but is best known for the internationally acclaimed Orcs First Blood series.

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