Awaken the Spirit Within

Awaken the Spirit Within From The Star Of Lifetime S The Last GoodbyeWith A Unique And Refreshing Blend Of Self Help, Wisdom, And Spiritual Insight, Rebecca Rosen Helps Us Wake Up And Start Living Our Lives With Divine Intention And PurposeWe All Want To Be Happy And Fulfilled We Want To Understand The Very Point Of Our Lives Why We Re Here And What We Re Meant To Do Yet, When We Think About How To Get From Here To There And Answer Life S Big Questions, So Many Of Us Don T Know Where To Begin The Advice From So Many Different People And Sources Can Be Overwhelming, But It Doesn T Have To Be In Awaken The Spirit Within, Acclaimed Author And Spiritual Medium Rebecca Rosen Offers Us An Inspired And Invigorating Prescriptive Program To Give Our Lives Clarity And Deeper Meaning With Rebecca S Down To Earth And Conversational Style, This Book Will Help You Learn How To Create Peace And Fulfillment In Your Personal Relationships Gain Confidence In Your Natural Talents And Abilities Succeed In Greater Degrees At Your Job Develop Financial Abundance And Prosperity Conquer Addictions And Negative Thinking Find Freedom From Weight Struggles And Poor Body Image Gain The Clarity To Make The Right Choices And Decisions For Your LifeBold Claims Yes But When It Comes To Rebecca Rosen, You Ll Understand Just After A Few Pages, Why Time Has Told Its Readers To Take Her Advice Seriously From The Hardcover Edition

REBECCA ROSEN, the author of the national bestseller Spirited, is a spiritual medium and has served as a bridge between the living and those who have crossed over to the other side for the last ten years.Known for her ability to provide accurate, quantitative, and detailed information, Rebecca s graceful and healing delivery to those she reads is a testament to her accessible style and unique appr

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  • Awaken the Spirit Within
  • Rebecca Rosen
  • English
  • 15 February 2018
  • 9780770437527

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    I was guided to pick up this book after I watched Rebecca Rosen on Dr Oz s Show In a very lucid style, Rosen lays outs the secrets to living a fulfilling life, one that s in tune with our divine contract Rosen works as a spiritual medium, which means she s in direct contact with the other world and in her years of working with these spiritual energies, she s found that most people in this world are not able to accomplish their true life purpose Most get stuck in a nine to five job They lead unhappy lives, make wrong choices, live in guilt, and never really realize their sacred contract In this book, Rosen guides us that if we start believing in our deepest instincts, meditate and pray and keep following the signs that the higher powers are laying out for us at every step, we could all lead very happy lives and may not even need to reincarnate We reincarnate because we ve still not learnt all our lessons, that s why we need to come back to Earth in the physical form again and again.Rosen minces no words in telling us that if we feel stuck, at any point of time of our life, all we have to do is to ask and we can get help from the other world 24 7 The Archangels Akatriel, Peliel, Jophiel, Metatron, the Ascended Masters, our Guardian Angels, they are all there to help us in our journey We each have a Guardian Angel who s there to guide us at all times The spirit world knows that existence on Earth is not easy and so, a team of spirits is at our beck and call All you have to do is to open up your mind and heart and accept their signals For instance, seeing some particular numbers again and again or visitations from your deceased loved ones in your dreams are signals The angels are the positive radiant beings of energy that are helping us and guiding us in our journey, while they make their own journey in the other world Rosen suggests that often than not, while as little children we are very perceptive of these energies, as we grow up, we start blocking these energies, we stop trusting our intuition She then suggests a set of meditation practices to open up the energy chakras in our body Once we release all the blocked energy, we d start to see and feel the world in a different way The things, the people we ll attract to ourselves will dramatically shift and our life would be fulfilling At the very crux of it, we are all an extension of God, we ve his DNA in our system, and our true life purpose is to spread love and kindness Now, how we do it will differ from one person to the other, but if you could do that, your life will have true meaning In the end, Rosen gives the example of Steve Jobs, who just before he died uttered the words Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow You don t have to be on your death bed to say those words, if you could live your life in gratitude, life will present you with enough opportunities to say Oh Wow everyday of your life.

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    Want a refreshing look at why you re here Want to know why you ve had struggle and strife in your life, and how you can work with challenges instead of against them Want to create abundance Then look no , Rebecca has done it again with her newest down to earth book, Awaken the Spirit Within.Rebecca does a great job giving instruction to all levels of mediums or non mediums She included in the book meditations and teach us to ask the archangels for help These two things are very important because 1 WE ALL NEED TO MEDITATE2 there are angels and guides around us to help us Meditation is as important to us as eating and sleeping and most people do not understand that Also, we have access to the ultimate help linedivine guidance Most people don t access it No wonder the world is the way it is Bummer The other thing I liked was that each chapter was set up in the same format and she didn t go on and on about her readings She brought experiential support when needed The writing was clear, concise, and easy to understand Her tone was loving and determined to have people understand that each of us has miraculous power.I really love both her books

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    I borrowed this book from the library but it s a book I would buy for my bookshelf It s based on the Kabbalah and energy chakras but written so that anyone can understand which I wasn t expecting but I love The chapter s are organized by the 10 sephirot, energy centers, and she explains what they mean, where they correspond in the body, and what angel they are associated with She also gives meditations to help you awaken This book is very organized and also very positive It energized me after I read it but I would definitely have to reread it in order to fully absorb it all I really like Rosen and I m definitely going to check out her first book and her brother s books as well as they seem like pretty cool people.

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    I read this book to heal from my wounded heart The book healed me, knowing the spirits are protecting us always whatever happens and the spirit never dies and only body perishes It s exactly the same concept of Buddhism I enjoyed reading lots of true stories in it.

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    I loved the first book and I enjoyed the sequel just as much Thank you, Rebecca, for putting out such a positive book into the universe I originally checked this copy out from the library, but I will read this again So, I will purchase a copy.

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    The meditations are so helpful and her sharing of her clients stories is so endearing and inspiring.

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    A fantastic reminder that we re all expressions of God and truly, we re all one Our purpose is to extend our God spark and radiate that truth As so many spiritual teachers have proclaimed, we re here to learn certain lessons and then go back to Spirit We re never alone and fortunately, we can change course in an instant if need be Thank you Rebecca for adding your spark to the picture I know there s way to life than what meets the eye and your heart felt, compassionate voice was warmly touching We re all packaged differently, but our insides our spirits are made of the same stuff divine loving energy and light p 4 We are all energetically connected to one another and to God, the source of all energy, love, and light p 22 While it s true that roadblocks are an inevitable part of life, what Spirit confirms for me on a daily basis is that life is intended to be harmonious and synchronistic easy even, full of magical moments and joy p 97

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    I really read it at the perfect time It gave me real clear insight on a few things I know most people don t believe in mediums and their incredible gift but Rebecca really knows what she s talking about She s an incredible storyteller and through her writings you can tell she wants you to heal and live you beat authentic life Definitely recommend to those who feel a bit stuck and want some extra techniques and real world examples to find their intuition and center themselves to awaken the spirit within.

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    A very enlighten book to help with the understanding of finding guidance where you do not know where else to look Really appreciate her aspects of things I took some notes for references which I believed helped me.

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    What an eye opening and inspiring book From the first page I was hooked I ve had this book on my shelf for probably 10 years and I think I finally picked it up to read it when my spirit needed it the most This book is a life changer Highly recommend

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