Old Souls

Old Souls Strange dreams had plagued me since the day I started my new jobIn my dreams black eyelashes framed the most intense crystal blue eyes I d ever seenMARKThe man of my dreamsAlyssa image error 3,5 Stars I really thought i will like itI loved the start but thenI had a long time to read an absolutely hardcore romantic book and i enjoyed that factor a lot..Cause this book is full of romance and feelings. And chemistry. And lovey dovey sweetness..In that aspect was perfect, but i had some issues that bothered me while reading..Well things start to get weird around the middle of the book..Many issues left unanswered..Or some things didn t make sense..Like the whole story with Evangeline In 1800s she waslikely to be treated for mental illness because women in Europe in that era were considered prone to develope hysteria. Thats how the dildo was born, i kid you not. than to be a well known doctor..No way because the first woman doctor was 55 years away yet and with no family to back her up NOO way So history was out of the window, also consistency..She said she had the nightmare twice. And then she said she had it for weeks. I know those are not big issues but they really bugging me personally..And do not forget how slow she was..Come on why it took you so long to ask some questions Allysa Or get some things By the way the ending was purelly WTH too..Why would anyone act that way I am all for saving the love of your life..I would trade my life for my man s in a heartbeat but that was just dissoriented..Allysa was a spineless girl who did what dad said and didn t protect anyone in the end. Evaneline although for sure not a doctor helped people while defying everything..I mean she did some stupid moves too but what the hell..Why Allysa didn t fight to do the right thing And no matter what i wouldn t be ok with my self after taking the decision she took. No matter how things turned out. But she had no problem. I wouldn t want a friend like her. That s for sure..THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK The way they were sensed each other was so sweet. I loved the story about soulmates. The meeting was Crazy It escalated quicly. I wanted . The fact that they could talk without talking was amazing. Plotholes. damn.. My Rating VERY GOOD The characteristics of a 4 star book include a great story I loved the characters and there was an interesting plot and unique story elements there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend.Book Description Sometimes we choose love, but sometimes, fate chooses for us.Alyssa has started a new job, and from day one, she s been haunted by dreams of a man she s never met but can t seem to forget Then Alyssa meets her boss and her world comes to a grinding halt It s him But as impossible as that is, things are about to get even stranger.Mark is a man with secrets Plagued by guilt and regret, he has spent countless years simply existing They say you don t know what you have until it s gone, and no one knows that better than him He s lost a piece of himself he thought he could never get back Until the day he met Alyssa for the first time again.When unexplainable events occur, the two learn that some actions have consequences so severe that even a powerful love may not overcome them.Page Count 120 pagesMy Thought Old Souls was an excellent story about fate, loss and love Alyssa Reynolds is an up and coming graphic designer at Young and Rubicam For Alyssa, the story begins uneventfully but with a strange sense of foreboding She has to deliver a presentation at a meeting that will be attended by one of the company s owners Mark Young Sitting next to her longtime mentor and best friend, Colin, Alyssa attempts to still her racing nerves However, she senses the foreboding and feels that her life is about to change Then the vibrations start Alyssa s body is positively alive with a strong vibration that she has only felt in a series of recurring dreams The vibration grows stronger and then Alyssa comes face to face with its source, Mark Young From that one meeting, Alyssa s life begins to changenever again to be the same again.I really enjoyed this magical novella Alyssa and Mark were such likeable characters And boy did I ever feel their plight once the revelations started coming so fast and furious I love the twist with Alyssa s fathertotally unexpected but very fitting with the story The redux test was absolutely heartbreaking Who could make the right choice in that situation Butdeep breathI so appreciated the outcome of the situation This story was endearing and sexy Ms Lupton definitely has a way of drawing a reader into the story and making them fall in love with her characters.Reading Time 2.5 HoursVisit The BookChick Blog 4.6 Stars What a wonderful and unusual story.very imaginative and not your run of the mill PNR I really appreciated the original story line.I have to put it out there and say it get it over with.those who read my reviews know how I feel about novellas.I just think that you can not do a story justice or highlight an author s true skill in novellas.very few people are short story writers How I wish this was a full novel.Having said that, I loved the direction in which the author took this story For such a short story it had alot of interesting detail and a convincing romance Alyssa is going through life as an ordinary girl until she runs into Mark, her new boss The attraction is instantaneousthere is something there between them.In the novella he is walking toward the boardroom where she is and she can feel his energy coming closer.and is stunned when he walks into the room and his eyes bore into hers But it goes beyond attraction, between there is this synergy and something she picks up on and recognizes right awaysoul mates Destiny Fate Her skin actually hums when he is close by He clears the board room except the two of them and teases her by telling her things will change and she will start to notice strange things beginning to happen, and when she doesto call him He hands her his card and refuses to say anyShe is intensely curious and part of her wonders if Mark is nutjob or for real She is just not sure what to believe Over the next several weeks.she starts following him.making sure to walk by when he is having lunch, or leaving the building at the same time They start sharing lunch together each dayjust getting to know each other It feels so natural and comfortable to be with Mark.Maybe they shared some unknown past.As if it is meant to be somehow.Then one day some things happen that change her life not going to tell you read the novella Everything she knew as normal life is thrown into chaos what she believed of her past is somehow a lie.what she learns about what is happening and who she really is will mold the rest of her life going forward Is it fate She can remain the same person before meeting Mark He knew what would happen to her.was it all planned and predestined The concept of fate twists as the story progressed into one of free will and self determination as Alyssa is forced to make a choice that will point her in a direction right towards Mark and into his life.or catapult her far away To choose Mark may jeopardize her friends lives and her own What seems like an impossible situation draws Alyssa and Mark closer together like two halves of a whole as they try to figure a way to save her life What I really appreciated is how the author resolved the problem I was expecting the usual, typical and stock shelf ending where the big man hero swoops in and comes to the rescue.We are so used to the woman needing saving from her hero and in many ways he did just that by standing by her, supporting her and loving her But in this story, Alyssa is the one who really had to save herself. how to say this without giving it away She had to rely on her own inner fortitude to make the right choice.the answer to the puzzle is placed in her hands and the choice to do the right thing is hers to make So to answer the author s questionIs it fate or is it choiceYes to both.Brilliant Ending As readers, in our lives we often make split second decisions about things that result in either life or death We rehash it in our minds afterwords.Should I have done that What if we had the luxury of time to consider the outcome of our decisionswould our choices still be the same We agonize along side Alyssa as she considers and weighs the possible outcomes of her decision It is a moral choice she has to decide which will result in a death.one way or anotherand maybe her own But what is the right thing to do And how do you live with that decision for the rest of your life Another area that I especially appreciated how the author dealt with are the elements of death and euthanasia in this story Don t get me wrong, I ve read many books where death is an element of the story and is handled in many different ways I don t judge another person s belief system or an author s attempt to deal with a subject It is difficult to write a story and still please everyone with the content.PA I have discussed many ethical and moral issues in the Goodreads.com threads before I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian and don t always agree with her or others.this is because we have different religious backgrounds and beliefs But we respect each others right to their own opinion It is an interesting topic to discuss if you can not get angry and fight about it.and I appreciate the interesting open minded chats we ve had But chatting with a friend is a far cry from the tight rope you walk when you write write a book that contains topics that many people may have different and strong opinions about But in this novella, she did tell a story which contained elements of a controversial nature with such tenderness and understanding The heroine, herself, raised her own conflicting feelings about it I really found it remarkable This is where being an author takes skillto write something that can appeal to many different peopleto go forward and tread on a topic so emotional without taking you away from the story and what the character is thinking.To not bail and take the easy way outto do the expected I hope that people will pick this up and read this wonderful novella I would love to see a full blown series with this sub genre.hint, hint I loved the uniqueness of this story and took a couple points off for some small things.mostly some dialog and some sections that I think would have benefited from having a fewsentences to beef them up Alas, novel vs novella sorry, I can t help it But these were all minor I loved it This is the second piece I have read by Ms Lupton and am enthralled by her story telling ability I am also happy to call her Friend Thanks for the wave in your book by the way A big thumbs up PA PS Loved the cover too.Very pretty and strange in a nice way. Sometimes We Choose Love, But Sometimes, Fate Chooses For UsAlyssa Has Started A New Job, And From Day One, She S Been Haunted By Dreams Of A Man She S Never Met But Can T Seem To Forget Then Alyssa Meets Her Boss And Her World Comes To A Grinding Halt It S Him But As Impossible As That Is, Things Are About To Get Even StrangerMark Is A Man With Secrets Plagued By Guilt And Regret, He Has Spent Countless Years Simply Existing They Say You Don T Know What You Have Until It S Gone, And No One Knows That Better Than Him He S Lost A Piece Of Himself He Thought He Could Never Get Back Until The Day He Met Alyssa For The First Time AgainWhen Unexplainable Events Occur, The Two Learn That Some Actions Have Consequences So Severe That Even A Powerful Love May Not Overcome Them Wow What an amazing roller coaster ride This book was a page turner from the first page The characters were truly captivating I was really invested in what happened to them Some parts were incredibly hot Some parts made me so angry Other parts made me sob uncontrollably, laugh, cheer,and smile from ear to ear not necessarily in that order One of the best features of this book is its originality and creativity There were a couple of unexpected, fresh plot twists I can t wait to read another book by this author Count me in as a P.A.Lupton fan I was expecting it to be a wonderful book,but,wooow,this book novella was FAN FREAKING TASTIC This was roller coaster of tears,fate,choices,love and so many emotions,just simply left me speechless I know,is short story,but in those 120 pages it s have such a big emotions that everything you read,go directly in your heart Definitly one of my favorite image error What a great, quick read Story was a refreshing take on witches, characters were likeable the book flowed well Excellent read if you re in the mood for a short story with a punch. The author of this book is a friend of mine on Goodreads while I might be slightly wink, wink biased because of my relationship with her, I do believe in giving an honest review regardless.I knew nothing about the contents of this book before I read it except for the book s description, so everything about it was practically a mystery to me Having said that, I don t want to give too much of the book away in my review to all of the potential readers out there However, I will say Old Souls is a thrilling, nail biting, steamy paranormal romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat for pretty much the entire length of the story P.A Luton knows how to reel you into her world by creating mystery in her plot to keep you obsessed with turning pages to find out what will happen next The Hh s characters are well developed their romance is HOT not to mention the amount of passion love you can feel with P.A s words that make you feel their emotions right along with them This book is definitely one that I would recommend to any adult that loves paranormal romance, with hot sex a suspenseful plot. Typically I don t read novellas, but I loved P.A Lupton s Bound by Blood so decided to go ahead with this one It was awesome I was surprised at the amount of story packed into this novella, and it was unique There were so many twists I hadn t expected that it kept me flipping pages I read the whole thing in one afternoon.This story pulled me in from the first chapter I really liked the characters Mark and Alyssa and was curious to find out why they were so drawn to each other And it wasn t at all what I expected The paranormal parts of this story were different I ve read books about vampires, witches, werewolves, demons and pretty much every other type of being, but I love how the author came up with an origin for the supernatural parts of this story How did it all start One of my favorite types of Paranormal and Fantasy is when there is a theory, and it was definitely one I hadn t seen before This is a great story and so easy to read I recommend it for people who love romance sprinkled with a bit of supernatural.

Ever since I can remember I ve had an addiction to books, and from the moment I picked up my first Anne Rice novel, I was hooked on the paranormal The compelling lure of the paranormal world is irresistible It is a world where anything and everything is possible, and the boundaries of humanity need not apply A world in which life spans are measured by centuries and millennia, rather than decade

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