Legacy of Dragons

Legacy of Dragons A visionary masterpiece of sheer brilliance T.D Raufson spectacularly brings to life fire breathing beasts in a markedly unexpected and extraordinary way, like never encountered before within the highly popular fantasy genre Unlike Eragon, or Dragonlance, or the great Pern series by Anne McCaffrey this is a refreshingly original story like no other that stands alone Cleverly merging together shapeshifting within an archaic setting that is laced with years of historical depth and filled with magic, the author presents to you an enchanting and rich story that is simply stunning If you are looking for a new book about Dragons that in which no way replicates anything else within the Young Adult or Fantasy genres , then I suggest that you delve into legacy of Dragons for it will dazzle any Dragon lover Brief history 1,500 years ago Dragons vanished from the face of the Earth Turning into myth and legend, they took their place alongside other fantastical creatures of magical origin At the same time magic itself vanished from Earth, with the world descending into the Dark Ages The story starts in modern day with a young woman called Melissa Schwendemann who has just inherited her Grandmothers ancient house Unbeknown to this simple college student is the great task that has been left to her by her grandmother, and the archaic secrets which form something of immense magnitude and importance By uncovering the ancient secret of what happened to them, by releasing them from their fifteen hundred year old prison, Melissa must face the consequences of this She must uncover the truth as to why they were imprisoned before all the Dragons take out their vengeance on their enemy the entire human race The clock is ticking and time is running out This fantasy story contains so many elements within that really grab you and take hold such as the enchanting romance butler, friend or lover , the shapeshifting into Dragons which left me stunned and the scale of such a story full of depth and exquisite detail Character driven, fast paced and action packed I was taken on a thrilling journey that was magical and scary at the same time One thing I cannot stress enough If you love reading about Dragons and are looking for something imaginative and distinctive then I cannot enthuse enough about this outstanding tale I won a copy of Legacy of Dragons Emergence by T D Raufson through a Goodreads, first read giveaway Dragons Don T ExistYears Ago, Across The World, They Did, But For Some Reason That History Cannot Explain, They Disappeared When They Vanished, The Last Traces Of Magic In The World Vanished With Them Until Now An Ancient Ritual That Must Be Performed Each Year Holds Them, And The Responsibility For Performing It Has Passed, For The First Time In Centuries, Without Preparation As Melissa Schwendemann Suddenly Becomes Aware Of Her New Duty, She Finds Herself Thrust Into The Middle Of An Ancient Conflict That Even The Dragons Do Not Fully Understand Confused And Angry Dragons, Convinced Mankind Has Trapped Them For Centuries, Plan Their Wrath Unfortunately, Melissa Is The Only One Who Knows The Truth Because She Cast The Spell That Trapped Them An intriguing read, though it s definitely a series starter I enjoyed the book s many mysteries and points of view its constant switches from the main emergent dragon characters to other newly magical characters figuring out their situations to even a military sci fi like point of view kept me hooked the whole way through My only complaint is that I wishof the plot had advanced There s a mechanic wherein the dragons get debilitating headaches whenever they try to remember specific parts of their history, which gets tiresome after a while and positively frustrating by the end of the book but only because I wanted to knowStill, as I said earlier, the book ultimately comes across as a setup for a larger story, and I m eager to see where that story leads in book 2 Star wise, it s actually closer to a 3.5 than a 4, but since that s not a rating option here, I rounded up. A complex dragon story, with modern and archaic elementsMelissa is the new guardian of an ancient legacy, left to her as the favourite of her mysterious grandmother The story begins as Melissa investigates a particular, ornate box, carved with a dragon scene, which holds her grandmother s precious possessions and an anxious letter, asking Melissa to complete a final task a spell on her behalf, before sunset on the day of the soltice As the novel s title suggests, Melissa s inheritance is not as simple as jewels and property, although the first chapter has an upstairs downstairs air to it But as Melissa fails to perform the spell in time, and she feels the instant transformation her grandmother warned her about, what follows is a journey around the world, exploring the many consequences of the emergence of the dragons.Just when I was hoping for the original narrative following Melissa to return, it did The author does a good job of placing and distinguishing her various characters spread out across the world, anchoring and connecting them with the news stories and headlines that fill the newsstands and TV stations with reptilian horrors, and keeping Melissa as the central figure who we root for most of allRead the full review at Towerbabel here

T.D Raufson was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and although he has visited many interesting places, he calls the Tennessee Valley his home It is from his wanderings along the slopes and ridges of this valley that many of his characters found their voice In the streets of nearby large cities and small communities he has found the setting for some of their adventures Currently he lives in Harri

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  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Legacy of Dragons
  • T.D. Raufson
  • English
  • 10 April 2019
  • 9780988863507

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