Appetites I received a copy of Appetites by Karen Frankola from CLP Blog Tours as part of the blog tour.Wow I just couldn t put the book down I wanted to know how Sarah and her diet will turn out I understand that it was hard to control eating with all the temptation around But later, I found myself cheering for Sarah with her plan to lose weight I wanted her to succeed with her diet even though her plan sounded bizarre I enjoyed reading about the relationship between two sisters While they are mostly fighting, I could see that they cared for each other I wanted their relationship to get better because families are the one you can always turn to whenever you needed someone to rely on.Appetites by Karen Frankola was definitely an interesting read It tackled the issue of food and alcohol addiction, sisters relationship and how a long lost love can be a great motivation What I didn t really like was the graphic sex scenes I think the book would be as good without the romance part getting too graphic But still, I couldn t deny that Appetites was a great read I definitely recommend any chick lit lovers to read this one. I think what originally captured my interest with this one was the possible rekindling of a lost love Also, I liked that the story seemed to involve two women who clearly have some issues that they need to work on I have to be honest though and mention that it took me a good while to really get into the book In the end, I did enjoy it Out of the two sisters, I liked Sarahinitially Plus, I think that most woman, whether overweight or thin can relate to struggling to maintain weight It s an unfortunate struggle that woman carry I also understood her motivation for losing the weight Long lost loves are great motivators I did struggle with Sarah and Max s relationship a bit Granted, they are both dealing with some pretty challenging life issues, I just didn t seem to click with Max as much It was hard seeing how Sarah and Max treated each other too I m so close to my sister and I can t imagine having that much discord As for the romantic aspect to the story I really loved Harry I honestly wasn t sure how things would turn out with them though In the book, Sarah even mentions that she just needs to see if the love she had built up in her mind, was still the real deal I totally got that I ve been in that situation before For me, it didn t work out, but we remained friends For Sarah and Harry.their story isn t quite finished I m curious to see where the next book takes them and if they will ultimately end up together Max does have relationships, but I really felt like she needed to get help for herself before she could truly be involved with someone Overall, as I saidin the end I liked it I think I would have preferred reading in first person Connecting with the characters and really grasping their emotions are key elements for me and I didn t quite get there with this one However, I enjoyed watching both Sarah and Max challenge themselves, regardless of what the motivation was It takes inner strength, determination, and basically a will to survive to overcome addiction If you are a fan of Women s Fiction and enjoy reading about overcoming addictions, check this one out. Karen Frankola is on tour now with Appetites and CLP Blog Tours The novel follows the lives of Sarah and Max, two sisters leading very dysfunctional lives Each are struggling with their own addiction Sarah is a binge eater who is overweight, and Max is an alcoholic that can t say to drinking or drugs When Sarah hears from Harry, an ex fianc , she decides it s time to change her life and she needs to take drastic measures The sisters sign an agreement stating Sarah will live in Max s basement and follow a diet plan of delivered meals But there sSarah will be locked in the basement and not allowed out for months, forcing her to stick with the diet plan and not binge eat But Max s drinking causes her to forget about Sarah and Sarah figures a way out of the basement Not only does Sarah slip a few times when she is out on her own, but she also forms an obsession with Max s on and off boyfriend The sister s relationship, already rocky, only worsens with their new living situation Will Sarah and Max be able to get the help they need to live a healthy lifestyle This was a highly interesting to read To be able to get into the mind of not only an over eater but an alcoholic made me learn a lot about the diseases and how truly awful they can be The dynamic between Sarah and Max was fascinating Sometimes I truly wondered if they would come to blows, but in the next moment they seemed to genuinely care for one other I think Frankola captured a real picture of sisterhood and how one can know exactly which buttons to push to get results, when you ve gone too far, and how you know that no matter what, your sister will always be by your side I will say this book is not for everyone, with strong language, drug use, and a lot of graphic sex scenes, but I thought it was a great read This was a very well written and thought provoking novel, and I highly recommend 4.5 stars free03 23 2013 Appetites is an interesting story about two dysfunctional sisters who both have internal struggles with addictions one is overweight and binge eats, while the other uses alcohol and drugs Written in the the third person narrative, the reader follows sisters Sarah and Max as they struggle with their inner demons and appetites for food, alcohol, drugs and men.When Sarah hears from her ex fiance Harry and his impending visit, she comes up with a drastic diet plan to lose weight and get herself together before he arrives Sarah s zany plan calls for her to be locked in Max s basement so that she ll be forced to follow the diet plan But when Max s drinking problem causes her to forget about Sarah, Sarah finds a way out of the basement and slips back into binge eating and starts to obsess over Max s boyfriend Sarah and Max are total opposites and have had a difficult relationship, but can they work together to overcome their addictions, or will their inner struggles to quench their appetites send them careening out of control In Appetites, author Karen Frankola tackles the issues of food, alcohol and drug addiction and interestingly interweaves it with the dynamic of a troubled sisterly relationship This story captivates the reader s attention as they follow the changing relationship development between the sisters as they battled their addictions and learn to work together to overcome their inner struggles Even though I thought both Sarah and Max are just plain crazy, I found myself relatingto Sarah, but I couldn t help but pull for both of them as they worked to overcome their addictions.Appetites is an enjoyable and fun story that has a quirky cast of characters who are realistic and flawed an engaging dialogue and humorous interactions an interesting storyline that deals with very real personal issues add in a little romance and some naughty graphic sex scenes that will make you blush and you get one heck of an entertaining read The author is currently working on the sequel to Appetites.Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot When Sarah Suddenly Hears From Harry, The Brit She Almost Married Twenty Years Ago, She Decides Now Is The Time To Change Her Life Sarah Has A Great Job In Manhattan, But She Considers Herself Too Fat To Have A Boyfriend Harry Is Visiting New York In Four Months And She Needs To Turn Back Into The Girl He Fell In Love With Since She Can Never Stick To A Diet, She Comes Up With A Drastic SolutionSarah Asks Her Sister Max To Lock Her Up In Her Basement And Feed Her Nothing But Healthy Meals Max Agrees Begrudgingly She S Skinny, But Has Her Own Set Of Appetites For Drink, Drugs, And Great Looking LosersSarah Thinks A Summer In Max S Basement Will Give Her A New Body, A Chance To Reconnect With Harry, And The Friendship She S Long Craved From Her Sister But Things Quickly Go Wrong Max S Drinking Leads Her To Neglect Sarah, Who Figures Out How To Get Out Of The Basement Sarah Develops An Obsession With Max S Boyfriend And Manages To Fulfill A Sexual Fantasy By Pretending To Be Something She S NotCan Sarah Turn Back Time With Harry Or Will She And Max Kill Each Other First Can Either Sister Ever Learn To Say No

Karen Frankola wrote for CNN, MSNBC, and other television news organizations before working in corporate communications She grew up near Pittsburgh, where she spent a summer fixing motors in a steel mill Her all time favorite job was teaching journalism at the University of Missouri for four years.Karen loves to write about the hard choices women make when it comes to work and love She lives in

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