Kingdom Series Collection (Kingdom, #1-3)

Kingdom Series Collection (Kingdom, #1-3) THE FIRST THREE KINGDOM BOOKS, ALL TOGETHER IN ONE COLLECTION INCLUDED DELETED BONUS SCENES AND ALICE HU S RED QUEEN S REVENGE CUPCAKE RECIPE Her Mad Hatter Alice Is All Grown Up Running The Mad Hatter S Cupcakery And Tea Shoppe Is A Delicious Job, Until Fate And A Fairy Godmother With A Weakness For Bad Boys Throws Her A Curveball Now, Alice Is The Newest Resident Of Wonderland, Where The Mad Hatter Fuels Her Fantasies And Thrills Her Body With His Dark Touch The Mad Hatter May Have A Voice And A Body Made For Sex, But He Takes No Lovers Ever But A Determined Fairy Godmother Has Forced Alice Into Wonderland And His Arms Now, As Desire And Madness Converge, The Hatter Must Decide If He Will Fight The Fairy Godmother S Mating Or Fight For Alice Gerard S Beauty A Not So Classic Retelling Of Beauty And The Beast, As Seen Through The Eyes Of The VillainBetty Hart Has Had It With Men Jilted In Love, Her Life Now Consists Of Shelving Books By Day, Watching Too Much Anime By Night, And Occasionally Dressing Up Like A Superhero On The Weekends With Her Fellow Bleeding Heart Nerds Men Are Not Welcome And Very Much Unwanted Especially The Sexy Frenchman Who Saunters Into Her Library Reeking Of Alcohol And Looking Like He Went One Too Many Rounds In The Ring Gerard Caron Is In Trouble Again Caught With His Pants Down Literally He S Forced To Seek Asylum On Earth While His Fairy Godmother Tries To Keep Prince Charming From Going All Off With His Head Maybe, Messing Around With The King S Daughter Hadn T Been Such A Great Idea After All, Not That Gerard Knew The Silly Redhead Was A Princess But His Fairy Godmother Knows The Only Way To Save His Life Is To Finally Pair Gerard With His Perfect Mate, Whether He S Willing Or Not From The Moment Gerard Lays Eyes On The Nerdy Librarian He Knows He Must Have Her, But Betty Is Unlike Any Woman He S Ever Known He Thought Betty Would Come As Willingly To His Bed As Every Other Woman Before Her, But She Is A Woman Who Demands Respect And Evenhorror Of All Horrorslove Is It Possible For A Self Proclaimed Casanova To Change His Ways Red And Her Wolf Long Ago There Lived A Beautiful Child Her Name Was Violet Fair Of Skin, With Blonde Hair And Large Blue Eyes Born Of Wild Magic, She Was A Woman With A Child S Heart Innocent And Lovely, But Not At All What She Seemed You See Violet Went By Another Name The Heartsong She Was The Child Of Fairy Magic, The Physical Manifestation Of All Fae Kinds Unbridled Power Cosseted And Pampered, She Grew Up In Isolation, Never Knowing Who She Really Was, Or Why There Were Those Who D Seek To Harm Her Ewan Of The Blackfoot Clan Is A Wolf With A Problem He S Been Sent To Kill The Heartsong, But The Moment He Lays Eyes On The Blonde Beauty He Knows He Ll Defy The Evil Fae He Works For To Claim Violet As His Own This Is The Tale Of Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf, As It Really Happened

Marie Hall is a USA Today Bestselling author and has always held a dangerous fascination for creatures that go bump in the night And mermaids And of course fairies Trolls Unicorns Shapeshifters Vampires Scottish brogues Kilts Beefy arms Ummm Bad boys Especially the sexy ones Then the day came she realized apart from the sexy bad boy she married, there d be no vampires shapeshifters

[EPUB] ✼ Kingdom Series Collection (Kingdom, #1-3)  Author Marie Hall –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 307 pages
  • Kingdom Series Collection (Kingdom, #1-3)
  • Marie Hall
  • English
  • 22 April 2019

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    A dream and sick fantasy come true A must read for your favorite addition.

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    Her Mad Hatter is an adult, entertaining and very descriptive version of the childhood tale of Alice in Wonderland It s just as twisted and fun as the original story only with twists, surprises and additions us adults can enjoy I had a lot of fun reading this one It was emotional, exciting, fun, funny, sensual and memorable It s definitely my favorite of the three stories.With Gerard s Beauty I was unsure which tale it belong with for a brief time I guess I m losing my touch This story is very different from the Beauty and the Beast tale and not just the adult aspects alone It held many magical elements but no talking candle sticks bummer It s another story that I got lost in with its mystery, humor and emotion.Red and her Wolf is another spun twisted tale by Marie Hall This one has way emotion, details and addictive qualities than the original tale and once again it s not just because it s an adult version No, it s because it s so wonderfully written you get caught up and trapped not wanting the story to end.I cannot wait to read the rest of the collections

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    I have read each of the books in this series as individual releases each has a unique twist to a faerie tale, with a dash of pop culture, a smidgen of danger and a pinch of humor, all sealed with a steamy connection between hero and heroine that makes these stories perfect for the adult faerie tale lover that is tired of the sanitized family versions Danika, the faerie godmother to the bad boys of the tales The Beast from Beauty and the Beast, the Mad Hatter, the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and a Genie from Aladdin s days is convinced that her boys need love, and seeks to push, wheedle, spell, cajole and even place them in places to meet their intended Each of the characters is flawed with real issues that many will relate to Their paths are never simple or straight forward, but there is someone for everyone, at least if Danika has her say Three fairly quick reading novellas are in this collection one that you will whip through and look for , but will leave you smiling at the end.I received eBook copies of the 3 volumes that comprise this edition from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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    like i have said before i love anything that has to do with alice in wonderland So this is like a sexy version of alice we have miss wu falling through the whole into wonderland Here she bumps into her bad boy of a hatter which he is not so happy to be bumping into his alice since he has gone through a few and they have broken his heart.i love this mad hatter because although mad he is sexy so they just go on a sexy adventure and they pretty much figure everything out this book is short and fun very sexy and even a bit i must give it 4 who knew wonderland could be so sexy stars

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    I really enjoyed this box set and I felt like it broke the stories up in a way that didn t feel too long Although the last book contained in this box set, dragged on, I felt like this is a quick series read that I highly recommend.Books Contained links to my reviews Her Mad Hatter 3.5 stars Gerard s Beauty 3.5 stars maybe higher I m still very conflicted on my exact rating Red and Her Wolf 2.75 starsOverall Rating 3.25 stars

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    FREE on today 11 02 2017

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    Good books, I would swear they were longer than 300 pages, but I did enjoy the read This is not a set of books I would have picked for myself I liked the Hatter and Wolf stories the best, Hatter being my favorite If your into the fairytale type stories, this series is for you

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    The Mad Hatter Danika was not your usual fairy godmother She didn t want the prissy princes and princesses She liked having her bad boys And especially the worst of them in the Kingdom The Bad Five This included Mad Hatter, Gerard, Wolf, Jinni and Hook She had been warned to connect them with their mates before it was too late Especially Hatter s So off she went to find yet another Alice.Alice Hu loved her Wonderland book She believed at one time when she was in dire straights, Mad Hatter had come to rescue her Her Hatter, she loved him No one believed her of course So on she went in life, no man ever comparing to the one in her dreams And one day she finds herself being pulled into a tunnel by a white rabbit.This was an extraordinary story The author takes the tale of Alice in Wonderland and adds a complete back story to it Taking the reader from our world into a magical crazy place called, Wonderland She has you falling in love with the disheveled sullen Hatter and at one point it had me going through quite a few tissues It looks like there will be five books in this series, one for each of the Bad Five Sexual contentGerard s Beauty Danika is the fairy godmother extraordinaire Just ask her and she ll tell you exactly that She has four of her Bad Five boys to help find their mates and keep them out of trouble Only she is a bit late with Gerard Only one thing left to do if she is going to keep Gerard s head connected to his body.send him to Earth.Gerard Caron is in trouble once again True he had trouble keeping away from the pretty ladies but this time it was not his fault Unfortunately when it s the king s daughter you have been caught with, and your pants aren t quite where they should be, you are in big trouble He made an enemy long ago with the head mistress of Fairy Inc and she is in charge of his verdict.Betty Hart is living in a small Missouri town, playing librarian and helping take care of her special nephew After good looking James broke her heart, the last thing she needs is to fall for this seductive Frenchman that s hanging around the library.Never heard of Gerard in the fairy tales That s because that fairy mistress rewrote his story and removed him from it This second Kingdom story is as enjoyable as Her Mad Hatter When two people from different worlds collide, you never know what magic will abound Sexual contentRed and Her Wolf by Marie HuntEwan of the Blackfoot Clan was working for a nasty fairy to help provide for his clan So off to grandma s house he went for his mission He didn t expect to find his mate that night Nor to have her torn from his clutches just as quickly For five hundred years Ewan has continued to search in Kingdom to find her, often almost slipping off the edge of sanity He must find his Red.Violet, also known as The Heartsong and Red, has been living in Alaska with her Aunt Mir She is slowly remembering her past Wolves and death Her hatred for the big bad black wolf has grown over all these years She dreams about returning to Kingdom to kill that wolf.The third book in this series continues as the first two, a well spun story from an old fairy tale The author did a great job of grabbing this readers emotions to sympathize with the Wolf, so many years of pain and sorrow as he searched for his Red She also lets the reader drop in and see how the Hatter and Alice are doing Enjoyable stories Sexual contenthttp

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    I ve always rooted for the underdogs and the misunderstood Bad Guys so the Kingdom Series is right up my alley Also, retelling of classic stories from a different POV are a personal vice of mine you should try Cinderella is Evil if you agree Even though each of these stories are short under 120 pages they are not rushed and suck you in complete.Like I do with most box sets, I m going to Review and Rate each story individuallyHer Mad Hatter I originally downloaded this book as the Free Kindle Addition and because it was so good I naturally HAD to get the rest of them Alice in wonderland has always been one of my favorite fairy tales because it s so dark and not normal And, of course, The Mad Hatter s tea party is my favorite part of the story So naturally out of the 3 books in this set, Her Mad Hatter is my favorite It s wickedly delicious and crazy just like real love should be This is defiantly one of those stories I read over and over again.Gerard s Beauty 1 2Only reason this got 4 1 2 instead of 5 is because they portrayed Belle as the ultimate gold digging Bitch and lets face it, she was my FAVORITE Disney Princess what book junkie wouldn t be envious of that library This story, like the hero in it, was 3rd degree burn HOT so I got over the Bitch thing and fell in love with Gerard just as much as his Beauty did Gerard is your typical Casanova ASS with a sweet heart of gold buried deep down inside Bonus, Betty is a total Geek Nerd Dork just like me and she totally convinced her very macho man to go to Comi Con with her Red and Her Wolf This was a really hard one to rate It starts off good, get predictable and then good again The main reason why it got the full 5 stars is because the plot twists of the book actually took me by surprise, TWICE and trust me, that s not easy to do I m one of those annoying people who halfway through a book movie TV show announces I know who did it My Dad and I drive people nuts doing that The other reason why I like this one is because it s a perfect case for why the truth of how you see something is not always the WHOLE TRUTH.

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    Free 06 10 14 Anthology 3 novellas, 306 pages, faery tales with twists

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