We All Sleep in the Same Room

We All Sleep in the Same Room An intriguing look at a few months in the life of a NYC labor lawyer as his world is thrown into flux Paul Rome writes with confidence, good humor, and pathos The pacing of the book is excellent, dropping the reader into Tom Claughlin s life for just long enough for the reader to begin caring about the consequences of his choices But Rome doesn t linger in Claughlin s world too long, refusing to offer an easy resolution or moral conclusion I m looking forward to whatever Paul Rome does next full disclosure Paul and I were buddies when we were younger, but I honestly don t think my opinion of the book would change much if I had never met him. All good The packed, sturdy language the characters of Tom and Raina the unavoidable way their life together must fall apart This is a very impressive first novel, and I find myself envying Rome his talent. A deeply sad narrative reflecting the horrors of small children and effects of alcohol abuse. I loved We All Sleep in the Same Room An Adrian Tomine New Yorker cover drawn out into a short novel, maybe Familiar places and situations plus voyeuristic intrigue.After reading most recent scathing review, I ve had to think harder about WHY I loved it, why this book does t offend my feminist sensibilities in quite the same way and one trope that does bug meThe narrator is indeed the least likable character selfish and detached In his dishonesty he demonstrates minimal regard for the feelings his wife an object of pleasant flash backs item of current routine or his co worker a sexy diversion from routine and obligation Yet, while watching the drama unfold through the narrator s eyes, I never felt expected to like him or share his indifference.The main two female characters, Jessie and Raina, feel very human to me, especially in their imprecise motivation I care about them quickly I want to know what they re thinking, feeling, and doing, in the narrator s absence Small details encourage me to project and speculate spoilers I see the narrator s wife Raina as strong, accomplished and under appreciated Whether she s falling in love with the babysitter, or finding rejuvenation in his youthful presence, taking the care to shave her legs for no one but herself, I m rooting for her to be happier andfulfilled.Jessie s interest in her mentor the narrator feels foolish, yes, but also human Hints at an outside social life and the suggestion that he may not be her only hook up, foster my hope that Jessie will carry herself through the involvement with minimal hurt.The brief meeting between Raina and Jessie is one of my favorite parts of the book Raina asserts herself as Ms Stoltz not Mrs Claughlin But, please, call me Raina causing Jessie to blush Jessie invites Raina to go biking with her.One character who does not feel entirely real to me is Doreen, the narrator s client Doreen s case is the object of his success or failure, and his self worth Doreen functions as a damsel for the narrator, appearing often in his thoughts, but not on her own enough to feel likethan a disposable plot device to me Is the narrator supposed to care, genuinely, for Doreen I think so, but I m unconvinced.All in all, an amazing read. A funny, touching, and honest portrait of modern life Moments of real brilliance We All Sleep in the Same Room is the type of book you pick up and don t put down until you are finished, and then you are sad but also satisfied. I kept passing by this one on my kindle making excuses for why I didn t feel like starting it yet I should have listened to my instincts This book has resulted in my confusion and also in the new shelf I created just for it called WTF was that I need a mind cleanser now. This novel is a subtle exploration of an idealist whose life is falling apart because he fails to appreciate the consequences of his own choices Rome s spare prose and careful plotting sucks you in the ambiguous ending leaves one asking questions just as real life does. We All Sleep in the Same Room follows four months in the life of Tom Claughlin, a union lawyer in his professional prime, who lives with his charming three year old son and wife of 21 years in a small, rent stabilized one bedroom apartment in Union Square As Tom revs up for a big case getting a wronged clinic worker her job back he finds himself spendingandtime with a young legal assistant at his law firm When he breaks his abstinence from alcohol, a symbolic pact with his wife after the last time he got drunk and took things too far with a coworker, the pleasant facade of Tom s life begins to unravel.Read the rest of my review at Bushwick Daily. This was terrible I read it for a book group, because the author manages a coffee shop that one of the book group members goes to The narrator was insufferable I m really tired of reading lit fic about men who want to be rewarded for competently executing the normal work of being a grown up human and none of the secondary characters made any sense as people with their own real motivations The twenty something hipster law clerk isn t a person so much as an automaton who shows up to act out scenes for the narrator She s curious and flattered when he wants to mentor her, she eagerly kisses him back when he makes advances but doesn t get upset when he s a dick to her, she s totally in to sleeping with him but expects no consequences and doesn t even flicker emotion when later meeting his wife, etc etc Why is this awesome vibrant charming young woman interested in a married man twice her age Because middle aged men want to think that awesome charming young women are always going to be interested in them The wife is a complete cipher she s accommodating when the narrator needs someone to put up with his bullshit, she s shrill and self centered when he needs an excuse to be resentful, it s hinted that she might be having an affair but the narrator doesn t really care On top of all of this, the prose is kind of terrible.So, uh, yeah Not a fan. As Tom Claughlin A Husband, Recent Father, And Long Time Advocate For New York City S Workers Becomes Increasingly Rattled By Domestic Life Inside A One Bedroom Apartment, He Plunges Further Into The Case Of A Haunted Former Receptionist, Using It As A Way To Get Closer To The Firm S Newest Intern, And Unwittingly Pledging His Own Worth On Its OutcomePlaying Out On Two Fronts, Home And Work, The Drama Is Set In Motion When New Characters Emerge In Each A Young Male Baby Sitter Stealing The Affection Of Tom S Wife And Son And The Receptionist Seeking Justice And Vindication Framed By Four Months In The Fall Of , A Simmering Family And Office Story Slowly Unravels Into Something, Unusual, Surreal, And Ambiguous We All Sleep In The Same Room Blends The Traditional Intimacy And Immediacy Of Private Eye Noir Style With The Humorous, Obsessive, Digressive, Observations Of Modern Realism Below A Surface That Is Both Touching And Disturbing, Optimistic, And Cynical, Is A Sustained Meditation On Family And Work, Responsibility, And Abandon And The Transformative And Destructive Impact Of Beauty And Death On An Otherwise Moral Life

Paul Rome is a writer and coffee shop manager He has written for The Huffington Post, PEN America, The Minetta Review and Mercer Street His first novel, entitled We All Sleep in the Same Room, was nominated for the 2014 PEN Robert W Bingham award for debut fiction The novel has been hailed by Electric Literature as a New York novel all the memorable for its originality, and by HTML G

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