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Mayor 1% How Did A City Long Dominated By A Notorious Democratic Machine Become A National Battleground In The Right Wing War Against The Public Sector In Mayor %, Veteran Journalist Kari Lydersen Takes A Close Look At Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel And His True AgendaWith Deep Wall Street Ties From His Investment Banking Years And A Combative Political Style Honed In Congress And The Clinton And Obama Administrations, Emanuel Is Among A Rising Class Of Rock Star Mayors Promising To Remake American CitiesBut His Private Sector Approach Has Sidelined And Alienated Many Who Feel They Are Not Part Of Emanuel S Vision For A New Chicago And It Has Inspired A Powerful Group Of Activists And Community Members To Unite In Defense Of Their Beloved CityKari Lydersen Is A Chicago Based Journalist, Author And Journalism Instructor Who Has Written For The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Progressive, In These Times, And Other Publications She Is The Author Of Four Books, Including The Revolt On Goose Island The Chicago Factory Takeover And What It Says About The Economic Crisis She Specializes In Coverage Of Labor, Energy And The Environment She Has Taught At Columbia College Chicago And Northwestern University And Also Works With Youth From Low Income Communities Through The Program We The People Media Karilydersen Dot Com

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    Herein lies a tale of the love of money For that is Mr Emanuel s driving, indeed his only, principle Whether he is raising it for himself or the politicians he represents, his entire career has been given over to its pursuit If you are an investment banker, which Mr Emanuel was, for a brief, highly profitable time, that is certainly to be expected If you are a member of the Democratic party, well that calls into question your fidelity to the basic planks of the Democratic platform.And as this book shows, in a methodical, even handed tone, Mr Emanuel does not appear to hold those political principles in high regard He is dismissive of minorities and the poor, and outright contemptuous of unions He never met a privatization scheme he didn t like, and the speed with which he will dole out TIF funds to his corporate pals is rivaled only by his enthusiasm for closing public schools and basic services in minority wards.If you are curious as to why Rahm Emanuel is so reviled in Chicago in particular, or among progressive Democrats in general, this book provides an excellent overview If you have followed Rahm s career with much aggravation over the years, this book provides a handy encapsulation of his history I give the book only four stars because I think the subtitle overreaches although Mr Emanuel s ham handed tactics generated a great deal of protests by the teachers union and other select group, it is a bit too early to say whether his tactics will result in a sustained opposition that can remove him from office when the next election rolls around We ll know the answer to that soon enough.

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    Kari Lydersen is a great journalist, and tells the story of the movement of people in Chicago rising to fight Mayor Emanuel Emanuel is the CEO for the rulers in Chicago The struggles that are being waged in Chicago against police crimes in Black and Latino communities, against attacks on unions, against austerity measures, against attacks on our democratic rights are fights against Emanuel No other book has yet been published with this story Thanks, Kari.

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    With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans I ll lay it right out I don t like Rahm Emanuel I haven t since he described people working to improve the worst healthcare in the developed world as fucking retarded and on drugs, and as a Chicagoan with a spouse who works in education, very little I ve learned since then has improved my attitude As such, I was pretty much perfectly tuned to enjoy this book And it was pretty good, but I wasn t in love with it.I think part of the problem is that it s not really about Emanuel except insofar as he was around for the activities depicted within The cover of Mayor 1% has those words in huge letters and Rahm Emanuel and the Rise of Chicago s 99% in much smaller ones, but it really should have been the other way around Only the first third of the book is directly about Emanuel, and after about the 80 page mark he fades into the background Literally in a lot of cases, because the account of activists and union organizers and teachers include a lot of meetings Emanuel didn t attend, protests he was absent at, and attempts to speak with him that led nowhere I mean, I guess at least he didn t show up and start screaming at people about respect like a mob boss, so maybe that s something All the major problems with Emanuel really come down to him being a corporate tool New Democrat, who never heard of a privatization scheme he didn t like, who never turned down a chance to hobnob with the rich no matter how many of his constituents want to meet with him, and who loves to take on the Communists in the Party And that certainly makes him good at raising money, but much less so at governance I could go on for a while about how neoliberalism is a transparent scheme to loot public funds for private benefit and any improvement for the public is incidental and probably temporary, but that s part of what this book does It s one thing I appreciated, actually there are a lot of footnotes and it doesn t just let assumptions like charter schools being obviously better pass in favor of the truth that they produce similar results to public schools But with lower pay and benefits for the non unionized teachers, which is the real point of school reform That s really the message of Mayor 1% A relentless drive to bust unions and bring down labor costs with no thought to what that actually means for society Sure, bringing in contractors to do the janitorial work at O Hare saves money because they get fewer benefits and lower wagesbut since your spending are my wages and vice versa, that means they have less money to spend at local businesses, depressing the economy just a bit And outside contractors aren t always going to even live in the city, so what money they spend will be spent elsewhere Meanwhile, the locals forced out of work often have to take lower paying jobs or use government benefits, and the end result is that like Walmart, such organizations only work because taxpayers supplement the workers low wages But capitalists get rich, so I guess that s an accomplishment There I go Ugh, neoliberals There s another review mentioning that they enjoyed the accounts from the protestors even though that wasn t really the point of the book, but I think that it is the point The title is a bit misleading because the best parts of Mayor 1% is the history on the ground, and I think it would have been even better if it had focused on that and dropped the pretense of being about Emanuel entirely If you ve wondered why the democratic wing of the Democratic party dislikes Emanuel so much, Mayor 1% will provide the answer in spades But if you aren t interested in the history of recent Chicago activism, there are probably better ways to get that information.

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    If you disliked Rahm Emanuel before you read this book, you will positively loathe him by the end.Emanuel was involved in pushing NAFTA under Clinton and the 3 strike laws that filled the prisons with non violent offenders Then aided by now Governor Rauner, he worked in the financial sector briefly, earning over 16 million from the foreclosure problems that beset Fannie and Freddie and from insider trading Under Obama, he convinced him not to break up the big banks, or offer a public option in health insurance As mayor, he screwed the unions who had previously supported him, particularly the teachers His fight with the CTU takes up a lot of the book With Rauner and a group of millionaires as his allies, he went after public schools in poor neighborhoods By turning them into charters, he could pay teachers as much as 30,000 less for longer hours Rather than trying to solve the gang problems, sexual abuse, psychological and physical abuse and random violence that keep kids from graduating or doing well, he went after the teachers, passing a new law that they couldn t strike unless they got an unheard of 75% vote to strike He wanted them to accept 1 3 4 hours of work per day and 12 extra days for free, while he was closing schools and laying off staff Kids in Chicago have no bus service, so many of them had to cross gang lines just to get to school 87% come from low income families Rahm continued his assault on the schools, cutting budgets so they would fail and he could privatize them 160 schools had no library 380 million now goes to charters, up from 47 million in 2002 Investors are beginning to sense big profit potential in public education They make their profits by taking advantage of underserved communities, rather than working to get public education right The CTU showed Rahm, voting 90% to strike At the end of the week long strike, Rauner said Let s recognize the CTU strike for what it is It is about the union s drive to protect Chicago s incompetent teachers at the expense of studentsthis strike is about protecting political power What was the one big thing the teachers got That every student should have a textbook on the first day of school These rich guys just don t get it Emanuel is a horrible judge of character, hiring McCarthy to run the police He had been dogged by misconduct, excessive force, discrimination and poor conditions in holding cells in his previous job Of course, we needed him in Chicago He hired Brizard to run the schools He had spearheaded school closures, teacher layoffs, and a shift to charters in his previous job When he didn t last, he hired Byrd Bennett who stole from the system Emanuel s coziness with the rich and powerful and Republicans is also troubling Rauner remains a close friend, Paul Ryan endorsed him He diverted TIF money that should have gone to schools, libraries and parks to corporations, often for jobs that never materialized There is little transparency in his administration The city council is just a rubber stamp Privatization is rampant, forcing those who could support their families on 15 an hour to take jobs paying far less, with no benefits Emanuel also closed mental health clinics Chicago went from having 22 to now having only 6.His interactions with women seem misogynistic and rude He went after libraries, 72% of his layoffs were women, 77% minorities When world leaders converged on Chicago for the NATO summit, he refused to give permits to demonstrators The nurse s union couldn t get one because Tom Morello wanted to participate As one man described Emanuel He was the perfect symbol of everything that is coming down on working people He s arrogant, distainful of the needs of the vast majority of humanity and a militarist With guys like him, who needs Republicans

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    This book is about Rahm Emanuel like Waiting for Godot is about Godot In other words, it s not about Emanuel at all This book is basically an encyclopedia of the various protests and strikes that have taken place during Emanuel s time in office told entirely from the perspective of the protesters I think the author spent time researching the lives of individual protesters than she spent researching Rahm Emanuel Instead of giving us a look inside the mayor s office that we normally wouldn t have a chance to see, or providing a real analysis of his policies and actions, this book is basically a love letter to protest and makes even Karen Lewis look lovable Emanuel himself only plays a bit part in the book, making an occasional appearance to give a one sentence quote pulled from a newspaper or taped press conference and then fades back into the shadows, there but not quite there There is no real insight anywhere in this book on Emanuel s goals for the City of Chicago and how he has or has not made progress towards achieving them This is a hit piece, pure and simple A 250 page slog.

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    Wow What an eye opener I am quite disturbed about what I read in this book You hear taglines on the news about how the middle class is disappearing but I didn t give any thought to why One of the first things Mayor Emanuel did when elected to office was set about to privatize a lot of services that government workers were doing And once again, you may hear about these things in the news but it doesn t really hone in on the human aspect of these broad decisions I ll take one for instance in the book to give you an idea The Chicago emergency management office decided to privatize the call center to an overseas based company so several government workers were laid off And of course these moves are always cloaked in the verbiage of saving the city moneyto cut the budget But these workers had been there for, some, 10 plus years Now they are unemployed, trying to find new jobs in an economy where applicants outnumber jobs at an astronomical rate, have no health insurance, and are trying to pay their bills on time as not to get foreclosed or evicted What do these people do Now they are collecting an unemployment checkreceiving assistance from the state in the form of food stamps, Medicaid, and so forth These people want to work They were minding their own business, trying to get by in America as a lower middle class citizen when BAM capitalism happened When people stereotype our struggling Americans collecting some type of public aide, it saddens me to hear these people being called lazy or moochers, or some other derogatory name In cases than not, these people collecting aide have a similar story to the Chicago emergency management ex worker I am the type of person, if I am going to change my viewpoint about an issue I have to have data in its purest form possible I cannot make a sound decision with information plagued with opinions While this book clearly stood to paint a picture I think the author did a wonderful job balancing the negative and positive information The entire book was not just a bashing of Mayor Rahm Emanuel It listed some of the good things he did for Chicago He is a brilliant guy with major ambitions I just don t think you can make a city or situation great by leaving behind a wake of destruction There are reasons violence and restlessness has escalated in Chicago What are people to do when their jobs are systematically being taken away from them and the education systems which are supposed to provide a decent foundation is clearly lopsided so that one section of the city prospers, while other sections are set up to fail I would urge any Chicagoan to read thisor anyone who is seeing their city being quietly transitioned from government ran social programs to private corporations taking them over.

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    Really informative book on Rahm Emanuel s policies and mindset, the Mental Health Movement here in Chicago, and neo liberal politics in general So cool to read this in book form, having lived it the past few years full disclosure I did some work in support of the Mental Health Movement and am personally familiar with a number of people in the book I did not realize the book included the MHM when I picked it up I think this would be a good book to read for non Chicagoans interested in politics Odds are Rahm will move on to a bigger position after this one Might as well get to read up on the guy

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    An interesting read about a prominent neo liberal that should serve as a cautionary tale for all Chicagoans and liberals nationwide who reflexively pull the Democrat lever when voting It s also curious as to why the title references the rise of the 99% as their role in this real life drama is only to annoy the mayor, while ultimately making little progress in getting their own agenda for basic services and support recognized.The unfortunate fact remains that Mayor 1% gets what he wants, even if it means breaking the backs of the 99% that he has committed to serve.

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    If you like reading about Chicago politics, you must read this book Covers Rahmbo s time in office, with emphasis on the Mental Health Movement, NATO, CTU fight, CPS closings, and so much All with Kari s trademark killer combo of journalistic clarity, beautiful storytelling and remarkable research.

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    Really a 3.5 With a title like Mayor 1%, I didn t really expect a fair and balanced account, but there was some discussion of the good that Rahm has done Made me pretty furious I liked the personal stories of some of the protesters, and even though I know that s not the point of the book, I would have enjoyed of that.

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