Hideous Exuberance: A Satire

Hideous Exuberance: A SatireI received this book from Goodreads First Reads and Mr Bird Thank you to both for providing me the opportunity to read it Firstly, I would have to warn those faint of heart this may not be the book for you If you are looking for pg 13 I d steer clear Luckily, I don t mind.I d call Hideous Exuberance a collection of at times intersecting short stories, or continuations of previous short stories There are times when you question the placement or just some things in general but no doubt this is intentional.Mr Bird deserves credit for at many times making me laugh out loud Much of his humor is very sudden with little to no lead up and with just the right amount of shock value The New York counties and other geographical quips were very accurate I also enjoyed the opening, a hilarious parody which had me shaking my head the entire time The character s and their names are unique to say the least Some of the characters, as well as their situations though dramatized , seem to have a scary real life quality about them The only real downside to such a strange set of names was at times I had to re read a section just to make sure I was following along properly.Overall, I enjoyed Hideous Exuberance and enough to make me curious about the sequel prequel Catastrophically Consequential If you are looking for a new type of storytelling then I would suggest this book to you Go in with an open mind, be ready for some crude text, but know you won t leave disappointed. I do appreciate the effort, the time, the attempt to dwell in satire of the author The book itself however did not catch my reading eye in no way, shape or form I did give 2 of the stories a go, but found it extremely hard to read in places, the over repeated allusions to other fantasy works like Harry Potter, the Narnia series became unbearable at one point I understood what the author was trying to do with the change in spelling of certain words too bad I am a linguistics student and it seemed like an all too feeble attempt to be cool Yes, I do realise, it was supposed to be satire, but satire must be intelligent and this book did not challenge me at all Perhaps I am too harsh, but I received this book through a giveaway in exchange for my honest opinion. The Predecessor Doppelg Nger Kindred Spirit Of Catastrophically Consequential Incongruous, Inappropriate, Preposterous Trashy, Explicit, Poetic, Phantasmagorical Blasphemous, Impressionistic, Inflammatory Outrageous, Unstructured, Inane A Highbrow Lowbrow, Comic Fantasy Nightmare A Flamboyant, Surrealistic, Experimental Reaction To The Random Nature Of Existence It S The Book Your Parents Raised You Not To WritePlease Refer To The Blog Posting On The Stephen C Bird Author Profile Page For Reviews And Quotes From Goodreads Reviews For Hideous Exuberance The writing in this is often hard to read The names are often too long and used repeatedly, and it makes for some very long sentences where I forget the beginning before I even reach the end.The stories aren t told in first person, but some of them are written in dialects, which can get tedious since it s not confined to dialog.For all the parody and satire, the bits of A Clockwork Orange, the class warfare and confining religions and sexual repression I m just not sure Hideous Exuberance accomplishes much of anything There are some places where I felt things could have gotten interesting, but instead, BOOM Excrement and ass cheeks.I received a copy of this book for free to review. Supremely satirical hilarity cleverly combining irony and dry wit, this uniquely eccentric and quite peculiar book is truly exceptional After reading the astonishingly impressive Catastrophically Consequential by Stephen C Bird, I was excited when presented with the opportunity of reading the prequel sequel Hideous Exuberance This collection of colorful stories that are cleverly inspired and totally genius had me glued to the pages for hours, as I lost myself within the insanity The bizarre and individualistic characters add such vibrancy to the multi linear plots and oddly, truth drawing realism that is hidden within Although extraordinarily unusual in the extreme, this refreshingly original book professes the author s uniquely identifiable style perfectly as to make it stand out on the bookshelf as something a bit different Once again, I am stunned by this astonishingly incredible book which exceeded and surpassed all expectations by being totally brilliant As outlandish as the mad hatter and yet containing such truthful sincerity within as any great work of literature, this book is so bewildering and inconceivable that I praise the author highly for producing something so ambitious Controversial and bold, I would recommend this book to all philanthropists, whose perspective on life may be altered and bibliophiles who seek something out of the ordinary Fresh and funny I enjoyed reading this immensely, and like any good book took pleasure from the chaotic confusion and total baffling frivolity You may think that it is quite nonsensical but it also strikes a chord within, ringing true to life Containing disturbing inner monologues, stream of consciousness dream sequences and psychedelic, surrealistic scenarios and characters within fantasy genre this truly is like nothing you will have encountered before Anyone with an odd over active imagination will be enchanted by Stephen C Bird s work, which incorporates the atypical and strange in a delightful feast for the mind This is something that is not labeled by any particular genre, nor does it follow a strict, rigid storyline hence it isfree flowing by interweaving differing perspectives, creative imaginings and thought I was sent a paperback copy of Hideous Exuberance by Stephen C Bird from the author himself, to read and review I would like to thank him for this 500 Word Synopsis Hideous Exuberance does not have a linear plot Many characters and references intermingle, and are interwoven, throughout the book Chapter 1 Ginger Bocey, a dim witted rebel bad girl teenager flirts with self destruction via adventures with degenerate Father Elizabeth Devil Horns Branigan, a priest pervert of unknown denomination Subplot the murder of Boris A., the universally despised field hockey coach, by a maniacal group of high school girls la Euripides The Bacchae Chapter 2 Francine Kafka, Ginger s abusive mother, is also the mother of Rusty, a shy, socially maladjusted, would be gay boy and 7th grade spelling bee champion Chapter 3 Dzjheemi Sparks, an isolated, sexually confused suburban misfit with an active fantasy life encounters his alter ego, Zauberfeuer during a subterranean anti Alice in Wonderland type journey Subplot the story of Robert Violence, a record producer who uses and murders the homeless to get ahead Dzjheemi, his mentally unstable brother Filbert and their Maw Matilda, discuss Paw and his visits to the procterologist Chapter 4 Gondolphus Clownhouse, an effeminate, overweight, sexually tormented professor, pays for the services of teenage boys Conversely, Gondolphus aims to be spiritual and frequently prays to his goddess, Maya Hiyuh Powuh Chapter 5 takes place on the Green Tea Ice Cream Planet in the mountaintop kingdom of Buzzantium, where wealthy inhabitants of Sweet Pumpkin Castle are harassed by dragon like Decrapitors A class struggle ensues between the Buzzantiites and the Lower Dwellers, the latter joining forces with Lula Bell Hassenpfeffer s ian style army The Buzzantiites also live in fear of the Blorks, monstrous ghouls from the land of Morewhore Chapter 6 Bobby Chushingura, the male doppelg nger of Ginger Bocey, murders his girlfriend Alison S Although he lives on for years afterward unapprehended, he embarks on a slow downward spiral and eventually dies in a tsunami Chapter 7 Alison S., Bobby s victim, now lives in a Watchtower Oral Roberts University campus type of Paradise, where she rages against the injustice of her senseless demise Chapter 8 the adventures of Volodya Gufo, the president of Amurycka Profunda, his mother Pomposya, his wife Natasha, their daughter Bombastika, and their estranged porn actress daughter, Hot Pepper Blue Natasha converts, werewolf style, into the Komodo Beast whenever an unlucky victim chooses to cross her Chapters 9 and 10 Gothra Schvulkopf, a merciless multi millionaire entrepreneur of good living who stops at nothing to get what she wants Gothra is assisted by her resentfully faithful servants, the Pumpkin Trolls, in her quest for commercial domination of the Blue Green Planet Chapter 11 the story of a savage, post global warming, apocalyptic world Chapter 12 the story of Cindy Cipro, a suicidal East Village trust fund girl Chapter 13 an anonymous modern day omnisexual Casanova facing the eventual consequences of his Faustian bargain Chapter 14, A Letter from June Cleaver to William S Burroughs From the vantage point of her suburban kitchen, June knows that the grass is never greener on the other side, yet she still wants to go there Chapter 15 a Ginsbergian absurdist poem chant oration comprised of ridiculous and fantastical names. I received this book through a goodreads.com giveaway The first chapter of Hideous Exuberance completely blindsided me I was expecting and experimental and unconventional satire What I got was 34 pages of almost insufferable vulgarity and lowbrow humor Mr Bird creates grotesque caricatures of popular culture in order to highlight anti intellectualism, egoism and other pitfalls of the modern human condition by exposing them in ways that utterly disgust the reader The first chapter, I think, succeeds in disgusting the reader, but I got littlefrom it The good news is, the book gets MUCH better if you continue reading For those who stopped reading after the first chapter or two, it s well worth the struggle to get to the good parts Mr Bird maintains the essence of his vulgar and exaggerated universe from the first chapter, but among the chaos, he manages to very subtly and thoughtfully scare you, make you laugh, and make you think infamiliar ways There is a lot of valuable insight and wonderful sarcasm in this book and it turns out to be a very good read My only wish is that Mr Bird would spend a little less having fun pushing the envelope with his over the top vulgarity andtime sharing his obviously very intelligent insights about the flaws he sees in society The in your face bits are entertaining, but offer littlethan comedy and slight discomfort The really really good parts can be found in between, but don t easily jump out from among the vulgar distractions Overall a very interesting and quick read, a worthwhile couple of hours and a wonderful piece of work from Mr Bird I will read it again as I m sure I missed a lot of the good parts and look forward to reading anything else Mr Bird may publish in the future I would NOT, however, recommend this book to the easily offended, and I do hope that in his next effort he will dial back the absurdity just a hair Writing inaccessible and challenging books is what pushes literature to new realms, but when you have such clearly valuable insights as are shared in this book, it s worth spendingwords actually sharing them Great satire, but next time I hope for a little less discomfort and a littlesubtlety, as he s obviously very good at it. This is a new edition of Hideous Exuberance as I understand it the main difference between the two editions is that the first chapter has been revised and expanded The book is a confusing and exhilarating plunge into a funhouse madhouse Take Harry Potter, Finnegan s Wake, Thomas Pynchon, and Judy Blume, and run them through a Czech blender, and maybe you ll get an idea of what you re in for Let s see, maybe also a pinch of Douglas Adams And for you old time loners, that wonderful experience when you discover you ve dropped a coin in the wrong booth and are now in for some German shit porn Bird uses lots of deliberate misspellings to create character, mood, and the sense for his readers that he s taking you into a world outside of your wildest imagination A couple seeming rules through much of the book Never use a c when a ck will do Never use an sh or sch when an szcz will do America is Amurycka Profunda , Earth is the Blue Green Planet , God is Maya hiyuh powuh Each chapter concentrates on a certain character, and some characters interact with the others in a few chapters Most of them have what you might call unhealthy obsessions or ambitions Bird seems to delight in the freedom that comes with the ability to create your own universe, in your own way, with just words He fairly wallows in said freedom The underside of this is that this book is very hard To Follow I find myself fairly unable to put it down, or stop in the middle, and have very much of a clue of what I ve been reading.Happily, the follow up to this book, Catastrophically Consequential, retains the strangeness, fun, and transgressive nature of Hideous Exuberance, but has stories that are muchrewarding in that they areeasily followed One hope to see Bird continue to polish his strange visions and illuminate gee, maybe that s not the word, but certainly entertain us all Well, some of us. This book was supplied to me free, for the purposes of reviewingAt times challenging to read, not particularly because of the content, but rather the manner in which is was presented Cause and effect are divorced in this book, as is a progressive story line, character development is out to lunch, sense and sensibility is neither, up may be up on the other hand it may be yellow.The author appears to have had a fun time developing his stories in the blender fashion This is when you throw all the characters, the plot line, your sanity, the english language, and common sense into a blender and hit MAX on the dial Whatever comes out, comes out.It is a delightful trip without having to leave the comfort of your own home.Recommended for a time when life just seems to be too regulated and ordered This book will certainly shake that perspective up, or yellow like I said earlier First things first I received this book in Goodreads giveaways.The book is a collection of stories which are parodies of modern popular fantasy books I think It starts with a parody on Harry Potter and proceeds with something I have no clue about I was lost after first several pages.I tried to find something nice to say about the book, but I could not I am sorry, I really am The structure of sentences makes it hard to read the book, the fact that some of the stories are told in accent southern does not help any By the way, the stories are told from the third point of view, so there is actually no need for the said accent Onenote if there was a competition amount writers on creating unpronounceable names, this book would easily beat everything else by miles Do not get me wrong, there is some beautiful things waiting to get out about the book, but they never did Still, their presence increased the rating by one star.

Stephen C Bird is a fiction writer and visual artist He was born in Toronto, ON grew up in Erie County, NY and lived in New York City for thirty three years.

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