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In Flames Gracelyn Riley Married A Firefighter And She Knew That Came With Some Risks But She Never Imagined Herself Widowed In Her Early Thirties With Two Children To Care For On Her Own Even Though She Had Asked Her Husband, Chad, For A Trial Separation The Week Before His Death Because She Found Out About An Affair He Was Having, Dealing With The Last Year Without Him Has Not Been Easy Her Brother In Law, Matt, Has Been The Rock That Has Kept Her From CollapsingAs A Fireman, Matt Riley Had Been At The Scene When His Brother Was Killed Several Other Firefighters Had To Hold Him Back To Keep Him From Going After His Brother In The Collapsing Building The Last Year Has Been Difficult For Matt He Suffered Greatly From Survivor S Guilt And Drank Himself Into Oblivion On Several Occasions His One Saving Grace Has Come In The Form Of His Sister In Law, Gracelyn Her Friendship Has Pulled Him Through Time And Time AgainWith The Year Anniversary Of Chad S Death Upon Them, Gracelyn And Matt Turn To Each For Support And Comfort What They Didn T Expect Was To Realize That Their Feelings For Each Other May Go Well Beyond The Solid Friendship They Share Can They Overcome The Guilt And The Scrutiny Of Their Family And Friends To Find Love Together

Jessica is a born and raised small town Ohio girl, who moved to the Sunshine State after graduating from college She graduated from college with a bachelor s degree in English What college major could possibly be better than one that makes you read novels and write about them Now she is thrilled to be able to share all the stories floating around in her head Jessica loves to travel and travel

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    Reviewed at Blue Mood Caf One year ago, Matt Riley lost his brother, Chad, to a deadly fire Both were firefighters and he watched his brother perish As if that wasn t bad enough, he had the horrible experience of having to tell his sister in law, Gracelyn her husband was gone Matt made it his mission to support her and the two children during the next year, both sort of propping each other up when he tried to drown his sorrows and she struggled to move forward Now on the occasion of the one year anniversary of Chad s death, their consolation turns to something much, much .The idea of a brother taking up with his brother s wife isn t a new one but it s always intriguing and this one lives up to that expectation Complicating matters is Matt having always been attracted to Gracelyn though he d never, ever considered crossing that proverbial line When their passion was unleashed, it was pretty combustible These two were fearless in their feelings for each other but highly fearful of condemnation from family and colleagues They had reason to be wary, especially of reactions from Matt s mother, his ex wife and their children I thought this story got all these dynamics right especially if their relationships as aunt and uncle would transition to that of a stepparent It s complicated and I liked that these issues were front and center I enjoyed this story and felt the narrators captured the personalities of both Matt and Gracelyn The pacing was great and I was very invested in the story I wish we had insight into what happened between Gracelyn and Matt in that past year as it would have made their relationship feel less like something instant Otherwise, this worked very well for me There were no easy answers and the resolutions felt realistic A warning thoughthe steam level is off the charts I received a complimentary copy from Caffeinated Services in exchange for an unbiased review

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I thought that this was really good I have enjoyed Jessica Jayne s work in the past so I was really excited to get started with this new book This was a rather short listen that I was able to finish in just a couple of sessions I ended up having a great time with this satisfying love story.This romance has a rather unique set up At the start of the story, we see Gracelynn lose her husband and Matt loses his brother Gracelyn and Chad s marriage wasn t perfect but there were working on it and they did care about each other Matt has spent his life in Chad s shadow After his death, Matt has done everything that he can to help Gracelyn and the children cope with the loss On the one year anniversary of Chad s death, things change for Gracelyn and Matt and they realize that their feelings for each other have evolved into something intense They know that nobody would accept a relationship between them so they do their best not to let anything serious happen but they can t hide what they feel for each other.I thought that Gracelyn and Matt were great together These two had a ton of chemistry and there were quite a few scenes that were full of heat I like that they have a long history together and that things have evolved over time Gracelyn knew exactly what she wanted and wasn t afraid to let anyone know Matt was such a good guy who seemed to really be trying to do what was in everyone s best interest I read a lot of romance and it seems to me that a lot of time the big obstacle that the couple needs to overcome really isn t all that big of a deal This book was different because I really understood the obstacle that Gracelyn and Matt were facing The steps that they took to keep everyone s feelings in mind while they navigated their new relationship seemed really authentic to me I thought that Joe Arden and Samantha Cooke did a great job with this audiobook I think it was a really good choice to use a dual narrator format for this story and I thought that both of the narrators brought a lot of emotion into the story I had no problem listening to this book for hours at a time I would recommend this romance to others It was a quick read that felt very authentic and was full of emotions I wouldn t hesitate to read from Jessica Jayne in the future I received a review copy of this audiobook from the author via Caffeinated Services.Initial ThoughtsThis was good I wish that we would have seen of them falling for each other during the year between the death of Gracelyn s husband and the big event I did see the obstacles that they faced and could understand that others might have a few issues with their being together There were some pretty hot scenes and some touching ones I thought that the narrators did a great job with this story.

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    I was approached by Jessica back in January about reading and reviewing her Book More than Friends and to read her in draft Book of In Flames I loved More Than Friends, so I knew I was going to love In Flames as well I received a copy of In Flames while it was in Beta Read form still and While I LOVED this Book, I know how Myself and other readers LOVE an HEA and an Epilogue to go with that HEA I was so happy When Jessica took my feedback and gave us an Epilogue We start the story with Gracelyn who has been a widow for one year now after her firefighter husband Chad died during a fire Gracelyn has been left to raise her two children herself, and she has had a hard first year The week before Chad had died Gracelyn had found out he had cheated on her and had asked him to leave , telling him that she needed space to think about everything A week later he died in a fire So the heartbreak is a little intense for her at times, because they had been separated when he had passed away She has had help from friends and family along the way , but it still has been a stressful, heartbreaking year of everything The one constant in her life through the last year has been Chad s Brother Matt, who was also there when Chad died in the fire For the last year Gracelyn and Matt have been each other s shoulder to lean on They have both helped each other to deal with Chad s death Matt has helped her with the kids, and has become very much closer to Gracelyn Before the one year anniversary of Chad s death Matt started to have feelings for Gracelyn, but has not acted upon those feelings until now Emotions run wild on the one year anniversary of Chad s death and Matt finds Gracelyn in her bedroom on the floor sleeping, he can tell she had been crying When she wakes and finds out Matt is there , she starts to cry again, Matt comforts her and one thing leads to another and they are sleeping with each other They decide because of everything that it can not happen again They try really hard to not let things between them go any further, But feelings are not something you can turn off I ve put out every kind of fire in my job, but I cannot put outthis fire that is burning inside of me for you What am I going to do with you I do not want to tell you all that happens , I want you to be able to read this and get the full effect of the story for yourself I will say this you will LOVE Gracelyn and Matt I will say this , this is not an easy road for Matt and Gracelyn once they decide to see where their feelings for each other go There is going to be some surprises, Some angry parents , and an angry ex wife I told you earlier that I didn t think I could make love to you again and walk away And I can t More importantly, I won t I know some people will be hurt by my wanting to be with you by us wanting to be together I know we will have a rocky road with the family for a period of time I know we will likely be the talk of the town for a while I didn t plan this I did not plan to fall in love with you But I did I love you I love you And I am not letting you go Ever There is a HEA and an Awesome Epilogue as well Jessica did an amazing Job writing this story and I am so glad I had the pleasure of reading it before release and discussing it with her Book Blurb Gracelyn Riley married a firefighter and she knew that came with some risks But she never imagined herself widowed in her early thirties with two children to care for on her own Even though she had asked her husband, Chad, for a trial separation the week before his death because she found out about an affair he was having, dealing with the last year without him has not been easy Her brother in law, Matt, has been the rock that has kept her from collapsing.As a fireman, Matt Riley had been at the scene when his brother was killed Several other firefighters had to hold him back to keep him from going after his brother in the collapsing building The last year has been difficult for Matt He suffered greatly from survivor s guilt and drank himself into oblivion on several occasions His one saving grace has come in the form of his sister in law, Gracelyn Her friendship has pulled him through time and time again.With the year anniversary of Chad s death upon them, Gracelyn and Matt turn to each for support and comfort What they didn t expect was to realize that their feelings for each other may go well beyond the solid friendship they share Can they overcome the guilt and the scrutiny of their family and friends to find love together

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    When Gracelyn Riley lost her firefighter husband, she turned to her best friend and his brother firefighter Matt Riley He was her rock, she was his After a year Matt is feeling things for Gracelyn that are than brother in law feelings and is certain Gracelyn doesn t share the same feelings, or does she When a kiss leads to a passionate encounter, both Gracelyn and Matt are left confused, they both want to explore the spark between them but if they do it will hurt those they care about most Gracelyn however feels the fog has lifted and she knows what she wants, Matt even if he protests it is not possible I thought this was written with deep emotion You feel for both Matt and Gracelyn and get to read both perspectives, which I thought was important to really get the full impact of what this couple was beginning to build Highly recommend.

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    Wowza What a great story and holy steam factor I was loving this from beginning to end The characters were very believable and the situation felt real Matt was really struggling and made many bad decisions But It was beautiful to see them come together and overcome the odds You really are with them all the way on their journey I love the hot and sexy idea of fireman but this story definitely reminds you that it really is not a safe job.Cover Art Yummilicious Love those abs Disclosure This ebook was provided to me free of charge through for the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

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    So glad to have been able to tell this story I really, really love these characters Download your copy 4 25

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    In Flamesby Jessica JayneNarrated by Samantha Cook and Joe Arden Overall 4 Stars STORY 3.5 Jayne s latest is a sexy contemporary taboo romance with an off the charts heat level Gracelyn and Matt are genuine and likeable characters and their love story is touching, emotional and explosive The author does a wonderful job of dealing with all the negative and positive consequences of this very complicated relationship including the incredibly convoluted family dynamics Even though the read tends to be on the wordy side it doesn t affect the enjoyment of this sweet with heat romance The real standout of the novel is Matt and Gracelyn s love of and dedication to their family and to each other and the love they tried so hard to ignore triumphing.NARRATION 4 The narrators Samantha Cook and Joe Arden do a wonderful job of bringing the novel to life for their listeners putting emotion and feeling in every sentence and scene and making the characters three dimensional plus they both expertly handle male and female voices The audible edition gives the audience a in depth experience of the story.SUMMARY On the first anniversary of Chad Riley perishing in a fire his widow Gracelyn and brother and fellow firefighter Matt who was at the fire that killed him give in to an attraction that s been building over the past year not once but multiple times Gracielyn s marriage to Chad wasn t perfect but this past year has been difficult without him and would have been difficult if not for Matt She s grateful for all that he s done to help her and her two children after losing her husband and their dad and is ready to take these feelings to the next level, to see where it might lead Butt Matt is pragmatic, after all he s lived in the shadow of his big brother Chad all his life and is convinced it will only hurt the ones they love, plus he s afraid if they go forward he won t be able to keep his hands off her and so is totally against it But are they strong enough to fight the flames and if they give in again will the heat heal or consume them

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    Matt, a divorced father and firefighter, has fallen in love for second time in his life The first time was when his son was born and the second time is with the one person that he should not love, his best friend, his brother s gorgeous widow It has been a year since Matt watched that burning house collapse on his big brother, but is Matt brave enough to ignore what everyone thinks, including his own mother, and follow his heart Gracelyn and her two children have been through hell Chad hasn t even unpacked the boxes from moving back in with his family when Grace gets the knock on the door that every firefighter s spouse dreads He s gone After spending months as the talk of the town when Chad got caught cheating, is Gracelyn brave enough to trust Matt, her husband s brother, with her delicate heart or will she let him run away As the wife of a retired police officer, I was in tears just reading the prologue because I understand the fear of that late night knock on the door Don t get the wrong impression this is a hot and heavy romance but Jessica s character development is outstanding You can feel Matt and Gracelyn s inner struggles to do what is right for their families and their intense attraction is like nothing they ve ever felt before I love the fact that Gracelyn is a strong woman who knows what she wants and we get a glimpse into the vulnerable side of Matt, the big tough firefighter I did not read the first release in 2013, but this one deserves 5 out of 5 propellers, or in this case 5 out of 5 alarms, because it will break your heart and yet give you hope that just maybe your best friend can also be your soul mate This is a stand alone book with a happily ever after ending.

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    In Flames by Jessica Jayne was my first book of this author There are moments when I want to write about book but I don t know what to write Sometimes I m lack of words because book can be bad, but now I m speachless because this story give me so much heart ache When You ll read the blurb You know from the beginig that this book won t be easy It can t be simple if You start with broken heart.That s why In Flames gave my hard times Gracelyn is young widow, she suffering after losing her husband, but this pain was made not only by death of her husband She s very sad because her husband wasn t honest with her and now she need to deal with all things, which he left behind but , just around the corner there is Matt Gracelyn and Matt don t know that they perfect together but life will show them how to find each other.In some eyes this could be just oridinary love story, but I won t agree with that.In every book of this kind I always find hope , that even worst time in life can be changed that there s always way out.In every book of this kind I find the truth that everyone need simple and oridanry LOVE, because family, respect, love and health are the most important things in our lifes.This book wasn t simple but I m glad that I meet Jessica Jayne writting in my life.

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    In Flames is the first novel I ve read by Jessica Jayne I was pulled in from the beginning as the hero, Matt, sits in front of his sister in law s house, trying to build up the nerve to go in and tell her his brother, Chad, had died in while fighting a fire I felt every ounce of anguish he was feeling, which let me know this book was going to be a great read Following Chad s death, Matt was in a very dark place and Gracelyn helped pull him out In return, Matt consoled her, helped her with the kids, and did everything he could do to help Throughout that year, they became best friends, however, I think feelings were already simmering.When the first year of Chad s death came around, it was too much for them to bear and they turned to each other physically for comfort I wasn t surprised at all, and honestly, I m surprised it took a whole year for it to happen As much as I wanted to see them together, I knew it was going to be an uphill battle, mainly fighting their own guilt, then Matt s insane ex wife, his judgemental mother, and a lot of the townspeople How did it work out for them You ll have to one click and find out With this book, Jessica Jayne became a one click author for me There wasn t anything I didn t love about this book The author created complex characters it was easy to become invested in and the story line was multi dimensional I give In Flames 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who likes best friends to lovers romance novels I will be looking for of Ms Jayne s work in the future.

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