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  • Paperback
  • 85 pages
  • Wit : A Play
  • Margaret Edson
  • English
  • 14 June 2018
  • 9780571198771

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    A moving Pulitzer award winning brilliant play by Margaret Edson born 1961 A dying highly respected poetry professor specializing on John Donne works The professor is diagnosed with stage 4 there is no stage 5 ovarian cancer and she is expected to die in few days The play chronicles her last few hours on earth She is visited by her former professor who offers to read her a John Donne poem She declines so her visitor pulls out a children s book she just brought for her great grandson s birthday Margaret Wise Brown s The Runaway Bunny. The reader will easily spot the connection of the poem to the one the professor s father read to her when she was a young girl Beatrix Potter s The Tale of Flopsy Bunnies that made me her interested on the reading When she learned the power of words When she learned that soporific means inducing or tending to induce sleep.On her last few days on earth, the professor analyzes her life especially the use of wit through the metaphysical poems of John Donne I had to look up the meaning of wit in metaphysical poems and I did not know who John Donne was and that s the beauty of reading you get to exposed to things and learn new things in the process So, I held on Wit is a form of intellectual humour and a wit is someone skilled in making witty remarks Forms of wit are the quip and repartee So, in the story, it is still the professor, Vivian who is the wit and she is still able to make some funny remarks to the other characters or in her thoughts However, the irony of it all is that there is no one visiting her as she has no known relatives orphan, single, childless and no friends career oriented at school The play is another eye opener in terms of what is really important in one s life On one s last day on earth, nobody has ever said I wish I had spent days in the office. Me as a wit What if on my last day and I say this, will I be put in the Guinness Book of Records and will people stop uttering this much used sentence The play is short One act One continuous setting hospital It used and Edson probably believes this one Shakespeare line that of Polonius in Hamlet that I knew since many years back Brevity is the soul of wit Me as a wit So I am keeping this review short.

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    I am going to refrain from giving this stars a practice I am trying out There are already some really good reviews on gr I am not going to thoroughly review the play, but I do want to say a bit about my ambivalent response.This is a play narrated by a woman dying of metastatic cancer Before getting sick she was a hard core academic and her focus was 17th century poetry, particularly John Donne She has very little access to emotional connection She intellectualizes just about everything And before getting sick, she was uncompromising and inflexible Moreover, it seems she had zero friends What I think both makes this play work and also, at the same time, kind of unravels its power, is the structure There are a lot of echoing themes The Bunny books by Margaret Wise Brown The poetry of John Donne Vivian s emotional spininess The doctors coldness and the nurse s warmth They sort of produce an emotional reaction, but I found mine fizzled out into a bit of frustration.Basically, while I appreciate very much that this play addresses the utter failure of doctors to treat patients compassionately, and while I appreciate the ways that it tries to explore the question of institutional expectations versus human connection, I also find it relies too heavily on stereotypes and formal repetitions It s a little like I m been force fed my peas and carrots Moreover, and importantly, I was really freaking icked out by the whole nurse being the intellectually inferior but emotionally care takey character My biggest fear, reading it, was that someone would cast the nurse as the wise black female archetype whose job it is in American cultural productions to emotionally support the poor old white woman and serve as a bridge to her emotional world And, well, I looked at the movie cast just out of curiosity while writing this today I read the play yesterday and what do you know, that s exactly what happened in the film version Ugh Maybe I would find this play a little tolerable if the casting were to undermine some of the banal crepe How about cast a woman of color as Vivian Have the nurse be a white guy A boy named Sue I don t know But as things are, I m not so excited about the play.That said, I am glad I read it And glad I read the reviews of some folks who really liked it Who felt comforted by a play that spoke to their experiences of loss and illness And reading the play reminded me of how much I enjoy reading scripts plays, film scripts and writing them, too So, this play is a mixed bag There are things to admire in it and many things, also, to rail against And so I do both And prepare to read some plays by Mishima And this is where my review ends.

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    We are always scrambling for what gives our time meaning and how that relates with what gives our lives meaning W t captures all the scrambling It exposes the truth that I feel in my gut all this cleverness isn t taking clever people as far as they would like and still we continue being clever.Vivian Bearing is a professor of English who teaches a the magnificently complex poetry of John Donne She is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer and tackles this challenge the same way she critical analyzes poetry However, the subject that she analyses is her life and it is impossible to objectively assess one s life without being influenced by that assessment.Margaret Edson skillfully explores the question of whether wit gives life meaning through three layers John Donne s poem, Vivian Bearing s monologues, and the whole plot of the play The plot suggest that this question eluded any though because it was taken as given in Vivan s childhood The sheer wit of the Vivian s reassessment is delightful and ironic because Edson is writing about the limits of W t In an interview, Edson says about John Donne s poetry, the fun of catching it is greater than the benefit of the insight to be gained I suspect she would say so of wit I also suspect there is a fourth layer to the ostensible thesis of the play Edson s life.Margaret Edson was born and brought up in Washington, DC, went to elite educational institutions and moved to Iowa, where here sister lived She sold hot dogs by day and bartended by night Eventually she returned to DC and worked as a clerk in an AIDS and cancer treatment of a hospital Between her work at the hospital and enrollment in a PhD program at Georgetown, Edson wrote her only published play and it ended up winning the Pulitzer After she received her graduate degree she became and remains a public school teacher I cannot shake off the feeling that Margaret Edson is what Vivian Bearing would be if she hadn t died at the end of this play.W t reinforces my notion that what gives life meaning maybe death, but it s certainly not wit October 3, 2018

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    Wow This was overwhelming, and a bit too close to home for me, both because of my own experience and knowing what my dad must have been feeling as he faced death Edson has sharp insight, often nailing my own feelings of isolation and desperation during the cancer treatment experience The only thing that didn t speak to me was the very end, but that is just my own skepticism about an afterlife it is beautifully written and a good ending.One of the things that struck me was the appropriateness of names Vivian BEARING is the patient, she bears not only the disease but also the medical workers treatment The resident is Dr POSNER, and she describes him as inept, a research who is just posing as a dr to make the rounds And Dr Kelekian s name is curiously familiar to me, like Dr Kevorkian.Her wit is on full display, and you are or at least I was immediately sympathetic with the character It made me laugh out loud and gasp For instance, her wit I just hold still and look cancerous It requires less acting every time p 37 And her humanity It came so quickly, after taking so long Not even time for a proper conclusion p 72.

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    This is a five star book that I don t feel the need to ever see again, which then makes it a four star book Yeah that makes no sense deal it is a nice criticism of the medical system, and the university system in general I would say It s not a peach, but it s probably a plum.

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    The 1999 Pulitzer winner for drama The play focuses on middle aged college professor, Vivian Bearing, and her struggle with late stage ovarian cancer It explores her intellectual, stoic approach to English literature and how that same perspective frames her perspective on her medical fate That perspective changes as she compares her detached demeanor with that of the impersonal medical researcher who is treating her This play was rather disappointing on the whole First, I don t care for the play s structure that has Vivian as both the main character and the narrator, and how she goes back and forth with her internal monologues Second, in a few scenes, the other characters step out of character and interact with her as both patient and narrator, breaking the drama s assumed reality Thirdly, the narrator treats the reader audience like a moron incapable of picking up the major themes of the play Vivian, for instance, notes casually to herself the irony of the situation of the stoic doctor treating her the same way she treated her students That irony was clear enough without the exposition, thank you very much Lastly, the play s title appears some one million times throughout the dialogue Ugh And don t even get me started with the semicolon in place of the letter i in the title If you re only reading a few plays this year, don t make this one of them.

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    Maybe 4 1 2.A very smart , moving short play Pardon the order of the adjectives I used, in case I got it wrong.Highly recommended.Thank you, Lavinia.

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    Although it s a short play, I read half of it one evening and the other half the next day, partly because I was sleepy and party because it s hard to take it It s about a horrible disease, lack of sympathy, need of human connection, strength and vulnerability, loneliness and death It s metaphysical and deeply touching And then I started watching the movie starring Emma Thompson and the impact was ten times stronger I wasn t able to keep on watching it until the end It s tough because it s painful and real It s tough because it s about real life.

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    Outstanding book that every writer should read Breathtaking Heartbreaking.

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    I feel proud and lucky to have read few of Donne s love poems and divine sonnets I have read them in M.A English Course Though I couldn t grasp them completely but somehow I came to know little about the concepts like metaphysical poetry, conceit and hyperbole etc.Now I have watched the movie Wit third time and read this play side by side The play mainly revolves around one of Donne s poems describing the tragic life of an English professor specialized in Donne s holy sonnets Donne s holy sonnets, which explore mortality in greater depth than any other body of work in the English language Death be not proud, though some have called theeMighty and dreadful, for thou art not so For those whom thou think st thou dost overthrowDie not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.This play won the Pulitzer Prize for the drama in 1999 But I think the movie is far better than the play Because by reading of the play you can t feel or imagine the intensity of immense pain, emotions and humiliation The play was just a lifeless body but Emma Thompson who played the Dr Bearing s role had put the soul into it and made it alive Emma Thompson is one of the finest British actresses Every scene and dialogue is exceptional There is a scene in which one PhD scholar of seventh century English poetry specialized in the Holy Sonnets of John Donne visits Dr Bearing Dr Bearing is hospitalized for chemotherapy This scene is worth watching and far better than hundred commercial movies It clearly shows that how badly you need the attention, kindness and the gentle touch of the people, especially when you are in pain This movie and play made me speechless I am regretting to not have suitable and appropriate vocabulary to review it, to express my feelings about it Highly recommendedQuotes Brevity is the soul of wit My only defense is the acquisition of vocabulary.

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