Sunburn (Greek God, #3)

Sunburn (Greek God, #3) Dear god, let me count the ways of how much I loved this book It was perfect, sweet, funny, and had plenty of romance.At first I was really reluctant to read this book when I found out it was about Apollo I ve read the Greek myths surrounding this god and some of it was kind of frightening when you think about being on the receiving end of his Affections Also I m a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyons books and in her Dark Hunter series Apollo is a complete prick, and for a while it was really hard for me to take away what I ve read about Apollo in her series so I could finish this one Thankfully the Apollo in this book was nothing like the Apollo in Kenyons series In this series he s thoughtful, kind, honest, and rather sweet and totally sexy as all hell The scene in the shower on the patio was so hot I had a blush on my face for twenty minutes I loved watching as he fell for the strong willed, stubborn girl that was so unlike her name Patience was definitely a character that I found entertaining She was just all over the place with her personality I feared I would get whiplash trying to keep up But it wasn t annoying or hindered the story by any means I found it funny and kept you on your toes trying to guess her next reaction.The story line was absolutely fantastic There wasn t a flaw in sight The story had a nice flow to it that made it interesting and did not linger on any boring or unnecessary details, but also gave an appropriate amount of time to really connect with the characters and what they are going through This book was perfect in every sense of the word 5 5 stars. I adored this book Apollo, a Greek god, runs a vacation resort named Helios and meets vacation blogger Patience O Conner who is anything but patient this stills makes me smile and tickles my sense of humor.Apollo and Patience were fun characters to get to know, the story flowed smoothly and had some delicious hot scenes along with a good dose of humor. Patience O Conner Is A Travel Blogger Who Lives For Her Work Her Dedication To Her Readers Brings Her To The Famed Helios Resort In Mexico, A Locale That Stuns Her With Its Beauty But At Which She Suffers From Some Very Strange AccidentsLuckily, Hunky Resort Bartender Apollo Delos Is Always There In The Nick Of Time, A Malcontent Guardian Angel Apollo Stuns Patience Again And Again With His Life Saving Abilities, To Say Nothing Of His Smoldering Looks And Apparent Desire To Keep Her AliveBefore Long, Patience Wonders If There Is To The Sexy Bartender Than Mixed Cocktails And Insane First Aid Skills Something Strange Is Happening At Helios And Apollo Doesn T Want To Talk About ItCan Patience Open Herself Up To This Enigmatic Man, Even Though She Is Terrified To Be Vulnerable Again And Can Apollo Recover From An Eternity Of Hurt And Learn To Trust Once They Must Both Decide Before Death Comes Calling Claps and cheers What a terrific book I really loved this one It felt so real, so normal, with the normal girl problem about their weights and everything This book seriously can relate to a lot of woman Apollo was such a sweetheart to Patience and the perfect Prince Charming Mhmmmm and so gorgeous Again met Hades YES I like him, he s so full of mystery And Artemis, hope she ll find her man, now that Apollo is with his goddess all the time.The ending again, as always unexpected Though, this time was spectacular You amazed me again, Rosanna Keep them coming hun D Another fabulous entry in Leo s series about the Greek pantheon This one features Apollo, and is substantially different from the first two books in the series, though that is all to the good in my opinion Where For the Love of a God had a down to earth practical ish feel, and Sweet Hell had something of a fairytale feel to it with their journey through Hades, this one has a very exotic feel to go with the exotic setting The setting comes alive so well here that at times you almost feel like you should put on sunscreen and a hat for protection from the sun while reading it.Like the other heroines, Patience is a fully adult professional woman who is entirely self sufficient She s been burned badly in love before, and has sworn never to let anyone in that close again, but one look at Apollo has her struggling to keep that vow to herself She tries valiantly to keep her distance from him, to remain aloof and objective, walls firmly in place, but every encounter with him further weakens her defenses until finally she just can t fight it any Still, she s a reasonable, practical woman, so even though she gives in to her attraction to him, she still tries to keep her heart out of it and to maintain some sense of objectivity about it all For all that she seems to be a born skeptic, however, she still quite readily accepts several fantastic things without much question or fuss Her willingness to take the plunge as it were, to explore the rabbit hole and see what treasures it might hold, is one of her strengths, as is her willingness, eventually anyway, to let go of the hurts in her past and open herself to the possibility of love again.Apollo is much the same in many ways He s loved several times in the past, and been hurt badly on than one occasion, starting with the infamous Daphne He too has vowed never to let another woman into his heart again, however lonely he might be As with Patience, all it takes is one look at her for that resolve to begin to weaken, though he s not quite as successful even from the start at resisting the attraction as she is Ultimately, though, he s both and less successful at accepting his love for Patience and accepting of having a serious relationship with her He s willing to admit to his feelings perhaps because he has to tell the truth always , but somewhat less willing to fully commit, and less willing to really believe that she could want him regardless of who and what he is, warts and all.Without being overly descriptive, Leo manages to capture the feeling of a Mexican resort quite well in the tone of her writing, to the point that you can almost feel the heat and taste the pina coladas The writing and descriptions are very entertaining, with many chuckles and laugh out loud moments over some of the situations, and most particularly at some of the epithets she comes up with By Poseidon s barnacle infested ass and Tits of the Gorgon and several others that I forget off the top of my head now, all add flavor and hilarity to the tale Even when events in the story are totally dire, still there are amusing phrases and descriptions thrown in that bring a bit of levity and remind you that it s all going to come out OK in the end Probably.I would highly recommend this story to anyone who likes romance, paranormal romance, and tales about figures from ancient mythology told with an irreverent and offbeat sense of humor All of the characters are loveable well, most all anyway , and even the villains are shown to have their softer, human side so that they aren t just wholly evil I might mark down a teensy bit for minor things here and there, but overall my rating on this one is so close to 5 stars as to make little difference. My favorite of the series Rosanna Leo is a new Author to me and I have to say I enjoyed this book so much Her writing style is lively and fun which also comes through in the storyline, it s a fun sexy read.This is a story about the Gods set in the modern day and what a setting Helios Resort is, I want to go to Helios and I want to meet a sexy God It s fast pacing you won t find yourself bored at any part in this story and it s a lovely love story that will make you smile, laugh a little and want that HEA.So we have Apollo who basically is sex on legs, well he is a God He has been hurt badly in the past by women who said they loved him but when he showed them his true self they would run and this hurt him so much that he told himself he would never love again He is a good guy but has done some bad things in his past He knows a travel blogger is coming to his resort to write a review on it but what he doesn t expect is Patience and what she does to change his world Patience doesn t think much of herself she thinks she is fat plain and boring Haha well she didn t plan on meeting Apollo either but he certainly makes her feel a whole lot different about herself Patience does have issues and when you find out why she is the way she is you understand her and get where she is coming from She does seem to have a death wish well so would you when you have a demon after you trying to kill you.Apollo is there to save her time and time again and they grow close which leads to some pretty hot sex like I said I want a God.I loved some of the side Character s especially the 9 muses they made me laugh put if they were like that around me I think I might end up pushing one of them in the pool but then they would probably stand there clapping and screaming thinking it was a game They are funny When danger comes a calling and Patience finding out some not so nice things about Apollo suddenly it is all taken away and she finds herself fighting.With a little help from Hades Apollo finds himself fighting for Patience life will there be a happy ending for them both Will they both fight to be each each others arms again.Read this fun sexy book to find out. Oh God Apollo is so freaging perfect in every way imaginable, he s so hooooot He s my favorite of all the greek gods, i don t care if he can be a merciless destroyer at times when he s moody, it s just something about him ahh and whenever i see a romance that features him, Apollo the sun god, i have to get it no matter what I am in love with that god Apollo is beyond gorgeous, he s the most beautiful of all the greek gods by the way A man or a god like him could have anyone and everything he wants, he could be arrogant, full of himself and an ass but no He was so sweet, kind, protective, loving, affectionate and so PATIENT with Patience The irony is that even as gorgeous and magnificent Apollo is, he is rather unlucky in love his past lovers were interested in what they could get from him instead of loving him for himself I kinda understand them cause they probably thought that a really magnificent god like that would leave them anytime for someone better than them So he decided not to go that way any because him and love usually take the same road but can never meet together But Patience Proved him wrong by loving and caring for him for what he is and not what she can get from him I love Patience, she s so funny and hilarious At first she couldn t believe someone like Apollo could have genuine feelings for her and she was also hurt by bad relationships in the past But Apollo worked hard and used a lot of patience to prove her how sincere he was about her What i like the most is when he was ready to give his godly soul to Hades in other to save Patience when the demon took her I love that hot and awesome story, it s so full of passion, love, lust, commitment and actions You go Rosanna Leo very good job I want , Book provided by author for review.This book is like a bottle of sunshine in the middle of winter, it is a delicious upbeat story that is going to get you in a good mood So find your tanning lotion and sun hat and enjoy.Apollo the Greek God has been burned than once and don t want to have anything to do with love ever again That works out fine until he meets Patience a wonderful full figured woman that takes him with storm with a bit of gruff comments and great wit The dialog is full of funny comments and I Snickered and laughed while reading this book The Muses really got my laughter going they are real funny.It felt real original with this modern twist to the Greek myths I bought it and loved it, just picture Artemis in skinny jeans The story is wonderfully written and so upbeat that you just get in a good mood reading it and you feel the sunshine on your body You could almost get this on prescription as treatment for winter depression The romance builds up nicely and it is hot and steaming not to forget the shower scenes, hot, hot I would recommend this to anyone looking for a charming romance or PNR filled with sunshine and fun dialog I love this cute love story and I give it 5 stars. SunburnApollo has opened a resort Helios His sister Artemis is there to check it out Apollo is nervous because he is expecting the Travel Chic a blogger on resorts to arrive at anytime He is also troubled that his visions have been of a young woman who has her heart riped out of her chest He never sees her face but because he can t see visions of people close to him he is worried Patience the Travel Chic , has arrived at Helios with her two best friends They trying to get her mind of a ex lover and some RR in the sun When they arrive a bartender approaches and offers a drink Patience sees the hunky bartender and fights any attraction she has to him She has no idea he is the owner let alone the god of the sun and healing.Rosanna, this one made me cry I love Apollo Patience tried my patience a little She has been through a lot but she gives Apollo a run for his money Their story is very touching and loving You really get sucked into their story Loved the story and even though it was short was well worth the read Adults only, some extremely HOT scenes

Rosanna Leo is a multi published romance author She is the First Place Winner of the 2018 Northern Hearts Contest Contemporary Romance as well as a finalist for Best Canadian Author in the same contest From Toronto, Canada, Rosanna occupies a house in the suburbs with her long suffering husband, their two hungry sons and a tabby cat named Sweetie When not writing, she can be found haunting du

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