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Art of Isis Sousa & Guests I won this through a Good Reads Give a way I was blown away by the beautiful artwork throughout this book The colors are very bright and lively Ms Sousa and the other featured artists have a great talent This book really is a master piece for the art world I really enjoyed reading the tips as well as the pointers such as saving files of work that you might not think you will need My husband enjoys working on different computer programs for art and this book is a gold mine of knowledge for him Again I can t say it enough how much I really loved the pictures in the book My favorites were Night Child Her eyes are very creepy, which would make perfect for a horror book cover , Torbjorn og Ragnhild the faces look so life like , Dark Reveries She looks like a wicked fairy Drakaina She looks bad ass , Azaziel Another great art piece that would be great for a book cover , last but not least my ultimate favorite Lady Mordarante I love the gothic Victorian feel she has and the colors of the jewels she is wearing If you are a fan of great art or digital art I recommend this book I guarantee you will be blown away by the great art like I was This art book is pretty amazing Isis is a wonderful person and very talented artist, which can be seen and also felt in all her works throughout this book The tutorials in this book and the video lectures that are coming with the digital version are easy to understand and really helpful You can feel how much thought and time Isis put in her book, shaping it into something special.Also the artworks done by Isis and her fellow artists are simply gorgeous I really recommend any fantasy artist to read this book and get inspired not only by the wonderful artworks, but also all the little stories and tips.My personal favorite of Isis artworks is Son of life , the cover of Grace Dravens book of the same name.The details and color composition are truly beautiful I especially love the hair and face of King Macbeth.From all the guest artists in this book, the artwork of Marilena Mexi resonates the most with my personal taste I love the way she does her backgrounds She really touched my heart with her works, as she recommends others to capture their viewers.This is the first of many books to come as it seems and I am looking forward to the next one.Isis, you re awesome Keep on the great work MOST ASTOUNDING ART INCREDIBLY INSPIRATIONAL WORDS that every new artist would benefit from In all honesty, SIX STARS barely cover the brilliance of this book The cover pretty much sums everything up Her artwork shows beauty rare, true, and unadulterated beauty The intricacy of the brush strokes, her attention to each texture, to each gradation of colour is so refined that I cannot even begin to imagine how much effort Isis must have put into this Every line and colour shows care and patience to achieve perfection My personal favourites are Eyes Of The New World , Night Child and Indigo Lady and Among Wolves Though these few pieces of art are perhaps not the most contraversial, they all share a common feature they allow me to easily see beyond the surface, and uncover the layers bit by bit They create emotions, and are particularly thoughtful Moreover, I believe that they have just that little bit story about them than the rest However, it is not the art on itself that pushed my star rating to SIX STARS , it is the little invaluable pieces of information that are slipped in at different points of the book Some of them are on how to approach digital artwork, but others are on how to improve one s career, one s talent, and one s perspective to things ExploringArt of Isis Sousa Guestsis the equivalent of searching through a bountiful field during harvest You find fruitful bits of gold everywhere Personally, I am a traditional sort of artist, and had been a little bit wary when I first came across this book However, I have always been looking for ways to approach art in different ways, which had been hard to find Therefore, when I saw that a giveaway book was up for grabs, I entered immediately, and with some luck, I found I received the book.Lastly, thank you so much Isis for putting the book up for a giveaway It had been extremely generous of you To the rest of you who do not know her, just from the short Goodreads message exchanges, I could clearly see her as a great, passionate person, and going through the book only confirmed her talents as an artist of which I had never had any doubt I truly thank my lucky stars for granting me this giveaway I went through a series of emotions I find hard pressed to find in fictional books, let alone in artworkIf ANY of you reading this review have not yet read this fantastic book and are at all interested in DIGITAL PAINTING, ARTISTIC BEAUTY, or just generally looking at art in a different way, this is hands down the book you want and MUST HAVEthe glowing reviews and impeccable ratings on themselves must show SOMETHING worth a second look, right This is the very first book of Brazilian Norwegian fantasy artist Isis Sousa In this book, we get to know Isis personally and learn about her inspirations, stories behind her characters, how she works out some problems and her ideas about some stereotypes There are lots of useful tips about her tools, texturing, painting facial components, gaining exposure on art communities, being an artist as a profession and how to become a better artist If you already know the basic concepts of digital painting, then following the book is very easy and also that much fun since Isis s way of narrating is very sincere and quite enjoyable We also get to chance to see deeper into her fantasy characters, listen to their backgrounds and even try to communicate with them What makes this book so fluent is that very basic concepts of digital painting are skipped and if you are a mediocre digital artist you have a lot to learn from it But one should keep in mind that this book is mainly based on fantasy portraits so if anything is expected from it, such as tips about landscape painting, that would cause some disappointment Guest artists section contributes to book in such a way that it brings many different cuisines together perfectly It also gives us the chance to get familiar with amazing artists from all over the world Moreover there are tips from the guest artists The book is also accompanied by step by step video tutorials. A gorgeous fantasy art book from a very talented artist Starting from the original idea, concept, technique and until the final result of creation, this book proves to be an extraordinary art tool, dedicated to the fantasy digital art lovers, as well as to all artists Its a beautiful book with pleasant and easy to follow layout and also, and not the least, with amazing works from great artists from all over the world Thank you, Isis Sousa Incredible book of art The images within are beautiful, I found the how to tutorials interesting, but not useful for me I really think it requires a talented artist than me to make the most of them As a fantasy writer though, I found these images inspiring and very, very impressive I d highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in fantasy art Particularly character portraits. Utterly beautiful Sousa et al have really done themselves proud Although all the work is absolutely breathtaking, the book is, for me anyway, an excellent showcase for the work she produced between 10 and mid 12 To have created so many amazing opera in such a short space of time is absolutely awesome I just hope that she hasn t burnt herself out, and that there s to come I ll certainly be keeping my eye out for this young lady s work in future. Beautiful and amazing artwork I love the details and the tips are fantastic My godmother came to talk to me while I was looking at Isis Sousa s work and she couldn t help but gasp at the beautiful artwork I am definitely going to try and implement the techniques in this book the next time I try graphic art again. The Art Of Isis Sousa Guests Is A Highly Inspirational Tool For Both You Fantasy Art Lover And Fantasy Artist Developing Your Skills Endorsed By Some Of The Biggest Fantasy Art And Creative Communities In The World Including Shadowness It S Founder Meng To, Elfwood, ItsArtMag It S Founder Partice Leymarie, HystericalMinds, DeviantArt S Groups Elite Artists Paradise Of Artists And Sketchoholic The Book Is Bound With Beautiful, High End Fantasy And Dark Fantasy Works From Isis Sousa And Renowned Guests Uwe Jarling, Kirsi Salonen, Jezabel Nekranea, Erta Altin Z, Rochelle Green, Alexander Nanitchkov, Marius Bota, Marilena Mexi, Mariana Veira And Nathie BlockTake A Learning And Insightful Journey Through The Dozens Of Tips, Articles, Tutorials, Lectures, Video Classes And Nonetheless, Fantastic Artworks Which Make This One Of A Kind Art Book Experience Read And Watch Video Tutorials And Workshops Right From The Book Using QR Technology Barcode ScanningOBS This Is Not A How To Book A beautiful collection of digital art, artists, and advanced artistic techniques for bringing digital art to life.

I am an artist illustrator and graphic designer who writes on my free time But with all the imagination I have running lose, there came some stories And there came some books For the past few years, Isis Sousa started her Indie Author journey, publishing works of Gothic Fiction, which she writes on her free time These have been so far a hobby, but the author intends to reach a larger readers

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  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Art of Isis Sousa & Guests
  • Isis Sousa
  • English
  • 23 March 2018
  • 9781479155118

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