Entice (Exquisite, #2)

Entice (Exquisite, #2) What If Everything You Think You Want Isn T What You Actually NeedDr Shelly Monroe Is A Woman Who Doesn T Shy Away From Going After What She Wants, But Lately Good Sex Has Been Hard To Find Shelly S Become Increasingly Frustrated With The Men She S Been Dating And The Men She Believes Are The Right ChoiceJoshua Daniels Is Certainly Not Even Close To The Right Choice In Fact He Is Exactly The Wrong Choice For One Thing, He S Mason Langley S Best Friend And Best Man Second He S Too Much Of A Risky Complication For Shelly To Even ConsiderThen Why Can T She Stop Thinking About How Delicious He Looked That First Night She Met Him At Exquisite Why Is It So Imperative To Keep Her Lusty Desire For A Man That Doesn T Meet Her Preconceived Mold Hidden From Lena And Mason, Her Trusted Friends It Seems Unreasonable That Being With A Man Completely Wrong In Theory Could Somehow Feel So Right Then Why Is It The She Sees Him The Enticing He Becomes

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co author of the fan favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict A life long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction.

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  • Entice (Exquisite, #2)
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  • 07 November 2018

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    Review completed January 27, 20134.5 enticing stars.Josh has a doggie Erthe doggie s physical appearance is pretty impressive Even though Josh is wearing jeans all the time he cleans up nicely First of all let me say something about my rating Overall I loved Entice It s a wonderful, witty, steamy and at times very hilarious sequel to Exquisite. Loved the snappy dialogue I found myself smiling and laughing all the time and I was pleasantly surprised when the light hearted and funny story took a turn into serious and emotional waters And my sexy Mason made Entice even enjoyable With that said, I m very happy that he played a major supporting role in this story While the first third of Entice was absolutely fantastic even better than Exquisite and made me fall in love with the characters and the plot, I have to admit that the part between 57 % and 92 % could not quite live up to my very high expectations Granted, the finalissima was very lovely and inspiring and view spoiler Mason s marriage was beautiful hide spoiler

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    full review now posted No strings, Josh Not one Unless, of course, it s to tie me up This book hasThe best Sexual tension And chemistry EVER I creamed my panties just from those two TALKING I don t even have to say anything about the sex scenes cause they blew my mind I absolutely loved Exquisite, and this book comes very close to it, in fact, the first half of Entice was even better than the first book I couldn t believe it Just amazing Anyway there was this one thing that bugged me, I guess my brain just couldn t get it because I d personally handle the situation differently, so I couldn t understand and couldn t like it Thus the 4 stars rating But don t get me wrong This is still an awesome book, REALLY worth reading, and where I had problems, you may not, so You have a body that s made to pound a woman into her bed So, I m really hoping you can live up to that THE WRITINGUsually I start with the story, but I just can t The writing surpasses everything in this book, is t just that great I forgot to mention this in my review for Exquisite, but I absolutely love the POVs We get both the hero and the heroine, and in exual measure, which I really like It helps understand both characters and it made me connect to them instantly I m not an author, but I read lots of books, and from what I ve read, I know that great sexual tension is hard to write How do I know it s hard Because only a few manage to do it well And Ella Frank She did an amazing job, I tell you Good sex scenes make me hot, well, that s what they re there for, but when you come to the point when the talking makes you twitchy and squirmy and bothered YES Every scene with them was packed with chemistry, and hell, I didn t even need the sex scenes to make me hot The dirty talk, the flirting Still, the sex was there, and it was OMG hot He placed his lips against her head, giving her a gentle kiss, and then he whispered, Take a chance, Shel I m not going to hurt you, use you, or take any part of you for granted THE STORYJosh ended a relationship with a high maintenance woman who used him just for the money He told himself never again.Shelly ended a relationship with a dead beat guy who used her just for the money She told herself never again.Best Man and Maid of Honor for Mason and Lena s wedding, they meet one night at Exquisite, and immediately realise that 1 they want to jump each other like crazy, 2 they re exactly what either of them is NOT looking for, and 3 no way are they EVER going to have sex or try any kind of relationship.Yes Riiiiiight He d told himself over and over that he would not get involved with her As he slid onto the seat, their knees brushing against one another, he also convinced himself sex did not require involvement So basically the story is about Josh and Shelly, both wanting to be together, but both NOT wanting a relationship So they made a deal, just sex, no strings attached, and no one knows about it Sure If she can do it, so can I After all, she doesn t want feelings She just wants sex That works out really well Well, the sex thing works out amazingly because I was panting through it all, damn but those scenes were HOT The club parking lot scene OMG the sparks were bursting all over The arrangement in her office faints Well basically all the scenes between them were uber hot A bit later they started to get and attached of course , and we get to see some wonderful romantic scenes between them the park, the wishing tree , some fights and some making ups DThe ending is beautiful, and explains most of what was happening in the last half, and definitely worth it 3 The epilogue was just great Don t make me want to keep you Josh felt a huge grin spread across his face Well then, don t make me want to be kept THE CHARACTERSShellyI loved her from the first book D She s Lena s best friend, and every scene between those two girls was just hilarious D Shelly tells it how it is, she doesn t mince words and is refreshingly honest DThat s why the flirting was so interesting to read, well actually, that can t be called flirting, that was down right sex talk ahahahahhah LOVED IT Anyway let me get back to her Shelly doesn t want to have a relationship with Josh, she wants someone reliable, and Josh doesn t fit the picture BUT, Jos being Josh and pretty much irresistible, she starts falling for him and I was determined not to fall for you, and somehow, I don t think I ever had a chance of resisting There is one point in the book where I wanted to kick Shelly, she overreacted in one scene and did the totally wrong thing But I don t know, I forgave her pretty soon because since we get to see both POVs I could understand her better, and I could totally feel her confusion with everything that was happening to them both The last 30% were really tough on her and I just felt really bad for her, she didn t deserve that treatment at all, maybe a bit understanding was in order, but oh well The ending and epilogue made up for all that and explained everything, and I m glad it turned out the way it did, it was beautiful Wearing worn jeans with a rip across the knee, he had big broad shoulders that looked so strong and powerful he could possibly lift her above his head in a bench press Add in all that amazing wavy brown hair that was just long enough to come down and curl behind his ears, she thought, Crap, I m screwed Josh sigh it was insta love with us 3 I saw him on paper he has wavy longish hair I have a hair fetish I guess LOL , he looks great, talks dirty and is hot as hell Oh yeah Loved him right away.He doesn t really do the just sex thing, doesn t know how it works, but he knows he wants Shelly badly, so he agrees to it Later on he makes his own deal I pretty much adored him in one scene, Shelly acted immature and used him as a buffer, and he told her he won t take something like that again from her view spoiler I don t care what you think this was about I m telling you I will not be used like that ever again If you have issues and want to talk to me, then, fine, we ll talk But don t ever use me to fight your battles without at least telling me what I m getting into hide spoiler

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    HEY ALL.ELLA POSTED THAT THIS WENT LIVE ON TWO DAYS EARLY Have you ever looked at someone and just thought, Yes, I know you You re meant to be mine image error

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    5 BLISSFUL STARS Ella Frank brings the goods again Exquisite was no freshman fluke, this woman can write I ve been building a dream Oh Josh Daniels, you are MY DREAM As with her first book Exquisite, Ella Frank skillfully crafted another emotional, passionate, sensual, enchanting book Entice is proof that once again this author has what it takes when it comes to writing contemporary romance, and the staying power to compete with the big guns While first half of the book was good and quite enjoyable, the second half was utter perfection The author really brought it home, and this was where her writing didn t just shine, it SPARKLED Just like in Exquisite, Frank makes her characters work to gain the trust and respect of the character that s been wronged The issues aren t so easily solved, niceties are not always exchanged, there are heated confrontations, and it is raw and real You feel the emotions right along with the characters, Shelly s shock becomes yours and when she is unable to function, neither could I My hands were wringing along with Josh in his moments of desperation, as he thought through the decisions he made, and hoping they were the right ones It was emotional overload, but in the best way The author is brilliant when it comes to writing 2 POV s She switches seamlessly between the character s minds The impact is greater this way, because we get to feel what the characters are feeling in that moment, as the scene plays out At one point in the book, my emotions were running so high, that it exhausted me, mentally drained me, my anxiety level was through the roof The sex scenesI can t even think about them without breaking into a sweat, and the chemistry was amazing between Josh and Shelley OFF THE CHART HOT The message in the story is clear what we want in life doesn t always come in the package we think it will, and we have to live and love for ourselves and not according to someone else s expectations Shelly needs to realize that like in the case of her parents, history doesn t have to repeat itself, and if she can see past her own stereotypes, a beautiful man by the name of Josh would do anything to give her the life she deserves, and fill her days with love The ensemble of characters that were involved throughout the storyline was a huge plus, it didn t detract from Shelly and Josh s story, and it just made it that much better Frank expertly weaves those that are familiar to us, and some new faces, into the plot, and along the way sets us up for the next book Witty, heartbreaking, genuine, profound amazing dialogue fills the pages Ella Frank s books would play out well on the big screen I did not want Entice to end, and I hovered over the last few pages, and read them again and again, the book possessed my heart, and as I finally gave in and turned the last page, I was floating on a cloud, and crying like a baby It made me want to play sappy love songs and whip out a box of Kleenex The ending is every girl s fantasy My heart starts to flutter every time I think about it It won t be long before this gifted author catches the eye of a big name publisher, if she hasn t already she is THAT TALENTED and so deserving of any recognition that comes her way Mark my words it s just a matter of time The first chapter for Edible is included, and this reader was left drooling over what s to come Run by Matt Nathanson and Sugarland I love this song, and I like to think of it as Josh and Shelly s song he pulled out his biggest weapon of all Across his face slid a smile so slow and so sexy, it could ve dropped a woman s panties in five seconds flat Big broad shoulders, wavy brown hair that was just long enough to come down and curl behind his ears, sexy chocolate brown eyes, Josh aka Mr Delicious Handyman The Magnificent Mutley, a handsome German Shepherd and Josh s faithful companion ARC kindly provided by Ella Frank in exchange for an honest review

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    The second delicious instalment in Ella Frank s Exquisite series and it s a beautiful, soulful erotic romance.Ella Frank first burst onto our horizons with her stunning contemporary romance, Exquisite, last year and we ve been waiting for some months for Shelly s story We were delighted and privileged to receive an ARC of Entice from Ella Frank and we re so happy to be able to tell you all that it was so worth the wait Lifting his head, he told her softly, But we were just a fling She tried to shake her head, but with him holding her face, she could move it only slightly You were never just a fling, she whispered Then, what was I, Shelly Monroe She licked her lips and locked eyes with him You were a game changer Entice is a beautiful story of two people who have learned mistrust the hard way, slowly learning to trust again We re right back in the heart of the world we were first introduced to in Exquisite with Shelly coming to dinner at Mason s restaurant and this is where she first meets his old friend Josh They have an instant, incendiary physical reaction to each other but jump to fairly damning first impressions He thinks she is a ball busting, man eating Barbie and she assumes is a high risk, love em and leave em type of player, no good for a serious relationship Their physical attraction, however, will not be denied and they agree to a no strings, no relationship, sex only deal and proceed to burn up the pages with their white hot passion Phew Ella Frank really does write THE most amazing heroes that will have your loins aching and a secret smile on your face and Josh Delicious Daniels is absolutely no exception How much did I love him Let me count the ways He s drop dead gorgeous in his sexy ripped jeans with a tool belt slung low around his hips, he has a melt your panties shit eating grin and lose yourself chocolate brown eyes, he knows how to make Shelly feel like a woman , loves his dog and is a really kind and patient guy They don t come much better than this BE STILL MY BEATING HEART YUM At first, as with Lena in Exquisite, I wasn t 100% sure that I liked Shelly she seemed a little cold and aloof but, as we got to know her and her brave face a lot better as the story progressed, I realised that there was a lot to love about her and I really warmed to her She s trying to project a tough as nails, cold, calculating image but this is only masking the sadness deep inside She s holding back on Josh and this leads to months of angst and a very emotional journey but she is falling further and further down the rabbit hole, slowly realising the depth of her own feelings Don t be too quick to throw it all away Some dreams are meant to last As Shelly quirked a brow at him, he leaned down to whisper in her ear I ve been building a dream Le Sigh What I love about an Ella Frank romance is the time given to tell it This doesn t take place over days or even a couple of weeks this spans several months and this gives time to allow the relationship to develop naturally and you can really feel the intensity of their emotions and worry that they may not find that Happy Ever After as they constantly run from one another, one perceived slight at a time There s a real heartfelt intensity to the story and I was completely absorbed and captivated and read it in one sitting, I just could not put it down I was urging them on, often angry at Shelly and her reactions and the way that she hurt Josh but he is a great hero and he plays a patient waiting game hoping that, when she s ready, Shelly will come to him Will they find their Happy Ever After you re just going to have to read it to find out It s wonderful to catch up with Mason Lena as they prepare for their wedding and reconnect with Mason s mysterious sister Rachel who is to be the star of the next book in the series and her story is set up tantalisingly in this one.So if you like your romance to be angsty, soulful, emotional, captivating and very, very sexy, then this is just about the perfect book for you.4.5 stars erotic romanceExquisite Series Reading Order1 Exquisite2 Entice3 Edible Rachel s story due summer 2013 For reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews or visit us on Facebook.ARC courtesy of Ella Frank with thanks

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I LOVED THIS BOOK Let me introduce you to my Shelly Josh I ve wanted you since the moment I turned around in Mason s bar Happy I m horny, not happy You re so fucking sexy that all the blood in my body is in my cock But you already know that because you keep aiming your eyes down there to check This is the story about Georgia Shelly Josh Yeah, I like calling her Georgia because I just like this part of her Shelly was a little bit annoying sometimes but I ended up loving her too.Shelly is Lena s best friend Yeah, you remember Lena, right And yeah I know you are remembering Mason aka peaches now, you sluts She is a little bit sorry for herself because her sex life is not as AH mazing as she expects You are wonderful, and we all love you I know you do, but I can t have sex with you Josh is Mason s best friend He is just PERFECT Yeah, I think perfect is the best word to describe him He is sweet, he is a gentleman, he is hot, he doesn t want a fling, he is searching for something else, I mean, where on earth are those guys Ella, pls enlighten us Shelly is not the kind of woman he wants to share his life with but she is HOT AS HELL and intriguing Why on earth would a woman like her be dating Paul the Bore Shelly is searching for the perfect guy Wait, scratch that, she is searching for a boring guy But when she meets MY JOSH she obviously can t help it, she wants him So they get a deal SEX NOTHING ELSE No strings, Josh Not one Unless, of course, it s to tie me up And yes, they are very hot when they are together Okay I m hard, horny, and want YOUR lips around my cock at 2 p.m Can you make that happen I wouldn t deny such a great offer But Shelly had a bad experience with someone like Josh in the past and she doesn t want this to be any serious but Josh is making things hard for her because he is just her perfect match Don t make me want to keep you Well then, don t make me want to be kept After a few misunderstandings Josh decides to put some space between them He is really into Shelly and he wants her only if she is really into him I told you ladies, he is just PERFECT And, you just need to read the book to find out what happens with them I don t want to spoil the story for you but pls READ THIS BOOK, it s sweet and hot at the same time, you will get Lena Mason and we will get to know about Rachel Cole OMG, I know this sounds bad but I can t wait for book 3 in this series because I have the feeling it s going to be my favourite one I just LOVE Rachel Cole

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    ok let me just tell you something first 1 the first book exquisite was first published in july 20122 i read the first book in august 2012 so you see i was really waiting really long for this 3 i ve been waiting for the sequel for 5 months 4 i reread exquisite couple of times because i love mason5 i was hoping the second will blow my mind too6 it didn t possible spoilers depends what will be on my mind during writing the review i will keep this short i really liked the book, i thought josh was the perfect one, in his torn jeans and leather jacket etc yes i am shallow woman the scenes with them were very very hot the chemistry between them was awesome but then somewhere it all went down for me to be precise josh was the reason it all went down for me i mean what the f ck don t people any date in books does it have to be instant do you have to know you want to marry somebody after 3 days or something like that i mean his constant leaving every f cking time so she could realize i hate to tell you but that is just stupid in that period people would actually date and see what will happen him not being there was explained in the end which i thought would be like that but still stupid some parts were to sweet for me wedding vows and the ending i like cheesy but sometimes it doesn t fit the book to me,i am weird so you see i am in dilemma how to rate this book the first half was 4 stars for me, the second 1 star so i will use mathematics and rate it in the middle and give it 3 stars 2.5 actually but nevermind i am really sorry because i really wanted to like it but at least i still have mason to dream about

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    4.5 stars for Delicious Daniels You have a body that s made to pound a woman into her bed So, I m really hoping you can live up to that This is the second book in the Exquisite series This one is about construction businesss owner Josh Delicious Daniels and doctor Shelly Man Eater Monroe Josh is the BFF of Mason and Shelly is the BFF of Lena..they were in the first book, remember Josh just moved back to Chicago, and meets Shelly at the weekly Monday night dinner at Exquisite They are instantly attracted to the other, but they only want a fling One thing leads to another, and well they start to fall for each other They have both been hurt in the past.and need to just give it a chance I loved this book.now on to the last book in the series Edible. I m horny, not happy You re so fucking sexy that all the blood in my body is in my cock But already know that because you keep aiming your eyes down there to check Why on earth had I agreed to this Oh, that s right He suckered me into it with his manipulating words and those damn dimples Take a chance, Shel I m not going to hurt you, use you, or take any part of you for granted I want to take off all your clothes, lay you down here in the morning sun, and love you from your head to your toes I want you, I want you in me, over me, all around me NOW This was when Shelly was being an idiot.she came to her senses finallywho could walk away from Josh I mean seriously You were never just a fling You were a game changer I m so lost in you, Georgia I don t even know where you end, and I begin You feel so fucking amazing I want to stay here forever So ENTICING BR with sweet pinkie Jxxx.my other pink is off reading some other smut bookhaha true

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    Really enjoyed it Review to come.

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    If you want to read a story full of Passion That will touch you Frustrate you And make you cry tears of joy Then this is the book for you Ella, I can t even convey into words how much I loved it 3PS Ella, now that I m done I ll stop stalking you through PMuntil Rachel s story

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