Spider-Man I love Spider Man, but I could barely stomach the end of Amazing Spider Man as written by Slott Doctor Octopus is a great villain, but I completely disagree with the character changes Slott did between him and Peter Parker Peter is a great hero that everyone can relate to and I feel that 700 did not do him justice. So all the Big Time leads to this Does it pay off I fucking THINK SO Okay this doesn t forgive the weakness Big Time had but this my friends is how you wrap up a run and get excited for the next The opening issue has Peter really happy and upbeat He even tells MJ they need to get back together Then he gets a notice from the Avengers that Otto is asking for him So he goes to visit him at prison and you find outPETER AND OTTO MIND IS SWITCHED So you expect the cliche Peter figuring out a way to get back into his own body but nopeas you know superior spider man is all about otto becoming spider man but with a twisthe has all the feelings, emotions, and memories of Peter Parker Good Villains are Dan s strengths and damn it, Otto is scary here Smart as Peter, they go head to head on planning and trying to outsmart each other The ending is both touching, emotional, and heartbreaking yet gets you hyped for what s next The art is very solid as well with some great action moments The stakes feel high at all times and it s a exciting 3 issues last one being 90 pages Bad MJ not thinking something is wrong is oddalso the villains helping Otto was kind of out of nowhere I mean I know why, but it s like those guys broke Otto well Peter in Otto body should have been stopped by Avengers right away Just way to odd Overall this was a great volume Really just non stop action and a nice farewell to a character we ve known years Now I can finally jump into superior and I m so f ing ready Best EPub, Spider Man Author Dan Slott This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Spider Man , Essay By Dan Slott Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Read as original floppies and digital edition on Comixology. Amazing Spider Man comes to an end on the last Wednesday of 2012, with the new year seeing a brand new Superior Spider Man title The 700th issue of the title launched by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko seems to be the last Amazing edition for the foreseeable future.I managed to get my copy almost a week early, which is an unexpected Christmas treat from my local online retailer This time I wouldn t be at the mercy of accidental Internet spoilers But the question seems to be if this book would be a worthy capstone to fifty years of web slinging adventures One thing for sure, one has to give props for Dan Slott and Marvel for going with a potentially polarizing final issue Now it can never be said that Marvel doesn t risk a billion dollar property with a story that could bring a lot of hate for the writer or character.The final arc is appropriately titled Dying Wish, as Dr Octopus, with mere hours to live, makes one last stab at revenge against his greatest nemesis It starts with issue 698 which I believe is the best issue of this three parter It is a book should be read at least twice with the second reading a much complete experience after the reveal at the end It is Octopus s greatest gambit, switching his mind with the young and virile body of Spider Man and trapping Peter Parker in his own battered and diseased shell.Issue 699 reveals the how the switch happened It was a true hail mary attempt, there was no assurance of success, but in true comic book fashion, the infamous Parker luck reared its head for what could be the last time for Peter The seed for this story was planted in issue 600 A big payoff indeed was in the works.A lot of furor was directed at a series of panels that had Peter accessing Octopus s memories The sequence involved Aunt May and her aborted wedding It was pretty ambiguous but a lot of filthy minds or otherwise cried foul for the scene ruining their childhoods It could mean a lot of things and to each his own interpretation, but it could be an uncomfortable experience for the reader.Now issue 700 is the concluding chapter and it comes quadruple sized More than enough pages to conclude it and Slott does not disappoint, since it is as action packed as comics come It has Peter facing impossible odds to regain his body In the end, the reader is reminded what it means to be Spider Man Always the responsibility before the power and thus are all Spider Men defined, whether Peter Parker, Miles Morales or this new Superior version.So this is a new era for Spider Man I m under no illusion of this new status quo lasting as long as the entire run of Amazing, but it ll probably be at least a year of Superior stories before the inevitable reboot kicks in It got me intrigued enough that this new title suddenly bulls itself into my monthly list of must read comics.Originally reviewed on The Raving Asgardian, my personal blog on comics and its myriad forms. A great conclusion to this story nse, tense, tense Could cut my own piano wire tension with a diamond drill Could beat my worry down with a thundering rhino Could waste my concerns on the wrong guy Know what I m saying If you ve read this prelude to Superior you do Or if you ve recently suffered a blow to the head Lots of fancy twists and turns to this book, all of it painful to watch considering the stark inevitability of it all Great big action and maneuvers, and yet it all careens to a great big finish that can t be stopped.And then out of nowhere, Slott packs a wallop of emotional heaviness that ties this all up in a neat bow, and resonates with all the best Spidey moments of his 50 years of life This is what Slott does panders to fun, then digs deep and hits us with a note perfect embodiment of the spirit of comics Sometimes I feel a little resentful and played, but here I can t do anything but sit back and try take it all in Good job sir, good job.Good art, solid work Hard to keep commenting on the prowess of the rotating stable of great Spidey art people When is enough enough So I could blather on about this book, pay tribute to hundreds of issues I ve read, and get all nostalgic about what we re leaving behind But let s focus as a book on its own, this is solid, one of the best Slott s done even with that.1 Morbius tangent with some great art I don t know that it s perfect, but it s a helluva surprising way to tie up the Doc Ock Is Dying subplot and give us a very different but completely earned new way to tell some Spidey stories Bravo. This book had every opportunity to be really bad Spider Man isn t really Spider Man, Doc Ock isn t really Doc Ock, the book has very little action, and that endingBut, somehow, it works It is a heartfelt, engaging story that perfectly sets the stage for Superior Spider Man. So I ve apparently missed a lot of issues leading up to the ones collected here in Dying Wish But from what I can gather, in an arc before this one, Doc Ock and Spidey had yet another epic battle with Spidey narrowly defeating Ock Now, Ock is dying and his last wish is to somehow switch bodies with Peter Parker aka Spider Man Using some kind of mind swapping technology it s a comic book, so you ll just have to go with it , Ock does just that Trapped in Ock s dying body, Peter must escape prison and try to find a way to reverse things before time runs out.Reading this collected set of issues from The Amazing Spider Man, I found myself wondering how the experience would be different if I d read the story month to month instead of all in one sitting I can t really say, but these are the things that cross my mind while reading collected comic book runs these days It s probably less of an issue these days when there seems to be less recapping taking place within the action of the comic itself As opposed to the old days when the first couple of pages of a comic were designed to bring new and old readers up to speed on what was happening in the life of our hero I also have to wonder while reading this just how long these new changes to Spider Man will last The Marvel universe has effectively eliminated Peter Parker in not only the main line but also the Ultimate line Or at least Peter Parker as we knew him, since SPOILER ALERT Doc Ock gets away with his plan to eliminate Parker, but there s a twist Turns out Peter is still in there and Ock has not only his memories but also Peter s I fully expect that at some point in the narrative, the Peter half will fight for and assume control of his body again The cynical part of me says that will probably happen sometime around when The Amazing Spider Man 2 hits theaters. I am Spider Man Okay, I was never bitten by a radioactive spider I don t have cool spider abilities I wasn t raised by my 100 year old Aunt and Uncle I ve never eaten a wheat cake I ve never been married to a hot red head and had that marriage mind wiped by the devil To the best of my recollection, I ve never been cloned I don t have a Spider mobile I don t have a rogue s gallery of villains Does Mitchell count I m not a whiz at science I ve never been a member of a superhero group.Okay, I m not Spider Man But I ve always wanted to be him Why Spider Man has mostly struggled with life he was bullied, couldn t pay his bills, struggled to hold down a job, but he kept it positive and handled obstacles with humor and aplomb and class, something a lot of us aspire to do Plus, the cool Spider powers.I read this after I read the Superior Spider Man run Don t be an idiot like me Read this first You won t have that lingering question of How the hell did this all happen chasing you through six plus volumes of Superior Web Head continuity Slott really outdoes himself as Peter Parker, trapped in Doctor Octopus s dying body, races against time to reverse the transformation.And the ending it was far emotionally wrought than I could have possibly imagined sob Bottom line One of the best Spider Man stories ever and a great intro to one of the all time greatest Spidey story arcs Also, Happy Birthday to Spider Man Issue 700 and a complete microscopic cover gallery are contained in this volume. Doctor Octopus is dying He doesn t have weeks or months to livehe has days Doc Ock also has a plan He s learned Spider Man s true identity and his cruelest plan is about to unfold to steal Peter Parker s body.It s unbelievable that this happened It s an amazing storyline Doctor Octopus steals Peter Parker s life and memories leaving him in the dying husk of his body I m speechless and I already heard this was going to happen I love seeing such creativity played out in a medium that s known for playing things safe I can t say enough good things about it.4.5 out of 5 stars

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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