Berried Alive: A Manor House Mystery

Berried Alive: A Manor House Mystery Set during WWII, Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton strives to be the lady of the manor despite the Americans billeted there and being reduced to eating in the kitchen with her small eccentric staff When red headed Yanks start dying of poison, her duty is to find who is disrupting her village I like the glimpse of the English village in the midst of changes brought by WWII and the Yankee invasion Elizabeth is a likeable village sleuth as well as a young women struggling to be the leader and strength that many look up to and lean upon even though she feels unready due to the early death of her parents. 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Oh no, a cliffhanger ending I m glad I ve already ordered the remaining 3 volumes Nice little stories, nice setting England s home front in WW II, rural version, likeable characters My only peeves are Polly, the teenage housemaid secretary, who keeps throwing herself at the American bloke almost 10 years her senior, and that weird m m with which many of the villagers address Lady Elizabeth Anyway, I really want to know now where things are going with the lady and the major Not to forget Sadie and her redhaired lieutenant. Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton owns the Manor in her quaint English village As the Lady of the Manor she has several tasks at hand One, making sure everyone is taken care of in the village solving the occasional murder or two This time, it appears to be someone targeting redheaded American service men The local police aren t interested the Army Base isn t sure what to make of this, but Lady Elizabeth won t tolerate such behaviors in her charge Also her love from afar, Major Earl Monroe is becoming a attatched to Lady Elizabeth things heat up only to be thrown another twist This is another 5 Star read that you don t want to miss. GreatEnjoyed the whole book will read next one want to find out what happens to lady Elizabeth and earl Great mystery Bit cosy. The love tension in this series, with the protagonist unrequitedly in love with the married American AF officer billeting in a wing of her stately family manor, comes to an end in this volume The puzzle deaths of 4 red headed American servicemen by poison is solved satisfactorily. Throughout most of the book, I was all set to give Berried Alive a 3 star rating As usual, the mystery seemed rather obvious Except it wasn t For the first time, Ms Kingsbury threw me for a loop and I was completely surprised as to the killer s identity I thought for certain Annie Adelaide would be the killer The real culprit never even entered my mind Another drawback to this entry was the fact Elizabeth seemed different somehow Maybe because she was so preoccupied with herself I didn t get the same feeling of concern for her tenants and others as I have in previous books She annoyed me a bit in this one The secondary characters, however, were all spot on And I do love the intense, heartbreaking interplay between Elizabeth and Earl Then the ending came, fast and furious, really packing a punch and pushing up the rating My goodness, I did not see that coming What will happen now And will Earl and Sam ever return I can t believe Ms Kingsbury is going to end the relationships here, but you never know I can t wait to read the next one and find out what happens from here.I also loved the scene where Nellie Smith got the best of Rita Crumm Ha ha Too bad Elizabeth wasn t around to enjoy the moment.

Kate Kingsbury grew up in London, England, and at a very early age began telling stories to her school friends during the London Blitz of WW II while huddling in bomb shelters Kate moved to the U.S in the early sixties, and had passed her 50th birthday when she published her first book Writing as Doreen Roberts, her real name at the time she published 26 romance novels for Harlequin Silhouett

[PDF] ✩ Berried Alive: A Manor House Mystery ✭ Kate Kingsbury –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Berried Alive: A Manor House Mystery
  • Kate Kingsbury
  • English
  • 26 January 2017
  • 9780425194904

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