VintervikenJohn John R R Och Som Till En Svart Amerikan Som Han Aldrig Har Tr Ffat Mycket I Hans Liv R Kaotiskt Men Han F Rs Ker Nd Hitta Ett Fotf Ste Han Lskar Elisabeth, Han Hatar Sin Mammas Sambo Och L Ngtar Efter Sin Far, Han Spelar Teater, Boxas Och Skriver, Han Tampas Med Sin B Ste V N Som Pl Tsligt Sviker Och Blir Skinnhuvud Och St Ndigt Fr Gar Han Sig Vad R R Tt Vad R V Nskap Vad R K Rlek Det Handlar Om V Ld, Sex Och Starka K Nslor, En Tuff Och Utmanande Skildring Ur Storstadsungdomens Brutala Verklighet

Mats Wahl has written over forty novels, as well as numerous plays and screenplays He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • Paperback
  • 287 pages
  • Vinterviken
  • Mats Wahl
  • Swedish
  • 08 February 2019
  • 9789163843303

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    Racism is a tricky one to deal with Who is Swedish, who is not John John definitely is Swedish, and his mother is as Swedish as a midsommarst ng , the traditional Midsummer pole around which Swedes dance to celebrate the longest day of the year by the definition of his friend But he doesn t look Swedish , according to a never pronounced secret definition He is brown His father, whom he doesn t know, is American En neger , as John John says himself, using the insulting language he hears in school and on the streets Even Italians look different in the poor suburbs of Stockholm in the 1990s, so John John is exotic.But he is not the only youth suffering from neglect, abuse and bullying in the glittering beauty of the town on the water There is Elisabeth, who is rich, goodlooking in all the right ways , and deeply unhappy in her cold mansion in Bromma There is Sluggo, who couldn t be Swedish, or miserable There is the failed artist who is a heroin addict, but not a Nazi, and there are the young boys whose only value seems to be that they are blonde and blue eyed, and they build their violent dogma around their only privilege.A brutal story, and yet a story of love and art and creativity If you are good with words, write That is advice John John gets in school Write at least half a page each day I can t help thinking that this fractured bit of education will lead him out of hopelessness at some point And I leave him safely connected by the power of words and love.A brilliant, harsh young adult novel

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    For girls and boys in puberty Liked it so much when I was a kid Especially some of the poems at the start of a chapter.

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    DNF 60%

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    2,5 ish.

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    Had to read this for a class about postheroism in Scandinavian youth literature.Unfortunately, not even such important topics like precarity, class struggle and racism was enough to make this book interesting for me I am tired of all those novels full of cliches about being a minority written by white cis men The language felt pretentious, maybe my Swedish just wasn t good enough to appreciate the way it was written but the whole Whitmanesque lskade Systrar rade Br der thing felt forced and the sole purpose of the existence of all the female characters seemed to be to look good Like a bat out of hell, the amount of descriptions of teenage girls in a bikini topless girls starts to get creepy A waste of interesting themes and definitely a huge waste of my time.

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    Jag kollade p filmen f rst innan jag l ste boken Det var innan jag visste att det fanns en bok, men filmen har n stan allt som h nde i boken tagits bort, s det blev lite f rvirrade och l sa boken s h r efter t man ska ju g ra tv rtom Men boken var j tte bra v ldigt sp nnande och l sv rd Har du inte sett filmen l s boken f rst och g r ej samma misstag som jag gjorde.

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    So This book We had to read it in school a while ago, and as many of you know, the books you have to read in school isn t very good Honestly, our school is so poor, so they chose this books only because it costs like 29 Swedish crowns which is like 4 dollars.I mean, seriously No wonder people who doesn read often hates reading, if the only time they read books in school they are total crap So this book is about a guy names John John ridiculous name, right and he and his best friend Sluggo stupid name 2 steals a canoe or anyway some kind of boat They rescue a stupid girl from drowning and get invited to her house, where John John of course falls in love with her older sister, Elisabeth Then some other stuff happens.The story is not good at all, and the ending is just meh It all happend so fast It s not so bad writing, but really not for me And I hate those WEIRD poems in the beginning They just makes the book worse And also, John John is a total creep Like his stepdad Skithuvet And well, he is just weird If I ever met someone who behaved like him I would run That s about it, I guess I have read many bad books in school duh but this might actually be the worst As you may have seen, I m quite generous with my ratings Then look at this One awesome character Hmmmm Nope No one that I can remember.

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    En r rande historia, lite som en modern Romeo Julia.Han John John r en ung och m rkhyad kille som har det tufft hemma och har det r tt struligt.Hon Elisabeth r en fin flicka fr n en rik familj som har allt hon kan nska sig och lite till.Efter att John John r ddat Elisabeths lillasyster Patricia fr n att drunkna m ts de f r f rsta g ngen d hennes far bjudit hem honom f r att tacka.Av en slump tr ffas de igen n r de b da ska b rja sitt f rsta r p gymnasiet.Boken tar upp r tt m nga viktiga mnen, s som klasskillnader och utanf rskap, k rlek och v nskap och ven misshandel inom familjen Jag tycker att Mats Wahl har lyckats bra med att beskriva de h r mnena p ett s tt som lockar l saren, kanske de unga l sarna mest d de nog kan k nna igen sig i en hel del av handlingen Ett minus r att skriftspr ket r mer som talet n en litter r dialog.Men p det stora hela r detta en mycket l sv rd bok.

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    Al principio me result muy raro, sobre todo en la forma en la que estaba narrado despu s, cuando le cog el truco y comprend el estilo, la historia me pareci entretenida y las paginas simplemente volaban En general es una buena historia, que cuenta las tragedias de un muchacho de color en la sociedad de suecia una sociedad que apenas conozco y que parece ser mas dura de lo que deber a en los tiempos que corren Le dado un tres, porque merece la pena, aunque como pega pongo dos cosas el estilo confuso de narraci n supongo que en eso tendr mucho que ver que no suelo leer literatura de sueca, probar a sustraer alg n libro de la exposici n de ikea y en segundo lugar que todo el conflicto se resuelve en el ultimo cap tulo, de forma muy rapida como si ya pudiera haber mas p ginas para esta novela Si hubiera podido elegir un par de paginas m s no le hubiese venido mal.

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    Bra och gripande Realistisk Stundtals lite seg fast jag inte f rst r varf r Men det var ofta jag valde att g ra annat f re att l sa denna bok Eller om det m jligtvis beror p att jag haft mycket kring mig just nu Boken fick augustpriset 1993 i barn och ungdomskategorin Det f rst r jag, den k nns speciell och jag hade nog gillat mer att l sa den n r jag var yngre En bok som ppnar upp f r diskussioner och funderingar Filmatiserad r den, fick jag reda p ig r men jag har inte sett den.

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