Exquisite Her Heart Was Guarded Tormented By Self Imposed Guilt, Dr Lena O Donnell Has Spent The Last Nine Years In Survival Mode Struggling Through Days That Seem To Blend Together And Battling Her Way Through Each Horrifying Night, She S Determined That This Is What She Deserves Until He Tore Down The Walls Mason Langley S Life Is Going Exactly The Way He Planned It, Until Her A Confirmed Bachelor And The Successful Owner Of The Hottest Restaurant To Hit Chicago, He Never Expects To Be Blindsided By An Angry Woman In A Pair Of Scrubs No Matter How Hard He Tries, He Can T Seem To Shake The Doctor, And He Finds Himself Liking The Way She Makes Him FeelAlmost Over Night Lena Finds Her World Turned Upside Down By Mason And The Sexual Desire They Discover Together Slowly, She Lowers Her Guard And Invites Him Inside But When Tragedy Strikes She Begins To Believe That Sometimes It S Better To Be Alone And Safe Than To Love And Lose

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co author of the fan favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict A life long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction.

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  • Exquisite
  • Ella Frank
  • English
  • 11 June 2017

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    This isn t done, though Whatever it is you re thinking, don t even think about it I m here to stay you don t get to kick me out yet I don t know what to say except this is one damn awesome book and you have to read it because it s THAT damn awesome and you ll fall in love with Mason and he s extremely hot and the peach pie scene will make you combust and the sex scenes will have you in a cold shower and you ll probably cry at the end but it s all worth it because there s a beautiful happy ending sucks in air breaths out OK now that s out of my system, let s get on with the review You know That outfit was designed to deter me from seeing you as a woman Buttoned up from waist to neck and pants covering any skin available He paused and then sat forward I hate to be the one to break it to you, Lena, but it does the exact opposite It just makes me want to know what s under there and how I can get to it, he told her, shocked to discover that was exactly what he wanted to find out The storyNine years after the death of her sister, Lena still feels guilty for being the one driving the car when the accident happened She doesn t let people get too close, and is struggling with nightmares every day.Mason is the owner and chef of the popular restaurant Exquisite , and what he doesn t need in his life is being yelled at by a cold infuriating doctor only because he delivered flowers to her Lena is angry thinking the delivery man reported her to her superior, and when she enters Exquisite and sees him there, she loses no time in arguing and insulting him After proving he didn t report her, Mason accepts her apology only if she agrees to have a date with him And so it goes, along with the attraction they feel, they get on each other s nerves and manage to fight all the time, say exactly the wrong things, and do exactly the wrong things Eventually Mason helps Lena get rid of her guilt, and she helps him in a difficult time in his life, and it all wraps up in a beautiful story with a beautiful happy end that you simply must read I m not going anywhere unless you make me or someone up there, he paused, raising his eyes skyward, makes me But you can t go through life not letting anyone in on the off chance they ll die Or you ll end up dying from a lonely heart First, let me tell you something about myself I have cardriveophobia Of course, I just invented that expression, I don t really know if something like that exists, but if it does, I ve got it I was terribly afraid to drive a car I think I was 25 when I first sat and drove it, and I was scared like sh t But I had to have my driving licence, so I braved it out Now I have my own car and I love driving it, but I can t drive any other I m just weird Yeah I know, now you re thinking What the hell do I care about Blacky and her fear of driving , and my point is finally , that I ve thought like a million times, if I m ever in a car accident, I d rather for me to get hurt, instead of someone else Cause somewhere deep down I have this fear I ll have a big car accident and DIE that doesn t stop me from driving mwahahahah , and I get how Lena felt after the death of her sister It doesn t really matter that the light was green, and that the other person was responsible She was the one driving I understand because I would have felt EXACTLY the same So right there in the first chapter I connected with Lena, and I felt for her throughout the book I guess that made me love it just a bit About the story One thing I HATE in books is insta love Just doesn t seem real no matter how it s portrayed This DOESN T happen here Lena and Mason s relationship was just so REAL from the beginning to the end, and that s another thing I absolutely loved They start off pretty much hating each other, even with the sexual attraction, and it takes them a while to get to liking, and then something deeper, to start a relationship It was a slow build through the book, both with the story and their emotions, and I guess the same was with my feelings about it I started off liking the book but the I read the I fell in love, and by the time I finished I was ready to propose and have my happy ever after with it The writing is great, but let me stress that you should definitely read the new edited version It s easier and I was focused on the story and characters The characters are great, loved them both and will talk about them later in their own sections LOLThe sex and the chemistry between them is AMAZING, lots of smexy times, even the scenes where they don t actually have sex were extremely HOT Like the peach pie scene The damn shower scene that near got me a heart attack And then the sex, oh my The one against the window Well let s just say it s pantie melting, and I ll leave it to you to read and know what I m talking about.The emotions Now, you ll probably think I m weird, well I probably am, but my favorite scene from this book isn t anything involving hot smexy times gasp Yeah I may be crazy, but there you have it One hug, one beautifully written hug is my favorite scene, not just from this book but one of the best ever I don t know why it affected me that much, maybe because it was near the end and it was uber emotional before that, so when she hugged him This is it, well there s but it s a huge quote so I ll just put a part of it It s near the end, so if you plan on reading the book don t open it I just had to have it in my review, love it too much not to Sorry view spoiler Not saying anything, she moved in behind him and ran a hand around his waist until her palm was flat against his stomach When he did nothing but stand there, she did the same thing with the other hand until she had her arms wrapped around his waist with both palms flat on his shirt just above his belt buckle She pulled him back a little and moved in, molding herself to his back Her breasts brushed against his shirt with every breath she took and she gently placed her cheek between his shoulders Closing her eyes, she listened to his breathing, in out, in out Her hands tightened and she felt him shudder hide spoiler

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    Some things are just meant to be.Some things are worth taking a chance on Because once upon a time I met a man who saved me She met a man who was sent over to deliver her some roses.He was the most irritating man and he drove her crazy.But even after he left,she kept thinking about how gorgeous his blue eyes were,though he was annoying the hell out of her.Then she ran into him by accident in Exquisite,the restaurant he owned and he smiled at her and pulled out his dimples and blackmailed her into a date.Exquisite Adjective Extremely beautiful Exquisite was she like the roses because of which they met.Beautiful and fragile and full of thorns. Smart,complicated,too hot to touch Dr Lena O Donnell has erected walls around her than a castle under siege.Filled with survivor s guilt of an accident nine years ago where she lost her sister,she s drowning Exquisite was he.Strong,amazing,charmingwonderful.He scaled her every prickly wall and reached out to the woman inside. It s time to feel again.Let me save you from yourself.You were drowning when I found you,but I m not letting you go,not without a fight A quick warning Readers Smoking hot chef.May be detrimental to women s panties He is Mason Langley.Head chef and owner of Exquisite Exquisite was their interlude with peaches. I ve got the peaches,you bring the cream Exquisite was the first time they came together in the shower. Exquisite was the advice once given by a very wise man. My dad once told me,the day I meet someone who drives me so crazy I want to strangle her and yet never would because I can t bear her to be gone,that s when I know I ve met a woman worth keeping Exquisiteis their love story So Readers watch two most stubborn and wonderful people come together.Each unwilling to lose.She s determined to keep him out Stop flashing your damn dimples around like a weapon And he s determined to get in You know That outfit designed to deter me from seeing you as a woman.Buttoned up from waist to neck and pants covering any skin available he paused then sat forward, I hate to be the one to break it to you Lena but it does the exact opposite.It makes me want to know what s under there and how I can get to it Hike up your skirt a little and show your world to me I knew you d do this to me Do what he asked leaning in grinning against her lips.She smiled too and bit his bottom lip genly Make me beg But when suddenly everything goes awry and calamity strikes and it s Mason who starts drowning.Will she be able to save him Well Readers,that s for you to find out Because some things are just meant to be ..EXQUISITE..Ta Ta Readers Enjoy

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    January 26, 2013 After reading Ella Frank s Entice I decided to upgrade my rating of Exquisite to five straight stars 5 exquisite and delicious stars Review completed November 23, 2012 Mason Langley The almost perfect alpha A gorgeous, charming, hot as hell, sexilicious yet kind hearted, nurturing and encouraging man with a slip between 74 % and 90 % of the plot ugh. You ve had the patience of a saint Kudos, Mason Then again, it was very nice to see a man who had to work hard to get some very specific ass grin Dear Mason,Let me be straightforward here I ll be using the term exquisite rather often in my review You don t know why I had to do it Read my letter and you will be up to date, darling Let s get started then.You were sent to a hospital to deliver exquisite flowers and you met a rather irritating and prickly woman Lena Oh, by the way, this goes the other way around too Uh huh, ask your queen of hearts and she will tell you what she thought about you when you first met angelic smile Initially Lena was glaring at you all The Time Well, glare away, Lena, coz I m right next to Mason and we re going to stare you down, love A while later you accidentally saw her again when she came to your restaurant Oh, don t think too highly of yourself, Mason, she didn t come to see you, though it was a business related meeting Don t pout now, darling Focus, Mason, I m telling you a little story here Mmmm I wanna see your dimples ah, now we re back on track Baba beams Yeah, I can see the devilish glint in your gorgeous blue eyes, Mase Yup In fact, it was blackmail Shut it, Mase, you can t make any excuses here You told Lena you wouldn t spit in her food if she would go on a date with you Tsk tsk yeah, you couldn t stand each other at first but you had to draw the big guns, huh As a matter of fact, I was so pleased to see that you had to work pretty hard to get Lena between the sheets er or in the bathroom hmmm or against a window Oh my, I think my hands are beginning to sweat drool Well, let s get back to business.Do you remember the peaches, Mase Dayum What a juicy and sticky interlude yum 8 30pm, ExquisiteI ve got the peaches, you bring the cream.I feel kinda embarrassed to admit it, Mason, but when I was thinking about cream I had something entirely different on my mind blushes Not.My prickly yet lovely Lena I know that than a few readers have rather huge issues with you Surprisingly, though, I liked you a lot and I feel plenty of empathy for you All those nightmares I know you ve had a hard time, however, I think it s time to let go of your self imposed guilt Just let it blow away I completely understand what you meant when you said that you re about to die from a meltdown Oh well, it s time to take a cold shower, Mase But that kinda backfired, right An exquisite, steamy, and very sensual shower scene Whew Water will never ever be the same Le sigh Well, I know we can t avoid it Let me just say a few words about the juicy foreplay the sex love scenes mmmm I was soaking in your pleasure, passion, and sensuality again, it was very exquisite and enjoyable Your author took me on a wonderful journey into sexual oblivion There is light at the end of your dark tunnel, Lena Just let it Mason in Mason, I am very proud of you since you showed a lot of stamina ah, please, no dirty thoughts right now That s so not what I meant I wanted to tell you that even though Lena was emotionally closed off you were incredibly tenacious She felt miserable, didn t want to let anyone in her life or near her heart for that matter, but you guided her out of her self imposed prison of guilt It s time to feel again Let me save you from yourself You were drowning when I found you, but I m not letting you go without a fight He kissed her sweetly and moved back, standing up and over her Lena looked up at his outstretched hand Take my hand, Lena He offered and she knew he meant it in a way that went far beyond an offer to help her stand And then something very sad happened What followed suit was kinda upsetting and I was very angry with you, Mason You disappointed me Smack yourself, Mase No, scratch that I wanted to smack you coz you were wrong That said, I got it that you felt betrayed and hurt, but I felt that Lena did the right thing Sadly, you really fell off the deep end.Fair warning, this is a huge spoiler view spoiler Your mom asked Lena not to tell you that she was ill It was a very difficult situation and I know for sure that Lena did not take it lightly Also, I understand why Lena refrained from telling you the bad news a She loved your mother dearly and respected her wish and b She is a doctor Agreed, Lena was not Catherine s physician but she knows all about patient doctor confidentiality after all hide spoiler

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    4 1 2 Shiny Debut Stars Ella Frank is in the housewatch outshe is a force to be reckoned with There are seasoned authors that don t write this wellImpressive My dad once told me that one day I d meet someone who drives me so crazy I want to strangle her and yet never would because I can t bear for her to be gone Well, that s when I ll know I ve met a woman worth keeping Oh Mason Langley, you did not know what you were in for when you set your sights on Magdalena O Donnell At some point in this book you are going to like dislike these two complex characters, but in the end you will love them both Lena is hurting and having trouble moving forward from a tragic event that occurred nine years prior She shields herself behind her haughty, back away from me attitude She won t attach herself to anyone for fear of losing them Mason finds himself strangely attracted to this woman who insults him at every turn, an instead of getting out of her space, he starts to work his way in A well advertised most eligible bachelor, he s not used to being the pursuer, as women are usually throwing themselves at him He seems to sense Lena s pain and is determined to uncover the woman underneath the buttoned up, snooty fa ade It s time to feel again Let me save you from yourself You were drowning when I found you, but I m not letting you go without a fight And feel she does There is a slow sensual slide as Mason and Lena build a solid foundation in their relationship before they seal the deal , so to speak They look, just touch, but don t actually do the deed This leads to encounters that are every bit as passionate and heated as the act of sex itself, maybe even so The scenes are written as if the author has many novels under her belt, a old pro No hesitation, no choppiness, not uncomfortable, just a smooth, down and dirty, all consuming sensory sexual exploration of two people who have an overwhelming desire to feel and be with each other in the most intimate of settings VERY SATISFYING In the words of Lena s best friend, Holy shit You lucky bitch The story has highs and lows, an emotional journey of trust and love It s written from two points of view and transitioned nicely from Lena s to Mason s thoughts I enjoyed seeing both sides and being giving the ability as the reader, to weigh my options on how I felt about them in that moment There are also some great secondary characters that added extra layers to this already involved story I adored Shelly, a true friend who speaks her mind and tells it like it is Also the quirky, amusing Rachel, Mason s loving and supportive sister I can see a set up for both of these characters as the series goes forward As a matter of fact, we get a preview of the upcoming book, Entice, which will feature Shelly YAY loved her Bottom line a standout debut book The author gives us a complete story, with a beginning, middle and satisfying ending This is not a compilation of short stories that reads as one whole story, which has become the trend of late The installments going forward will profile characters that have piqued our interest in Exquisite, and will make for interesting reading in books of their own From reading the teaser chapter it will include those we ve come to lovejust how I like it This is a true series, something to look forward too and Ella Frank is the REAL DEAL My Mason Langley And this image that is forever burned into my brain You ll have to read it for the full effect view spoiler hide spoiler

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    Buddy read with the awesome Jasmine What The Hell Was that Let me start off by saying I am an Ella Frank fan I absolutely LOVE her books Try and Take and gave them both 5 stars I recommend them to people all the time because of the characters, the plot, the steam, the angst All of that was missing in this book So Ella, if you ever see this, please ignore and know that I do love other books by you, this one just was not for me.This book has so many 4 and 5 star reviews, I m actually bewildered that I didn t like it.I rarely, if ever, give 1 star reviews, but this book is getting a rage rant So fans of the book steer clear Other readers, even though I hated this book I encourage you to read this author s M M series because it s absolutely fantastic Just skip this book.The Plot Lena is an uptight doctor with issues Mason is a hot restaurant owner with swag yes I used swag in a sentence When they first meet, she s a bitch and he s a dick, and yet they are both oh so attracted to each other Here is where the whiplash montage of dating failures and success occurs.Cue spoiler rant view spoiler Lena is such a bitch I never, not once felt sorry for her at any point in the book after the prologue And I feel that whatever pain she suffered didn t justify or explain her actions throughout the entirety of the book.There is also a huge amount of instalust between Lena and Mason, despite the fact that they cannot stand each other And both of them were as confused as I was about it So despite hating each other, the two decide to go out on a date at 7% into the book I was sitting here like this So then begins the flirting stage which, as another reviewer once so eloquently put it that s you Kat Stark , made my lady boner shrivel up I mean, I was reading off putting lines like this one I want to unravel that hair and wrap it around my cock and stroke myself with it OMG GROSS Dude, no way If he asked me to do that, I d ask him to buy me cleansing hair products Ugh Anyways, there s a shower and tub masturbation scene that gave me secondhand embarrassment than the scene in Dirty Dancing when Baby danced with Johnny for the first time And believe me, that s painful.Near 61% of the way in the book became so damn cheesy, which is something I loathe in my romance I still haven t connected to either of these characters at this point, and I honestly don t see the connection between the two of them.And then, at 68%, my hatred for Lena was cemented Lena goes to visit a baby toddler dying of a combo of leukemia and pneumonia and the entire time she was thinking I wonder what he meant when he gave me the key to his place Are you fucking kidding me This child is DYING and it s the saddest thing I can think of and you are contemplating what getting a copy of his key meant DIE BITCH DIE So basically by 70% or so when his mom dies and Mason freaks out on Lena and starts drinking, I was just done DONE DONE DONE And then he gets mad at her for something that in my opinion, was doctor patient confidentiality and dumps her They fucking deserve each other.This book made me want to invest in brain bleach hide spoiler

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    2 PEACHY STARS Buddy Read with the lovely Rachel I believe in fate and I believe you were supposed to walk into my life, so Mason could walk into yours I ve had this on my TBR for almost a year and when my awesome GR buddy, Rachel suggested this for our BR, it was all the motivation I needed to finally check out this author s books.Exquisite is about Dr Lena, a paediatrician who has her heart guarded up ever since the passing of her little sister, Carly in a car accident For 9 years, she has been carrying the guilt of losing her and sworn never to let anyone get too close to her All of this changes one day when one man ended up delivering her flowers Meet Mason, the owner and head chef of his restaurant, Exquisite Fate is a funny thing when this sexy chef ended up helping his mum be a floral delivery man for one day and little did he know, he would encounter one uptight woman who completely infuriates him.After seeing some rave reviews for this one and this author s books, I do find myself disappointed that I m in the minority for not entirely loving it For the first 20% itself, I couldn t see myself connecting to either MCs In fact, things escalated so quickly between these two that it came off a little unrealistic for me I can make some exceptions for instalust love sometimes but these two totally had it for each other before Chap 1 ended, what My biggest problem with this book definitely lies with the heroine, Lena She totally got on my nerves for the first half of the book, her outburst of temper tantrums totally took me aback and it annoyed me how much she over reacted at some scenes I felt like her misplaced guilt wasn t a strong enough reason for her to act the way she did Honestly, I didn t understand why Mason is so attracted to her in the first place and thought he deserved so much than Lena And even after she nearly screwed over Mason s career, there was so little grovelling done on her part and it made me upset cause I was looking for that angst to deliver but it didn t at all I did however enjoyed the banters between Lena and Mason and I m glad Mason stood up to her at one point because she was starting to go overboard with her crazy outbursts The second half of the book was definitely bearable for me with some emotional scenes but if I viewed the book in its entirety, I thought the story plot was completely lacking and there was barely any character development Overall this book just didn t work for me as I would like to I skimmed a lot after a while and even the steamy scenes can barely catch my attention any I can t even begin to tell you how ridiculous this one scene or actually, a line sounded because if the author was trying to make it sound hot, trust me it did the total opposite.It would probably be a good read if you re looking for a quick, sweet and emotional one with some great secondary characters plus a dash of steamy scenes the peaches one was quite interesting LOL But since I have a tendency to rate my books heavily based on the heroines character development, Lena definitely did not excel in that department.Having heard that the 3rd book in this series is the best one and hearing most of my buddies liking this author s work especially the M M ones , I would still give her books a shot in the future Thanks so much Rachel for the amazing BR So glad we have the same issues with this one I enjoyed your rants Hope our next one will be better

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    FIVE EXQUISITE STARSPEFECTION wrapped up in 317 pages, welcome to Exquisite This book is amazing, I will most definitely not have the words to describe this and give it justice The authors writing style is gorgeous I love how Ella Frank writes so intimately and thoroughly, i felt so swept up and involved in the story simply wonderful I am completely sold by this story of life, heartache, trials and love.What I loved I m not sure if I ve ever enjoyed a first chance meeting, first kiss, first date, first love scene, first, second, third, fourth, fifth argument ever, as much as this book delivers The author did a wonderful job of keeping the chemistry amazingly alive throughout the whole story the big bonus, they didn t jump into bed after the first chapter The whole book was tastefully and brilliantly put together The story telling and character development was amazing, and the chemistry and interaction between these two fantastic characters was out of this world the right balance between loving, sincere and out right HOT.Meet the characters Mason Langley, where do I start I can t even describe to possible readers how amazing this man is, he is the right kind of alpha and gentleman wrapped up in one gorgeous literary package His patience and out right charm is not one that I think can be rivalled I m convinced I have found my number one spot for favourite ever male lead.Lena O Donnell is a character that is written with pure genius, I think handled with most authors she would end up annoying, but the author played out her character wonderfully Tortured by her past the book shows her growth and journey to become the woman she had always been underneath, and I loved it.Final thoughts This is an outrageously gorgeous start to a series Ella Frank is an author to watch out for I cant recommend this book enough To top it all of the sub characters mums, dads, siblings, work colleagues, best friends are all fantastically included and written Exquisite is a story of love, and a great story at that I cried, laughed and smiled from page one, I have found yet another author that I can say is a favourite I m fully astounded at such a gorgeous book Don t miss out grab this story Enjoy readers.5 stars and a book that has changed the way I will look at sunflowers forever.

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    4.5 stars What a wonderful surprise this turned out to be I originally chose get this book because of the coverI just loved it Artistic and sexy and eye catching, oh my Now that I ve finished the book, the cover actually makes me tear up a little Once you read the book and you WILL read it, you MUST read it you ll understand the importance of the sunflower petals making me get all weepy.Though you can t judge a book by its cover, I m so VERY glad that I did When Lena meets the tall, gorgeous man who brings her a dozen red roses sigh , her first thought is, Gees, what did his mom do Stand him in manure every night as a child And I knew that I would like this woman Lena is snarky and sassy to the max but hides a vulnerable woman underneath her doctor s lab coat At first, her attitude rubs the super laid back Mason Langley the wrong way But he soon sees that she s constantly putting on a facade, hiding secrets behind a hard veneer The banter between Lena and Mase is hilarious They get angry and say things they probably shouldn t It s all in good fun, though There s an underlying playfulness most of the time that keeps it from becoming too intense But it just never stops, and they both know exactly what they re doing They are involved in what we callforeplay They are perfectly matched in attitude Though Mase is a happy go lucky kind of guy and Lena most definitely not, each can absolutely take as much as they dish out And we all know where bickering can lead toyep, sexy times Holy hotness I don t know when I ve been so hot and bothered The first hundred pages are just a steaming, lustfully delicious run on of sexual tension and build up These two are so hot for each other, and they know it I love that while they dance around each other and get into some heavy, HEAVY petting, they don t immediately jump into bed together No, they let it simmer and burn until I wanted to scream Anyone up for some stairwell nookie No Well how about a little against the wall bump and grind I was practically begging them to just get it on, already While each of them is so self contained in their own way, they absolutely let go in the bedroom Lena lets Mase take the lead and BOY DOES HE Good gracious, if you think the sexual tension is hot, just wait until these two finally get to the goods My reactions to you make me question myself because they aren t light and carefree, they re dark and dirty Lena I want to do so many dirty things with you, to name them all wouldn t be possible But if you want one thing in particular I ll give you this All that amazing hair you have so neatly tucked away most of the time I want to unravel that hair and wrap it around my cock and feel it all over me as you sit on top of me and I stroke myself with it Dirty talk is awesome And I m fairly sure Mase has a throne somewhere maybe just in my head because this man is the KING of dirty talk A HUGE difference, and one that I think makes this book stand out aside from my love for both lead characters, is how true to life it turns out to be After the initial sexual attraction has made its run and they begin to really get to know each other, there was so much than lust to their relationship Mase is such a romantic He really wants to help Lena come out of her shell and lose her uptight, closed in attitude They actually talk about it I could have really disliked Lenabecause she s not really the type of person I can relate to But she admits to herself that she s over the top More than once, she thinks, Why did I do that Gah, why can t I stop saying ugly things and treating him like that And THAT, I can totally relate to She regrets impulsive actions and is so self deprecating It s great to watch Mase be the one to bring out the woman in her, to make her smile Let me in, Magdalena O Donnell I want to know all of you and Stop fighting me, will you I ve been consumed by you since the moment you yelled at me in your waiting room All I want is to be with you There is no subterfuge, no hiding from each other and contrived emotions for the sake of adding drama I swear, Lena and Mase are really alive, living in Chicago They re real And when their relationship has REAL problems, my heart just breaks for them both I understand both sides and sympathize with them both They are two wonderful people who have been drawn to each other and are absolutely perfect together Tragedy tests them All I could do was read on and hope that they can overcome one of life s great tests so early in their romance.There was one thing that I didn t absolutely love about the story, and it s all about my own personal preferences when it comes to who chases whom in romance I tend to not like forward women I like the vulnerability and a little shyness I even like abrasive, like Lena, if it s hiding the true nature of a heroine The tables sort of turned at the end but it was really toward the very end so it was of a triumph for Lena to finally assert herself in a positive way, without her normal walls going up.I cannot believe that this is Ella Frank s debut novel In the words of Poomba, I gravel at your feet What an amazing story to have in your head To put them on paper, to bring them to life to this extent is true talent You have an avid fan in this reader And that teaser chapter from the next book UNFAIR I cry unfair Please say you write really, really fast

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    With a super cute, gorgeous lead male, some shamelessly steamy sex scenes, an up tight doctor, the heartbreaking death of multiple loved ones, a lot of sticky fun with some peaches and cream and possibly the sexiest shower scene I ve ever read, this book is Hot with a captial H, tear jerking and an extremely gripping read It s adopts the proven, common format of a contemporary romance easy going guy meets up tight, tortured girl, attempts to break down her walls, succeeds, they fall for one another yada yada yada but there s something to Exquisite Despite the standard foundations, this book is so much than that that So much than standard It s time to feel again Let me save you from yourself You were drowning when I found you, but I m not letting you go, not without a fight He kissed her sweetly and moved back standing up and over her Lena looked up at his out stretched hand Take my hand Lena He offered and she knew he meant it in a way that went far beyond offering to help her stand. Let s start with Lena I liked her character She was foul to begin with, but you could understand her defensiveness Gradually gradually, you began to see the change in her as she let her guard down I liked that she didn t fight it too hard She had her doubts, but she was rational and eventually a strong, happy, confident woman emerged.And then there s Mason Wow Seriously, just wow He s gorgeous, successful, charming, has mandatory book boyfriend dimples and is utterly determined to win Lena over Why on earth had I agreed to this Oh, that s right He suckered me into it with his manipulating words and those damn dimples. So then there s the sexual chemistry faints Christ alive The scene by the window Holy hotness The shower scene I m lost for words It s intense, don t read it in public if you want to save face You ve been warned And the peaches It s safe to say I ll never look at a peach in the same way again I ve got the peaches, you bring the cream I loved the role reversal at the end Lena becomes the strength and Mason, the tortured sole in need of rescuing And Lena does a fantastic job of rising to the challenge of knight in shining armour Or in this case, sexy doctor in wrap your legs around my waist and fuck me HARD boots , as Mason so eloquently puts it But, whatever, same difference This allows them to save one another and I think cements and strengthens their connection, eventually Once upon a time I met a man who saved me It was such a beautiful end to an already captivating love story and the epilogue just wrapped it all up and put a cute little bow on the top.Overall, I highly recommend Exquisite, I don t think you ll be disappointed.To read reviews go to my Book Blog me on Twitter me on Pinterest us on Facebook

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    It s time to feel again Let me save you from yourself You were drowning when I found you, but I m not letting you go without a fight This is the story of Chef Mason Langley WARNING, smoking hot chef May be detrimental to women s panties and Dr Magdanlena Lena O Donnell Lena and Mason get off to a rocky start Lena is at work when she gets a flower delivery Mason is doing a favor for his mother, Catherine, who owns the local flower shop Mason is already flustered from waiting to get her the flowers, the last thing he wants is Lena s attitude Even after this encounter, for some reason he can t get Lena off of his mind Lena comes to the restaurant Exquisite for a work function Mason is the last person she expects to see working there She has been thinking about him often then she would like.Lena has been closed off to the world for the last 9 years, and she has been completely closed off to men for the past 3 Mason doesn t really have that problem He s seen several women 33 perhaps in the last year, but no one has stuck For some reason, he wants Lena They go on a few dates, but Lena is hesitant to be in any relationship It scares her, how much she wants to be with Mason This won t work Why he asked, and she felt his breath whisper across his lips Because I don t want it to With anyone I m not ready for it to work with anyone Let me in, Magdalena O Donnell I want to know all of you Lena I was not a Lena fan at the beginning of this book I understood how tragedy in her life had shaped her, but I still didn t care for her By the end of the book, my opinion of her had completely changed I actually really loved her character She fought for what she wanted and didn t take the easy way out Someone who seemed bitchy and cold at the beginning, actually proved that she was kind and loving When the tables turned, and Mason needed her, she was there for him I m not giving up on you She looked at him and said softly, Even if you ve given up on yourself Stop fighting me so hard, would you I ve been consumed by you since the moment you yelled at me in your waiting room All I want is to be with you Mason Langley charming, handsome, successful loved him from the very start He was kind and patient with Lena, even when she didn t deserve it Lena was so consumed with guilt, she didn t want to let anyone it He didn t give up on her He broke through her barriers HOLY SMOKING HOT CHEMISTRY These two had it I will just say two things about the sex scenes in this book.PEACHES I ve got the peaches, you bring the cream SHOWER Enough saidMason and Lena had a great connection I really enjoyed this one It was emotional, sexy, and HOT Not only were Mason and Lena great, but it had great supporting characters Catherine, of course, along with Rachel and Dr Shelly can t wait for her book Don t let him walk away fight for him He was the first person that ever made you smile You lit up a room when you were both in it Don t let that light go out It s your turn now to save him, like he saved you.

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