Traumnovelle 5 5 Traumnovelle Dream Story, Arthur Schnitzler Rhapsody A Dream Novel, also known as Dream Story, is a 1926 novella by the Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler Dream Story is set in early 20th century Vienna The protagonist of the story is Fridolin, a successful 35 year old doctor who lives with his wife Albertina Albertine and their young daughter 2012 1391 212 9789644484322 20. This Wonderful Translation Of Dream Story Will Allow A Fresh Generation Of Readers To Enjoy This Beautiful, Heartless And Baffling Novella Dream Story Tells How Through A Simple Sexual Admission A Husband And Wife Are Driven Apart Into Rival Worlds Of Erotic Intrigue And Revenge But now that the day work was done the child had gone to bed and no disturbance was likely the shadowy forms of the masquerade, the melancholy stranger and the red dominoes, rose again into reality And all at once those insignificant events were imbued, magically and painfully, with the deceptive glow of neglected opportunities Fridolin and Albertina names that seem destined to be part of a commedia del arte show are a young and happily married couple in pre war Vienna, that city that was the very symbol of the belle epoque era, a hub of scientific research and of elegantly wasting your life to the tune of a Strauss waltz They are living their happy ever after dream life, raising a child, taking care of a private doctor s practice, basking in the warmth of their shared feelings for each other But they are both wearing masks, even after returning home from a fashionable evening at a bal masque Behind the conventional picture of marital happiness lurks the shadowy urges of the subconsciousThey spoke of those mysterious regions of which they were hardly conscious but toward which the incomprehensible wind of fate might some day drive them, even if only in their dreams For though they were united in thought and feeling, they knew that the preceding day had not been the first time that the spirit of adventure, freedom and danger had beckoned them I read somewhere that Sigmund Freud congratulated Schnitzler on the story, remarking how extraordinary it is for an artist to feel and to describe instinctively what he has spent hundreds of hour analyzing in his patients We are creatures of secret and sometimes irrepressible urges, desires that we may or may not acknowledge in the light of day Night time is the time to let our dreams run wild against the background of our conventional daily routine Fridolin, surprised to discover through conversations with Albertine that she is capable of virtual infidelity and of harbouring sexual fantasies about strangers, sets out to roam the dark streets of Vienna in search of answers to his divided loyalty how can he be so jealous of things he is also guilty of Does he love her less or now that he discovered she is his equal also in this virtual dance he was moving farther and farther away from his everyday existence into some strange and distant world The imagery of bourgeois complaisance, night time revels and masquerades makes it very tempting to draw parallels between Dream Story and Steppenwolf , which I read earlier this year and with Belle de Jour from last year All three novels are coming from the same prewar period, challenge accepted social norms and announce sexual emancipation I believe they are still relevant today due to the talent of their respective writers and to their instinctive grasp of human nature I know that it s dangerous Perhaps that s the very thing that tempts me The whole adventure might be nothing than a figment of Fridolin imagination, of his repressed desires and yearning for freedom and adventure even while happily marriedWasn t he feverish Perhaps at this moment he was lying at home in bed and everything he thought he had experienced was merely delirium also,Then the idea occurred to him not deliberately but as a flash across his mind to drive to some station, take a train, no matter where, and to disappear, leaving everyone behind He could then turn up again, somewhere abroad, and start a new life, as a different personality What is important though are not the spicy details of Fridolin s gloomy and ambiguous revels or the form of Albertine s sexual fantasies, but the acknowledgement that we are all wearing masks and that granting others the same benefit of the doubt and the same freedoms we give ourselves is the start on the road to acceptance and understanding.Great stuff here in an elegant and concise package Recommended later I forgot to mention I did the see the movie version when it first came out, but I can t remember a thing from it rather boring, but then I m not a fan of Tom Cruise. Doppelnovelle , Schnitzler . What a read Before sticking my nose into this I had no idea how faithful Eyes Wide Shut is to this novella, almost scene for scene, but as usual the book outdoes the movie though unfortunately I could not rid my mind of the movie s images as I was reading I actually like Tom Cruise but I don t want him and his brilliant white choppers in my head when I m reading Begone shorty There s something very reminiscent of Chekhov in Schnitzler s writing a kind of styleless style wedded to superb storytelling with an emphasis on mundane details that manage to bore deep into the characters psyches Literary pragmatism if you will Maybe these similarities have something to do with both being doctors roughly around the same time But Schnitzler is infected in a darkly deliciously sinister way with a viral sexuality that manifests as suppurating boil after boil in sentence after sentence in the dream narrative of this novella This is a masterpiece unpeeling layer after layer of reality to show that there is no core reality besides sex and death maybe , only illusion after illusion.Something that helps create the dream atmosphere of this book are the inconsequential details that Schnitzler includes, such as when Fridolin Tom Cruise comments to himself on the smell of the costume as he s putting it on There s no other mention of this, but it s just this kind of detail in one s own dreams that seems so pregnant with unspecified meaning and significance, and it works in the same way in the book.The one thing I liked better about the movie was Nicole Kidman s line at the end And on a side note I ve come to think that most novels are simply too long and involved if they re good to adapt to movies, that short stories and novellas are appropriate, and Dream Story helped prove this to me. Of course, one remembers some dreams, but there must be others one completely forgets, of which nothing remains but a mysterious mood, a curious numbness Atmospheric and haunting Schnitzler s novella is a perfect Dream or dream like Story He doesn t create the kind of dream world that is engineered by hanging two moons from the ceiling His world only consists of realistic things and events and yet it is shadowed by something intangible and unsettling He simply colors the world his characters inhabit with a hypnotic quality that seduces the reader into the dream scape And how subtly he does that Little details one elusive gesture, one innocent looking piece of the setting, one fleeting thought all come together beautifully to create the atmosphere The novella explores the intimate life of a married couple Schnitzler digs into the psyche of his characters by gently leading them to a space where their hidden thoughts, desires and anxieties find the freedom to manifest themselves He lets the characters assess what constitutes truth and reality for them And once the spell breaks, they can go back to continue living the illusion of real life they create for themselvesI have gained the impression that you have learned through intuition though actually as a result of sensitive introspection everything that I have had to unearth by laborious work on other personsFreud in a letter to Schnitzler Wikipedia.Whether the events in the novella happen for real or was Schnitzler only staging an illusion I will leave that for you to decide through your own reading Perhaps it won t even matter Just as sure as I am that the reality of one night, let alone that of a whole lifetime, is not the whole truth And no dream, he said with a slight sigh, is entirely a dream Best read in a sitting or two. . The big shock and surprise for me about this story was that it written in 1926, it feels like something that belongs to an era twenty or thirty years earlier, perhaps that is part of the point.In a cafe by chance the main character Doctor Fridolin, meets his old friend Nightingale, Nightingale has a wife and four children back in Lemburg who he supports by playing the piano badly in various shady establishments The thing is that in 1926 Lemburg wasn t Lemburg, it was Lwow and had been for a few years this type of thing can happen to you if you are a city, you sit around minding your own business then suddenly somebody imposes a change of identity on you or maybe they reveal your true identity, or allow the potential for a new identity to emerge Something that seems at first very absolute and stable literally a fact on the ground, turns out to be insubstantial and provisional and indeed a little while down the road the city would be L vov, and then L viv Is one name, one identity real, correct, or did they all co exist in reality, just that mostly only one is on display at anyone time Yet the city is a fact It does exist, it did exist, it will exist, just what it is called changes and each name implies a radically different reality without the reorientation of a single street or even the remodelling of a modest house To me, that is what the story is about, hello city, are you Lemburg, or Lwow or really L viv Or do I perceive a certain L vovness about your cafes and restaurants Are all these names just masks Does the mask hide, does it protect or project This is a geographical story, with clearly marked zones and spaces The Fridolin at the beginning of the story has a safe space, within this space are himself, his wife and their daughter, however nothing happens and as a result of that his space is revealed in fact to be polluted In the cafe, hard working Fridolin flicks through the newspapers, he is reassured and settled by what he reads people are dying horribly in foreign places which he didn t even know existed He talks to Nightingale Weird, potentially depraved things happen he asserts, in Romanian castles view spoiler well obviously, Dracula, electoral fraud, financial insider dealing, Vlad the innumerate bookkeeper take your pick hide spoiler A game of gallantry, seduction, resistance and fulfilment with a whiff of freedom, danger, and adventure That s the intention, anyway.Many editions have one of Klimt s golden paintings on the cover a mystical, sexual enticement that seems to fit the dreamy, steamy story At first But recreate those pictures with real people, as above, and they become disturbing in a way that is far appropriate to the full dark arc of the story.This novella takes place over barely 48 hours It opens with an idyllic family scene and fond reference to the frisson of flirting at a masked ball the night before But masks rarely symbolise anything benign, especially not black masksFidelity, Temptation, and TruthIf we promise and expect fidelity, we re usually thinking of sexual exclusivity, but the word also means truth, in the sense of a full and accurate recreation or reportage Where does honest confession of sexual infidelity real or imagined fit Is relishing the fantasy of betrayal as bad as committing it in the flesh, as the Bible says Is seeking temptation, but not submitting to it, dishonourable, dangerous, or brave Is true love unconditional, or is that an impossibility Love of one s child would probably survive their deliberate harm of one s partner, but would the converse be true What if both partners get a thrill from an admission of infidelity What if that flower of arousal then ripens into the toxic fruit of jealousy Truth and Dare Neither the reality of a single night nor even of a person s entire life can be equated with the full truth about his innermost being. Deep, honest, and frequent communication is oft cited as the key to a happy long term relationship, including sharing though not necessarily carrying out fantasies With self tormenting anxiety and sordid curiosity, each sought to coax admissions from the other. Such truths can be exciting and arousing, but are risky too As Algy says in Wilde s The Importance of Being Earnest see my review HERE , The truth is rarely pure, and never simple.Fridolin is unexpectedly disoriented by Albertine s fairly innocuous fantasy, despite his encouraging her to share it He embarks on a night of costumes, passwords, clandestine encounters, secret societies, rituals, dire warnings, confusion, revenge, and redemption When he returns, he finds Albertine laughing in a dream, and when she awakes, he implores her to describe the dream Just a dream But such a dream It changes everything, and what has been said cannot be unsaid Fridolin is unmoored and rudderless, as he sets sail on unfamiliar, choppy waters, for another voyage of strange encounters and enquiries, destination unknown Dreams may not be real , but their effects can be.The Reality of DreamsNo dream is altogether a dream The pages are suffused with the vocabulary of doubt about reality and free will melancholy enchantment secrets magically infused illusions masks dreams brooding menace intoxication mysterious people, events, and places soporific atmospheres being enveloped by a sultry fragrance, and surrendering to a swelling melody, as if under compulsion The dark, disorienting, surreal, sexualised mood reminded me of scenes from Kafka Everything was becoming increasingly unreal His very identity This confusion is not so strange Boundaries between dreams and reality can be uncomfortably hard to discern When my mother in law recently came round from a week of heavy post op sedation, she recounted bizarre events as real A fortnight later, she began to realise they were drug induced dreams, even though they still felt too real to be dismissed as such And when reading this, I had a couple of nights of vivid and memorable dreams to the extent that during one dream, I remembered the dream from the previous night, and wondered if I was dreaming that imagined world again The veil is thin we are easily confused How much licence does that give us to explore and experiment, in mind and maybe body Fridolin s adventures appear to be real, in vengeful response to Albertine s imagined and dreamed exploits But readers cannot be certain, and I m not sure the protagonists are either Fridolin, a doctor, questions whether he is hallucinating, and later plans to recount what he thinks are real events as if they were dreams, but neither point is definitive That is the intoxicating essence of the story.Quotes Real people had all withdrawn into the realm of ghosts Those trivial encounters became magically and painfully interfused with the treacherous illusion of missed opportunities In every woman with whom I thought I was in love, it was always you that I was searching for He quickened his pace, as if to escape all forms of responsibility and temptation Her blood red mouth glistened beneath her black lace mask The torment of unsatisfied longing for the mysterious woman s body, whose fragrance still caressed him Fridolin s eyes roved hungrily from sensuous to slender figures, from budding figures to figures in glorious full bloom and the fact that each of these naked beauties still remained a mystery transformed his indescribably strong urge to watch into an almost intolerable torment of desire Fridolin was intoxicated, and not merely by her presence, her fragrant body and burning red lips, nor by the atmosphere of the room and the aura of lascivious secrets that surrounded him he was at once thirsty and delirious The breeze even warmer and springlike, seemed to bring with it a mild fragrance from the distant wakening woods The treacherous warm air, pregnant with dangers A triumphant sunbeam coming in between the curtains The culmination of many allusions to thawing, spring, and liberation.Notes This story was filmed by Stanley Kubrik as Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman I ve reviewed and compared the film, via the screenplay HERE, but in summary, the plot is very similar, but the atmosphere is very different A year before Eyes Wide Shut was released, Kidman starred in the premiere of David Hare s play, The Blue Room, which is based on Schnitzler s La Ronde Daily Telegraph theatre critic, Charles Spencer, coined the phrase theatrical Viagra for the production It seems appropriate that I reread this around the time Oxford Dictionaries announced post truth as their Word of the Year 2016, albeit from its use in global political, rather than inter personal contexts I read this in 2008 and in November 2016 This review replaces my two sentence one from 2008 The image at the top is Inge Prader s recreation of Klimt s The Beethoven Frieze See

Arthur Schnitzler was an Austrian author and dramatist.The son of a prominent Hungarian Jewish laryngologist Johann Schnitzler and Luise Markbreiter a daughter of the Viennese doctor Philipp Markbreiter , was born in Vienna in the Austro Hungarian Empire, and began studying medicine at the local university in 1879 He received his doctorate of medicine in 1885 and worked at the Vienna s General H

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