Persephone (Daughters of Zeus, #1)

Persephone (Daughters of Zeus, #1) Daughters Of Zeus, Book OneOne Day Persephone Is An Ordinary High School Junior Working At Her Mom S Flower Shop In Athens, Georgia The Next She S Fighting Off Boreas, The Brutal God Of Winter, And Learning That She S A Bonafide Goddess A Rare Daughter Of The Now Dead Zeus Her Goddess Mom Whisks Her Off To The Underworld To Hide Until SpringThere She Finds Herself Under The Protection Of Handsome Hades, The God Of The Dead, And She S Automatically Married To Him It S The Only Way He Can Keep Her Safe Older, Wiser, And Far Powerful Than She, Hades Isn T Interested In Becoming Her Lover, At Least Not Anytime Soon But Every Time He Rescues Her From Another Of Zeus S Schemes, They Fall In Love A Little Will Hades Ever Admit His Feelings For Her Can She Escape The Grasp Of Her Powerful Dad S Minions The Underworld Is A Very Cool Place, But Is It Worth Giving Up Her Life In The Realm Of The Living Her Goddess Powers Are Developing Some Serious, Kick Butt Potential She S Going To Fight Back

I spent my childhood curled up with a book, and a pen If the ending didn t agree with me, I rewrote it Now, I write my own endings, middles, and beginnings for the Daughters of Zeus series, including the best selling novel, Persephone I ve always wanted to be a writer, and I spent high school and college learning everything I could so that one day I could achieve that goal I graduated college

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  • Persephone (Daughters of Zeus, #1)
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  • 26 August 2019

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    THE REVIEWWhy this book I am a sucker for anything with Greek mythologyWhat I thoughtLike I said I am a sucker for anything with Greek mythology I especially love the tale of Persephone and Hades, so when I saw this was modern day version I had to read it Sad to say I was disappointed Persephone is your run of the mill female protagonist I couldn t connect with her and she annoyed me at times with her actions Hades on the other hand was dark yet soft at times totally swoonwothly There relationship though was lacking at times I was like swoon and then I like damn where did that come from when he totally ripped into her Gotta admit I agreed with him though she did some stupid shit Overall it was an okay read I ll give the next book a try then i ll make my decision if i m going to continue with this series.

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    As you might have guessed by my nickname, I love mythology and I am especially fascinated by Hades and Persephone s myth Therefore I was really, really excited about this book but at the same time, wary because I ve already read a few modern rewritings of this myth and they were downright terrible The Goddess Test, anyone Diddn t think a book could make me feel that angry And this is undoubtedly the best rewriting I ve read so far The characters were well written Persephone doesn t care for being a damsel in distress and takes matter into her own hands Her reaction to the whole hey you re a goddess is not downplayed at all, like it usually is, and quite realistic I ve found I loved Cassandra in the beginning, I found her hilarious because she was always rectifying Hades she made me actually giggle Hades is alright but quite different from what I d thought the author slightly changed the myth This Hades is not really the bad guy of the story, he actually kidnaps Persephone so that she can stay safe in the Underworld from the real bad guy, a psychopath and serial rapist Boreas, God of Winter At first, it slightly unsettled me but I realised that I don t really want to read a love story with an abusive and pedophile Hades So that s actually for the better Speaking of the love story, this one mercifully avoided the classic insta love situation Persephone seems particularly unimpressed by Hades at first and only learns to like him and eventually love him with time, upon seeing how he rules on the Underworld Also, I found quite mature view spoiler how Persephone confessed to him, saying she s in love with him for now, she doesn t know what the future will be made of maybe it will change hide spoiler

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    2.5 stars I m a sucker for anything Hades Persephone, so naturally I had to give this one a go I liked the general idea concept behind the plot, but I think the dialogue was what threw me off the most Everyone talked very predictably very teenager like Hah yes I know that isn t a word The general idea was awesome and I loved the villain concept. but it just fell short in the execution phase Hades was definitely awesome like when is he not But I just can t see why he fell for this version of Persephone She was just boring imo. very childish Not just immature but no allure to her She didn t stand out to me So on that front, I was a little disappointed by their romance I just wanted from them That being said the world was cool and the plot wasn t all bad Definitely had some moments The ending was set up enough that I ll continue to the next book I hear it gets pretty emotional SOOO cheers to book two

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    It seems like I ve been constantly let down with all the attempts of Greek mythology retellings Namely, The Goddess Test series, Everbound, and now, Persephone.I m not exactly sure what made me dislike this book It was either the stupidly simple plot, the characters, or even the absence of anything remotely interesting It was likely a combination of the above, and along with the mediocre writing, leading to my disliking of this book.Generally, it never really felt like anything was at stake Ya, Persephone successfully view spoiler kills the bad guy hide spoiler

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    See, I had a vision Cassandra began Always visions with you, Thanatos groaned that Persephone was in trouble So I calmly told Hades If by calm you mean bursting into the throne room shrieking like a banshee, Hades teased I do not shriek, Cassandra said indignantly Anyone who comes down here with the intention to do you harm will regret it Ah yes, Cassandra teased Charon could do something really helpful, like hit them with an oar Hey I m the self defense guru Remember He could always talk them to death, Thanatos said Okay I kinda knew I would like this book from the start The characters are honestly hilarious and I may have laughed out loud a few times They are basically like a big weird family and I love it What happened What did he do Thanatos took a few steps at a run over the grass covered hill until he reached my side I thought Thanatos was a pretty awesome guy He would be the friend that I would love to have This big guy who has a soft heart But everyone has their secrets Don t be afraid of me, he pleaded Not you I never wanted to hurt you I m sorry Okay y all Hades is a heartthrob on this book I ll admit it without embarrassment I love him He was funny and loveable and at times a little arrogant and full of himself but he was also charming On to the second one 5 5 Mythical Stars 3Feb 24 5 StarsApril 8 4 Stars

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    This book is a contemporary, re imagined take on the Persephone mythology Beautiful Persephone is raised on Earth, without any idea who she is When she s about to turn seventeen, strange things begin to happen I enjoyed the developing relationship between her and Hades, who is much the good guy here than in most other literary depictions I ve read I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the Underworld I m looking forward to the sequel, to see what Persephone is really capable of

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    I loved this book Greek mythology is a favorite of mine and Bevis wrote a fascinating book here I will continue on with the series for sure.

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    I love retellings of stories and especially about mythology so I was extremely excited to read this I wasn t disappointed I loved the characters Persephone s voice really shows through and her own personality was able to shine through Hades personality was surprising in a good way he has his own reasons for doing what he did Hades did not do everything right but it was for the right reasons I like the build up of the love story and not having it happen all at once in a love at first sight situation Both of their characters were able to develop and grow throughout the story.Note I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Also on

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    HOLY HADES THIS WAS PHENOMENAL Stop what you are doing Do you like Greek Mythology Particularly Persephone and Hades retellings Have you read so many that have left you unimpressed Well look no further, Kaitlin Bevis has created an amazing world surrounding our favourite greek gods and goddess that will know your socks off Families think they know what s best for you Your friends let you figure that out for yourself This book worked for me in every way, it had great characters with individual development, the romance department was on point and of course some killer twists that had me reaching for book two immediately I ve always loved the tale of PH but it often doesn t get the fantastic writing the story deserves Whether because of insta love or just general boring writing, I don t often feel satisfied I went in to this with a wary heart but damn I am glad I gave it a try.So lets get straight to it.Pro s No insta love per say, I can t say anything because of spoilers, but lets say I approve of the heroine in this so much She is strong and just wonderful And she held her own against Hades At my disbelieving look he sighed again I thought about offering him an inhaler, but he continued Often huge age gaps are ignored between 16 year olds and a thousands, maybe year old , a lot of books ignore the fact that a huge age gap can change things in a relationship Maturity being the most obvious one What I loved about this book is it was never glorified, i was never creeped out, Hades was a gem He was considerate and the one to keep things appropriate because of her age He wanted her to be wise enough to make her own decisions There was nothing pervy about their situation Hades is dark and mysterious but I never disagreed with his choices He was a fantastic hero, couldn t have asked for a better one Did I mention how great Persephone also was I loooooooooooved how her personality grew and flourished Charm me into giving you the red MMs They re my favorite I looked Hades in the eyes Give me the red MMs Still not good enough Give me the damn MMs, I snapped.He snickered That wasn t very charming There was a great set of side characters Cassandra, Helen of Troy, Thantos, and so many The mythology was fantastic, well described and very unique from other books I ve encountered Particularly the description of the Underworld and souls within it Hades reading psychology books to understand the souls that die better was so heartwarming THAT ENDING OMG Did not see it coming at all Con s The beginning was a little bizarre but quickly fixed itself as she was taken to the Underworld It felt like there where a few scenes that happened so quickly that I was confused but I think the author was trying to keep up the pace I wanted , why wasn t it longer THAT ENDING. And on to book two review edited and I added some fun quotes

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    Rating 3 1 2 starsI took my own sweet time reading this book simply because I could The best part of this book is the world building Also the remaking of Greek gods, goddess and persons associated, such as Helen of Troy Persephone is only 16, true, but she is also a whiny annoying cry baby I got sick of her constant pity parties When the mean girls at the school weren t picking on her, then the meanies in the Underworld were being mean, or Hades was the worst meanie of them all to her Actually, I like Hades and the others better than her I would read the series to see happens to Hades but that would be investing money in a series I am ambivalent about So no go I can spend time and money on better books, some of which are free.

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