Binding Arbitration (Chicago Sports Romance #2)

Binding Arbitration (Chicago Sports Romance #2) I am sorry to be the negative one from all of the other reviewers, but I have to disagree with some of the aspects of this book, so anyone who attempts to read this book, please read the other reviews as everyone has a different point of view I appreciate the author s attempt to focus on a very complex issues and bravery to write a book about it, however, the author tosses those argumentations ratter unconvincinglyput it kindly, I was not impressed with the hero Aiden Warning spoiler The male protagonist is Aidan baseball player and all I wanted to stress is that, no retribution regret and conscious will amount to what he did to Libby the female lead and their child Cass There is nothing romantic what so ever in dumping her, wanting her to have an abortion and signing the termination of Parental Rights papers after it was turned out that Libby kept the baby instead But he even hadn t had the guts to show up for court to sign the papers, as he thought he is signing for his son to be adopted Excuse me, even if he did not know she kept the baby it was his baby And he perfectly knew he had a child somewhere and did damn nothing about it for the sake of his career.I understand that he was young and needed to finish his education and fulfil his aspirations, but he should thought about that way back when he was having sex with Libby and use some protection It was painful to read how easily he set this all aside and focus on his precious career, but not even attempted to find his son He was very selfish and spoiled and even ignored her when he saw her pregnant with his child at their graduation, must add being already with a new girlfriend, so that quickly he forgot his true love I don t know about other people, but for me the most terrifying thing is giving up you own blood and flesh for your own selfish reasons, a child is a human being and not some rubbish you simply throw in to the bin because it is convenient for you and what about a child living without a real parents, love that has been denied to him and the future he would have with them and interestingly, Aidan, kept the truth from his parents is it not selfish to lied to them for not want them to know they have a grandchild and for his son to know he has a grandparents I have nothing against foster parents, but the child that Aidan abandoned did not need foster parents, Aiden was not abusive type and he was from respected and rich family Aiden not even thought of what happened to his son or even wonder if he still was alife, or is he in a good family, is he loved, is he happy itc He admitted at one point that if reviled of his son s existents it might have rescinded his contract So easy he put aside his conscience The other things I did not like was the constant bumping in to his ex girlfriends which was not flattery and not romantic, why is the author putting him on such a bad light and adding punches to make the reader dislike him and his fianc e was such shallow, materialistic, spoilt and mischievous person It was another blow for my view of Aiden and my questioning how he could be in a relationship with such a women who had no morals no likeability and only cared for her needs and wanted to hurt Libby, just because Aiden broke up their engagements, but still I could not pass that so easily.He did gradually came to terms with his mistakes and tried to make up for it, but needless to say,the author did not let him suffer enough, I just could not feel much of his regret, suffering, redemption, not what Libby has gone through he even denied his son at the first meeting with Libby no way I am convinced by his quick redeeming mood For me there was too little from him to change my mind and feel any satisfaction which leads to my ultimate disappointment Libby forgives him far too quickly This is no less, but a tragic story of a child not to be wanted and a man who did not want to face his own mistakes, who did nothing and could have done nothing still, only because Libby contacted him about the blood, has changed his mind I wish the author could have added some plot on him trying to find Libby or something similar, so I could believe he really loves her and not sleeping around with every women who falls to his feet it is common in our days for people to expect someone else is going to clean up their mess, simply because they forgot to put a condom and far too many children became a victims from it. So that s what we learned loss with its unlimited power to destroy could be overcome with love And love was the thing that bound us together It wasn t arbitrary it was contingent upon the soul s discretion and once found it wasn t easily abandoned WOW First time reading this author bit of a rollercoaster but well worth it Great characters, love the strong heroine I laughed, I cried I read a lot of books, some good, some bad, some indifferent And a lot of the books I read are not emotional But this one was As one reviewer mentioned a follow up would be good catch up with Tony and Evita and of course find out how Libby and Aidan are doing. 4,5 Binding Stars Libby and Aidan were in love once, but wrong choices and mistakes put them apart for the last years.Now Libby is reaching Aidan again, their son has cancer and needs a suitable donor Abandoning Libby in the past while pregnant was the worst mistake of Aidan s life Now he s a famous baseball player but he intends to make up for all the lost time, as the same time he fights for his son life But the past can t always be forgotten, and while forgiveness is a four letter world, love may be exactly what Libby isn t willing to risk again If you want to read this book, get ready for an amazing story A great love journey full of redemption, forgiveness, second chances and hope But also prepare yourself for ugly tears and heartbreak This book will break your heart and then mend it Only to break it once and mend it again As long as emotional can go, this will definitely be one of those unforgettable readings, that will take me a long time to recover from Nonetheless, it was definitely worth the ride Rating 4,5 Stars Characters Development Aidan was a little hard for me to like in the beginning for obvious reasons , but as the book went I eventually ended up liking And I loved how he behaved through the end Libby was a strong and fierce heroine Yeah, she was stubborn as hell, but she had reasons for it and she was a great mother I liked her Cass was an amazing kid, so freaking sweet A great set of supporting characters, which I end up loving as well Steam Meh Sensible Subjects view spoiler Uhg, cancer Abandonment hide spoiler Do you believe in love, ghosts, glitter love hand cuffs, and forgiveness This is one profoundly powerful, touching, tear jerker of a story.A box of tissues should be kept within reach Please read the short prequel Cutters Jocks before starting this novel Where to begin Elizabeth Libby Tucker is a high profile Chicago attorney who is forced to contact her old college boyfriend, Banford Aidan Palowski, who is now a professional baseball player He is to be tested as a possible bone marrow match for her six year old son Aiden and Libby met in college where they were from the opposite sides of the tracks Libby being a cutter and Aiden being a jock They both had dreams pulling them to make hard choices when Libby finds out she is pregnant Most of their choices were triggered by fear which they later regrettedYou re the only thing I ve been afraid of in my life I ran my hands through my hair my mind worked quickly, putting words together in neat little lines I ve been scared of having you and going on without you I ve failed you when you needed me the most, and I was frightened that if I found you, you d reject me But than all that, I ve been afraid that if I can t learn to love you, I ll never love anyoneThere is an umpire s voice that speaks to Aiden throughout the book This umpire makes calls on Aiden s plays not on the ball field but on his plays to win Libby Cass He always let s Aiden know the score.There are some great characters in this story and it s a definite page turner.Aiden and Libby have it all for a short time but have to say goodbye to the one who bonds them both.When grief is unbearable God s plan is laid outI circle your hands, I circle your heart I mark with my brand, while we re apart I sparkle in both your joy and laughter, because I m part of you ever afterThis is a story of forgiveness, love, redemption and God s plan This book will stay will you long after you have read the last page GOD ALL THOSE FEELINGS I have no words Do you hear it That s my heart breaking. I AM SMILING, HAPPY, CRYING AND HEARTBROKEN PRESENTLYI never threatened physical violence It was sexual retribution Cass figured out I m your boyfriend Although, as your boyfriend, he would like me to take pup all kissing duties You used me, Ms Tucker Remember, I m a seasoned negotiator And I might drag the contract out for so long it goes into binding arbitration I read the prequel firstCutters vs Jocks and immediately started this one My heart was reeling from first prequel, this book was simply mind blowing The story is so good I couldn t put it down I found the characters easy to relate to and they completely tugged at my heart strings Be prepared to get angry and frustrated with them, and then love them to pieces But my biggest warning here is make sure you have tissues handy cause there are some real heart wrenching parts too I absolutely loved this story and I am sure you will too And Cass will really break your heart My poor baby boy I LOVE THE ENDING SO MUCH Through The Corridors Of The Windy City S Criminal Courts, Single Mother Libby Tucker Knows Exactly How Far She Ll Go To Save Her Cancer Stricken Son S Life The Undefeated Defense Attorney Is Prepared To Take Her Fight All The Way To The MajorsCircumstances Force Libby To Plead Her Case At The Cleats Of Celebrity Baseball Player Banford Aidan Palowski, The Man Who Discarded Her At Their College Graduation Libby Has Worked Her Backside Bare For Everything She S Attained, While Aidan Has Been Indulged Since He Slid Through The Birth Canal And Landed In A Pile Of Gold Coast Money But Helping Libby And Living Up To His Biological Duty Could Jeopardize The Only Thing The Jock Worships His Baseball CareerIf Baseball Imitates Life, Aidan Admits His Appears To Be Silver Plated Peanuts, Until An Unexpected Confrontation With The Most Spectacular Prize That S Ever Poured From A Caramel Corn Box Blindsides Him When He Learns About His Son S Desperate Need, It Pricks Open The Wound He S Carried Since He Abandoned Libby And The ChildAll Libby Wants Is A Little Anonymous DNA, But Aidan Has A Magical Umpire In His Head Who Knows Libby S A Fateball Right To The Heart When A Six Year Old Sage And A Hippy Priestess Step Onto The Field, There S To Settle Between Libby And Aidan Than Heartache, Redemption, And Forgiveness 4.5 Stars Forgiveness, love and redemption all brought about by a little boy called Cass Libby and Aiden met at college, which you can read about in the free prequel Cutter s and Jocks, they were friends but it was complicated, she was from the wrong part of town and he was an athlete with big plans.Libby is raising her six year old son by herself, she is a criminal defence attorney and struggling to come to terms with the fact that she needs to ask help from the one person she never thought she d see again.Aiden is a professional Baseball player, on the field and off, and when he gets a call from Libby after 7 years, he is angry at her for rejecting him all those years ago.This book sucked me in, and even though Libby was quick to forgive I still loved her for being strong but yet tender Aiden I LOVED, he was very alpha male and he owned up to his mistakes, which let me tell you were huge, and his relationship with Cass was the most beautiful thing.Children in books have to be very endearing for me to be interested in them, I have a young daughter and reading is my escape from the mundane parts of being a parent This author created a fabulous little character and he reminded me how observant children really are and that all they really want to do is please their mum and dad He pulled at my heartstrings, I loved him like my own by the end of the book.Please let me warn you though that you will need tissues, this book will make you laugh with the great banter between Libby and Aiden but it is also heartbreaking and sad I highlighted so many quotes in this book The writing was fantastic, although at times I got confused with some of the phrases, which is why I knocked off half a star.All in all it was a great read, excellent rec from Mysza Xx FOUR AND A HALF STARS It s been almost two weeks since I finished this book and quite frankly, I m still struggling to put into words the effect this book had on me The last 25% wrecked me I cannot even tell you how much I cried in the end, and I was so grateful that it was a Sunday afternoon when I finished it so that I could just lay on my bed surrounded by feels Binding Arbitration is a second chance romance for celebrity baseball player Banford Aidan Palowski and top defense attorney Elizabeth Tucker After six years of silence, Libby seeks out Aidan for some anonymous DNA, assuring him that she would be out of his hair again if he would do her this big favour But as startling truths are revealed, Aidan realises that he doesn t want to lose out on this second chance with Libby and decides to go all out on the most important pitch of his life.In the interest of keeping this review spoiler free, I won t delve too much into the storyline I think its important that you go into this blind so as to allow for the feels to develop naturally I think that s why this had such a great impact on me because I didn t know what was going to happen I will say though that I absolutely loved both mcs Its rare for me to find books where both mcs just tick all my boxes, so I was over the moon with how amazing these two were to me.So, why not five stars To be honest, I was hella confused with the first chapter It literally came across as that of a mentally unstable character, which really surprised me To be fair, this could probably have been placed in the proper context had I read the prequel novella Cutters vs Jocks, but I didn t feel like I was really missing out as everything was explained fairly well as I continued with the story.There were also a few minor questions that I wished would have been answered, but ultimately were minor and didn t diminish from the overall story.Overall, a recommended read And if you find that you are quite unsatisfied with my vague review, have yourself a review from Mysza who recommended the book to me. LOVING AND FORGIVING is one in the same OH BOYthis book SO MANY FEELS.I m a little afraid to write this review because so many of my dear GR friends loved it so much Unfortunately, I didn t love it as much as I thought I would view spoiler First of all, I really loved Cass But he s supposed to be six years old No six year old kid talks like this Second of all, this book was a bit too long for my tasteand it focused on so many unnecessary things like all that drama with Aidan s ex, his baseball career etc and not on the main issue here..which is Cass illness Maybe my expectations were just to high because of all the 5 Star reviews hide spoiler

Windy City writer Elizabeth Marx brings cosmopolitan flair to her fiction, which is a blend of romance and fast paced Chicago living with a sprinkle of magical realism In her past incarnation she was an interior designer not a decorator which basically means she has a piece of paper to prove that she knows how to match and measure things and can miraculously make mundane pieces of furniture ap

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