A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays In This Antic Riff On Hawthorne S Scarlet Letter, The Reverend Tom Marshfield, A Latter Day Arthur Dimmesdale, Is Sent West From His Midwestern Parish In Sexual Disgrace At A Desert Retreat Dedicated To Rest, Recreation, And Spiritual Renewal, This Fortyish Serial Fornicator Is Required To Keep A Journal Whose Thirty One Weekly Entries Constitute The Book You Now Hold In Your Hand In His Wonderfully Overwrought Style He Lays Bare His Soul And His Past His Marriage To The Daughter Of His Ethics Professor, His Affair With His Organist, His Antipathetic Conversations With His Senile Father And His Bisexual Curate, His Golf Scores, His Poker Hands, His Biblical Exegeses, And His Smoldering Desire For The Directress Of The Retreat, The Impregnable Ms Prynne A Testament For Our Times

John Hoyer Updike was an American writer Updike s most famous work is his Rabbit series Rabbit, Run Rabbit Redux Rabbit Is Rich Rabbit At Rest and Rabbit Remembered Rabbit is Rich and Rabbit at Rest both won Pulitzer Prizes for Updike Describing his subject as the American small town, Protestant middle class, Updike is well known for his careful craftsmanship and prolific writing,

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  • 28 May 2018
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    Suspect each moment, for it is a thief, tiptoeing away with than it brings There is SEX in this book There is ADULTERY in this book There is PEEPING in this book OMG there is also GOLF in this book which with its phallic clubs, balls, and holes is also baffling about SEX We meet Reverend Thomas Marshfield in the pages of his confessional writings from his incarceration in a country club for fallen priests and ministers where he is being punish by playing GOLF and POKE HER with his fellow detainees Poor guy, it is almost on par with Guantanamo Bay Reverend Doubting Thomas troubles all begin with a crises of faith wrapped around one whopper of a mid life crises He falls leaps into bed with the organist at his church The freshly divorced and emotional available, lush of hip and breast, Alicia She proves to be the beginning and end of his attempt to break free of the shackles of his life and marriage Though his marriage to Jane has turned into a dusty caricature of the vibrant relationship it used to be Thomas is unwilling to be the one to destroy the ties of marriage, even though he is quite willing to tromp all over the vows of marriage His inability to break away from Jane pushes the lush Alicia into the arms of Ned Dork Bork, assistant minister This leads to peeping Tom as Thomas tries to spy on the couple fueling his own jealousy and ultimately leading to the firing of Alicia from her job at the church The wrath of a scorned woman will be visited upon the balding pate of our poor Thomas Frankie Harlow, staunch believer, but unhappy wife, is the next conquest for the reverend He counsels her on her marriage, but the whole time is plotting her seduction As it happens she is not that difficult of a quarry, and soon Thomas finds himself gazing upon the beautiful body of his desire and unable to rise to the occasion Her belief, her faith, are stumbling blocks that will not allow him to consummate their unholy union In desperation he tries to get her to renounce her faith hoping that will put the lead back in the pencil, but though she is willing to roger Thomas until the second coming, she cannot renounce her faith Thomas affairs with Alicia and Frankie do not go unnoticed He is overwhelmed with requests for appointments for counseling with his female flock He becomes the Casanova of the collar As he relays to us There is a grandeur of dizzying altitude in the act of placing a communion wafer between the parted lips of a mouth that, earlier in the very week of which this was the Sabbath day, had received one s throbbingly ejaculated seed Body of Christ All goes well until the now unemployed Alicia decides to go to one of the city elders, the banker Harlow, also the husband of the faith hampered Frankie, and reveals all The shit storm that follows lands Thomas in the country club, writing his memoirs as part of his therapy and sneaking love notes within the text of those same memoirs to his jailer the previously pious Ms Prynne I mentioned at the beginning of this review that GOLF has sexual overtones at least for our libidinous Thomas He is golfing with his priestly and equally deviant companions Jamie Ray swings miserably but putts like an angel I sometimes wonder if buggery hasn t made the hole look relatively huge to him Whereas us poor c t men keep sliding off the side, hunched over fearful as fetuses who suddenly realize they can never push their craniums through a three and a half inch pelvic opening What a lecher you are Mr Updike The New England writers John Updike and John Cheever are always a source of pleasure to me They are talented, well educated writers, often obsessed with the most basic urges of the human condition and yet somehow putting a veneer of class on those same baser instincts that plague,uplift, and consume us all.If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    I ve been a devot e of John Updike s for a while now Reading his Rabbit, Run was a come to Jesus experience for me So profound was his impact, I became an Updike ian fundamentalist, eager to spread his Good News.So you ll understand when I tell you I was seated in the first pew, with much love for this author, and an open heart with which to receive his message.Imagine my dismay though, reading this 1974 novel in which Reverend Tom Marshall is sent away to naughty priest camp for making the rounds in his parish with his er, holy sceptre, and finding that I didn t like it Whaaaaa It was so promising It features a philandering man of the cloth It examines the phallic game of golf which is, I can confirm, as interesting to read about as it is to watch on television It s written by one of last century s brilliant scribes How could it go wrong Well, I ll tell you.As I mentioned earlier, Tom is sent away for being a bad, bad Reverend Having sex with the ladies in his congregation isn t quite what the church deacons deem acceptable behaviour So he s off on a month long sabbatical of sorts, in which he receives no real punishment or therapy He plays golf, poker, and uses a typewriter to write his version of how he got into this predicament Doesn t sound too bad to you Well, Reverend Tom is a truly despicable ass, and we never get a break from him, not for one page When he s at his best, he s describing his two timing shenanigans At his worst, he s delivering one sermon after the next, twisting Biblical passages to suit his belief that humanity s natural state is that of adultery He does this using the most pretentious, decadent language possible, practically forcing my eyes to glaze over, to skim paragraphs Making it impossible for me NOT to huff and shake my head.I huff not because I take exception to his behaviour, or because I feel offended by his warped religion No, it s just because it s all so damn self indulgent Self indulgent and boring We all know Updike was preoccupied with the extra marital state We know he couldn t reconcile his stubborn WASP ish identity with a sexuality that could not be tamed, and this conflict rears its ugly head over and over in his books It worked really well for me in Marry Me and the Rabbit tetralogy, only tepidly so in Couples But here Reading this was like being witness to John Updike orating in the pulpit, shoving his rhetoric down our throats, expecting us to shout AMEN and then afterwards tear off his robes and kneel before him in the vestry.Not me, not this time Sorry, Mr Updike I haven t lost faith, but as it turns out, I really don t like being preached at.

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    A Month of Sundays, John Updike s Unreliable Gospel According to Thomas MarshfieldMeet Thomas Marshfield, a Christian Minister tending to a flock somewhere back East, above and beyond the pale of Ministry, especially where his female congregants are concerned Here is a contemporary Doubting Thomas, on a Sabbatical of sorts He is, short of being de frocked, sent to a desolate motel, located in the desert, a program for ministers who have, shall we say problems regarding human frailty.Thomas contemplates his indiscretions for a month of Sundays, along with his fellow inhabitants of a suitably Omegan shaped motel Somewhat a Hotel California, it comes with a bar, a restaurant, golf and poker But the literature available is of limited nature the library is limited to harmless mysteries, English cozies, and the locked room puzzles of John Dickson Carr Ironically, the unnamed Administratrix is named, Ms Prynne Prynne We don t know her first name, but in typical sly Updkie humor, one wonders if her first name is Hester.Updike reveals Thomas Alpha to Omega through a stream of journal entries, written to the Reader It is a mea culpa toting up his sins of commission and omission.Thomas is the son of a minister His father was a student of Tillichian theology Thomas wishing to be formidable in his religiosity opts for the less forgiving position of Karl Barth The doctrine of Election wryly applies to Thomas in ways Karl Barth never intended Thomas is not among the Elect in the sense of being among the saved Thomas has selected to be among the damned.Perhaps there is something of the Oedipal complex at play here Thomas s quest takes on the search for his long dead mother His aging father is lost in dementia, a resident of a nursing home Although he most often doesn t recognize Thomas as his son, there are moments where he obviously does The implication is that Thomas s mother was not the saint she believed he was Neither was his father, who mistakes Thomas for his twin brother Erasmus or a former comrade in arms during WWI Prior to entering the ministry, Daddy Marshfield recounts with ribald glee his escapades in France, waxing profane on his preference for a small woman with a small ass and breasts Now that s the filly who provides the greatest joie de vivre Right, Mooney Raucous laughter of memories stored away long ago, echo through the nursing home.The Alpha of Thomas is not extraordinary He attends seminary Marries a professor s daughter In typical fashion, through the years, they have come to resemble one another physically The bloom is off the rose Thomas has two sons, Stephen and Martin, completely unalike He cannot relate to him The brothers, in Cain and Abel fashion, do not get along Martin looks for the finer things in life, attending an exclusive private school that taxes the Marshfield coffers to the limit Martin is studious, perhaps a bit of a dilettante, unmindful of the cost to his family Stephen out of apparent love for the Father, or his father, elects to go to public school out of sacrifice to the family He excels in sports, while Martin is the sensitive scholar of the two.Back in the desert, it is journal writing between breakfast at noon The journal is a self examination of the penitent s past and an acknowledgement of the indiscretions that brought each of them to their placement there Along with Thomas there are fallen priests, ministers, preachers each with their own predilection leading to their cause of fall from grace, if grace exists at all The Bible is not in existence at Thomas s Omega shaped retreat Nor is it meant to be.After journaling it s a daily round of Golf The bar is always open Poker at night Although the penitents are not to discuss their peccadilloes that landed them in their spiritual wilderness, gradually they each learn of the others most untheological downfalls Unlike Christ s temptations avoided during his forty days in the wilderness, Thomas regales the reader with his most human and therefore faulty behavior, though he rationalizes the Dickens out of it.It began with Alicia One can almost hear Updike chuckling when he named Thomas s church organist The very way in which Thomas describes her has the ring of Humbert Humbert s Lo Li ta Each time Thomas writes the name, it is with an air of Ahhhh, A liiic i aaaa Alicia is a woman of many talents, adroitly handling two children as the divorced single mother She fills the church with the soaring sounds of Bach to Buxtahude The liturgy is shortened as Alicia turns Thomas sermons into brief platitudes as she lengthen the muscial elements of worship bringing in brass instruments, percussionists, and, Good God, guitarists Worst of all, Alicia has determined that Thomas is her salvation from being single, adroitly persuading Thomas to leave Janet and his sons for a life with her She has the sexual abilities of a lusty Lillith with a preference for the superior position, enthusiastically riding Thomas as easily as managing a stallion And stallion, Thomas discovers, he is.In a humorous series of episodes, Thomas attempts to foist his Assistant Pastor, Ned Bork on Janet, cajoling his wife, Haven t you ever wondered what it would be like to be with another man He constantly invites Ned for dinner, finding some reason to leave to perform some ministerial duty in the hopes that Ned and Janet will find themselves in delightful in flagrante delicto, but neither party is buying it.Alicia, a practical woman, turns her affections to Ned Bork, who readily accepts them, to the chagrin of Thomas who begins to see her car parked at Ned s garage apartment next to the parsonage He is obsessed by the knowledge that his ultra liberal Assistant is having his anatomical flute played by his former mistress.Poor Thomas enters into a string of liaisons with his female congregants The teenaged bride who married too quickly, too early, and realized she had made a life changing mistake The emaciated divorcee, whose most prominent feature is an outstanding pudenda, always jutting out from her emaciated frame Then, the fatal alliance with the head Deacon s sainted wife, Frankie Harlow Ah, Harlow, ash blonde, gracefully aging, who detests the sight of her husband.Harlow is Thomas s ideal of love Faithful to the core Image of Mother Mary Perhaps, image of Thomas s own lost mother Svelte, curved appropriately, with a luminescent body bathed in a lambent glow of chiaroscuro whatever the lighting There s one problem Thomas cannot service poor Frankie, no matter her skills with lips, tongue or hands Damn Frankie is Thomas Jocasta And he is blinded by his inability to consummate his most desired seduction.Urged on by Frankie that that woman who plays the organ has turned Sunday morning worship into a concert rather than devotion to the Word, Thomas decides to fire Alicia, no longer his, Ah, A liii c i a Alicia, scorned as a lover, deprived of her job, tells all to the Deacons.And thereupon hangs the tale of Thomas s Month of Sundays in the wilderness without any outlet for all the temptations of the memory of his many conquests, of all the congregants who have knelt in supplication to him, so to speak.Here we have the Gospel of Doubting Thomas This is Updike at his most outrageous This is the dry, the wry, the sly John Updike, who as Robert Graves would have cried, warns Thomas Down, Wanton And, Updike revels in the ribald, down and dirty life of Thomas Marshfield, allowing him to create his own Gospel according to Thomas Did you know that adultery was actually a sacrament sanctioned by Jesus Why, of course it was Think Jesus saved the adulteress from stoning Think Ah, Mary Magdalene Oh, Domine, Oh Devil, what have you done to my rod and staff They no longer comfort me You laugh at me, I ll laugh at you Repent Repent, Hell A Month of Sundays 1975 is the first novel in what John Updike called his Scarlet Letter trilogy The concluding volumes are Roger s Version 1986 , and S 1988 If you read Updike, sex with a capital S is everywhere, and absolutely abundant After all, wasn t Man told to go forth, be fruitful and multiply So, Doubting Thomas would preach the Word In Times Magazine review of Couples, appearing in the issue April 26, 1968, A View From the Catacombs,, the author wrote His contemporaries invade the ground with wild Dionysian yelps, mocking both the taboos that would make it forbidden and the lust that drives men to it Updike can be honest about it, and his descriptions of the sight, taste and texture of women s bodies can be perfect little madrigals. With A Month of Sundays , Updike offers up a raucous rondeau of sex and religion that rocks the rafters of any sanctuary or temple With the exception of the fallen, the angels are blushing, but feverishly flipping the pages to find the good parts.

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    I hadn t read any Updike for years, the premise of this one was appealing a promiscuous priest, sent away to consider the conflict between his sexual shenanigans and his faith , it was only 2.99 on a charity stall, and I don t have to like the protagonist to like a book, but this I didn t enjoy it 2 It was well written in many ways 3 , but Tom was just too unpleasant I tried make allowances for different s, but whereas his misogyny and homophobia would be understandable in a Victorian, this is set within my lifetime published 1975.Plot and StructureTom is sent away for a month to a place in the desert for errant priests There doesn t seem to be any therapy or counselling or anything really just time away to reflect, and encouragement to play golf and poker the Bible above all is banned He is asked to write his thoughts each day maybe the others are, but we don t know so the book has one chapter for each day, with the four that fall on Sundays being like sermons He muses on how he came to be there, with smatterings about what he s been up to that day On the final day, it stops, with a final episode that may or may not be true He occasionally addresses the centre manager, Ms Prynne, who he hopes is reading it, and whom he fancies It s wry, irreverent, shameless, and, by his own admission, of dubious accuracy The way he analyses his own story as he seeks to justify his actions twisting the Bible to do so , in part by blaming others, brought Humbert Humbert to mind There is also an echo of Lolita s famous opening lines, Oh Alicia, my mistress, my colleague, my adviser, my betrayer He surmises that I equate noise with sexual vitality and he s infatuated with completion , but these are not fully developed insights Occasionally, he detaches, and slips into the third person, and sometimes likens people in his life to dolls I can play with.Tom is very well read and drops lots of literary names in the first half, especially John Barth who he sees as the epitome of masculinity Mention of John Dickinson Carr s idea of many locked rooms is very pertinent to the way Tom tries to compartmentalise his life, but gets only a passing mention Later, it s his wife Jane who wants symmetry and enclosure by having a door to separate the foyer and living room view spoiler He starts an affair with Alicia, his organist, and tries to pair up his wife Jane and curate Ned This doesn t work I thought they might at least fornicate out of conversational boredom , and Alicia ends up having an affair with Ned, which makes Tom very jealous He turns to Frankie, but her strong faith makes him impotent, so he has numerous affairs with other parishioners and those who come for counselling Alicia tells Jane, but somehow Jane takes the upper hand in that discussion and with Tom briefly, their sex life is wakened When he sacks Alicia, with Ned s support, she tells one of the church elders hide spoiler

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    Alicia in bed was a revelation At last I confronted as in an ecstatic mirror my own sexual demon In such a hurry we did not always take time to remove socks and necklaces and underthings that clung to us then like shards or epaulettes, we would tumble upon her low square bed Where do the priests guilty of sin of adultery and fornication go No, they don t go to hell, they go to a remote retreat for recreation, contemplation of their sinful past and to take a rest from their tedious sins And there they are obliged to write detailed diaries for posterity and all to whom it may concern And A Month of Sundays is one of those secret diaries And the best things in this diary are sinful sermons Of the two adulterous women Christ encounters in the Gospels, as we have seen, one is commended, and the other is not condemned Indeed this latter woman was brought to Him, we may conjecture, by the Pharisees to trap Him into asking enforcement of a death penalty universally acknowledged to be absurd For, as He repeatedly asserts, this is an adulterous generation So Jeremiah had found his generation, and Hosea his for Israel ever breaks its covenant with the Lord, and yet the Lord ever loves, and ever forgives.Adultery, my friends, is our inherent condition Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart But who that has eyes to see cannot so lust Was not the First Divine Commandment received by human ears, Be fruitful, and multiply Adultery is not a choice to be avoided it is a circumstance to be embraced Thus I construe these texts In this deliberately and sarcastically controversial novel John Updike simply excels at dissecting biblical contradictions and pointing his finger at religious incongruities.

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    a month of Sundays a cross between winter light grim bergman movie about a priest who loses his faith and hot and saucy pizza girls 70s porno from some kind of desert sanitarium for holy men gone bad, reverend marshfield writes a memoir about his days of preaching fucking and sucking one sees where updike was going with all this, but he never gets there The anguish and frustration is occasionally felt, but for the most part, one imagines the author at his type writer with half wood, a smirk, and the desire to shock montambo refers to this book as putrid i don t think i d even give it so much credit the nabakovian wordplay and subject matter is fun, but for the most part it s all a bit pointless check this passage Say you don t believe in God Say you think God is an old Israeli fart Say it She wanted to, she even took breath into her lungs to utter something, but couldn t How can you believe How can any sane person Many do, she told me Then amended, Some do It s so ridiculous, I said It s always been ridiculous There was this dreadful tribal chauvinism of the Jews Then some young megalomaniac came along and said, Look at Me And about a dozen people did And then We don t know what happened, nobody knows, all we know is that as the Roman Empire went rotten one mystery cult prevailed over the many others People were as messy then as they are now it could have been any cult And the damn thing s still among us It s an establishment A racket The words are empty The bread is just bread The biggest sales force in the world selling empty calories Jesus Christ What is it A detergent A deoderant What does it do This invisible odorless thing It lets people live It lets them die, I corrected It likes to watch them die I hit her First a tap with a cuffed hand, then really a hit, with open palm and stiff wrist so our chamber split at the noise, and all the gossamer threads her love had spun were swept away You dumb cunt, I said, how can you be so dumb to believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost Tell me you really don t Tell me, so I can fuck you Tell me you know down deep there s nothing The dead stink for a while they stink and then they re just bones and then there s not even that Forever and ever Isn t that so Say it I can t Why not, sweet Why not Please You know there s nothing Tell me there s nothing Tell me it s a fraud, I m a fraud, it s all right, there s just us and we ll die

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    Imagine Lionel Messi, alone in a gym, with just a ball.I don t doubt his skills would be sublime, captivating indeed teetering tantalisingly upon the very limits of believability.But probably only watchable for about ten minutes.Keepy uppy lacks the narrative of a competitive match.This is probably why it s not a globally televised sport, while soccer is.For Messi and ball, substitute Updike and typewriter.Bring on A Month of Sundays.And, voila wordy uppy A crueller critic might say assy uppy As a No.1 Updike fan, I find such cruelty does not come easily but by page 20 I couldn t face one clatter of the keys, or one ding of the carriage return I d had enough words for an entire novel.And that s enough from me, too.

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    Oh, John Updike I love him I hate him He s brilliant He s disgusting I m not finishing this book, despite a deep admiration for passages like O, that immaculate, invisibly renewed sanitas of rented bathrooms, inviting us to strip off not merely our clothes and excrement and the particles of overspiced flank steak between our teeth but our skin with the dirt and our circumstances with the skin and then to flush every bit down the toilet the loud voracity of whose flushing action so rebukingly contrasts with the clogged languor of the toilets we have left behind at home, already so full of us they can scarcely ebb When pushed beyond that lyrical depth, Updike s writing can start to parody itself but that s not what put me off this book It was one of his famously unsexy descriptions of sex Apologies in advance view spoiler What poetry in virginity Jane s little gasp at my shoulder, and her glans crushing push, and the leaps within her unseen, and the wet revelation of my semen, glutinous in her pussy or glistening on her belly like an iota of lunar spit hide spoiler

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    Having just finished Updike s four Rabbit novels, I wanted to try something else by this author Priced at 25 cents at a used book store, A Month of Sundays appeared out of the blue, so why not I read about 20 pages yesterday, and was ready to throw it in the garbage The writing seemed ponderously affected with a bit of sex thrown in perhaps the result of a contest entitled something like Bad Nabokov So I read the most recent five reviews here on goodreads, and they averaged three stars, all the way from one star to five stars I finished A Month of Sundays this very Sunday morning, and what a surprise A group of fallen clergymen spend a month at what appears to be a nice golf resort, the downsides twofold a shortage of female companionship and a wait for the bar to open at noon Since Updike s character is not even half queer his sexual options are limited to self pleasure and the manager, Ms Prynne Deprived also of any religious texts, services, etc., there is only golf, poker, booze, and a convenient typewriter for this book to be written A sly, strange, subtle comedy, Updike concludes with the same philosophy of Burgess at the end of the original Clockwork Orange not the happy ever after added on Orange chapter the essential sexual nature of a person can t be changed But we all know this by now, this is the 21st century However, Updike does explore religious spiritual concepts heavily than sexual ones, and this particular exploration is the best part of the book and absolutely worth the read Thanks to goodreads reviewers, this novel avoided the garbage can.

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    A big ol meh from me It was too sexual and I didn t find the main character redeeming at all Maybe if I paid attention to the theology or listened to my friends when they said it wasn t worth it , it would have been better.

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