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[BOOKS] ✮ Ad Reinhardt By Lucy R. Lippard – Hookupgoldmilf.info

Ad Reinhardt

Ad Reinhardt AD REINHARDT Encyclopdia Universalis Ad Reinhardt Est N Buffalo Aprs Des Tudes Avec Meyer Shapiro, L Universit Columbia New York , Il Opte Pour L Abstraction Ad Reinhardt Artnet Ad Reinhardt Est Un Important Peintre Amricain Surtout Connu Pour Sa Contribution Aux Mouvements Conceptuel Et Minimaliste Ses Plus Clbres Uvres Sont Ses Black Paintings , Qu Il Considre Comme Une Volution Du Modernisme Et Qu Il Nomme Les Dernires Peintures Qu Il Est Possible De Faire Ad Reinhardt, Le Pionnier De L Art Conceptuel Ad Reinhardt Tait Un Peintre Et Crivain Amricain, Pionnier De L Art Conceptuel, Communment Considr Comme No Dada Le Travail De Reindhart A Volu Partir De Compositions Avec Formes Gomtriques Enpour Travailler Dans La Vie Et Le Travail De Ad Reinhardt, L ExpressionnismeAd ReinhardtDcembre, Aot,tait Un Amricain Expressionniste Abstrait Artiste Qui A Cherch Crer Ce Qu Il A Appel, Abstraction Absolue Ad Reinhardt Biographie Ad Reinhardt Oeuvres ReinhardtAd Reinhardtuvres D Art Peinture Adolph Dietrich Friedrich Reinhardt Ad Reinhardt , N Ledcembreet Dcd Leaot , Est Un Peintre Et Un Auteur Thorique Amricain, Prcurseur De L Art Conceptuel Et De L Art Minimal Il Fut Galement Un Critique De L Expressionnisme Abstrait Reinhardt Est N Buffalo New York Ad Reinhardt MoMA American,works Online Ad Reinhardt Was One Of The Most Relentless Defenders Of The Purity Of Abstraction Ad Reinhardt WikipediaL Uvre Ultimate Painting NDernire Peinture Nlve De Meyer Schapiro, Ad Reinhardt Rejoint Le Groupe Des American Abstract Artists En , Et Ses Uvres, Proches De Celles De Stuart Davis, Voquent Alors Un Cubisme Dcoratif Et Abstrait, Marqu Par L Influence Du Bauhaus

Since 1966, Lippard has published 20 books on feminism, art, politics and place and has received numerous awards and accolades from literary critics and art associations A 2012 exhibition on her seminal book, Six Years The Dematerialization of the Art Object at the Brooklyn Museum, titled Six Years Lucy R Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art , cites Lippard s scholarship as its point

[BOOKS] ✮ Ad Reinhardt By Lucy R. Lippard – Hookupgoldmilf.info
  • Unknown Binding
  • Ad Reinhardt
  • Lucy R. Lippard
  • English
  • 12 May 2017
  • 9780810915541

15 thoughts on “Ad Reinhardt

  1. says:

    200317: i have found what i have been looking for in abstract art. art is art. art is abstract art. art is ad reinhardt more than any other i have seen. this is a favourite. reproductions are great, even later plates of his 'black' paintings, showing the progressive history of stripping away the inessential aspects he wanted to communicate his art: no symbols, no forms, no colours, no compositions...

    reinhardt is that rare and best artist who is also exacting critic and lucid theorist. this book on rather than by, is reprint from 1969- just after his death, with a useful epilogue for the '80s, which notes his ongoing effects and rise in stature. though of the same era as abstract expressionists, he is different not only in politics, approval, popular acclaim, but also in essence of his conception of art. not only hostile to surrealism/dada and regionalism/socialist realism, he believed in art as art, as ultimately nothing other, as abstract but not 'expressionist', not personal, emotional, angsty, nothing but art. which has precedence in other traditions, older traditions, eastern and Islamic cultures- art as spiritually meaningful as art...

    this book has colour plates from his early work to his last- though if you are not looking intently you might see nothing but black squares in the latter. there are throughout critical indications, appreciations, sense of where he is going and what he is trying and what is the result, but it is of course the paintings that explain themselves. included are a few of his 'artworld' cartoons. indeed, if his work is seen innocently it might be thought of as parodied 'abstract' art that makes no sense, simply because it does not 'refer' to anything but itself, is just some 'big city trick' on honest folks... read this critical work and profundity, seriousness, earnestness, of all his work is apparent...

    now if i could only see his work in person. for that is the key to any art thought: the work itself! as it is right now, i must content myself with books like this...

  2. says:

    An attempted reconciliation of Reinhardt's painting and writings, and their paradoxes.

    Part Two of this very rare book is a meditative critical viewing of the Black abstracts that prefaces, in relation to Reinhardt's "Twelve Rules for a New Academy," among his other explicit dogmas, their "non-relational and non-referential" qualities, their rejection of color for light, the inadequacy of retinal explanations, the requirement of a "more exaggerated period of perceptual lag" that their viewing requires.

    There is an extended looking at the light of the paintings: their self-generated "pervasive luminosity," their "hermetic light source," their dull glow, how "the oil-drained surface, so susceptible to damage, nevertheless seals the light within the plane, rather than allowing it to reflect and be acted upon by its environment." Or, "Reinhardt's [light] is a steady, almost uninflected presence, an intangible gloom held tightly on a tangible plane by the absolute symmetry of its armature."

    Also, notes on color, and an art-historical and scientific discussion of black. "Reinhardt's development...traces the process of draining color from light...[he] achieved an extraordinarily refined intensity by using color almost invisibly as the basis of the blacks. The graying glow does at times lack visible color, but the quality of its grayness is dependent upon its color component...the opaque black surfaces have paradoxically become transparent containers of light....Black is both inclusive and exclusive, a condition bound to appeal to Reinhardt's sense of paradox."

    The criticisms of the paintings is that they are solutions, that the idea predominated the subject, that they are a platform less interesting than the accompanying polemical language.

    Part One, in comparison, is a more bloodless biographical, developmental approach. One wants to know, but they are not here, the great crises of Reinhardt's life, his passions, his loves.

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