Lowcountry Boil (A Liz Talbot Mystery, #1)

Lowcountry Boil (A Liz Talbot Mystery, #1) Private Investigator Liz Talbot Is A Modern Southern Belle She Blesses Hearts And Takes Names She Carries Her Sig In Her Kate Spade Handbag, And Her Golden Retriever, Rhett, Rides Shotgun In Her Hybrid Escape When Her Grandmother Is Murdered, Liz High Tails It Back To Her South Carolina Island Home To Find The Killer She S Fit To Be Tied When Her Police Chief Brother Shuts Her Out Of The Investigation, So She Opens Her Own Then Her Long Dead Best Friend Pops In And Things Really Get Complicated When Folks Start Turning Up Dead In This Small Seaside Town, Liz Must Use Than Just Her Wits And Charm To Keep Her Family Safe, Chase Down Clues From The Hereafter, And Catch A Psychopath Before He Catches Her

Susan M Boyer is the author of the USA TODAY bestselling Liz Talbot mystery series She was blessed with a quintessential small town childhood and has had a life long love affair with books Susan is grateful to have been gifted with an over active imagination She was one of those children whose teachers were always telling her mamma that her talents needed to be channeled She s been making

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  • Paperback
  • 408 pages
  • Lowcountry Boil (A Liz Talbot Mystery, #1)
  • Susan M. Boyer
  • English
  • 01 March 2017
  • 9781938383045

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    RE READ 06 12 2015My thoughts are pretty much the same I was so impressed with Liz s strength emotional strength when she view spoiler turns down Michael when he comes crawling to her, begging her to marry him hide spoiler

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    I found this book to be a totally charming read The author s voice and writing style are cozy mystery in tone but the protagonist here is a professional private investigator as opposed to a nosey heroine we find in so many cozies The story opens with Liz coming home for her grandmother s funeral, only to learn from her brother, the local chief of police, that the death is far from natural She also discovers that her grandmother has bequeath her house to Liz Liz s first inclination is to solve her grandmother s death then head back to her home in Georgia But she finds herself on the local city council and neck deep in small community gossip and politics I really liked this heroine I love that the author didn t give us another bumbling heroine who keeps her gun in a cookie jar Liz is strong, confident, carries a gun in her purse and knows how to use it , can give a round kick that will lay an attacker on his back and keeps a golden retriever as a body guard But if you re familiar with goldens at all, he s not the most vicious dog around I loved the southern feel that the author captures on every page I m looking forward to the next books in the series as we didn t get to spend much time with Liz s PI partner and I m interested in learning there We did get an introduction to Liz s ex, Michael, a married man who still carries an Olympic sized flame for Liz Lots of potential for some future romance for Liz but with which one And one thing Liz s dead friend is still keeping her company So we have a ghost, a strong heroine, a hunky ex, a hunky PI partner, a golden retriever, small town gossip and politics, a murder mystery and a southern setting What s not to like

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    Y ALL There s a reason this book won a Daphne several reasons, actually If you like fantastic, funny mysteries with a great cast of very real characters, run don t walk to the nearest bookstore or link and order a copy of LOWCOUNTRY BOIL.I admit, I completely felt like Susan M Boyer wrote a mystery just for little ol me The heroine is a smartassed PI who doesn t know how to listen to her well meaning and over protective big brother and has a healthy helping of hunky guys hanging around Liz Talbot also happens to have a dog named Rhett, and affinities for the beach and Kenny Chesney Oh, and a mamma who owns a cast iron skillet, makes mean deviled eggs, and loves Estee Lauder lipstick Familiar, anyone who s ever met me But seriously this one is a keeper Full of mystery, fun, food, and several twists that I never saw coming, it s the kind of book that compels you to read it in a single sitting Witness, I am still in my PJs at 2 30 on Saturday afternoon, and that horrific grumbling is my stomach complaining that I ve eaten nothing today because I was so engrossed in the goings on in Stella Maris which, by the by, I am so sad isn t an actual place, because I want to go there.I m off to make some chicken salad You should be off to pre order this book In the interest of full disclosure, I read a pre publication advance copy, but was under no obligation to review it or say nice things about it It is an amazing read, though, and it ll be out in just 10 days, so go reserve it You can thank me in 11 days.

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    This is a review of the audio and first installment in this fun cozy mystery series I think for the second book, I will read it rather than listen because the narrator s southern accent did not sound genuine to me I m from North Carolina and have lived in South Carolina, too, and it was the southern accent where you sound like you are talking with something in your mouth Accent aside, this was an entertaining mystery with engaging characters and even a ghost The Lowcountry is one of my favorite places on earth, so the setting worked perfectly I adored the main character, Liz, and I can t wait to read what escapades she s up to next Overall, a great start to the series.

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    Susan M Boyer has written a clever mystery with an engaging female detective in Liz Talbot, a true Steel Magnolia She carries a Sig 9 and faces danger head on while keeping the gracious manners of a true Southern belle although her mother has to remind her to wear lipstick I loved the Low Country setting on her fictional but realistic island of Stella Maris, South Carolina You will hunger for the Southern and Low Country food, yearn for the beautiful beach setting, and bite your nails as you read this fast paced thriller LOWCOUNTRY BOIL is beautifully written, has intriguing twists, and is full of interesting Low Country details.

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    I really enjoyed this book I did not know what to expect when I started reading it, but it was really well written, and funny

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    Absolutely excellent debut I loved all the characters and the author did a wonderful job Highly recommend, and I can guarantee that I ll be reading the next one.

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    Private Investigator Liz Talbot, along with her business partner, Nate Andrews owns a small private investigation firm in Greenville, South Carolina Then life takes a drastic turn for Liz.First Liz receives an urgent message from her best friend from High School days, Colleen Colleen says, Liz, Come home Now that may not sound critical but when you realize that Colleen died during their Junior year in schoolwell Liz accepts this message in stride as haunts are accepted in her life on the island of Stella Maris.Shortly thereafter the cell phone rings, and it is brother Blake, Chief of Police on Stella Maris and he says, Its Gram Liz tells Nate she has to go and she grabs some clothes and her dog, Rhett and off she drives Nate is concerned but they will keep in touch.Blake confides to Liz that he suspects Gram was murdered He also instructs her to stay out of his investigation and keep it quiet This was the only part of the book that strained my credulity A private investigator not investigating, especially when she inherits and learns the death is not an accident or natural This, however, was the only time the book made me blink.The truth is Liz has plenty to investigate as Colleen soon alerts her to The island is rife with political conflict, politics, domestic abuse, contract killers and This book was action packed.Many many strands of persons lives need to be woven until Liz finds a tight weave The location of the island was inviting, the characters were well drawn and you feel like or dislike through the actions and dialog The pace of the story made it all the compelling I enjoyed this murder mystery.

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    When Liz Talbot goes home to Stella Maris for her grandmother s funeral, she never expected to stay But that s exactly what happens when she discovers that her grandmother s tragic fall isn t what it seems So now Liz is determined to learn the truth about her grandmother s death, but she has a proper Southern mama to contend with, Merry, her do gooder sister who wants to change things up in Stella Maris,her brother, Blake, the Police Chief who resents Liz s interference, and the one that got away, Michael, her ex beau Along the way, Liz encounters twists, tangles, old secrets and new revelations Life isn t all it seems in the peaceful town of Stella Maris Colorful characters and witty, Southern charm abound in this mystery that will leave you guessing to the end.

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