Daystar Times Have Changed For The Telepathic Sentinels In The Realm Of The Federate Whorl Persecution Sends These Genetically Altered People Fleeing To Their Sanctuary World, But A Shipboard Disaster Exposes High Commander Brennen Caldwell To Fatal Radiation Medical Student Meris Cariole Ends Up Stranded, An Unwelcome Outsider, At A Sanctuary She Never Meant To Invade On Another World, Wrongfully Imprisoned Sentinel Jorah Caldwell Receives A Supernatural Visitor For Generations, The Sentinel Kindred Has Anticipated Boh Dabar, The Prophesied Word To Come The Visitor Hails Jorah As Boh Dabar Can He Believe The News Meanwhile, A Mysterious Stranger Arrives At The Sanctuary World, Also Claiming To Be Boh Dabar Brennen And Firebird Caldwell, Meris, And Jorah Are Caught In A Tangle Of Interstellar Incidents That Threaten The Sentinel Kindred S Very Existence And No One Anywhere Has Anticipated The Events That Will Shake The Interstellar Federacy In The Firebird Alternate Universe, Humankind Has Gone To The Stars The Messianic Bloodline Has Been Genetically Altered, And Instantaneous Communication Links The Settled Worlds Still, God S Character Has Not Changed, Nor Have His Promises Failed Daystar Brings The Saga To A Conclusion That Rocks The Galaxies NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR Kathy Tyers Has Published Ten Novels In The Christian And General Markets, Including Two Authorized Novels For The Star Wars Expanded Universe, As Well As A Biography And A Travel Book If She Isn T Writing, She Might Be Teaching A Flute Lesson, Mentoring A Hopeful Author Via The Christian Writers Guild, Or Battling Quackgrass In Her Vegetable Garden Kathy Lives In Montana And Has One Grown Son

She is the first child of Dr H.C Moore, an accomplished dentist and jazz musician who had served during WWII as a test pilot, and Barbara Putnam Moore, flutist with several California orchestras.Kathy attended Montana State University in Bozeman, where she received a degree in microbiology, married, performed widely on her flute, and then became certified as a K 12 classroom teacher After teach

[Reading] ➶ Daystar  Author Kathy Tyers –
  • Paperback
  • 638 pages
  • Daystar
  • Kathy Tyers
  • English
  • 28 March 2019
  • 9781935929505

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    Five stars just aren t enough for Kathy Tyers remarkable conclusion to the Firebird series It s been a long time since I read a novel that was so engrossing and so encouraging I m not one for reading lengthy books, but in this case I ploughed through the pages, barely even noticing the six hundred plus pages In fact, the only complaint that I have about Daystar is that it ended at all Having finished the Firebird series I can only cling to the solace that I do own all of the Firebird books and can reread them anytime.

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    Tyers s tackling of a Messianic character is amazing I have not seen this fully done except in allegory and was very excited to read this As usual, Tyers offers compelling characters, an interesting world, and in depth, interesting plotlines Again, I am impressed with Tyers s bravery

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    A good read, but not quite as crisp a read as the earlier novels in the series.

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    Great series, sad to see it endI first read this series when I found the first book, Firebird I really liked the first three books in the series Firebird, Fusion Fire, and Crown of Fire So when I saw there were two new ones available, I was excited to read them.I was a little disappointed After Kathy Tyres earlier books, this one seemed boring, for most of the book I found the character Kinnor Caldwell, while supposed to be the hero, very cold, calculating, and difficult to root for Ditto in this book, but he shows some redeeming qualities at the end Again, disappointing, because after reading about the birth of the twins Kiel and Kinnor, I was excited to read about what kind of adults they had turned into.Nevertheless, I m giving this five stars because this was still a great series overall, and the final book ties it all up nicely As a writer myself, I realize that you can t please everyone, all the time So I m giving it five stars I recommend reading the series from the beginning, it will make sense to you.

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    I have been reading Kathy s books since I discovered the Firebird series in high school To have her conclude this truly epic saga with Daystar is satisfying to say the least.In Daystar, Kathy s strengths as a writer truly shine, while also venturing into speculative ground In a universe where mankind has developed space travel before the coming of the Messiah, the alternate history developed by Kathy is both thought provoking and well rounded With Daystar being a ensemble cast of old characters and new , this was still a well developed character story with fast paced plotting and marvelous conclusions Her depiction of an alternate Jesus timeline were both satisfying and challenging.Possibly the only sour note is that this is the last book in the series and after spending years with these characters, saying goodbye is bittersweet.I would highly recommend the Firebird series to Kathy She doesn t disappoint, even to the very end.

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    Daystar by Kathy Tyers definitely touches a spiritual cord, while taking the reader on a fast paced adventure to unknown galaxies Even at a daunting 650 pages, the story maintained a great pace and was engaging throughout There was enough pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo which Sci fi writers are famous for to make the story seem plausible, yet not so much to overwhelm the reader Her attention to detail was amazing perhaps one reason for the length of the book and her descriptions were very visual Included in the book is a wide cast of characters that were very well developed and the story line was complex There was romance, intrigue, sabotage everything to make the book interesting The book is a Biblical allegory, there is no doubt about that Although this was fairly obvious early on in the reading, there were enough surprises and imaginative ways of presenting the analogies, that it remained fresh and unpredictable.

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    I have loved the Firebird saga for many years, and while I was looking forward to this final chapter in the series, I was also a little bit reluctant to read it It is, after all, THE END.But I have to say, since reading it, that it is the most satisfying ending I could hope for, and I couldn t imagine it finishing any other way.I was also delighted to read the very last line of this book, bringing it full circle to the last line of Firebird 1 , itself You ll know it when you see it.It s an alternate universe retelling of the journey of faith I am very familiar with the elements that were revealed, and drew the parallels quite easily, but even knowing how events were likely to unfold didn t stop me from feeling the emotion every step of the way I am now tempted to start from the beginning again and read it all again

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    A fabulous end to this renowned series I was enthralled through every page and had tears in my eyes during the last Kathy Tyers has truly created a masterpiece worth re reading in the Firebird series, and Daystar is a rich, satisfying conclusion UPDATE Read through this a second time, and it was just as great as the first If not so since I read the whole series one right after the other, which helped me understand the characters so much better I found myself almost tearing up at times as it s such a beautiful picture of the hope we have in Christ.

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    Can I have stars Five is not enough This conclusion to all the stories of the Firebird universe is simply amazing Once I got started, I couldn t put it down Ms Tryes draws in characters from far back in the series, from Tel Tellai to Rava, and shows us what happens to them I may think of something later, but at this point, I can t think of a single character or plot line I wanted to know the end to that isn t dealt with here and satisfyingly concluded.

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    This fifth book in the Firebird series is a wonderful retelling of the Messiah story But, because the whole story world is different, it allows the reader to appreciate it from a fresh perspective The author s excellent storytelling skills really shine in this well written, completely engaging read.

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