Regiment of Women

Regiment of Women Regiment Of Women Wikipedia Regiment Of Women Is The Debut Novel Of Winifred Ashton Writing As Clemence Dane First Published In , The Novel Has Gained Some Notoriety Due To Itsor Less Veiled Treatment Of Lesbian Relationships Inside And Outside A School Setting Read Regiment Of Women Light Novel Online AtRegiment Of Women Regiment Of Women Summary Is Updating Come Visit Novelonlinefreefo Sometime To Read The Latest Chapter Of Regiment Of WomenRegiment Of Women Thomas Berger Livres Not Retrouvez Regiment Of Women Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionRegiment Of Women Livres Not Retrouvez Regiment Of Women Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Regiment Of Women Posts Facebook Regiment Of Womenlikes Welcome To The The Future Matriarchy Girls We Got Work To Do Regiment Of Women By Thomas Berger Berger S Concept The Terms Masculine And Feminine Still Apply To Men And Women Respectively, But The Connotations Of These Words Are Completely Reversed

Clemence Dane was the pseudonym of Winifred Ashton

[EPUB] ✺ Regiment of Women ✽ Clemence Dane –
  • Paperback
  • 345 pages
  • Regiment of Women
  • Clemence Dane
  • English
  • 17 February 2019
  • 9781853818646

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    cw abuse, suicide mention Oof I feel like I can t truly put this on my read shelf, because I read the first half and then kind of dipped in and out of the second half until the final chapters I wanted to find out what happened, but I just found it so extremely profoundly disturbing I couldn t commit to slogging through the whole thing Now, don t get me wrong, I love me a good Evil Lesbian Story when the lesbian is fun campy see Carmilla, The Sorceress of the Strand, assorted Disney antagonists In some ways what made this book so unpleasant is how good it was The villain of the piece, Clare Hartill, is evil, yes, and a lesbian, yes, but she is also super plausible and three dimensional she s not a witch or a vampire, but a frighteningly realistic portrait of an emotional abuser At the same time, she exudes charm appeal let s face it Evil Lesbians are way sexy and as a reader, to be seduced by her and then watch as she view spoiler manipulates and abuses a our heroine, Alwynne and b the underage girls she teaches, eventually driving a 13 year old girl to suicide hide spoiler

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    Dane sets out to create an evil lesbian, and in doing so show the reader the evils of lesbianism But instead, in Clare, she creates a complex, magnetic woman, who champions education and intellectualism, and puts forth good arguments for why women don t need to get married Though Clare is cruel and malicious, she is also an archetype of the unavailable older woman in a position of authority, and it is easy to see why the women in the book find her so attractive Dane may have wanted to make Clare unambiguously evil, but actually she is the most interesting character in the book It is easy to understand why this book has been regarded as a lesbian classic the love story between Alwynne and Clare is far compelling than the book s heterosexual ending, and though Dane may have wanted to show the evil of lesbianism, she actually creates believable and moving relationships between women Only the heterosexual ending and Alwynne s decision to marry Roger make this story feel clunky and lacking in complexity otherwise it s a compelling and enjoyable read.

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    An astonishing dissection of the mind of the monstrous Clare Hartill, who blithely ruins or attempts to ruin the lives of everyone around her It s also a fascinating insight into schoolgirl crushes and how encompassing they can be, and in this case how tragic.I read that this work encouraged Radclyffe Hall to write The Well of Loneliness , with which it has a great deal in common though this book is even painful I can t understand why it is virtually forgotten today.

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    This 1917 English novel was published and distributed in both the United Kingdom and the United States The story details the close relationship between two school teachers Written during an era of increasing anxiety about the expanding rights of women, the novel was intended to warn of the dangers of female education and all female environments The story ends with an argument for co education and with the suggestion that women should focus on marriage and family rather than education.

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    This book was rather disturbing, an intense and painful read with no real closure provided Nevertheless, it was excellent the prose was incredible, the characters fascinating if not always likeable and the story itself engaging You cannot but feel incredibly sorry for everyone involved It was a painfully true portrait of a number of very unhealthy, sometimes abusive, relationships but on the whole, I don t think it was a criticism of lesbianism itself, of the dangerously passionate affairs that exist to the exclusion of all other relationships Overall, a deeply uncomfortable read I m not sure if I liked it, but objectively it is a worthy member of the Virago Lesbian Landmarks series.

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    This story of female relationships work, lesbian, school, or mentor mentee is a fascinating one Clare is manipulative and ruthless in her use and abuse of others for her own gain Alwynne and others fall prey to her.The dialogue is stimulating, clever, and revealing of each character s values The psychological elements of manipulation, realization, and residual damage are powerful movers I really enjoyed the writing.While I think the author tried to portray a can t get a man so I ll manipulate women lesbian, I think Clare s mental game is one of which anyone should be wary I wouldn t want that relationship for anyone, whether homo or heterosexual Over all, good book.

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    This book would definitely have had four stars if it hadn t been for the Lesbian Bad, Heterosexual Good vibe It s well written and the characters are really skilfully drawn And, frankly, it s obvious that Alwynne will be twenty times happier with Roger than with Clare her relationship with Clare is abusive and scary The main character is really Clare, though, and she is portrayed very cleverly her desire for control and possession her thought processes as she controls and manipulates her human possessions her occasional self awareness As for Alwynne and Roger he is obviously a genuinely good, caring person who loves her and wants to make her happy Despite all this, there s a very uncomfortable message that romantic relationships between women are unhealthy and even if healthy could never ever match up to the relationship between and man and a woman Sigh.

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    Much neglected book undeservedly so Clare Harthill is a truly frightening character My only misgiving is the emphasis put on heterosexual marriage being the only worthy outcome, but nevertheless this is a fascinating insight into suppressed lesbianism.

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    Mentioned in Sayersvery prolific writer.

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