Das Lächeln der Frauen

Das Lächeln der FrauenPomalo nerealno, ne toliko romanti no koliko sam o ekivala sa prili no mlakim glavnim likovima Imala sam ve a o ekivanja od ove knjige Aurelie hat mich wirklich in den Wahnsinn getrieben Es gab in meiner Lesevergangenheit wohl selten eine Frau, der ich einen so tollen Mann der sicherlich auch nicht alles richtig, sogar vieles falsch, gemacht hat wie Andr nicht g nne Sie ist herrisch und fordernd und selbstgerecht und unsympathisch Nichtsdestotrotz ist es eine sch ne Liebesgeschichte, die Mut macht, dass es dort drau en noch so einige Prinzen gibt, die sich bisher vielleicht nur hinter Schreibtischen und einem biederen Auftreten verstecken. Para Aur Lie Bredin, As Coincid Ncias N O Existem Jovem, Sens Vel E Atraente, A Propriet Ria De Um Pequeno E Rom Ntico Restaurante, Le Temps Des Cerises, Situado No Cora O De Paris, A Dois Passos Do Boulevard Saint Germain Naquele Pequeno Restaurante Forrado A Madeira, Com Toalhas Aos Quadradinhos Vermelhos E Brancos, O Seu Pai Conquistou O Cora O Da Sua M E Gra As Ao Menu D Amour E Foi Ali, Rodeada Pelo Aroma Do Chocolate E Da Canela, Que Aur Lie Cresceu E Onde Encontra Consolo Nos Momentos Dif Ceis Da Sua Vida Mas Agora, Magoada Pelo Abandono De Claude, Nem Sequer A Calidez Acolhedora Da Cozinha Capaz De Consol LaUma Tarde, Mais Triste Que Nunca, Aur Lie Refugia Se Numa Livraria Um Romance, O Sorriso Das Mulheres, Chama A Sua Aten O Quando O Folheia, Descobre Que A Protagonista Inspirada Nela E Que Le Temps Des Cerises Um Dos Cen Rios Principais Gra As A Esta Prenda Inesperada, Volta A Sentir Se Animada Decide Entrar Em Contacto Com O Autor, Robert Miller, Para Lhe Agradecer Mas Isso N O F Cil Qualquer Tentativa De Conhecer O Escritor Um Misterioso E Esquivo Ingl S Morre Na Secret Ria De Andr Chabanais, O Editor Que Publicou O Romance Por M, Aur Lie N O Desiste E Quando Um Dia Surge Efectivamente Uma Carta Do Autor Na Sua Caixa De Correio, Acaba Por Da Resultar Um Encontro Bem Diferente Daquele Que Tinha Imaginado While reading many things about The Ingredients of Love made me feel that it s a book that was written to sell rather than to tell a story.Do you know the cute little French love comedy Amelie The Ingredients of Love feel like the wannabe sequel Aurelie , but unfortunately with drama and clich s and much less charm and depth.The Ingredients of Love is a very typical and unmemorable feel good romance The story idea about a fake author is actually funny enough, and as it turns out quite realistic as well since Nicolas Barreau himself seems to be a fake but the characters are just too flat and one dimensional, they most definitely do not leap off the pages and are also very unlikable Heroine Aurelie is a restaurant owner in her 30s, but she behaves like a very immature 20 year old at best She s like a teenie fangirl trying to meet Justin Bieber because he sang a song about her restaurant and to get what she wants, she will basically harass the publisher Her love interest Andre is much less annoying, but also much clich d When he first talks to Aurelie on the phone, he finds her annoying which she is , but once he sees her in person, he realizes that she s a pretty girl and so he starts trying to get in her pants Oh, sorry, I was going to say, he realizes that she is the one and only , the love of his life and that s why he tries to get in her pants It s the kind of predestined love at first sight many women seem to like to dream and read about and Andre s unrealistic character is complete wishfulfillment He saw Aurelie once, thought she was attractive and then wants to marry her and spent the rest of his life with her To me it was ridiculous how he starts planning a family with a woman because she has a pretty smile, without knowing her, without even liking her while talking on the phone so, yes, this is the kind of story The Ingredients of Love is and it will appeal to a very particular readership.The plot itself is also completely predictable, no funny or surprising twists and turns and even worse, no slightly profound emotions Things also get quite cheesy and overall this book simply felt like a big combo of clich s As said, the light hearted love story set in Paris reminded me a lot of the movie Amelie and given that the publisher uses these similarities to promote this book, which by the way is not written by a French author, and the heroines have so similar names Amelie Poulain and Aurelie Bredin , it s hard for me to believe in a coincidence All these things made me feel that this book is quite a calculated creation Written and published to become a bestseller and not because it tells a beautiful, interesting story In the end, I can t really recommend The Ingredients of Love to anybody, apart from those who are really looking for an extremely light romance story, don t mind it being cheesy and clich d and have already seen the movie Amelie, because else Amelie is definitely the better choice. 7.T ,. 4 2 3 list . stalker , 2,5 toiles de moi Google translation B.R.A.CE 20194 4 B.R.A.CE 2019 35 , ,.3,5 5 .

Daniela Thiele.The same is true of the pretended translator

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  • Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • Das Lächeln der Frauen
  • Nicolas Barreau
  • Portuguese
  • 14 March 2019

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