Extension du domaine de la lutte

Extension du domaine de la lutte, 30 , You have this friend who works in IT He is rendered sick at the torturous formality and bureaucratic inevitability of existence, and slaps you on the face twice before bursting into tears You phone his friend Tisserand who is unbearably ugly and hits on you twice, for help You say You are so hideous, no woman would go anywhere near you, you disgusting pustule of a man Tisserand breaks down in tears but comes back with a brutal salvo You women are callous stiff planks who re only out for yourselves Or words to that effect But your friend who works in IT is looking extremely peaky He, naturally, has no problem getting laid despite his own physical shortcomings, i.e he looks like Michel Houellebecq but he does seem to be coming down with a bad case of lifesickness Clearly, traveling around France training people in IT packages is no sound basis for a life So your friend writes strange animal stories then checks himself into a psych ward You don t hear from him for a while, for he is a gone man A long gone man P.S Worst cover and mistranslated title ever OriginalExtension du domaine de la lutte Favourite passage Writing brings scant relief It retraces, it delimits It lends a touch of coherence, the idea of a kind of realism One stumbles around in a cruel fog, but there is the odd pointer Chaos is no than a few feet away A meagre victory, in truth What a contrast with the absolute, miraculous power of reading An entire life spent reading would have fulfilled my every desire I already knew that at the age of seven The texture of the world is painful, inadequate unalterable, or so it seems to me Really, I believe that an entire life spent reading would have suited me best Such a life has not been granted me p12 Bili Im Sekt R Ndesiniz Ok G Zde Bir Mesle Iniz Var Yi Para Kazan Yorsunuz Temiz Giyimli Insanlarla Dolu Dev Binalarda Al Yorsunuz Steril Bir Hayat S R Yorsunuz Arkada Lar N Z Var Ancak, G S N Ze Bir A Rl K Biniyor Zaman Zaman Zerinize Bir Karamsarl K K Yor Bir Dalga Gibi Bir Eksiklik VarBankac S N Z Ok G Zde Bir Mesle Iniz Var Yi Para Kazan Yorsunuz Temiz Giyimli Insanlarla Dolu Dev Binalarda Al Yorsunuz Steril Bir Hayat S R Yorsunuz Arkada Lar N Z Var Onlarla Bowling Oynuyorsunuz, Bankac L Ktan S Z Ediyorsunuz Ak Ll Oldu Unuz I In Mutlusunuz Ancak Ok Al Mak Zorundas N Z Yle Ki, Kazand N Z Paray Harcayacak Vakit Bulamad N Z Oluyor Her An Biri Yerinizi Kapabilir G S N Ze Bir A Rl K Biniyor Zaman Zaman Zerinize Bir Karamsarl K K Yor Bir Dalga Gibi Kabar Yor, Y Re Inize VuruyorReklamc S N Z Letmecisiniz Mimars N Z Ya Da Bunlar N Hi Biri De Ilsiniz G Zde Bir Mesle E Sahip Olmak, Televizyonlarda G Rd N Z Insanlar Gibi L L G L C Kler Sa Arak Steril Yerlerde Yemek Yemek Istiyorsunuz Beyaz G Mlekler Giymek Ve Diz St Bilgisayarla Dola Mak Istiyorsunuz Ve G S N Ze Bir A Rl K Biniyor Syan Ve K Skan L K Kar M Bir Duygu Bo Az N Zdan G Zlerinize Do Ru Y Kseliyor Hayattan Kopuyorsunuz Bu Anlarda, Daha Do Rusu, Yapt N Z Her Eyin Insan Hayat Kar S Nda Ne Kadar Sonu Suz, Ne Kadar Anlams Z Oldu Unu Hissediyorsunuz Ve Bir G N Durumunuz Bir S Zc N I Ine Hapsediliyor DepresyonKu At Lm Ya Amlar, I Imizden Birinin Alabildi Ine Sert Yk S Bir Depresyon G Nl A Naked Lunch minus all that heroin a Fight Club minus all the rambunctious spacemonkeys.A voice as singular and freshly French as Francoise Sagan s A Novella that is ambitious, small, bitter it hints at the horrible and barely makes note of the magical in the everyday Boredom is the biggest enemy, as WE ALL KNOW Brutal, smart, crazy, incredibly edgy, a stylish nouvelle classique at only 155 pages This is my first Houellebecq so I still give him the benefit of doubt Even so since it s only his debut novel Poor writing and sexist A critique of society, that supposed to be his main forte, is flat and banal Yet another story about emptiness of corporate life and a guy that sees the point of life in love Love not meaning creating a partnership with a woman but simply fucking her In the same time constantly whining how the only woman in his life that mattered was selfish and damaged by shallowness of modern relations, and basically was a bitch and a loose one Another antihero of modern literature Ok I could take that but only if it wasn t so trivial. , 20 . , 1996 , alter ego, ,,,. 1 Primo romanzo di Houellebecq, pubblicato in Francia nel 1994 Che a scriverlo sembra una vita fa Houellebecq aveva gi 38 anni 2 Di che parla una versione embrionale de Le particelle elementari Ci sono gi buona parte dei temi chiave dell autore.Asocialit , solitudine e mancanza d affetto, ricerca sessuale, misoginia, infelicit , angoscia.C qualcosa prendetelo con le pinze di C line, Camus, Bernhard.In breve una critica della societ contemporanea e della miseria umana.Sta parlando di noi, anche se buttiamo un occhio e poi ce ne andiamo facendo finta di niente 3 Merita S La prima parte, per me, ha qualche leggero passaggio a vuoto Qualche momento in cui ho avuto la sensazione di un opera per usare un termine iper abusato quando si fa riferimento a un esordio acerba La seconda parte decisamente pi definita e compatta In generale a vincere lo sguardo sincero, la capacit di scrivere quello che gli altri riescono solo a pensare Il disorientamento della grande citt Il farmi pensare Questo non sono io, ma non ne sono del tutto sicuro. 4 uno di quei libri che alcuni potrebbero trovare esagerato o esasperato Troppo disilluso, cinico, delirante, pessimista Aggiungo che ci sono anche diversi guizzi che, filtrati dall amarezza in cui sono immersi, strappano un sorriso 5 Il titolo splendido , che vuol dire All interno del libro, Houellebecq la mette cos In situazione economica perfettamente liberale, c chi accumula fortune considerevoli altri marciscono nella disoccupazione e nella miseria In situazione sessuale perfettamente liberale, c chi ha una vita erotica varia ed eccitante altri sono ridotti alla masturbazione e alla solitudine Il liberalismo economico l estensione del dominio della lotta, la sua estensione a tutte le et della vita e a tutte le classi della societ Altrettanto, il liberalismo sessuale l estensione del dominio della lotta, la sua estensione a tutte le et della vita e a tutte le classi della societ Sul piano economico, Raphael Tisserand appartiene alla schiera dei vincitori sul piano sessuale, a quella dei vinti Taluni vincono su entrambi i fronti altri perdono su entrambi i fronti Le imprese si disputano alcuni giovani laureati le femmine si disputano alcuni giovani maschi i maschi si disputano alcune giovani femmine lo scompiglio e la confusione sono considerevoli. 6 E poi c il momento della scelta del letto A quanto pare ho fatto la scelta giusta, anche se credo che a Mr IKEA in realt non sarebbe importato granch di giudicarmi Il letto, tra tutti i mobili, pone un problema particolarmente ed eminentemente doloroso Se si tiene alla considerazione del venditore, infatti, si costretti ad acquistarne uno a due piazze pur non avendone la necessit , pur non disponendo dello spazio dove metterlo Acquistare un letto a una piazza significa ammettere pubblicamente di non avere una vita sessuale, e di non prevederne alcuna nel futuro prossimo o remoto che sia giacch oggigiorno i letti durano a lungo, assai pi a lungo del periodo garantito durano cinque o dieci anni, quando non addirittura venti si tratta di un investimento importante, che in pratica ti impegna per il resto dei tuoi giorni in media, come ben si sa, i letti durano pi a lungo dei matrimoni Persino l acquisto di un letto a una piazza e mezza ti fa passare per piccolo borghese gretto e meschino agli occhi dei venditori, il letto a due piazze l unico che valga veramente l acquisto con un letto a due piazze hai diritto al loro rispetto, alla loro considerazione, quando non addirittura a un lieve sorriso di complicit in sostanza, quello di acquistare un letto a due piazze l unico modo per far colpo su di loro. 7 Iperrealistico, lucido, presuntuoso 75 100 The British translator or publisher should be beheaded for calling this book Whatever when its French title is something amazing like Extension of the Domain of the Struggle if we otherwise lived in a total utopia, I d say restoring the English translation s title to something closer to the original would be a major issue in this year s elections This one seemed at first like it was written by someone other than the masterful dude who did The Elementary Particles and The Possibility of an Island I blamed the translator at first, then Houellebecq s youth, and considered it in the 2 3 star range intemittently clever but otherwise eh But then the narrator goes to a club for young singles and things take off steam gathers, themes condense, the prose pushes ahead and doesn t just muse about the connection between moving furniture especially beds and suicide What s cool too is that many of the themes are the same ones he develops in later books, but here he s a little flatly vulgar or theoretical, his tone style shifts occasionally exuberantly purple and then also a bit spare poetic at times too, regionally French But then things really rise and end well in the 3 4 star range nails the landing Definitely worth reading, and maybe even re reading, considering it s 154 not so dense pages Anyway, whatever I d like to petition for a new translation by Gavin Bowd or Frank Wynne, someone who d respect the original title and maybe debritishify things a bit. The pervasive emptiness of human life is the main theme of this book Thirty year old narrator is a computer engineer in France and he is living alone in his apartment In his spare time, he writes about animals, smokes four packs of cigarettes a day, has no friends, he has no sex life While reading, even if I am already 49, I could feel the narrator s loneliness I have all those he lacks, I write book reviews and read a lot and all those keep my idle mind busy when I am supposed to be relaxing We know that evil thoughts normally lurk in one s idle mind I am an I.T manager and have been in I.T or related fields for most of my 30 year corporate life I can say that I.T is oftentimes really a sad profession You deal with a machine every hour of your working day You make sure that it runs and your users are happy You make sure that the behavior of the program is predictable, efficient and repetitive You make sure that the reports the big shots in the company are accurate and always available at their fingertips.The narrator, in this first book by Michel Houllebecq, is an unnamed person does not find meaning in anything he does At 30, he is still a virgin and so he frequently masturbates along in his apartment Probably because of this, he finds women as pure sexual objects or object of his masturbatory fantasies Probably because of this, he has difficulty relating to them One day, he and his co worker Tisserand are sent to Rouen to train users on a software It this there when twists to their empty lives happen that eventually lead to fatal death to one of them.The prevalent mood of the book is bleak and sad There are some funny moments because I always find humor in solitude, that s how weird I sometimes get Houellebecq s writing is sparse and edgy Sometimes, his thoughts go everywhere, i.e., directionless but I supposed that he is just trying to reflect to his readers the nature of the character This is my first Houellebecq and I am happy that I finally tried reading him Definitely not my last.

Michel Houellebecq born Michel Thomas , born 26 February 1958 birth certificate or 1956 on the French island of R union, is a controversial and award winning French novelist To admirers he is a writer in the tradition of literary provocation that reaches back to the Marquis de Sade and Baudelaire to detractors he is a peddler, who writes vulgar sleazy literature to shock His works though, pa

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