The Haunted Mansion Project: Year One

The Haunted Mansion Project: Year One Introduction By Rain Graves In The Fall Of , Ten Horror Writers Met At A Haunted Mansion To Spend Four Days Together Joining Them Were A Group Of Paranormal Investigators Who Studied The House And Reported Their Findings This Anthology Is A Collection Of The Fiction, Poetry, Journals, Real Impressions, And Investigative Conclusions Inspired By That Weekend ES Magill, Rain Graves, Nikki Boscia, Loren Rhoads, Sephera Giron, Kim Richards, Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Christian Colvin, Dan Weidman, And SG Browne Share Their Secret Fears, Desires And The Disembodied Voices Of Those From Beyond Proceeds From This Anthology Go Toward Future Haunted Mansion Project Events

I like to wear the two hats of writer and editor I recently edited THE HAUNTED MANSION PROJECT YEAR ONE, an anthology of essays and short stories based on the experiences of a dozen horror writers who attended a writers retreat at a haunted mansion I m also the former reviews editor and columnist for Dark Wisdom magazine My most current short fiction can be found in the Horror Writers Associat

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    Two years ago, Rain Graves invited a bunch of horror writers to join her for a weekend in a haunted house There was little programing but vast stretches of time in which to write or hang out with the other writers Wine was consumed Past ghostly experiences were confessed There were tarot readings and K II meters to play with and professional ghost hunters came with their laser webs and multi spectrum video cameras Ghostly voices were captured on tape.Mostly, though, there were 10 of us rattling around in a big old house The days were pleasant and peaceful The evenings those were interesting I could watch the tension mount as we prepared to face whatever survived in the house and roamed the night.The Haunted Mansion Project Year One collects the ghost hunters report, nonfiction experiences of the writers who survived the retreat, and fiction and poetry written during or inspired by our adventures in the house.My favorite story may be E S Magill s Not a Drop to Drink, which than does justice to the creepy spring fed pool on the property S G Browne s In the Night, In the Dark is the story that raised goose bumps and made me doubt my resolve to go back to the house in September Rain s The Old House went in an unexpected direction, but Yvonne Navarro s Depictions, while one of the darkest stories in the book, ended just the way I wanted it to I didn t expect Weston Ochse s Ghost Meter Blues to make me laugh, but that was just what I needed to break the tension.I m really pleased to have an essay and a short story included in this book and honored to be holding down the last slot in the table of contents I always felt, among the crowd at the first Haunted Mansion Retreat, that I would be the Final Girl.

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    Is it bad to give the book you edited 4 stars I m a very modest person and very critical of myself But I have to say I enjoyed this book It s fun and quirky It s got a little of everything going on.

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    No so munch an anthology as you would think of it, this book is like a report from the Haunted Mansion Writer s Retreat There are two years published, and I have been reading them in preparation for attending the retreat in 2015 There is a variety of stuff here, from reports on findings by the Ghost Girls paranormal research team to the writers experiences to some short fiction that is obviously inspired by the setting Some stories are stronger than others, as you might expect from an anthology of this nature, but it really shines as an example of how a group of writers can take the same stimuli and derive something completely individual from it I especially enjoyed the voice in Rain Graves s The Old House at 324 OAK Street There is nothing too serious here, but it is a fun read.

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    I enjoyed this immensely I m familiar with the writers involved and I m attending the retreat next year, so perhaps I m reading with a different eyes than most readers I loved how the stories interlocked and particularly enjoyed reading the work of author s I ve come across in the past.

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    I thought this was wonderful You could easily see where the inspiration came from in the writers contributions to this book I m so inspired, I want to go for the next retreat

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