Hope For The Weary Mom

Hope For The Weary Mom Right Now, I Have Nothing To Give Nothing Nada I M Tired And Don T Feel Good And Honestly, I Want A Break From Everything It S Not That I Want To Leave My Family, Trade Them In, Or Get New Ones I WANT To Be With Them I Just Want A Break From Hard Hearts, Discipline, Correction I Want Their Hearts Changed And I Can T Do It Myself Sometimes, The Knowledge Of This Makes Me Feel Hopeless And Helpless A Weary MomDoes That Sound Like You If So, Join Stacey Thacker Of The MOD Squad , And Brooke McGlothlin Of The MOB Society Where God Kneels Down And Meets Us With Hope In Our Mess Feeling Weary Wonder If You Re The Only One Who S Written A Nap At The Top Of Her Christmas List You Ll Appreciate Hope For The Weary Mom Where God Gets In Your Mess As A Mom Of Four Kids, Including A Toddler, I Found A Breath Of Fresh Air Within The Pages Tricia Goyer, Wife, Mom And Author Of Books, Including Blue Like Play Dough The Shape Of Motherhood In The Grip Of God Triciagoyer

Believer Wife Mom to four girls Writer Speaker Coffee drinker.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Hope For The Weary Mom
  • Stacey Thacker
  • 12 November 2019

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    I needed this today In fact, I ve needed this for a long time This book reveals every mother s inner most feelings that she fears to let loose from her lips painful, untrue feelings of failure We ve all been there at some time or other, and without a release, some of us end up drowning in it This book is the lifesaver thrown out to those of us drowning that leads us to the Boat and it s Captain the real Savior In addition to dealing with the conflicting feelings of being overwhelmed yet the desperate need to do for our children and family, the authors include chapters devoted to other relevant topics that can also pull us down Loneliness and loss of children are covered in heartbreaking details This book is incredibly easy to read, motivational, and most importantly, Christ centered I would definitely recommend this book to all mothers.

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    Great bit of encouragement to keep going when it gets hard.

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    This book was describing exactly how I feel in this moment of motherhood I feel exhausted, unmotivated, stressed, and hopeless as I raise my two year old and five month old sons These women were able to put into words everything I ve been feeling and wanting to say myself I just couldn t have said it as eloquently as they have.I would recommend this book to any mom who feels like she s the only one who doesn t have her life and family together For any mom who looks at her friend or neighbor and thinks they have a neat and tidy household and family Because the truth of this book is, we re all trying to show the best version of ourselves to outsiders when we re really feeling like we re about to drop all the plates we have spinning in the air I was very encouraged by what these women had to say, and I m so grateful to them for opening my eyes to the other struggling moms out there.

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    The fact of the matter is, you are not going to be drawn to this book if you are a not a mother or b not a Christian So, if those things don t apply to you, keep on walking.If those things do apply to you, please take the time to read this wonderful little book full of hope and inspiration Especially if you are feeling down on yourself and thinking you re not doing a good enough job There are points where it gets a tad bit preachy and I found myself not necessarily agreeing with the advice given such as the implication that you should only seek out Christian friendships , but anything religious in nature tends to run that danger Overall though, this is an amazing resource and I highly, highly recommend it.

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    Loved this book So much encouragement that I couldn t put it down Stacey and Brooke bear their souls and in doing so help all of us moms to realize that it s okay to admit we don t have it all together.

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    I really needed to come across this book when I did It gave me a new perspective, and as the title states, it really did give me some hope Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin discuss how we as parents should be open with our messes and our failures It allows for us to actually become closer to other parents, because many of them have gone through the same things, and also feel shame about them Opening up about our struggles the days we ve yelled at our children, the days we feel like we just want to give up, etc allows us to realize what we need to change in ourselves, which is where the Godly perspective comes in of allowing Him to help us with our issues The best way you can encourage other moms to get real about their messes is by getting real about yours Any mother or father, really who believes in God, and is feeling hopeless, worn down, or even like giving up, should read this book I truly believe it will bring you some inspiration.

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    This was a great book Excellent for a mom who needs a pick me up This book covers everything from significant losses such as miscarriage or family death to the everyday grind I found it helpful, hopeful, and inspiring There are a few grammatical errors, so I removed a star, as parts I had to re read to comprehend what was going on Perhaps it was only the Kindle edition that had those issues Other than that, EXCELLENT book and I will be happy to read anything else she writes in the future.

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    Short but covers a lot of weary mom topics Sometimes the writing seems a little elementary, but if you are a mom who has ever thought of running away of thought you just might not make it through the day let alone the next minute, you should check it out The authors are also bloggers one at MOD Squad Mother of Daughters and MOB Society Mother of Boys Give it a google and check it out

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    Wow I thought this book was great It brought me to tears almost every chapter because it was EXACTLY where I was I wouldn t have called myself weary of just getting by but wow I am weary and this book was such an encouragement and reminder that God can be my rest and will meet me here where I am.

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    This is a book I m sure I will find myself rereading again and again I didn t read it straight through, but slowly, letting their encouragement and words of wisdom sink in over time It is a refreshing book and a great reminder that I m not alone in the hardships of parenting Would definitely recommend it.

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