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Watch Me Twelve Young Dancers Are Competing For The Dream Only One Will Win But With Sabotaged Sets And Flooded Living Quarters, The Curse Threatens Both Competitors And Crew And Unless She Can Turn This Train Wreck Into A TV Triumph, Producer Meagan Tippan S Dream Will Be The Curse S Last VictimEnter Security Head And Former Special Forces Soldier And All Around Pain In Meagan S Butt Sam Kellar He S A Nightmare And The Stuff That X Rated Dreams Are Made Of But As Tensions Between Meagan And Sam Become Increasingly Explosive, Their Only Choice Is To Get It All Out And Take It All Off and she is active on Twitter and Facebook daily.

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Watch Me
  • Lisa Renee Jones
  • English
  • 04 January 2018
  • 9780373797141

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    Quick and easy contemporary romance taking place on a Reality style TV Dance show Meagan is the producer and Sam is head of security They ve both suffered career ending injuries his as a Special Forces soldier and hers as a dancer This brings them together as they both attempt to forge new lives and new careers.The romance simmers gently between them with Meagan in constant denial about her feelings but Sam isn t about to let her shut down and refuse him and they have some fairly hot scenes together.3 stars contemporary romance ARC courtesy of Harlequin via Netgalley

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    I really enjoyed this I loved the little bit of suspense with the curse of the show I also loved the unknown doings of Kiki and how that storyline would play out I found a few parts that were a bit flat or that it wasn t explained fully, like the author assumed you knew what was going on and didn t need to expound on it, but overall it was a good book.

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    Watch Me by Lisa Renee Jones Stepping Up SeriesMeagan Tippan is than just the producer of a reality dance show, America s Stepping Up It s her baby and the last chance to prove to everyone, including herself, that she has what it takes and is worth the risk One that proved even riskier since the series of mishaps began on set causing rumors to swell and consume the entire cast and crew as well as the media who had glammed on to the news.Samuel Kellar, head of security, knew Meagan was the kind of woman who could hold her own in almost any situation but things were quickly getting out of hand with the accidents and it was his job to get involved and flush out who or what was behind them Even if it meant getting closer to Meg than he had expected Call it a bonus.Meagan had a passion for dancing that an injury put on permanent hold but nothing compared to the one which forced Sam to resign from his Special Forces position She needed to focus on that passion and this project Not failing And not getting involved with the sexy as sin head of security The studio was promoting the curse as a paranormal threat against the show but the danger is real and the danger of falling in love is even so for Meagan when Sam steps in to flush out the real threat A threat to the show, to Meagan and to her very real connection to Sam s heart.Lisa Renee Jones is the Queen of taking every day reality fiction and creating captivating romantic escapes for her readers With her spin on Storage Wars as part of the base for If I Were You she created an erotic world of intrigue and emotional revelations for her characters In Watch Me, a spin off a reality dance show is the basis for a suspenseful romantic read that kept me entertained from cover to cover Sam and Meagan were both intriguing and sexy as hell as they finally give in to the instant chemistry that they had been denying for a while and let it lead them into both a relationship and a passionate love that they both shared I loved their banter and deliciously passionate and arousing path they take in finding out the truth about who is out to stop them from sharing a future together and making the show the success they both want it to be.

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    Setting reality show America s Stepping Up auditions across country beach houseTheme dance living out a dream finding love love without controllingCharacters Meagan Tippan Producer of dance show small town girl, with big town dreams parents not support her at Julliard, hurt knee and no longer can dance professionally state college, tv news, bigger station, Stepping Up a way to live her dream, and to help others fulfill their dreams.Kiki Reynolds tv vice president s niece troublemaker has been attached to other shows that subsequently failed Sam Kellar security for the show ex special forces till leg injured working for studio as prepares to open own security with special forces friends, with a celebrity clientele Summary show seems cursed as face fire sprinklers go off in the house, dancer falls and breaks a tooth, accidents, etc and station playing it up for ratings Meagan working hard to keep everything together and Sam is at her side helping at first she is contrary to Sam, keeping him at bay with caustic words but as Sam proves to have her best interests at heart and their attraction becomes overwhelming they find moments away from the rest to be in each other s arms A touching scene with one of the dancers that is special to Meagan who was in a triangle with other dancers, didn t do so well on the first elimination show, wants to quit, Meagan encourages her, she doesn t do too well on the 2nd show, and Meagan because Sam tells her finds her in the dance studio crying tells her a little about her broken dream and how she got to find a new dream, and then teaches her the routine she used to get into Julliard and Sam shows up when she d done, and carries her out to the car and home because her knee hurts so bad.Ultimately , the show is a great success her favorite was voted off midway, and stayed on as her assistant and Sam and Meagan are getting married ahhhh

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    Meagan Tippan is a producer that is trying to make twelve young dancers dreams come true with a reality TV show But there are rumors of a curse when sets are sabotaged and their living quarters end up flooded If Meagan can t turn things around and quickly the dancers dreams aren t the only dreams that won t be coming true but Meagan s dream of the TV show being a hit won t happen either Sam Kellar is a former Special Forces and now head of security While it is his job to make sure the security for the show and dancers are covered he is also proving to be a pain in Meagan s butt As Sam and Meagan work together on the show the tensions between them continue to heat up and it is soon becoming clear that their only choices is to either get everything out between them so that they can take it all off.Meagan knows Sam is hot but he is also an alpha male that she has a tendency to steer clear of but for some reason when it comes to Sam she is inclined to head his way rather than away from him Sam enjoys the challenge Meagan presents him as she keeps him on his toes but he knows another way for them to work out what is between them he just has to convince Meagan to see things his way.This story is a fun take on the reality TV craze The characters are interesting and will draw readers into the story and keep them hooked And with this being a Harlequin readers are guaranteed an HEA The story also gives the readers a small peek into the behind the scenes of what can happen on a reality TV show This one will have readers eagerly awaiting the next book in the Step Up books.

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    3.5 stars Me is the typical Blaze book hot, fun, sexy and predictable But that doesn t stop me from enjoying it I love all things Blaze I usually buy all my Blaze, but while browsing Net Galley I saw a new one from Ms Jones and had to have it, like, now I loved her book If I Were You and cannot wait until the squeal I m a sucker for reality TV as well, and although I never got into Dancing with the Stars or You Think You Can Dance, one of my favourite movies is Center Stage so I do enjoy things that center around dance Meagan Tippan is an ex ballerina, turned news producer turned reality show producer She s your typical heroine smart, beautiful, successful I like strong female leads in the books that I read and Meagan fit that She liked being in control, was good at it, and didn t take shit from anyone My kind of woman Sam Kellar is a former Special Forces hello uniform, definitely my kind of man turned head of security for Meagan s show He s also your typical hero sexy, smart, successful, and damaged In Sam s case his damage is physical rather than emotional No surprise, Sam also likes to be in control and is very good at it as well Put two stubborn, control freak leads together and what do you get Sexual tension so thick it s liable to suffocate you The plot isn t very original, but like I said earlier, that won t stop any Blaze fan from enjoying it It s well written and Ms Jones is a great storyteller, she knows how to give her readers what they want.

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    This was a quick and fun read with a bit of steam in it I don t usually read Harlequin, and when if I do I m a bit picky on what I do read This was one I could not pass on.Lisa Renee Jones has quickly become one of my go to authors and so I knew I was in for a good read, and she did not dissapoint Reading this book was as if I was watching one of the one too many reality shows currently out there Except Watch Me is focused on dancing for a dream There was a bit of intrigue, steam, a hot hero, a feisty heroine, a curse , and fights between the contestants Really, it was just like a reality show There was quite a bit of sensual tension at the beginning of the book between Sam, the hero, and Meagan, the heroine however, it kind of died down a little as the story progressed It was still good regardless Overall, for anyone who likes reality TV shows and looking for a quick fun read, this would be a good book to check Blurb Twelve young dancers are competing for the dream Only one will win But with sabotaged sets and flooded living quarters, the Curse threatens both competitors and crew And unless she can turn this train wreck into a TV triumph, producer Meagan Tippan s dream will be the Curse s last victim.Enter security head and former Special Forces soldier and all around pain in Meagan s butt Sam Kellar He s a nightmare and the stuff that X rated dreams are made of But as tensions between Meagan and Sam become increasingly explosive, their only choice is to get it all out and take it all off

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    Meagan Tippan is the producer of a dance reality show which seems to operating under a few handicaps, including a hostile assistant named Kiki Reynolds, a romantic tug of war going on between several of the contestants and a series of accidents that are causing rumors of a curse to circulate The last thing she needs is to have her life complicated by a searing attraction for her hunky head of security, Sam Kellar Sam is a Special Forces soldier who had to give up his dream of lifelong enlistment due to a serious leg injury Meagan knows all about having a dream shattered and is determined to overcome all obstacles to produce a successful show which will validate her decisions Sam is determined to help her achieve her goal and become part of her life, whether the feisty woman is prepared to accept him or not.An entertaining novella that provides a look at all of the hard work involved in producing a reality show complete with backstabbing and ego juggling The attraction between two strong people who have had to overcome life changing injuries vacillates between a sensual connection and the camaraderie resulting from an instinctive knowledge of what is important to the other person and an unerring ability to push each other s buttons The tension that gradually ratchets up as the show progresses is a nice counterpoint to the changing relationship between Sam and Meagan An enjoyable quick read Night Owl ReviewsI received a copy of this title in return for an honest review.

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    4 STARSWatch Me has a lot love scenes I skimmed over them I really like the plot of the story and the characters.The main plot is the making a reality show of dancers and after the dancers are down to certain amount all live together and live dancing competion with someone being voted off the show But the show is cursed or is it.Meagan Tippan had dreamed up the show but things keep going wrong Broken pipes,fire,tornado,fights and back stabbing.Samuel kellar is security that the studio has in charge of making sure everyone is safe He is ex military and is in charge of making things safe He did not want to leave military but had to because of injury.Meagan had to give up danceing because of a injury She still loves it and feels making a show around it is now her dream Meagan because of her youth is very controlling she has had to fight for a lot of her freedom and does not like to give up controll.She has an assistant that she has to work with who is going behind her back and hurting the show Her Uncle is high up at the studio Kiki has a past history of making the show get cancelled.Meagan and Samuel fight thier attraction but does not last too long Meagan after is always trying to push Samuel away Which I got tired of.I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.09 03 2012 PUB Harlequin imprint Harlequin Blaze 224 pages

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    Meagan is just trying to get her dream off the ground and give the viewing audience a chance to see dancers at work She used to dance until an injury pulled her from it but has made the best of things to become a producer who has sold the network on a dance competition show She s driven to make it succeed even with wht appears to be a curse operating on set We first meet her when she is forced out of the house they are staying in by a fire alarm complete with sprinklers While trying to turn them off she runs in to Sam in the basement and all sorts of sparks fly.Sam is the studio security head He s a great guy who just wants things to succeed and finds himself drawn to Meagan even though all they do is fight He s got items in his past that drive him but once he decides she is what he wants he does what he can to help her trust him.There is a lot of drama around the show but all in all it was a nice story with two people finally finding the one that completes them without taking them over I am going to have to pick up the others in this series as they come out.Thanks to and Harlequin Blaze for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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