Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth

Spider-Man: Ends of the EarthGuys, this is so good Dan Slott, after reading about 50% of the Amazing Spider Man issues out there, is hands down my favorite Spider Man writer It s SO good Let s put it this way.I m a man of age and wisdom who has been reading comic books his entire life I know how these things word And still, for the briefest moment in this book, I caught myself thinking the world might ACTUALLY end if Spider Man couldn t save it With the next three volumes sitting right there, I STILL had a moment It s a pretty rare thing to capture in comics, a world where the stakes can t ever be high because people are always coming back from the dead and reversing time and any other number of insane things But it happened, and I m grateful for that. I ve enjoyed most of Dan Slott s Spider man run Some of it has been better than other parts Spider Island was a real high point Sadly, Ends of the Earth just isn t as good I think the problem I have is that the threat is too large, and you never really get the sense jeopardy.Doctor Octopus holds the entire earth to ransom, as his final evil master plot before he dies Slott had been leading up to this story for a while, which I think makes it even disappointing that it s just not that good It s not terrible, don t get me wrong.In Spider Island, is was just New York under threat And since Spider man and New York go hand in hand, it was easy to get behind But, Spider man isn t as known for dealing with global threats I prefer the person story lines, were himself or someone close to him is in danger.And with this storyline going on at the same time Avengers vs X men is being published, like I said no jeopardy. Collects Amazing Spider Man , Spider Man Ends Of Earth Avenging Spider Man Dr Octopus Holds The Entire Earth Hostage With His Dying Breath The World May Be Ready To Give In To His Demands, But Spider Man And His Fellow Avengers Sure Aren T Spidey And The Avengers Face Off With The Sinister Six In A Globe Hopping Showdown Of Epic Proportions , Spider man. Dan Slott, I don t know why anyone s giving you s t about this arc, but you ll hear nothing but praise from me This is definitely the crowning achievement of your run on Spider Man You ve mad me a little angry in the past with some of your frivolous arcs like Spider Island But here, even though you re killing off Doc Ock in what looks to be a way he ll never come back from, this isn t only his greatest work, but yours Keep this momentum going for the rest of the run, and DO NOT kill Peter and you and I can be friends I know that s a great incentive to do as I say I mean, you ve written the Sinister Six perfectly here so I just don t even know what else you re going to throw at us up until issue 700 You ve really piqued my interest here Something that hasn t been done in Spider Man since the Macfarlane days Writing AArt A Big story Big action Big consequences Slott pulls together another of the series of threads he s been laying down for a couple of years and lays out a magic carpet for us to ride into Doc Ock s latest, troubled but maybe well meaning attempt to fix the world It s the momentous yet bombastic and terribly over wrought dialogue out Doc Ock keeps it from being an absolute classic The rest of the characters are fun, weird or just human, which carried me through the weaker parts At no time did I in any real way enjoy the Octavius passages just straight out of Stan Lee s script pages.You know how you ve got that one friend who just won t shut it, and won t leave it be You want to get him laid or find a way to help him get a job that might burn off some of this anger energy Yeah, Otto is like that for me here I mean, he s calculating, smart and ambitious which are all good qualities in a supervillain, but Jesus is he ever a broken record about it Good thing the rest of the Sinister Six and the spies that join Spidey for the hunt are decently dimensional OK, well Black Widow seems a bit thin And thankfully Slott both retains his sense of humour throughout to keep me entertained, and uses the Silver Sable appearance to give Peter an always needed ego boost.The art is fairly good decent action, everyone looks a little too exaggerated, but it kept me interested and was never unclear who or what was going on no matter how busy. I ve been a big fan of Dan Slott s run frankly I think he s the best Spider Man writer in a long time This for me just didn t quite hit the spot though For me Pete has always been a New York guy He s at his best taking down street thugs, throwing out quips and having some fun in the process So when he s leading a world task force to bring down Doc Ock who by now has morphed into a 70s era James Bond villain complete with diabolic scheme to wipe out the planet, underwater secret lair and horrible disfigurement , well it stretches my belief I like Spidey in the canyons of Manhattan Not so much in the Sahara.Saying that, the whole Sandman sequence was excellent and a really novel approach to his powers and how they can manipulate them Not sure how Flint s coming back from this one Given the new movie I thought Electro s fate here was pretty comical too, let alone Kangaroo Slott does seem a fan of new costumes which doesn t bother me and at least they re not being trumped up in the press like they used to It fits better with his current status too.So, not a disaster by any means the writing is great, the dynamics and global scale are impressive and the artwork is uniformly excellent it s just not my favourite kind of Spidey story There s a lot of content in this collection and that is appreciated given some of the slimmer volumes in the last few years.Not long til the end now This is the book that made me decide to sell all the Spider Man books since Brand New Day early 2008 It almost made me fall asleep from boredom really Peter Parker has been working as a genius who s even smarter than Einstein in a lab with other super geniuses, he can invent anything that comes up in his head In reviews I read it s all big fun but this never ending soap doesn t do it for me any After Straczynski I ve seen this series evolve from variable mediocrity to something that should be fun but bores me to death Where s the good old days when Parker was a nerdy guy who ended up with spider powers Who s this mega genius with every possible power, even invisibility It s no fun any I m going to stick with Ultimate Spider Man That title hasn t dissapointed me since the start.Edit After a good night s sleep I decided to not sell so many Spider Man books, just the ones that came after Spider Island Slott really ruined what should be Amazing Spidey. Good story Far better than expectedOk Maybe the world threat menace was just too much for your friendly neighborhood Spidey, but seeing dear old Petey taking the lead of the world heroes but for the FF and the mutants occupied somewhere else to stop Doc Ock and his Sinister Six but their number rises issue after issue and spoiling an emergency G8 here in Rome was just epic But for the one shot special with the hateful Marvel version of Big Hero 6, I liked almost everything here the story, Caselli Ramos great art, Dell Otto awesome covers and Slott s dialogues too.The Anti Sinister Six suit was a nice touch, the spider goblin glider was a better one, but the best parts of this saga was Doctor Octopus shutting down Iron Man for good using Starktech stolen from Arno Stark s future armour, and it reminds me that Marvel authors have just 3 years left to give me a decent Iron Man 2020 series Please, not fail me And that intense final ending view spoiler I hoped sometimes to read a Peter Sable romance story sooner or later, luckly her tragic death happens off scene here so sooner or later Marvel can take her back again Sigh hide spoiler

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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