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Custom Crocheted Sweaters Presenting The Only How To Guide To Focus Specifically On Customizing Crocheted Sweaters, So You Can Create The Perfect Fit For Every Body Type Ranging From Simple To Sophisticated, TheBasic Patterns Selected By Expert Dora Ohrenstein Offer Different Techniques For Adjusting And Personalizing The Design, Construction, And Shaping With A Wealth Of Diagrams And Charts, Along With Photos Of The Sweaters Themselves, Custom Crocheted Sweaters Is The Book That Every Crocheter Has Been Waiting For

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Custom Crocheted Sweaters book, this is one of the most wanted Dora Ohrenstein author readers around the world.

✻ [EPUB] ✰ Custom Crocheted Sweaters  By Dora Ohrenstein ❅ –
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Custom Crocheted Sweaters
  • Dora Ohrenstein
  • English
  • 20 June 2018
  • 9781600597985

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    Full disclosure I received a review copy from Lark Crafts to review on my blog Like most crocheters, I ve been waiting a long time for a book like this Although I personally have little interest in actually making a sweater, I would love to have a greater understanding of how to make a crocheted sweater that fits and looks great.Knitters have seemingly thousands of books about sweater designs On the other hand, until January, crocheters seemed to have Modular Crochet A Revolutionary New Method for Creating Custom Design Pullovers out of print and for sale on for 50 260 and the first section of Couture Crochet Workshop also selling for 100 300 on Yes, there are many crochet books of sweater patterns, and some even include tips on fitting and customization, but few seem to be primarily designed to teach the reader to design and customize her his own sweaters As soon as I heard that Dora Ohrenstein was working on Custom Crocheted Sweaters, I began eagerly anticipating its release Surprisingly, the book actually managed to live up to my high expectations.StructureThe book opens with a 42 page overview of sweater design, divided into these sections The Art and Craft of Making Garments,Overview of Sweater Construction,Choosing Yarns,Measuring Your Body,Understanding Fit,Demystifying Patterns,Reading Schematics,Shaping and Alteration 101, andFinishing with Care.In these pages, Dora covers the different types of sweaters Oh, so that s what a raglan sleeve is provides incredibly detailed instructions for taking your own measurements as well as measuring beloved well fitting sweaters in your own collection and shares tips such as the best approach to altering an existing pattern to create a sweater that fits your unique measurements and preferences.The next section, called The Sweaters, includes 10 sweater designs featuring a variety of construction types Each sweater has a detailed pattern and is followed by one to three lessons There are a total of 17 lessons, including 4 Master Class lessons Altering Body and Sleeve Lengths,Fine Shaping Necklines and Shoulder Straps,Blocking to Your Measurements,Altering Length,Widening the Color,Altering Length and Waist Placement,Master Class in Fitted Armholes,Adjusting Size by Changing Gauge,Master Class on Armholes and Sleeve Caps,Lengthening Sleeves in an Angled Pattern,Internal Shaping with a Bust Dart,Widening Sleeves with Internal Shaping,Master Class in Sleeve Alteration,Adding Neckline Depth,Bust Alteration in Top Down Design,Length and Waist Alterations, andMaster Class in Bust Alteration.In addition to the lessons, each sweater pattern includes a detailed overview of the benefits of that particular construction type, suggestions on what to consider when substituting yarns, and tips for choosing a size to fit you.The sweater patterns are primarily written patterns in U.S terminology, but the major stitch patterns or motifs for each design are also shown in international stitch symbols The book is cleanly organized and well written.Sweater patternsI didn t expect to love all of the sweater patterns in this book, and I didn t This book is really about the information contained in the opening section and the lessons The sweater patterns are almost an extra if you like them, that s great, and if not, you can apply the lessons to other patterns in your collection As far as I m concerned, the information in this book is absolutely worth the price of admission, regardless of whether you actually plan to make any of the patterns in the book And now for the not so good newsNow that I ve told you how great the book is, it s time to discuss the improvements I would suggest for the second edition.It would be wonderful if a book like this, which requires a fair amount of reading and detailed focus while crocheting, could be spiral bound The book is a paperback and doesn t really lay flat, so you can t crochet and read at the same time.Most of the models have long hair and the pictures are lovely BUT, often times the model s hair obscures the shoulder construction Normally, I wouldn t have a problem with this, but in a book where there are literally pages dedicated to detailed discussion of drop shoulders versus fitted sleeve versus raglan construction, it would be nice to have a clear view of the shoulders and neckline.The third issue relates to the discussion of math It is well known that, in general, math is not a strength of most Americans Dora attempts to rectify this as it relates to crochet by talking the reader through the math of making changes related to gauge, stitch pattern repeats, etc I think these sections would greatly benefit from a little formula box where you could fill in the blanks based on your situation, rather than long descriptions of what to do, using fake examples I foresee many folks with math anxiety being confused about which number replaces which number in the example, and immediately giving up Or worse, making a mathematical error leading to a poor fit, and then thinking the book wasn t helpful SummaryRun out and buy this book now, before it is selling for 300 on and you are kicking yourself for missing out It s like having your very own sweater tutor that you can turn to at any moment for help with a project I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, even with its few flaws, because overall it teaches much than I expected to learn from it, and certainly than other books that are currently available And, in case you are wondering, yes, I am keeping my review copy and not hosting a giveaway, as I usually do It s just that good.

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    This book offers ten beautiful crocheted sweater patterns that are meant to have a custom fit.What I like most about Custom Crocheted Sweaters is that each sweater pattern is customizable for your own perfect fit When my children were younger I crocheted sweaters for them, and although cute and warm, they were a bit boxy For this reason, I ve never crocheted myself a sweater It s nice to find a pattern book that addresses the issue of crocheting sweaters with a custom fit.Dora includes plenty of information for crocheting your perfect sweater She shares tips on choosing the right yarn, making seams, adding buttons and blocking She also includes information and diagrams on how to pick the right size and on how to measure you body so that you create the perfect fit for each sweater.She includes tips and tricks on how to adapt the sweater for your size and shape Dora includes advice on how to tweak and adjust your sweater in order to make it custom fitted just for you.The patterns in this book are written clearly with plenty of colored photos and clear diagrams to guide you.Dora also advises you measure your favorite sweaters, the ones that fit you really well This will help guide you as to how your crocheted sweaters should look and feel.There are ten chic sweater patterns included in this book All of them are lovely, but I especially like the Shrug Hug I want to make this one for myself Due to time constraints and a TBR mountain that is taking over my house, I haven t been able to crochet a sweater using Dora s pattern, but I hope to someday.I think designer Dora Ohrenstein has done a lovely job with this book, the sweater patterns are beautiful and feminine and the advice she offers is very helpful I like the idea of crocheting sweaters with a personalized fit.

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    Glad there s another book like this for crochet, but was not a fan Her writing style and lack of perhaps technical discussion the whys made it very fluffy Found it repetitive and slow, but since I ve read other design books this may be it Took a bit of exception to her constant reference to knitting Lily Chin manages to get through her crochet design book without bringing up knitting that I can recall I picked up a crochet book because I want to learn about the properties of crochet fabric and techniques Find her opening section a tad tedious and the writing a bit strange e.g the wording chosen where it seems she s saying both Elizabeth Zimmerman and B Walker were champions of top down sweater construction, calling her own pieces elegant In general, her discussions skim the surface For example, it s a huge cheat to point readers who want info on armscyes to go to the Knitty article That s ridiculous and lazy But still, there aren t enough books out there for crochet design Sigh Try Couture Crochet Workshop instead.

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    Most crochet books are to follow a pattern to make a garment In this book you get to understand what is behind the decisions the designer took to shape the garment So in this book you can learn how to take these decisions yourself to shape other designs or your own.

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    Thorough instructions about fitting with crochet, followed by various types of basic garments for women This book is not about fancy, it is about making crochet that fits instead of gives you fits because it is lumpy or bulky.

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    Library book Some nice crochet Sweater patterns.

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    I didn t knit the patterns, but read the patterns and the lessons Definitely transferable techniques to othe projects and patterns Now I can tailor any crochet project.

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