A Summer of Sundays

A Summer of Sundays4 chewy brownies.Cover Love It s okay I like the colors and it hints of a mystery but I don t think it is overly eye catching.Why I Wanted to Read This The synopsis I was looking for a good middle grade book and this one sounded like the one Romance Nope, but talk of crushes And there is a wonderful love story.My Thoughts Sunday will be a character that will resonate with many, many children She feels invisible within her family and longs to do something that will make her memorable I think that most children of tween early teen age wants to do something that makes them stand out Because of that, many readers will think that Sunday should do what she was planning instead of doing the right thing.However, as an older reader Sunday s obsession with making a mark bothered me As a reader I could see the many, many ways that her family needed her and wanted her, but she was so blind to the attention her siblings got she couldn t see that It made it a little hard to sympathize with her.I like the friendship between Sunday and Jude It was a good friendship, nothingShe was kind of mean to him some time, or impatient anyway, but he put up with it His adoration with her family was very sweet.There is a very good mystery to be solved and a deeper, sweet love story It s pretty clear to the reader what the outcome will be for the manuscript, but it s a good read to see how Sunday gets there.With the way that Sunday s whole trip starts out it s easy to see why she is so determined to make her mark I do wish she had told her mom and dad what happened instead of letting the wound fester for so long.To Sum Up Good mystery and sweet story I will be buying this one for my library for those younger readers who want a mystery The romance is also sweet and innocent and will be an added attraction for readers. DNF at 49%This started so strong with Sunday being left at the gas station and had so much premise But it s boring And slow And I think too young for me on the middle grade scale I probably would have loved it when I was nine years old But as an adult I just can t get invested Sorry book. Fans Of The Mother Daughter Book Club Heather Vogel Fredericks And The Wedding Planner S Daughter Coleen Paratore Series Will Fall In Love With The Humor, Classic Charm, And Very Determined Heronine Of Lindsay Eland S Sopho NovelWhen You Re The Third Of Six Kids, It S Easy To Get Lost In The Shuffle, But Sunday Fowler Is Determined That This Summer She Ll Find The One Thing That Makes Her Stand Out From Her Siblings And When She Discovers A Silver Box In The Basement Of The Library Her Parents Are Renovating, She Might Just Have Found Something To Gain Her The Attention She So Craves Inside Is A Series Of Letters Addressed To The Librarian And A Manuscript But Who Wrote Them With The Help Of Annoying Neighbor Turned New Friend Jude, Sunday Is Determined To Track Down The Author And When She Unveils This Novel To The World, She Ll Be Famous But Uncovering This Manuscript Means Stirring Up Secrets That Some People In The Town Hoped To Keep Buried And Sunday Must Decide If Some Things Loyalty, Trust, Friendship Are Worth Than Her Name In The Headlines This Title Will Publish Simultaneously In Electronic Book Form I bought this book as a recommendation from my friend Akoss for her summer reading challenge and while I failed to read it in that time frame, I m glad to have fit it in to my schedule a little every day this month because it was such a GREAT summer read The mystery element of the story was obvious to me almost immediately, but not in a way that made reading it feel like a waste of time I LOVE stories about big families, having always wished to be a part of one or make one for myself, and the chaos that s associated with them And I fell in love with middle child Sunday the minute her family arrived left the gas station Seeing her character growth had me crying actual happy tears by the end of the book I m pretty sure this might be one of my favorite MG books now So good As the novel opens, we meet Sunday Fowler, one of six who just wants to be noticed When her parents stop at a gas station and leave her there, I was convinced I was going to read a Home Alone type of story Instead, I found this to be an endearing tale of an almost twelve year old little girl looking for her family to notice her.Sunday is the go to child in the family, the one her parents know they can count on While this is admirable, it is also tiresome to her She wantsthan just being Sunday.When her father decides to bring the entire family in on his latest job restoring a library a new adventure in Sunday s life begins She discovers a locked box in the basement, and curiosity getting the better of her, opens it to discover mysterious letters written to Librarian This sets into motion a summer Sunday soon won t forget and quite possibly a summer where she will make her mark After all, what if these letters are a lost legend of a famous local writer I felt a bit like this element was paying homage to Harper Lee The plot is solid storytelling a family of six with two parents who love their children and are doing all they can to be there and provide I found the book to have a nice pace to it, especially for young readers, and for once the parents enhanced the story instead of getting in the way.Mom seems to always bake something scrumptious, and there s alwaysthan enough for her family of eight Dad is a genius at remodeling and his current project is the local library, a project that the entire family pitches in to help restore and repair for a reopen Really, I want to hang out with the Fowlers for the food alone And the company But really, for the food.With a family this large, everyone has to do their part but it seems like Sunday doesthan her fair share Of course, she is the story s star and the focus is on her, but really there should beequality among the kids But isn t this how it is in families This is the realistic element that I felt a lot of young readers could connect with.There are a lot of characters to contend with, which might become a bit much for younger readers, but the way the author has them step in and out of the story allows readers to keep up with them instead of easily becoming confused, and with this many characters, it s a risk the author pulls off.My favorite character is Jude He is not one of Sunday s siblings, just a friend who wants to help her make her mark and make the right decision He is there every step of the way, and he knows the true meaning of friendship His mother is a bit over bearing with her organic kick sometimes kids just need to be kids , but overall Jude stole the show a bit from Sunday with his good manners and level head.With six children, a mom and dad, a best friend, and a local recluse who is rud to eat small children, A Summer of Sundays will keep young readers engaged with love, friendship, and the meaning of honor as well as engage them in a mystery Who did write those letters I recommend this book for readers age 9 It really will appeal to those tween readers who enjoy Candy Apple books and fun family reads But this is not just a book for girls While the main character is a girl, she has three younger brothers and a male friend that will appeal to the young male reader in your life as well. Exceptional book really captures how it feels to be a middle child I should know, being one myself Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogYou may not know it yet but you are probably a lot like Sunday In most ways Maybe you re not smack dab in the middle of six kids in a family but even if you have another sibling, I m sure your parents or relatives have mixed up your names Or like me, with three older successful cousins, you can feel inferior sometimes But I ll go out on a limb and say you probably fit the bookish part of her The girl who is so well read classics too at almost 12 , she believes the library is magical, and she knows what it s like to get lost in a story and its characters.Seriously, Sunday is so enthusiastic about books you will fall in love with reading all over again.In A Summer of Sundays, Sunday and her family are off to Alma for the summer Her dad is helping to rebuild the library, her mom is chief organizer of the project, and the rest of their kids will make themselves at home for a few weeks Sunday takes advantage of the new setting to seek out some circumstance that will help her stand out from her siblings once and for all When she finds an unpublished manuscript in the library, her plan is to uncover the identity of the writer and make a splash with her discovery She reluctantly divulges her find to new friend, Jude, who becomes her partner in crime and sometimes a voice of reason when Sunday gets a little too into things These two are too cute As Sunday and Jude investigate within the town, we are introduced to some lovely supporting characters from Ms Bodnar at the crepe shop and Mr Castor, the misbehaving dog under the ownership of Muzzy and Phil It was really wonderful to see how welcoming the small town was, and how easily Sunday s family and the residents became friends and helped each other out Eland really excels at the tiny details that allow each of these characters to feel so unique Even off camera with Sunday s grandfather who always called Sunday his favorite day of the week I can t help but love Ben Folger, though He s the grumpy old neighbor that everyone is scared of and is connected to all these creepy rumors Jude is scared to death of him, but Sunday s interest is peaked He s just like a character in a few of her books Maybe she can get him reconnected in society I really liked watching this unconventional friendship unfold, and how Ben slowly reintroduced himself to a town that he has always loved for many reasons His own backstory is so romantic, and was truly a highlight of A Summer of Sundays for me.There is so much to adore about this novel Sunday s curiosity to her insecurities with her place in the family, her older sister s terrible driving lessons who does not remember those times , loving though busy parents, and watching the process of a library go from an empty building to one where people can find joy in it again And the allusion to To Kill a Mockingbird and Harper Lee Such a brilliant bonus. Sunday Fowler is the middle of the middle child You see this right away in the opening when something tragic yet funny happens She and her family are moving to a new place over the summer because her father has been hired to remodel a library On the way there, they leave Sunday at a gas station They do return, but only because they were going in the wrong direction, not because they noticed she was missing Sunday vows that this summer she s going to make her mark on the world.While helping her parents clean up the library, Sunday stumbles on a surprising find in the basement There is a manuscript, cassette tapes, and other items that she s positive belonged to the deceased author Lee Wren Wren was the author of THE LIFE AND DEATH OF BIRDS, her only published book and a pure masterpiece She lived her last years in seclusion away from the hounding press It is very possible this is Wren s manuscript in Sunday s hands How will she prove that it s Wren s work If Sunday has proof, then she can finally make her mark to stand out from her siblings.Sunday makes a friend in someone who s the opposite of her Jude is an only child with a clingy mother He tags along as they get close to a hermit by the name of Ben Folger The children at first don t want to befriend him because he s a scary hermit, but things start to become clearer about the manuscript theSunday talks to him Sunday must make a decision If she pursues her dream of making her mark, which is an ache deep inside her, she may be hurting others in the process Some things are meant to be a secret My complaints are that the writing could ve been tighter and that the excerpts of Lee Wren s unpublished manuscript could ve been either shorter followed by a summary or in some way bigger, because those portions dragged a bit Other than that, this was a really cute read Many children imagine discovering something hidden and secret That idea is very appealing I liked Sunday and I even liked her siblings, even though she thought they robbed her of attention I m a big fan of Harper Lee s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, so I enjoyed seeing parallels between the real Lee and this fictional one NetGalley provided a copy, courtesy of the publisher. Sunday Fowler s story tugged on my heart from the first chapter and held onto it even after I was done reading the book.I had no idea how it could be like being one of the six or a middle child until I read this book I m a first born and always hated it I hated having to take responsibility for my siblings messing up and what not, but Sunday never got noticed That was a very hard place for her to be and wanting that to change was what drove the whole story.Sunday got her chance when she crossed path with a mysterious manuscript and she believed solving that mystery was going to put her in the news papers and on TV She made mistakes along the way but ultimately did the right thing by her heart.I loved how the author unraveled the mystery of the manuscript always keeping Sunday s emotions as the constant drive to solving it.I was a bit concerned as to how all the siblings were going to play any part in the story I was glad to find out that not only were they involved in their own way but it also shed a different light on their personalities Of course Sunday prevailed since the story was told from her point of view but I also enjoyed her brother Bo s ARC The Fowler family dynamics were quite real and vivid and sometimes a bit messy just like in real life I loved that the parents were somewhat involved in the story and not just brushed aside.I also enjoyed the small town feel and how cozy the place felt This was such a perfect summer read It will leave you satisfied but also sad that everything was over You know that feeling you get once summer vacation is over and you hope to experience the same magic next year Yes that feeling. I thought it was so funny yet so sad LOVED IT

Lindsay Eland knew she wanted to be a writer ever since fifth grade, when she won an honorable mention for her book What Can You Learn From a Giflyaroo The book received rave reviews and was highly acclaimed among her family members Sadly, with only ten hard bound copies produced, the book is now out of print In high school and early college, Lindsay traveled to India and had the privilege o

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  • 23 March 2019
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