The Scarlet Lion

The Scarlet Lion Following Early Beginnings As A Knight In The English Royal Household And A Champion Of The Tourneys, William Marshal S Prowess And Loyalty Have Been Rewarded By The Hand In Marriage Of Isabelle De Clare, Heiress To Great Estates In England, Normandy And Ireland Now A Powerful Magnate, William Has Weathered The Difficult Years Of King Richard S Absence On Crusade And Is Currently Serving Him On Campaign In Normandy While Isabelle Governs Their Estates All The Stability William And Isabelle Have Enjoyed With Their Young And Growing Family Comes Crashing Down As Richard Dies And His Brother John Becomes King Rebellion Is Stirring Throughout The Angevin Domains And Although John Has Created William Earl Of Pembroke, The Friction Between The Two Men Leads William And Isabelle To Distance Themselves In Ireland The Situation Escalates, With John Holding Their Sons As Hostages And Seizing Their English Lands The Conflict Between Remaining Loyal And Rebelling Over Injustices Committed, Threatens To Tear Apart William And Isabelle S Marriage And Their Family

Best selling historical novelist Elizabeth Chadwick won a Betty Trask Award for her first novel The Wild Hunt She has been shortlisted for the UK s mainstream Best Romantic Novel of the Year Award 4 times and longlisted twice Her novel The Scarlet Lion about the great William Marshal and his wife Isabelle de Clare, has been selected by Richard Lee, founder of the Historical Novel Society as one

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  • 21 June 2019
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    Historical fiction just doesn t get any better than this This is a wonderful tale of one of the most honorable men to grace this earth, William Marshal and his true partner in all things, his wife Isabelle The first novel, Greatest Knight, covered of William Marshal s early life as a knight and courtier This novel covers his life with Isabel and the dangers and terrors of living in the court of the King John, and then as regent for the young Henry III I have to admit shedding than a few tears at the last chapter, the end of William s life I have read all of this author s works that I can get my hands on and I am amazed at how consistly she is improving not that the earlier works were poorly written at all As always with Chadwick s books, the way she brings the medieval period to life in such a graceful and effortless way, be it the sights, sounds, smells, food, clothes and battles is just awesome As quoted on some of her book jackets, the next best thing to time travel Five stars.

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    I immediately picked this book right after finishing The Greatest Knight because I couldn t get enough of William Marshal Also, I didn t want to burst my medieval happy bubble just yet After learning about William as a young knight and courtier, I was eager to know how Elizabeth Chadwick would carry on with the narration of his incredible life, this time around from adulthood to old age.As always, the author has me enraptured by the brilliance of her storytelling Her writing style is clear, unpretentious and sophisticated I didn t find the plot dragging or difficult to follow with the timeline shifting every so often , and while for the most part the book shows William deflecting every vile scheme and rumor thrown at him by his adversaries, I did find myself wishing at some point that the story would just go on and on.Towards the last few pages when I knew how the story will endthat William s death is to be the grand culmination That of course in truth he is already several hundred years dead and it would look silly now if that portion of the book revealing his death still got me upset somehow.But when I finally reached the part where he bids his family goodbye and says his last loving words to his wife, I still got affected by it and cried.

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    I first discovered William as a minor player in Sharon Kay Penman s trilogy about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, which is fabulous, by the way, as all of her books are I wanted to read about William so I picked up Elizabeth Chadwick s first novel about William Marshal, The Greatest Knight The Story of William Marshal, which covered his young life as a knight on the tournament circuit and companion to the young King Henry I really enjoyed it and I was surprised to discover that I enjoyed this novel chronicling his later years even I figured since he was now a husband and a father and getting older that the second half of his life wouldn t be as exciting as the first, but I was wrong As a husband, a father, and a powerful earl, William has at stake than ever before William swears his loyalty to King John, but when John s barons begin to turn on him as war with France looms and William s vast Norman estates are endangered, John takes William s two eldest sons as surety that William won t turn on him, too William walks a lonely path as he struggles to maintain his honor while serving a faithless king, a position that often puts him at odds with his wife, Isabelle, and later, with his eldest son, Will.This book spans twenty two years a lifetime of court intrigue, war, loss and renewal, of important moments in history and Ms Chadwick does a fabulous job of weaving it all together, centering her story around a pair of characters that are all too easy to fall in love with Isabelle has come a long way from her days as a sequestered royal ward and really holds her own in this one, proving herself a worthy partner for the Marshall And as for William, what can I say He was a great man and a great character in Ms Chadwick s capable hands Her portayal of the last days of William s life was beautiful and poignant I knew it was going to be hard to say goodbye to him and to watch Isabelle lose him The last scene of the book was a perfect ending and a fitting tribute to his memory Really the whole book is a wonderful portrait of a man who lived as honorably as he could and the woman who loved him Elizabeth Chadwick is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

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    I m in love with the William Marshal series This book is amazing, beautiful and inspiring, especially because it s based on real historical characters and events I ve read over 600 pages in less than two days and I still want RTC

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    Scarlet Lion only solidified my love of Chadwick further and reminded why I enjoyed her work so much Chadwick weaves a captivating and all too real world that comes to life on every page Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction with an emphasis on history.

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    What a great author After finishing The Greatest Knight earlier this month, I immediately needed to spend time with William Marshall and learn about his life This is perfect, because it starts up right where the first leaves off I didn t find it as exciting and fast paced as The Greatest Knight, but as the story goes on it becomes so involved that you get completely taken in by William, Isabelle, their family and all the political upheaval of the time The story progresses through William s long and adventurous life and we learn about the man, the husband and the father that he is.along with rich historical detail I didn t want the story or William s life to end It was written so beautifully, that I cried like I d lost an old friend The author had this to say in her note at the end and I completely agree It has been a wonderful journey for share the lives of such extraordinary people It is with great respect, a touch of sadness, and a tremendous sense of inspiration that I move on.

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    The Scarlet Lion is the second instalment in a two part series, that began with the greatest knight all about William Marshal This is a powerful story of power struggles in the royal court, fierce loyalty, duty, honour, strength and valour The relationship between William and Isabelle de Clare, heiress to great estates in England, Ireland and Normandy is simply beautiful and captivating It proves that love can endure bloodthirsty warfare, strife and struggles Their luck and nine children doesn t last as king John tries to unsettle the family that he loathes so much Then, there is the battle in France and a young ten year old takes over the throne Seeped in accurate historical details, exquisite romance and action packed this page turner is a spellbinding read and one that I truly loved Elizabeth Chadwick is a fantastic author, whose novels I highly recommend.

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    The ending was really good, very powerful Enjoyable read.

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    Last year I read the Greatest Knight, I liked it very much but somehow I was not compelled to pick up its sequel right away Now I was looking through Elizabeth Chadwick s books trying to decide what to read for the E in the ABC Challenge and The Scarlet Lion seemed like the perfect choice.If The Greatest Knight focused solely on William Marshall, The Scarlet Lion devotes great attention to his wife and his children I loved it how the characters are brought to life, their problems and worries, the political decisions of trying to survive during the reign of King John William Marshall was one of the most powerful men in medieval England and, through, his wife Isabelle he also had considerable power in Ireland With this story the author shows us how difficult it was to achieve and maintain that power, especially as Marshall s achievements truly were outstanding in any age If William comes alive has the consummate courtier, who knows that sometimes it is better to wait and ignore some of the indignities and humiliations to come out the victor it is Isabelle Marshall that reveals herself has the true soul of the family, caring for her children and her husband while maintaining a keen eye on the political events.Together they have to face seeing their oldest sons being made hostage by King John, war in their Irish lands and the constant political games of distrust and betrayal of a king who trusted no one and liked to break those who surrounded him.The book covers the years from 1197 to William s death in 1219 In a period as politically complicated as this one was Elizabeth Chadwick truly has the gift of making it all seem very simple My one complaint is that I was expecting to hear about the Magna Carta but it is a small one considering what the author has achieved in explaining the period Now I can t wait for William and Isabelle s daughter Mahelt s story And while I wait for it I may just have to start reading about Ida and Roger Bigod It seems I can t get enough of these characters and I would happily continue reading about the Marshall family and their allies in future books But somehow I don t think we will be seeing them in many books as none of the Marshall sons had children and the properties and wealth ended up being divided between the daughter s husbands.Grade 5 5

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    The Scarlet Lion, sequel to The Greatest Knight, follows William Marshal and his family now that he is married and a noble landowner rather than just an honorable knight navigating the shark infested waters of Medieval politics The political skills he learned as a knight come in handy, but his own life is no longer the only one at stake, and family fortunes change as quickly as kings in this time period.This book deserves a 5 star rating It s amazingly written historical fiction well researched, accurate as far as what is known about the people and time, and well imagined as to what is not known At the same time, it s written in a way that makes me care about the people and what happens to them I had my heart in my throat with fear for William and his family, and loathed King John for his jealous vindictiveness He really made my blood boil And since the story had to stick to history and I didn t know how it was going to end , I was afraid for William than I would have been if it was strictly fiction Imaginations are often not as cruel as reality can be, and I often feared the worst So I m rating this 5 stars even though I can t say I enjoyed it My ratings are usually based on my enjoyment while reading, but this one is in a different category it is so well written that any emotional discomfort I experienced pales beside my awe at the way Chadwick brought the people and time alive enough to make me feel so terrified for them It was a great book, but I was relieved when it released me History is a scary thing to resurrect, especially the brutal Middle Ages I can handle the violence of battles where the greatest fear is merely a bloody death, but the political knives being stabbed into the hearts of our heroes and heroines are not for the faint at heart And yet somehow I know I ll be back for of Chadwick s works, willingly letting myself be run through the wringer again They re that good Review updated 7 29 2014

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